UF strikes out with uncommitted prospects


Florida added two more signees to its 2012 recruiting class and remain the front-runner to land five-star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who will be making his announcement on Feb. 10.

But three-star WR Raphael Andrades committed to UF on Tuesday night and five-star defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. entered National Signing Day as an FSU verbal, meaning the Gators struck out on the eight uncommitted prospects they were in contention for.

WR Nelson Agholor (USC)
OT Avery Young (Auburn)
OG Jake Meador (Wisconsin)
DT Vincent Valentine (Nebraska)
DE Leonard Williams (USC)
LB Josh Harvey-Clemons (Georgia)
LB Schyler Miles (Kansas)
CB Tracy Howard (Miami)

As disappointing as the day was UF coach Will Muschamp, he still finished with the No. 3 class on Rivals, the No. 4 class on ESPN and the No. 5 class on Scout. The addition of Diggs would move Florida up at least one spot in those rankings.


  1. I understood last year but I’m suprised that so many did not pull the trigger on UF. Is this just the luck of the draw or do you think Muschamp has to change last minute tactics to lock the big names? Is there still a chance for Kyle Murphy out of Cal?

  2. As of 3pm, JHC may still go Gators. My fingers are still crossed, but even w/o him we still have a top 3 class in any rankings with the addition of Diggs on 2/10. We’re solid as of now though. GO GATORS!

  3. Wish we could have landed at least one of these, but happy with the class and glad that we likely won’t face most of these late commits. Also, it feels good to get a Nole flip after seeing them do it to us year after year.

    If we get Diggs, it’s been a great year.

  4. Recruiting classes are judged by ‘needs-filled’ not by counting ‘stars’ or rankings by people who have no idea what they are talking about. On that basis the UF class is OK but disappointing. The needs were/are: 1. RB and we only got a gimp-leg kid, 2. WR and we came up short. We are not going to get Diggs UM and Ohio State will get him. 3. A great need at OL and the result was extremely poor. 4. LB where depth is needed and again we came up short. On the basis of need, a decent class but still many, many holes.

  5. EMK…Nailed it. The writers on this board may try to sugar coat things but. The offense failed to address needs and we can pretty much be assured it will be awful for at least 2 more years. All these oog defensive players will be happy because they will see plenty of playing time because the offense will not be on the field very much.

  6. Overall good class however we did not close at all big mistake by Muschamp, and if Diggs gores else where I would say regaurdless of rank this was a fail like last year. Glad we have defenders but we have noone to score if Diggs is out and after today there is none of you that can say they are confident he is a Gator. AKS. TRACY HOWARD. WHAT A WASTE MUSCHAMP YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GATORS LOOKING LIKE A SIGNING DAY NIGHTMARE.

  7. Well said Mike. I feel the same way. I’d rather have 23 Gators than a group of 30 with 7 kids that picked Florida for reasons that don’t matter.

    from twitter:
    ZachAbolverdi Josh Harvey-Clemons’ grandfather won’t sign the #Georgia papers. Family wants him at #Florida

  8. This cracks me up. People are crying about not getting everybody that was left on the board today. If alot of the current commits were still up in the air today and chose us then everybody would all excited. It’s like the out of sight out of mind effect. People, our class as of today as in right now is tremendous! I’m not even going to run down the list but everybody needs to quit crying.

  9. Great job by WM. Considering the last two seasons, the staff did excellent. If the Gators start having success then we won’t miss on guys like we did today.

    We don’t need guys that would consider playing for Lane ‘Bozo’ Kiffen anyway.

  10. First of all, nobody is crying, just disappointed! When you start off with a strong class and all of the so called experts build up the possibility of several other highly rated prospects at positions of need and you strike out on everyone but Fowler…people have a right to be upset. After the worst record in 20 years, Muschamp needed a grand slam and he hit a triple. Jimbo out recruited him after beating him on the field…won’t stay long in Gainesville like that!!!

