Diggs, Taylor pleased with Pease


Florida’s offensive recruits finally have some Pease of mind.

UF head coach Will Muschamp called his 2012 commitments and targets Tuesday night to inform them of his new offensive coordinator — Boise State’s Brent Pease — and the news immediately had a positive impact.

“It’s a great hire,” said Land O’ Lakes commit Kent Taylor, who is the top-ranked tight end on Rivals.com. “I’ve just been waiting to see who would come in. I might have taken some other visits if I didn’t like the new coordinator, but I’m very happy with (Pease) and I’m 100 percent solid now.”

Taylor thinks he will thrive in Pease’s pass-friendly offense, which was one of the nation’s best in 2011.

“It’s going to be very exciting,” Taylor said of playing for Pease. “I know we’re going to throw it a lot so that will be great. And we’ve got the quarterbacks to do it.”

Florida’s hiring of Pease also excited another top prospect — five-star receiver Stefon Diggs.

“I know he likes to throw the ball a lot, so I guess we got somebody good,” said the standout from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, Md.

Diggs attended Friday Night Lights in July along with Taylor (pictured below) and the trip reportedly put UF in the driver’s seat.

Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun

But when Charlie Weis left for Kansas, Diggs wasn’t sure if he’d still officially visit Gainesville or even consider the Gators as a serious contender.

Pease, however, has already changed his tune and he plans to visit on Jan. 20.

“He has a great offense from what I’ve seen,” said Diggs, the nation’s No. 8 overall prospect and second-best receiver according to Rivals. “The first thing I think of is Kellen Moore. He’s a great quarterback and he’s in a good system. That’s the type of system I wanna play in and be familiar with.”

“I just wanna see how they’re gonna implement me in the system and how they’re gonna run things next year. I don’t wanna throw a bunch of questions at him because he just got the job. I’m sure he’ll give me the run down when I visit. I’m just looking forward to meeting him.”

So where does Diggs stand with the Gators now?

“I’m still open,” he said, “but Florida is where everybody is at right now.”

Pease should also sit well with Nelson Agholor, another five-star wideout from Tampa’s Berkeley Prep. On Jan. 3, UF saftey commit Marcus Maye said Agholor recently told him Florida was his top school. The two have been friends since they were 10 years old and roomed together during Under Armour week.

Taylor believes the new coordinator could seal the deal for both receivers.

“I think this should help with Stefon Diggs and Nelson Agholor,” Taylor said. “I definitely think Nelson is gonna go to Florida. I know he’s interested in USC too, but in my opinion he’ll be a Gator.

“I don’t know as much as Maye does because they’re real close, but if I had to name a leader for Nelson it would probably be Florida because he likes us so much.”

Agholor took his official visit to UF on Dec. 9 (pictured below) and bonded with Taylor, Maye and early enrolled WR Latroy Pittman.

“It was great,” Taylor said of the trip. “He wanted to be around some of the kids that are committed and we all enjoyed it.”

from Taylor's Facebook account


  1. Keep up the good work CWM! First, you stacked the O and D line with tanks for recruits and then steal an O coordinator from the Nick-tator. Now if we can land a couple of 5-star WRs to go along with our talented, young QB’s, we’ll be back in ATL in no time. GO GATORS!

  2. Zach, I gotta say you do a great job reporting! I check in to the recruiting page every day now.

    Any word on our plans with Brian White? Will he be retained? WIll that help sway Diggs (he’s seeming more and more on the fence)?

  3. I hope all of the Champ haters will realize we have one of the best in recruiting if not THE best recruiter, and with the hiring of Pease we now are in good shape on offense. I went to the Boise/UGA game in Atlanta with my UGA wife and what Boise did with 2 and 3-star recruits made the UGA coaches look very bad. Just think what he will be able to do with the speed we have and I am looking forward to him coaching up Brisset and Driskel. Let the best player win with honest competition.

  4. Great hire for the Gators–WOW–can’t wait for the spring game–and then for the fall practice–everything should be up, up, and away. Gator Nation still needs to be PATIENT and give the Gators time to grow. Hopefully next season will be an improvement over 7-6. I still wish somehow the Gators could have found room for Kerwin Bell. Maybe in the future.

