Davis decommits from UF


There was a time when it looked like Florida could land four prospects from Stephenson High in Stone Mountain, Ga.

But as Bob Dylan once sang  The Times They Are A-Changin’.

On Sunday night, four-star running back Mike Davis changed his mind.

“No longer committed to florida,” he tweeted.

A week ago, no one saw this coming.

After the UF-FSU game, Davis gushed about his visit to Gainesville and how he didn’t want to leave. He was also thrilled at the opportunity to be an impact player as a freshman.

This past Thursday, however, something went wrong.

In an interview with Rivals.com about his selection to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Davis revealed that he was “a little undecided with Florida.”

Hours away from Davis’ ceremony, the coaches were having an in-home visit with Keith Marshall, the nation’s No. 1 RB according to Rivals and Scout.

Davis said the UF staff “lied” to him but refused to comment further. Two days later (Saturday), he took a surprise official visit to Tennessee and reiterated his stance following the trip.

On Sunday night, Davis decommitted from Florida via twitter and opened his recruitment back up. He is now considering Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Miami and South Carolina.

“Things happened,” Davis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There was a misunderstanding with the Florida coaches. I can’t comment on what went wrong. It just wasn’t meant to be … I’m not feeling any emotions about it. It’s over with [Florida].”

This came as a shock to UF kicker commit Austin Hardin, who also hails from the Peach State and planned on rooming with Davis in college.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “I’m real good friends with him. We play in the Georgia All-Star games together and I know him pretty well.”

Defensive tackle Jafar Mann, who is Davis’ teammate, said the decision will not affect his commitment to UF.

“Me and Mike are cool, but he’s just a teammate,” Mann said. “Me and him are two different people. To me it’s a mistake on his part, but that’s on him. I’m gonna talk with him and see what he has to say, but that decision has to do with him and his family not me.”

Once Marshall makes a commitment Tuesday which many expect will be to UGA Hardin hopes Davis will reconsider the Gators.

“Hopefully this is just a knee-jerk reaction,” he said. “I just can’t see him not going there. I think Florida will still be under heavy consideration because he likes it so much. Plus we really need him.”

If Marshall becomes a Bulldog as projected, the UF coaches will have their work cut out for them. They have aimed all their recruiting efforts at Davis, Marshall and Matt Jones, and as of now there aren’t many options left at running back in the 2012 class.


  1. The Coaches decide to visit another RB during his ceremony! Wow! Brilliant job Muschump! Like it couldn’t have waited. We need power backs and Davis is closer to that then Marshall is. That’s a major gamble considering Davis was already commited to UF and Marshall is thought to be a Georgia Lean. They must know something we don’t. Marshall is the #1 All-Purpose back and #31 overall player in the nation. Johnathon Gray is the #1 ranked running back and #6 overall. The only way I see this working is if we get Marshall and Matt Jones puts on about 20lbs fast. Muschump says he is looking for play makers, we will just have to see if it was worth the risk.

  2. Blaming the coaching staff over something you know absolutely nothing about is ridiculous! None of us know what transpired in this situation. I’m not so quick to believe a coach with Muschamp’s reputation would go around lying to recruits! Like Davis said, it’s more than likely a misunderstanding. As for the timing of the in-home visits, coaches don’t always set the agenda for when visits will take place and I fail to see the difference it makes! There was, obviously, contact made by Marshall and no coach in the country is going to turn their back on sitting down with the young man to hear what he has to say. Muschamp didn’t just walk up to his house and tell him he wants to have a in-home visit. If Davis thinks the coaches at the other schools he is looking at wouldn’t do the same thing he’s fooling himself.

  3. Who needs a back afraid of competition?? That’s why we’re where at we are today… players think they are entitled to start/play regardless of their skill/knowledge. So Davis, don’t let the door hit ya where the good LORD split ya…

  4. I can’t stand whining 18 year olds. If you are so good that a coach shouldn’t dare go recruit anyone else at your position, then, you apparently are good enough to beat out anyone they might bring in at that position. What happens if they recruit the number one guy next year, does he quit then?

  5. ‘Help is [not] on the way—–‘. ‘There aren’t many options left at running back’. Only a coaching change at the top will start to get UF out of the Kentucky, Ole Miss. MSU class of football programs. At his hiring there was no reason to think WM had the maturity or experience to run a major program. After only one year WM is making the Gator program irrelevant. The sooner the mistake can be accepted, the sooner things can start to turn around. Denial, brave slogans are not going to get it done!!