  11. I LOVE FLORIDA, I WANT WILL TO BE SUCCESSFUL, BUT…He said, “It’s about ADDRESSING YOUR NEEDS and I think we’ve done that…” And yet, I heard Will say a few months ago, “we don’t have enough HEALTHY O-LINEMEN TO EVEN PRACTICE at full-speed. So, why didn’t FLORIDA get more O-LINEMEN!?!? Swindle-O.T., Theus O.T., Conyars O.T., Young O.T., McCoy O.T., Darlington C, ~ALL OF THESE YOUG MEN~ ARE FROM FLA and SIGNED with other Schools! So, while I applaud the HARD-WORK of the Coaching Staff, I cannot see clearly now HOW FLORIDA ADDRESSED THEIR NEEDS! Florida has PRESENTLY 2 great T.E.’s with Jordan Reed, Omarius Hines could play TE, etc…and yet they SIGNED 2 MORE T.E.’s !?!? Will just said, IN REGARDS TO A REPORTER’S QUESTION ABOUT W.R.’s Johnson and Agholor signing ELSEWHERE, “WE’LL BE FINE!” Really Coach? Is fine a 6-6 seaon, and another Gator Bowl invite? I am sorry, but this coaching Staff MISSED THE BOAT with OFFENSIVE PLAYERS THIS YEAR! LIVE AND LEARN…HOPEFULLY!!!!

  12. Swingingandmissing on ALL 8 is disappointing, and a little telling. UF had a lot of scholly’s to fill, and playing time to sell. Stil, all 8 went elsewhere.
    A top 5 class is impressive, of course, but there should have been more. Great job, looks like a great class of new Gators!

  13. I have to agree w / some of the previous posts. While this class looks great as far as rankings go, this coaching staff got their butts handed to them at the critical positions of need. This was a crucial class for Coach Muschamp because he’s basically got a three year window of opportunity to prove his meddle and he desperately needed some more beef on the O Line, RBs and skilled play makers. Unfortunately he struck out on both counts. No doubt we landed some big time talent on the D Line but that’s one area that we could’ve afforded to be just above average. This may be a Top Five class in the eyes of the Recruiting Svcs. but I would grade it a B- or C+ based on the unfulfilled needs.

  14. Today is not the day to judge this year’s Gator class of recruits, it is a few years down the road. Remember when Will Muschamp was hired he stated he evaluated players and not the stars placed next to their name by so-called recruiting experts! Give him time!! This class is rated a top five class by the “experts” and Tennessee is happy with a top 25 class, think about it!! It is more about who is still hear in a year or two and making a contribution on the field then who signed today!

    Now for Spring Practice!

  15. Recruiting rankings mean nothing if you don’t get positions of need, and Florida failed miserably in that category. Coming into this class we needed to reload at OL, DL, and WR. We excelled at DL but failed miserably on OL. As for WR, may get a bump by getting Diggs in a week or so but we needed to add both Diggs and Agholor to consider the need filled.

  16. gatorgi70x7 and EMK I’m with you guys this is highly disappointing on two fronts. Agreed we didn’t really fill needs but more importantly we keep hearing from our coach that he gets what needs to be done but by his actions the opposite is accomplished. Yeah we got a “decent” class but we’ve been hearing that Muschamp’s strength is recruiting…he didn’t sign eight prospects that by what I read seemed to be very confidently in UF’s corner…he couldn’t close the deal.

    Hey Joe (above) UR right our coach did get played by the last coach and recruits I’m hopeful he won’t make that mistake again either because he’ll be gone!

  17. This is a good class. You want to get everyone that you go after but at the end of the day the player is going to chews where they want to play. FSU as had a top recuirting class for the last 3 to 4 yrs and where has that got them 9-4 last year and still can’t win the weak ACC. This is a good class for us. I would have liked to see more OL and another RB and WR but the fact of the matter is there are some good kids in the 2013 class. So save some SS and go after the offense players for next year. Fred Taylor son is a senior next year. Lets be patient just because you have SS to fill you just don’t fill them. We are not losing a lot kids next year either so SS are very limited. Go Gators


  19. Agreed…this is a very good class, just go back and review them all and we are in great shape. Zach, your reporting on the recruiting fronts has been fantastic, but will admit that your predictions/ hype over the last month or so was a little over-stated now that the results are in. These kids are going to go where they can get playing time early and what coach doesn’t promise them that…it’s all about the depth at the position they are recruited at. We could have been in much worse shape, if Eddie Goldman doesn’t go to FSU, we don’t get Donte Fowler. If we didnt already have 2 impact stud OL recruits, we get Avery Young.