  5. After watching the National Championship game on monday it became clear how far behind we are. Looking at how physical both teams were on both sides of the ball and seeing the maturity of both squads lets me know that if Florida wants to get back to that elite level, which they can. we are going to have to bust it out in the weight room. QB’s and recievers should live eat sleep together to gain cohesiveness. As good as they are our front seven needs to add 10lbs of muscle at every position and start playing with a chip on their shoulder. Same with the offensive line and the backs. The secondary needs to be some ball hawks. As well as get aggresive and stronger.Also can’t wait to see these freshman.Get em Muschamp!!!

  6. Huge! Huge! HUGE!!!!!

    This hire is sooooo big. We needed some excitement associated with our offense in the worse way. Weiss was a big let down.

    Pease is the perfect match for us: prior SEC experience, name recognition as OC at BSU, and the fact that he likes to chuck it downfield will get the stud WR’s excited.

    Sign these guys up (Diggs, Agholor) and lets get to work!

  7. Great Hire. Also, nice to see the “submit your comments option” back in the fold.

    This class has the potential to be one of the best ever. Especially if Diggs, Algholor, Howard, and JC Clemons commit. I believe that would give us 6 five star athletes. That is scary good.

  8. I was on pins and needles waiting for the outcome of the Florida Bama tug of war over OC Brent Pease. I was worried that the Evil Genius (Saban) might beat us out again on one of the most important recruits of all (OC). Thank you Coach Muschamp and Jeremy Foley for your outstanding job. I am also glad that all the CWM haters are either laying low or having a change of Heart. Living in the middle of Longhorn country (Austin TX), I have know Will Muschamp is something special. Give him some time critics and you will be very happy. Go Gators!!!

  9. Zach, if its not too late to ask you a question for today’s “Mail Stack” (my favorite read of the week), what do you know about OC Pease’s backgroud as a recruiter? I know he a great OC on game day but do you have any insight on his reputation as a recruiter?

  10. This is a great hire all around! Zach, I heard this also made some noise with that WR Gardner committed to Ark. I believe he is visiting on Jan. 20th, apparently along with Diggs. What are the chances that we pull Gardner, Diggs, and Agholor? Those three along with Pittman and Taylor would give us one hell of a receiving corps for the next several years. Also, any other recruits on our radar that Pease might bring along?

  11. With the rollover in coaching being so high, you are guilty until proven innocent. Muschamp came in and didn’t land any 5 star recruits. He didnt add any depth to our offensive or defensive lines. He tried to switch to a pro style offense with undersized OL and WRs. He wanted to run a 3-4 with undersized linebackers and D lineman. He consistently indirectly blamed Meyer for his lack of depth. He didn’t play Gerald Christian. He played Dee Finley out of position causing them both to transfer. Chris Johnson and Joshua Shaw are still playing out of position. Muschamp came in and promised a lot that he could not deliver in his first season. Any Muschamp haters have every right to be. We were one loss away from our worst season in about 30 years. Pulling a couple key recruits last year and the recruiting this season have been the only bright spots in his career as a coach at Florida. Everyone after the season that isn’t a Muschamp hater is just overly optimistic. Nothing is official until they sign. We lost Chris Martin, a five star defensive end last season. To this point, he has run off more talent then he has brought in. He coached a good defense, well so do a lot of other defensive coordinators

  12. There was more hate towards Meyer then there was against Muschamp. Meyer created the monster that is Florida football. Gators Fan’s heads lived in the clouds while Meyer was here. His winning was unprecedented in the Florida program. Meyers worst season wasn’t as bad as Will Muschamp’s first season. When Meyer was here we expected to win, now we just hope to win. Meyer like his fans did not accept mediocrity and bowed out. Will Muschamp has shown us nothing. I guess everyone forgot that at that point, Meyer had the winningest senior class ever. Maybe fans accept him because in the back of their minds they realize just how great Meyers run was. He made us forget that we had only won one national championship before him. We expected to win it all every year. Was it like that before Meyer became head coach? Is it like that now? Don’t forget your roots people. Meyer was the best coach this program had ever seen

  13. Muschamp is just the current coach that we expect to be great because for the previous 6 years it was second nature to feel superior because we were gator fans. Moving forward with the recruits that muschamp is bringing in and the new OC we will be fine. Just don’t for a second call out Muschamp haters when everyone, wether they will admit it or not, knows the hatred for Meyer grew from the mediocrity of Muschamp. If Muschamp would have came in and had a great season then people would have been more sympathetic to Meyer’s health, and genuine sincerity to want to spend time with his family. Instead Muschamp was way in over his head his first season and gator nation felt abandoned. From that grew hatred and blame when the reality was Meyer left a program with a ridiculous amount of talent and genuinely was a good guy. The only reason Meyer had a down season is because he was close to his coaching staff and wanted to give them a shot. The only reason he came back was to help them secure a job. Everyone on his staff was hired somewhere else. He put his health and his family on hold for one more season to be a good guy and ended up being hated for it.

