UF commits win big in UA Game


The high school careers of a half dozen future Gators ended in a Blur.

All six Florida commitments that played in Thursday night’s Under Armour All-American Game were members of the White Team (Blur), which blew out the Black Team (Highlight) 49-16.

Pictured from left to right are commits Marcus Maye (S), Jessamen Dunker (OL), Austin Hardin (K), Brian Poole (CB), Colin Thompson (TE) and Latroy Pittman (WR).

The top performer was Poole, who had a 93-yard pick-six in the second quarter and forced another interception with some stout coverage. His touchdown broke the 2009 record set by UF receiver Andre Debose for the longest TD in an Under Armour game, but the new mark didn’t last long as Alabama commit Amari Cooper later scored on a 95-yard punt return.

But Poole was just happy to make a play for his team.

“I seen an opportunity and really my instincts just took me to the ball,” Poole said of the pick-six, “and once the ball touched my hands I knew I was going to the house.”

Another secondary commit who stood out was Maye, although he did his defensive damage from the outside linebacker position. The four-star prospect finished with six tackles, a fumble recovery and a blocked punt that resulted in a safety.

“They had me playing outside linebacker, which is out of position for me,” Maye said, “but I took it as a learning experience. I came in here looking to compete and I thought I played pretty well.”

Dunker started the game at right guard and had an impressive pancake block on defensive end Jordan Jenkins, who amassed a game-high eight tackles and tied the Under Armour record for sacks in a game (two) that was set by UF defensive tackle Omar Hunter in 2008.

It was a bad night in the kicking department for Hardin. He missed a 44-yard field goal and had two of his PATs hit the crossbar. But after the game, Hardin revealed he was battling the flu and has been all week.

“I don’t like to make excuses,” he said, “but I’ve been throwing up everyday. I’ve had a rough week and I couldn’t let anyone know I was sick because they would have sent me home.

“It’s hard when you only miss two kicks your entire senior season and then miss two in one game. But I know what I can do and I’m confident in what I’m bringing to the University of Florida. I still had a fun time getting this win and being out here with teammates I’ll have for the next four years.”

Thompson and Pittman each hauled in a first-down reception, and the North Marion wideout enjoyed playing on a big stage before he enrolls early at UF.

“It was great just bonding and getting more chemistry with these guys,” said Pittman, who also laid a huge block on Stanford linebacker commit Noor Davis. “Getting that experience of a college game and being on national T.V. was the greatest part of all.”


  1. All that football talent going to waste at the inept hands of MusChump. Great Athletes are a terrible thing to waste. They obviously have been paid handsomely or are some of the most uninformed athletes in the nation. How much dem bull gators paying these days boys? Its not worth it to sell out for a few thousand. If caught you get bounced. You could do your entire college career and the NFL will brand all these kids raw with potential. This means you lose millions by not picking the right school. Too bad, so sad. Chump, Chump.

  2. Hey Lars…..You win the record for the most negative human on this site….Agree with Gator hall Go find another site…
    How much do you make a year as an expert more knowledgeable than all the Gator staff?
    We are building a nice program again and we dont need non Gators like you….
    Graduate from pre school or Jr high?

  3. The highly subjective recruiting class rankings put UF at #3, and recruiting is a huge part of the coaching staff’s responsibility. Meyer did not win a national championship in his first year and neither did Spurrier. We’ll know more about Mushcamp’s prowess as a game day coach during his second year but give him props for his recruiting efforts. Also, clearly he is no Zooker. I expect better results this fall. Lars, so go back to Mars.

  4. It’s good to see the coaching staff going after bigger, more physical (while still talented) players. Brian Poole looks like he is talented enough to make the rotation as a freshman. He should get some early playing time in nickel coverages. Tracy Howard would be a great compliment to this guy and shouldn’t affect his playing time. The only corner we have on the roster at Poole’s size is Joshua Shaw and he is playing out of position at safety. Hopefully with the addition of Marcus Maye and Rhaheim Ledbetter, Shaw will be moved back to corner. Moving Shaw to corner and picking up Howard would make the DB the deepest position on the team and one of the best in the nation.

    Zach, is Florida in play for Dante Fowler, Darius Hamilton, Kyle Murphy, Mike, Davis Ukeme Eligwe, Cyler Miles, Yuri Wright, Ronald Darby, Tyriq McCord, Avery Johnson, Raphael Kirby, Keith Brown, or Dalvin Tomlinson?

    Since the defection of Dante Phillips and Visesio Salt, is the recruiting staff going to heat up on other OL/DL prospects? Do they have a real shot with anyone else?

    Can we expect any announcements soon?

  5. Word has it that UGA is sending Coach Grantham and Coach Bobo to Valdosta Thursday. They are after Josh Harvey Clemons heavily. Appears that they may be sweetening the lowndes connection by bringing 6′3″ 293 left tackle Jared Davis to Athens with Clemons. He would play guard for Georgia. May break the ice in Lowndes with this one – two punch. Gators need to block this play by the dogs and go get these two.