  20. So many hysterical, half-educated fans, so little time…

    Remember that, like the NFL draft, we are trying to build evenly—NOT filling perceived gaps on the team by starting true freshmen! In 2-3 years, we will be relying heavily on these so-called “3 star” players, and we will win a lot of games with them.

    You shouldn’t let yourself get yanked around by ratings and experts, but if you really want to play the rankings game, chew on this: #1 OT, #5 OG, #1 TE, #1 SDE, #3 WDE, #9 DT, #5 CB, #5 S. No depth at linebacker? We just recruited the #10 ILB and #17 OLB in the nation! Matt Jones is ranked #15 RB. WR Pittman is ranked #32—higher than any WR signed by FSU, GA or LSU, and just behind Miami (Lewis, 28th). I would like to see more numbers on the offensive side, but even without Diggs this class is great! GO GATORS.

  21. Good class, but lets be honest, you win National Championships with players like Tebow, Spikes, Harvin, Haden, Hernandez, and Pouncey. All 5 Star prospects. We got a good class, but there is some mild disappointment considering we were in contention for some of these other players. I hate to point this out, but OSU had a better class than us, and of course we know who their coach is. Time will tell.

  22. For a team devoid of offensive playmakers it was essential that UF sign some stud running backs and receivers. To say the staff came up short in this area is an understatement and I’m not holding my breath that they’ll get Diggs, either. I also don’t understand why the staff seems incapable of landing a top-flight linebacker.

  23. Everyone pooped the cork on champaigne bottles two years ago with 2010
    “class of the ages”……. how did that work out. Jimbo didn’t out recruit us – who did they steal? Zach and Andreau and Derek built all this momentum that we would clean house today, but we didn’t. Its still a top 5 class. Don’t forget we competed for NC’s every other year in the 90’s and Spurrier rarely put together the kind of classes we are pulling now. Rankings are not an exact science and don’t gaurantee anything. RELAX!

  24. IF IF’S AND BUT’S WERE CANDY AND NUTS WE WOULD ALL BE HAPPY. Bottomline Agholor and Miles were talked about alot got neither, Diggs alot of talk about him if we dont get him I bet there will be a somber and very pissed change of tune on here. WE NEED OFFENSE TOO. IF FOWLER CAN PLAY WR PUT HIM OUT THERE BECAUSE WE HAVE NOBODY ELSE, EXCEPT PITTMAN WHO WAS WAVERING ON HIS COMMITMENT UNTIL 4 WEEKS BEFORE ENROLLING.

  25. Good teams with good coaching win championships! I agree! where does Muschamp fit in this equation? We had the worst record last year in the previous 20+ years. We were one of the most penalized teams in the nation and it never improved at the end of the season. Our offense was predictable and boring. We lst to our arch rival on the field and in the recruiting battle. Give Urban Liar ten more days and we lose out on Diggs as well. I know stars don’t predict future success, but we missed out on many “locks” today that would have helped on the field in future years!

  26. Good class but don’t understand when you can theoretically sign 31 players while needing offensive playmakers and depth and end up with 23……hopefully, eventually 24 players signed. Poor job of closing on best players with little contingency plan. Cant believe there weren’t 31 players out there that could of come and helped this football team. Very hopeful Diggs signs….Know he will help right away.

  27. The only real surprise today that we lost was Howard. We were 50-50 with JHC and Williams. Everyone else was leaning somewhere else……and Fowler was a bonus. You can’t follow recruiting just on NSD and be disappointed. We had a top 5 class before the day even started. Diggs is 75% Gator right now, we’ll see after his visit to Maryland.