  14. Titan Gator, you are dead wrong! Everything this program has become is bcause of Steve Sprurrier. Urb wouldn’t even have come here if Spurrier didn’t put us into the national spotlight. So easy on the Urban Meyer Koolaid!

  15. Titan_Gator….shut up!!!! Go on OSU’s sight with all the Meyer talk. If you are a true Gator get over last year and be happy and optimistic about this year Geesh. What is done is done. Yeah they were undersized, yeah some played outta position and yeah those who aren’t buying into this brand of Gator football are gone. Goodbye and good luck on your futures ,but they weren’t Gators to begin with or else they would still be here. You sound worse than my four year daughter when she loses one of her toys.Really!!! Go Gators and great hire Muschamp!!!

  16. Titan_ Gator your head is somewhere else. Meyer did great here and we all appreciate what he accomplished. He’s gone now; deal with it. We’re in the next era now and the fact that we believe in Muschamp isn’t because of what he HASN’T accomplished in one year no less with Meyer’s recruits; it’s what he WILL accomplish with his own talent; configured to a pro style offense and defense of his making. The spread worked wonders for awhile (Miss State did great the first year also) but we looked awful during our last SEC championship in Atlanta even with the best QB to ever don a Gator uniform. Defense keeps you in “Away Games” and in championships until the offense gets in gear on the road. Muschamp knows full well (more than Meyer) that defense rules in the SEC longer term and you can’t continue to finesse your way forever with the spread. Don’t construe our allegiance for Muschamp as anything other than… we believe in him now before he accomplishes his own championship seasons; before the band wagons come full tilt; and with full gratitude for Meyer’s time here. You don’t have to bring someone down to elevate the other unless you’re predisposed to negativity and relish the opportunity.

  17. It’s good to see we are winning the recruiting battle against FSU and the Gamecocks. Georgia has had a nice recuiting season. They were able to get a few away from us but we also got some out of their back yard. We should be top five after NSD!!!

  18. Titan,
    Martin has transferred twice; is it the coach or player? Finley was always talked highly of, but never played much except special teams under either coach. Shaw must not be that good of a CB or else he would play. Watkins and Riggs are bad and he couldn’t beat them out. Christian played some and had a good game against KY, but then disappeared. He was a sophomore I believe. Not Muschamp’s fault the kids wasn’t more patient. He probably saw more TE’s coming in this year and decided to leave b/c he was scared of competition.
    A lot of first year coaches have players transfer. The kids (not men) were recruited by one coach, and often don’t get along, or agree with new coaching staffs. That’s natural. Nothing to blame Muschamp about. Let’s try to be more supportive. You can’t expect any coach to come in and turn things around in one year. We were bad the year before, too, so it’s not like it was a surprise this happened.
    Here’s to the future! Go Gators!!

  19. Titan plz write what you will.Free country but be wise what you write.It is better to be quiet to be thought of as an idiot than to write something stupid and show that you don’t have a clue.Champ should turn this around.I think he will and a lot of Gator Nation people believe he will.Don’t hate because the last season is last season.Move forward.If not it just shows you as an angry lil boy.Man up ,baby

  20. Titan, (fellow Brother Gator) no Urban hate here (except I hope we continue to beat Ohio State every time we play them). He will always be known as one of the great Gator Coaches. However, I think I am right about Muschamp (and for all our sakes I hope I am). I really feel that we will be glad that he is the Man in charge. Go Gators!!!

  21. First off, great hire! I am glad to see we put weis behind us and are moving forward with better things! This program will be back in contention in no time. For those of you who doubt WM and his staff, please give the man a chance. He is going to turn this ship around! Go Gators!

