Gators get two surprise commits


Florida fans had plenty of reason to celebrate Wednesday morning despite five-star prospects Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tracy Howard going elsewhere.

The Gators stole five-star defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. (St. Petersburg/Lakewood) from FSU and picked up three-star receiver Raphael Andrades (Tallahassee/Lincoln).

Fowler had been committed to the Seminoles since December 2010, but last week he didn’t know where he was going. He made seven trips to Gainesville during his recruitment and became close with the UF commits. The Under Armour All-American will play the buck linebacker position at 6-foot-3, 255 pounds and softens the blow of missing Harvey-Clemons.

“I just felt Florida was the best fit for me,” Fowler told ESPN. “I always hated Florida, and I always told myself I would never go to Florida and now I’m about to be playing for them.”

Andrades flew under the radar and was a late addition for UF, which lost five-star WR Nelson Agholor to USC. The 6-foot, 190-pound Andrades was one of the top performers at Friday Night Lights and also camped at Florida in the summer. He is coached by former Gator receiver Jacquez Green. As a senior, Andrades had 41 receptions for over 800 yards and a school record 13 touchdowns.


  1. his is a great class we can still get diggs thats four 5 stars sorry if you guys dont know how to follow recruiting without thinking you get everybody like one guy said we were getting 7 of the kids picking today? thats just settin yourself up for dissapointment

  2. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD WANT PLAYING FOR ME, Fowler told ESPN. “I always hated Florida, and I always told myself I would never go to Florida and now I’m about to be playing for them.” WOW, SOUNDS LIKE THIS KID HAS IT ALL TOGETHER. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please remember as we all celebrate another great recruiting class, as the coach has stated, it is not the stars by your name which show the quality of football player you may be but your play on the field as a Gator!! Many three star recruits become All-SEC players who go on to play in the NFL just as many five star can’t miss recruits do not finish what they started and disappear without even a collge degree, Keep things in perspective!!

    After all that, here is hoping Diggs Florida more than Urban’s Ohio State Buckeyes!!

  4. ButtNole,
    The only time you will see Folwer is when he orders his French fry’s. Go back to Talltacky with your corny Indian chant and Clown College diploma.

    BTW you two bit illiterate tool, take off your caps.

  5. Love the Gators, but today can only be described as a letdown. We missed out on most of all of todays predictions from Zach and everyone in the know??? Maybe we close with Diggs, but how did Muschamp let so many last minute commits slip away? And to get beaten AGAIN if only on paper to fsu…

  6. Let’s see. 6 National Chanmpionships in a row. Both teams this year from the SEC. Serious thought to play-offs due to SEC total national championship domination. Wonder why all these guys prefer playing in the ACC? Just sayin.

  7. Sadly I agree with STEVE: 1. Gators needed OL but came up short. 2. Gators needed WR but came up short. 3. Gators needed RB and had to settle on a gimmy leg guy. Zack predicted Harvey-Clemons 55% likely to UF goes to UG; Zack predicted Howard 90% likely to UF goes to UM; Zack predicted Agholor likely to UF goes to USC; 4. DO NOT assume Diggs is going to be a Gator. Meyer and Ohio State will have much to say about that and I wonder why UF took a gambit on a ‘no-name’ WR if Diggs is coming to G’ville. Before they compete the Gators need to get out of the ‘also-ran’ class. Sorry, but the reality sometimes is painful.

  8. I was a little surprised by Tracy Howard going to Miami. With Robinson, Poole, Riggs, Watkins, Brown, and all the others…..I think that was more of a “compete” thing than Fowler coming to Florida….as Fowler will play and learn behind Ronald Powell next year….and Fowler being around is going to push Powell to play at a higher level than he has….or Fowler will be getting a lot of playing time at Floirda. Dante really stood out at the UA all star game and in practices. He is exceptionally quick off the edge, and that is what the Gators really need. He and Bullard are going to make a great team….and will be as good as anything FSU has at those two positions in the coming years. So suck on that….Nole lovers.

  9. Why publish negative diatribe by NOLE4ever78 . He just messes up otherwise
    positive comments about our program. Recruits read this site also . Can’t see
    anything positive about not screening these type of comments from opponents
    who want to wreck our programs . Come on get real about these idiots .

  10. Of the 4 recruiting sites that I looked at, I have Florida beating FSU in Scout and Rivals, but FSU ahead of UF in ESPN and 24/7. I don’t think FSU beat us on paper. It just depends on who is ranking them.

    I think we did awesome on Defense, and okay on Offense. We REALLY need to pick up Diggs. Muschamp should be camped out on his front lawn until Feb 10th.

  11. We gotta all keep in mind that these young guys are choosing more than where to play football, though that’s perhaps 60 per cent of their reasons for choosing one school over another. They select location — either to stick close to home or get far away, and they pick relationships and, believe it or not, educational opportunities. Can’t blame some kid for choosing to go elsewhere. What we do know, however, is that UF is premium academically and one f the greatest programs of all in the toughest, most competitive conference. Will Tracy Howard, for instance, see many ACC wide receivers the calibre of those in the SEC? Probably not. Go Gators!



  13. Really SURPRISED by the AGHOLOR decision, and maybe Williams, I can see Tracy and Harvey-Clemons wanting to stay close to home and playing before family. Agholor was a surprise because I would have thought that if he was as good (and I’m sure he is) as he is said to be he would have gotten plenty of playing time straight off the muscle. Maybe the both of them just wanted to get away from home and experience the left coast life. I’m not going to wish them any ill will but I hope they get HOME SICK, but represent the State of Florida well out there in Cali. Hope you guys NEVER play in a CHAMPIONSHIP game though.

  14. Coach Muschamp and his assistants did a great job recruiting this year fininshing with a class which is ranked #4. The team went 7-6 last year which gave opposing coaches plenty of ammunition against the Gators. Coach Muschamp turned the corner and the future looks bright.