  28. This is amazing, and why people hate us Gators. We have a second year (head) coach, and this class is top 5 in all the rankings. Not to mention if Diggs commits we could move to top two, and we have the top story on GatorSports.com as – “UF Strikes out with uncommitted prospects!” And all you piss poor whiners talk about missing out on this guy and that guy. Cry me a friggin river and enjoy your time in your own private Idaho. I used to think you all would come back to reality at some point, but not anymore! Do you really think that these kids should choose UF because you think they should? What morons!

  29. Tallagator- we did have a contingency plan and we signed one plus Mornhinwig and Fowler was a bonus. Stop with the whining…….. Zach, your inflated Mock Class and some Gator fans inability to follow recruiting outside NSD are the root cause for much of the disappointment. The class is a really a good one and I commend the coaching staff on fixing some needs.

  30. Some of the comments on here are idiotic. Why would we only want kids that want to be Gators? We want the best kids we can find…period. Why does the NFL hold a combine? To evaluate talent of course. Do you think the league would even exist if the teams only took players that wanted to play just for them? Does anybody think Aaron Hernandez from Connecticut was dying to be a Gator? I suspect he liked Meyer and the spread, etc. Otherwise he would have stayed all 4 years if he loved the Gators that much, ala Tebow. But I sure enjoyed his production those 3 years he did play for us.

    And remember we have 4 new OL for next year (2 guys redshirted this year) and aren’t losing much from this past season. The 2 new signees are studs. Getting Young would have been great, but we’ll be better there next year. Getting Agholor would have been great too, but no way can you say he was definitely a starter. We thought the same about Debose and Deonte (both 5* can’t miss guys), and they have barely produced anything.

    This is an excellent class, but much more important is developing a QB more capable than Brantley has been the past 2 years and what the coordinators and S&C coaches do with the existing guys on the roster. I promise you that 3 or 4 consecutive recruiting classes like we signed today will be plenty of talent to compete for a NC. Be happy Gator fans…better days are ahead.

  31. Not feeling confident on Diggs anymore. Now we have become desprite at WR and OL for 2013. good DL class though. 2 OL needed 4. 3 WR needed got 1.75. 0 of 8 Not how we do things here. Good class that could have been great. Need to hire an assistant with closing ability. WM not a closer like Saban and Meyer or even Jimbo. Step up next year please. Offer everyone then make your cuts. Getting involved in kids recruiting early more important than ever.

  32. Notice from the name….I live in Tallahassee…..I’ll hear about finishing behind FSU daily. Love this class. Not concerned about ranking or class quality….Just think that Coach not being so concerned with star power we could have found more of those diamond in the rough 3 star players to add depth on the offensive line, running back and wide receiver. By the way I’ve followed recruiting since the first of February last year. Hope they plan to oversign next year because we will still be significantly under the 85 limit. Not complaining about the quality of this class…just not fully understanding the low number when Coach himself said it would be higher or did some of you miss that quote.

  33. Good class not a great class. Started the day number 5 and will be lucky to stay number 5. Many predicted today to move us up to number 1 or 2. we signed Fowler and a 3 star qb and receiver. This from a 7-6 team. We also left scholorships on the table. We need depth and competiotion NOW!!!
    If we were not “in” 6 of the 8 mentioned then why did most of them have Gator hats on the table for their announcement?
    Anyone watch ESPNU…did not even send a reporter to Gainesville? Had to spend all day watching Saban, Fisher, Richt…

  34. Remember that NCAA rules regarding APR take affect this season. None of the guys Muschamp signed are marginal academically. Not every school can say that. FSU and their 24 year old freshman come to mind. The fact the Gators lost their OC hurt them offensively. Next season should be better. I believe Matt Jones will fit well into Pease’ system. He can catch the ball, and runs well in space.