  22. Larry & Titan: you guys are idiots!! Sound like Nole fans! This is just what the natin needs. A guy that will throw it down the field and utilize all of his weapons. Sounds like Diggs and the other recruits are excited. Had Diggs even declariing that “we” got somebody good. Sure sounds like a good sign to me! Kudos to Bama for shutting up these loud mouthed lsu fans for thinking it’s their right to be NC’s just b/c the game was played in New Orleans. The way they were talking you would’ve thought they beat the tide by 50 the 1st time. Great watching the honey bee get skull-dragged all over the field. But not nearly as good as watching ‘ol Lester w/ that perplexed look the entire game! GO GATORS!!!!

  23. Meyer came back for another year to buy his staff time to find jobs and hoping things would go good and Addazio would get the job! That’s a well known fact. He didn’t come back for UF! If he had, he wouldn’t have been so out of it! He left our program in a mess to protect his reputation; however, he destroyed in among most Gator fans and many across the country. He bailed on us and that’s all there is to it and that was after he said that he would not want to coach anywhere else. He had eyes on the Penn State job before he quit. When the crap hit the fan, at Penn State, he jumped on the OSU train, after sweater man got fired. So, don’t make him out to be a great Gator. Sure, he brought us some titles; however, Mullen and Strong were the reasons he had success. Without them, he fell flat on his face and when he sw that he didn’t have a prayer to compete with Saban, he took his ball and went home. He then started all the talk about cheating and was going to fix the problem. Well, he quit on that, too, when he knew the OSU job was available. I hope he is never made part of the Ring of Honor or any other honor at UF. Add Strong and Mullen instead.


  24. Muschamp: Known: Great recruiter, excellent defensive coach, and a high character person. Unknown: Head coaching ability and in game coaching – adjustments etc. Based on last year the unknown is average at best in my opinion and that could be the difference between winning championships or not but will support him 100 %. At the very least he’ll stock the shelves and we can always hire someone else to hopefully get us over the top. He’s got a job so he’s got to perform like everyone else who has a job so let’s support him and see what happens and if he’s not good enough we’ll hire someone else like any program would do.

  25. Titan sounds like a huge Gator fan to me who just doesn’t like Muschamp. He’s entitled to his opinion. I don’t see this great head coach either. That being said I support him 100 % and give him the opportunity to get the job done.

  26. Titan, Take it from an old Gator that suffered through the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. Urban did a great job at UF and we will be forever grateful for the 2 NC’s, but make no mistake, it was the Ole Ball Coach that lifted us from years of mediocrasy and underacheivment (the talent has always been here!) to greatness and national recognition. He instilled the winning attitude and expectations that all Gator fans suffer from today, and if you peel away all the Gamecock stuff and cut him, I guarantee you he would STILL bleed orange and blue on the inside. Spudog made us what we are and put us on the map! Go Gators, Go WM, “Nothing Greater than a Gator”
    Can’t wait for September!

  27. This article is about Brent Pease and the positive results expected in recruiting. Why have a p###ing contest over Spurrier vs. Meyer vs. Muschamp? (no one mentioned Zook?)

    The new staff has 233 days to prepare. I expect big things next season, you should too.

  28. Heys guys just thinking of if we can sign Diggs & Agholor.. Think about our 5wide Receiver sets next season.. I say J. Story 6’3 200+ , S. Ali 6’6 200+, in the slots Diggs, Agholor, & Debose… If we improve in protection & Coach Pease coach up the QB’s like im sure he will. WOW!!!! GO GATORS

  29. Go Gators! It’s not hard to find all the things that are wrong with our team,BUT remember who we played last year..Our schedule was one of the toughest in the whole nation!! Champ did as good as he could…My view was that if we could have had Tebow at Qback we would have won more games…Brantley a great man, but he could not get it done as expected! I thought our defense played as good as anybody could expect and I give them plenty of credit for holding those SEC teams to as low a point spread as possible!! Very few first downs,by our offense ,therefore very few touchdowns …..WE Lose…pretty simple…I really believe that this year will be different I hope…Even this year with the new SEC teams on our schedule It is going to be interesting…We now have a complete team ready to do with”Champ” and Pease working together!!! I Pray a lot also for our team to have the talent and character to win!!! Have Faith in God!! Even in our sports programs!!! ED Sr. ’59’ Alum.