  35. Lots to like in this years class. We were really close on Howard, JHC, Young and Agholor. Kind of feels like we got a little unlucky that all those close calls went against us. It’s not surprising that we struck out most on the offensive side of the ball. Some of you may recall that we lost our Off Coordinator just two months ago. That kind of disruption hurts your chances with a lot of kids. Most importantly, I like Muschamps approach and think we’ve got some hard working kids that should stick around for a few years.

  36. How come anytime anyone says anything negative, they’re “whining”? I guess nobody should complain about a 7-6 season, either, huh? LSU had a great year, but I understand if their fans are dissappointed that they didn’t win a championship. If we would have went 10-3 in Tebow’s last year, it still would have been a good year, but most fans would have been dissappointed b/c they were expecting more. Basically, what I’m saying is: a Gator fan can think this class is decent–or even good–but still be dissappointed.

    Those who were following recruiting “before NSD” are actually probably the ones complaining, b/c we realize that except for Fowler, ALL of our 4- and 5-star commits have been committed for at least 4 weeks, and except for Bullard (and Fowler), have been committed for at least TWO MONTHS! That’s right, the only quality commits we’ve gotten in the past two months have been Bullard and Fowler. However, in the past two months, we’ve been told we not only had a chance, but were LEADING for something like TEN other 4- and 5-star recruits…and we didn’t get ANY of them. Shoot, some of them were claimed to be a “lock”, a “guarantee”, and we still didn’t get them. THAT is why today is dissappointing.

    As for those who say that we don’t know how these guys are going to do anyway, if that’s the way you feel: WHY DO YOU FOLLOW–OR POST ABOUT–RECRUITING??? Yours is an argument that has been proven wrong several times in the recruiting forumn: higher-rated recruits DO typically perform better than their lower-rated counterparts when taken as a whole (and not individual cases). And if you don’t care about us not getting Nelson Agholor this year, you were probably one of the same people who said last year that we didn’t need Sammy Watkins.

  37. If you have followed the recruiting chatter in recent weeks there were signs all over the place indicating that many were leaning somewhere else. The only real “lock”, if you can really call it that, was Howard. And his visit to Miami this weekend and the health of his father and wanting to stay home killed that this weekend. Its Zach’s optimism, honestly, that have you guys all worked up.

  38. Everybody needs to relax! Recruiting is overrated and very inexact. Look at our #1 rated class of 2 years ago, very underachieving thus far. Stars don’t measure desire & heart. That’s what wins games. That is all.

  39. You guys, don’t put it past this wide receiver that JAQUEZ GREEN is sending us from Tallahaassee. He brought two 2013 guys to us last week. You want to know the last 3 star receiver we got this way that nobody was talking about: LOUIS MURPHY

  40. Congrats Muschamp and staff! We had a lousy year, lost our offensive coordinator in early December, hired an exciting young OC, kept our commits in tact, added a couple more guys, and pulled off a top 5 recruting class despite all that distraction. You guys worked your butts off – nice job! I look forward to seeing how these guys develop over the next few years. Now get those guys in the weight room! Go Gators.

  41. You people need to stop all this whining and crying!! If a recruit signed with UF today its because he “WANTS” to be a Gator!! That means that he is all in and is going to work his butt off to make sure that the TEAM is a success! There’s an old saying that I like to use, “A bird in the hand is better than 10 in the bush”!! Go Gators and hold your head up Will M.

  42. Big shout out to Terry!!!! I am a huge fan and have been for 30 years. I know that this class could easily surpass all the classes above us. It could also drop out of the top 25. We are Florida! We have to start and FINISH strong!!! Not only did Alabama, Georgia and FSU kick our tail today…the last time I looked, we were also chasing all three of them in wins and losses!!! Color it how you want, but we started strong, we finished weak and we are coming off of a 7-6 season…no room for error!

  43. No impact offensive playmakers equals seven wins again next season. Ironically, the same people on here sugarcoating the success of this class are the same fans who will be screaming for Mushchamp’s head next season.

  44. I am with a few of the above….this is UF, urbans poor recruitig earlier hurt us, but we needed some freshman skill players on the offensive side and did not get them, we will be .500 next year again and maybe for 2 more years, then maybe champ is gone then it turns into a cycle and we are georgia BOO

  45. A #3 class. Three 5*’s. The #1 DE class, #1 TE class, #3 DB class, #6 DT class, and #9 OL class with only two ol in it. The #1 DE, the #1 TE, and the #1 OT. Yeeah, I think we need to fire Muschamp. ~rolling eyes~

  46. Also, I don;t know what kind of sunshine Lane Kiffen was pumping Nelson Agholor up with, but I’ll predict now that Nelson ends up transferring back to the east coast from homesickness after just one year out west.

  47. Great class. The team will not have holes on offense if some of the current guys are developed. On offense, I think that Pease will do that and I’m looking forward to that. Next year could be a lot like Saban’s 2nd year at Bama when they came off a 6 loss first season to play in the SEC championship game. If that happens, and if the coaching staff holds together, then the Gators will probably have the #1 recruiting class next year. It’s great to be a Gator!

  48. The reality is that Aubrey Hill is our RC and wideout coach, and in 2 years we have landed jujuan story. Pittman, and the 3 star. Got to make 2013 rb and wideout Red carpet. As for defensive end… Wow we got the best combo in the nation bullard and fowler 2 monsters. Would have been nice to land poole and howard, but I’m happy with poole no doubt, and i beleive the numbers are a little low, but the skill is great . Go gators, and come on man!!!! @ Stefon Diggs!

  49. Guys, no matter what you think the class is ranked it failed to fill essential holes on the team. DE is the only one that was successfully adressed. This is a talented class that almost any other school in the nation would kill for but we needed to snag alot of the same positions Saban said he needed. Explosive playmakers on offense, depth on both lines of scrimmage, and restock the linebackers. Difference is he accomplished all those things and we don’t like to see that. I agree that Diggs won’t end up with us and wouldn’t it just be so fitting for Urban to steal him? One last steaming pile on our faces. Win or lose.. GO GATORS!!!

  50. Gator classes ’91-2000 …..#11, #12, #4, #9, #5, #5, #10, #7, #9, #6
    1 national title, 2 appearances, 6 SEC championships and an offense that was built around really good, but not great players that turned the SEC on its ear. Spurrier was hardly a great recruiter, but he was a great coach…. There is enough talent on this team to win and win a lot. 2010 should have taught everyone titles are not won in Feruary, but I guess many have not learned.

  51. Terry if you can’t take it upon yourself to listen to or read sports personalities or journalists outside of the city of Gainesville, then you deserve to think we were going to land EVERY 5 STAR RECRUIT IN THE COUNTRY! I mean you do know that there are other teams that play football……right?

  52. Count the Stars all you want but this was really a disappointment after a year full of it… Muschamp was known as a great recruiter yet he could not get guys that had UF way out in front just a little less than a month ago (Howard and NA). They had room for at least 30-32 players so said Muschamp at the beginning and we only get 23 players? I realize you do not want to waste scholarships for next year for just depth but there had to be 5 more players out there for need positions that could’ve been offered and got. And come on peeps, yes it was a Top 5 class but UF is a Top 5 Program and will get those classes year in and year out no matter what but this is starting to scream like a bad hire in a HBC.

    As for Diggs, he wants to come to UF and has always had us at the top but not signing today and waiting should make all realize that he is now buying time for UM to come and get him, if it was the Gators then it would’ve been a done deal today. Again Muschamp is getting schooled and losing out on his top targets should start the red flags. Hoping I am dead wrong but ask yourself what exactly has Muschamp done at an elite level at one of the most elite coaching jobs along with Programs in the country thus far? Before you come back with Top 5 so called recruiting classes then make sure you remember those great classes a one time HBC named Ron Zook also put together.

  53. I can’t believe all of these Fairweather Fans complaining about a #5 recruiting class. Sure we didn’t get all the players we wanted, but most colleges don’t.
    But to call out the HBC and the rest of the coaching staff at this point is ridiculous. These are the same people that probably think Billy Donavan is a bad recruiter because he doesn’t have enough “Bigs” on the basketball team.
    I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 20 years and been a Gator Fan for over 50 years. To me a true Gator Fan is someone who supports the team, coaches and University of Florida ” in all kind of weather”. quit the petty criticisms or find another team to complain about.

  54. By Paul,
    If you knew anything about recruiting, you would know that Diggs is delaying announcement until Feb. 10th, because that’s his birthday.
    If you’re going to make an accusation, try to know the facts first.

  55. We didn’t close well with offensive talent, probably because our offense has been tough to watch the last two years. Get a little momentum change in the play to the field and it will parlay to recruiting. A+ defensive class, C offensive class unless Diggs signs.

  56. What has Will done at an elite level? Seriously? He has only been there for a little over a year. He lost his OC weeks before NSD. These races are tight and 18 year old kids are trendy and impressionable. For a new coach I would expect a C the first year, B the second, and A the third. That’s where we’re at. Let him work and be appreciative of what you do have, support those that saw the light. I think the negativity and doomsday prophecies on these boards hurt our recruting efforts more than anything. You read this and we sound like a bunch of fairweather homers. I sure hope Digg’s aint reading this. Will has done a good job playing the cards he was dealt. I’d much rather be an unfulfilled Gator than a contented Seminole. Remember…we are the boys, in all kinds of weather.


  58. If Brian Poole, Jonathon Bullard or D.J. Humphries had waited until NSD to announce on ESPN they were Gators, you guys would have been doing cartwheels. I can’t get over you guys and your whining. Strong class. We could be LSU today.

  59. Last time I checked most points wins. We dont know who the Qb will be. Tough to recruit Quality receivers with that scenario. Two runnining backs next year, Jones ang Gillislee.Short on offensive lineman. Cant afford injuries. Coach Peases work is cut out for him. Go Gators! By BOb

  60. JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!! JHC is officially a DAWG!!!

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  61. I’m afraid Muschamp is not gonna be able to get us back up to that elite level. He’s a great guy, and I like him better than Urban, but just doesn’t have the “it” factor to woo the star recruits. Another 8-5 or 7-6 yr upcoming. Year 3 will be his make or break year. If he loses 2 in a row to UGA, then you know it’s going south. That hasn’t happened since the ’80’s. That game is my predictor of whether he’ll make it or not. Spurrier made it his priority to BEAT UGA, and that must continue to be a priority. If he loses 3 in a row to UGA, count him gone!!

  62. we needed PASS RUSHERS and we got them. we needed depth in secondary and we got it. we needed a few more bodies in trenches and we got it. all this talk about wideouts is crazy, we have Dubose Dunbar Story Ali Pittman Paton Hammonds. thats the reason we aint land to many WR recruiting this year. We dont need middle backers we have plenty to choose from their just behind some good ones jenkins and Bostic. we needed OLB and we added a few! I LOVE THIS CLASS! we didnt luck out on the other big names but from a need standpoint i think we did well. The offense needs time not players….

  63. You want to know why we lost out on Algohlor (sp?), we don’t have a proven QB. That’s all. It has nothing to do with the coaches. They have an all-american coming back next year and he hopes to catch passes from him. Green-Beckham stayed close to home. A lot of OL stayed close to home. Young was the loss at that position, but don’t think he was ever coming here anyway. We got everyone that wanted to be a Gator, which is why I still think we get Diggs. Did we need more OL? Yes. Will it hurt us next year? no. OL typically don’t play their freshman years, except for a few freaks like the Pounceys and Green and Odom from the 90’s. Muschamp is building the Gators in to his kind of team. Be patient and happy that we were top 5!

  64. i like this class! we added to the areas we needed the most help at. Our WR’s group is young and up in coming Dubose Dunbar Ali Hammonds Paton Story and we add two more guys to the group. we may get lucky and add Diggs as well. We added what i feel was very much needed more then anything else PASS RUSHERS! We couldnt get a sack to save our lifes last season. We also added to the depth in our secondary which has been hit the hardest the past two seasons with injuries transfers and lack of talent. this team is young so you cant expect guys to want to comment and have to wait to play. our offensive line is kinda young not many of these o-line recruits who choose other schools would have played right away given the fact that we return all but 2 of our members on the offensive line. has anybody forgot we switched from spread to a pro system? give the offensive side of ball time to get it right switching and changing pieces not gone do anything but slow the process down. the defense really needed to be addressed from a depth standpoint our offense is young we have bigger backs already in line to play Matt Brown and Mike Gillislee… when it comes to our TE selections in recruiting I like it because how much longer you think Jordan Reed gone stick around given his ability?

  65. steve, I don’t know why you keep singling out FSU as someone who out-recruited us. Like us, their greatest need was offensive line. They landed zero- count ’em, zero- high school offensive linemen. They also needed wide receivers, and they landed one. Their class was much like ours- very heavy on defensive players.

  66. This class is definitely defense heavy, not a surprise considering Muschamp is a defensive guy. And we also didn’t have True offense coach to lead recruiting since December 1st. Throw in the huge stall of picking and announcing a Offensive Coordinator, and I guess we did somewhat decent considering Pease only had 1 month to recruit, unlike most coaches who are recruiting for 3-4 months prior to signing day, and they are scouting and having informal meetings with players 2 years prior to ever sending a OC or Head Coach to close the deal.

  67. Wow. Didn’t know we had so many experts …….not………. Tell you what you do-look at other NSD players signed two up from our ranking and anywhere down from where we are ranked and decide if you want to wholesale trade for what we signed.

  68. Great class including humphries, dunker, bullard, fowler, taylor, jones, poole, maye, phillips. what is not to like? this group will be the first step towards winning 10 games in 2 years. True the above 8 plus d hamilton would maybe have put us in position to win east next year.
    FYI leak was 31 QB IN NATION. POUNCEY started on def ist year not offense. Our season is measured by so car, ga, fsu games.


  69. Points of concern: keeping both driskel & brissett.
    Can OL get the job done? can patchen/nixon/green/humphries dominate?
    Can we stop the run? When will easley return?
    Elam is great, can saunders/robinson/poole/maye be good?
    WR- can anyone get separation?debose?hines?diggs?

    looks like another year where UG dodges SEC big boys

  70. Recruiting-I feel the same pain as everyone else. We literally finished 2nd on everyone of those guys. Not WM fault!!! We were just unlucky.

    anyone else wonder that if we beat GA last year , how many of those guys pick UF. including Marshall/Theus/Jenkins/Harvey-Clemons

  71. Gator Nation is very pleased with each and every new Gator. But we are conditioned to expect adjustments on the fly by the old ball coach (who could beat you with his or beat you with yours). So the incomplete on OL and WR is a pill to swallow. A few 3* OL, a few 3* WR and a complete 27 signees, and this class could be celebrated as one of the best ever. WM has made himself vulnerable with a 7-6 season, temper tantrums, and he needs to display a more head coach-man-like demeanor on TV. So, we hope WM and ZA round the corner with this experience and make all Gators proud. (No disrespect, but forget UM, back to our roots–impose winning WM). The bar is set high for GN—no other way works. Go Gators!

  72. All the coaches have done a great job for the University and our football team for the up-coming years. The start of our class for 2013 is looking mighty strong. Is there any chance of Jacob Guy walking on next year? He played for a very impressive coach in High School and could be a diamond in the rough. GO GATORS!!

  73. You guys better keep loading up, because Fisher isn’t playing around. If that offensive line is just mediocre this year, we will crush you yet again. Can’t wait for the game in Tallahassee. Should be downright hilarious. Jacoby Brissett or Jeff Driskel against our front seven…….LOL. It’s literally an NFL defensive line that Fisher has built. Jenkins. Werner. Jernigan. McCloud. Edwards. Casher………..LOL.

    Good luck, Gators. You gonna need it–and lots of it.