  6. I have seen both play several times on GPB-TV and go to the UGA home games with my wife and honestly he reminds me of UGA RB Isaiah Crowell; loads of talent but to much of a “me” player. He takes himself out of games suspiciously after he gets a good pop or after he runs for more than 10 yards. Not all that impressed with Mann either, either his measurments are wrong or Georgia High School has a ton of Olinemen that are over 6-4 275 because he appears much smaller than that. How can a team with over a dozen Division recruits get eliminated in the 1st round by a team that was seeded last in their bracket? Maybe everyone was wrong about these players.

  7. Other reports say that Davis tweeted that to get him, you have to recruit his teammate, Raphael Kirby(who we DID recruit at one time, and who committed to scUM at the Stephenson spring game, now we don’t want Kirby, who is another undersized LB, which we have plenty of). Maybe Muschamp let him go without meeting his demands b/c he’s not looking to replace a bunch of spoiled, entitled primadonnas with a bunch more of them. There was a time when players were supposed to please their coach, not the other way around. I’m with Muschamp on this.

  8. Yes, blame it on the kid. While you are at it blame the kids on the team for all the losses(they’re soft). At some point with all the transfers, the de-commits and losses the Coaches need to step in and coach.

    Fowler said “he was the top pick according to the Coaches”. Is the Coaching staff promising this stuff only to get burnt?

  9. The last thing we need is another ME player who is afaid to compete for a starting job instead of thinking it should just be handed to him. If your the best you’ll get the starting job. We don’t need another WHINER! (He said i was going to be a starter,now he’s talking to another running back so i’m not going there!) Please don’t come to Fla if your a WHINER! GO GATORS!!

  10. I think Matt Davis would have been PHENOMENAL at florida…. there is really no question about that, but you guys are right.. how can a true baller be scared of competition. Thats why all those young kids may choose not to go to the SEC cause the competition is too ruff…. they would rather be a big fish in a little pond than take the chance of being a little fish in a big pond….. anyways, every coach in this country is from the same mold….. if the #1 at any position wants to talk….they will talk….. thats the difference between the men and the boys…. a man can take it…. a boy runs away crying

  11. EMK, guys like you who want instant gratification are amazing. Fire Muschamp and see how it utterly destroys our program for the next ten years or so when recruits won’t so much as sniff UF because they fiure their coaches after one year. 🙄 About Davis though, whining or not, it was bad tactical decision by the coaches to lose the better RB over a visit to Marshall’s house. Nothing against Marshall, but if we don’t land but one RB this season, we’re going to be hurting in the backfield next season. We needed Davis and I say the coaches blew it on this one. Not that I want them all fired, but it was a bad move none-the-less.

  12. Well,if young Mr Davis does in fact have a “me first”, “I had better get what I’m used to getting”, “I’m the best and I deserve the best and everybody had better accept that I’m the best and, therefore, treat me like the best” attitude, then he ALREADY has what it takes to be like some of the panty waisted Gator FANS who preen around and act like they’re actually contributing something to the football program by insulting our team and coaches at the first sign of difficulty. Doesn’t anyone else notice the ironic hypocrisy in some these posts?
    Win or lose I’ll support this team and the coach. Go Gators!

  13. That’s a crock!! Look at LSU. They have 4-FOUR running backs and everyone of them plays in every game. UF has Demps & Rainey but for some strange reason Weis & Co can’t seem to et anyone in the damn game!! How is it that Lester Miles can make it work but an offensive ‘genius’ like Weis can’t?? I hope that dude changes his mind. Afraid of a little competition, Mike?!?!? Don’t be a punk now. Be a man of your word & hold onto your commitment. Or be a coward & run to whoever tells you what you want to hear. Frankly you may be better off with the vols. They like weak little dudes like you over there. You wouldn’t be able to handle a big time, championship program like Florida anyway. UF likes competitors. Winners. Guys with heart that play through tough times. Not prima donnas who need everything handed to them. So go the Brice Brown route & have the job handed to you only to have someone with more drive, determination, and heart to beat you out. I only hope this is a minor blip & you reconsider. If not, UF will see your punk a** in Knoxville come September. Once a Gator, ALWAYS a Gator!!!!

  14. Davis says he dropped his commitment because he was lied to. If that’s true, I don’t blamw him. Did we lie to him? That’s the real question, not whether or not he’s afraid to compete. I know several recruits that changed their commitments bcause they were lied to. Several others might follow. Lying to recruits is a terrible mistake, and whoever did it should be exposed. We have two scholarship RBs and one of them the Meyer really recruited hard seems to have been a bust. We need running backs as much or more than anyone in the country.

  15. Take it from someone who coaches 15 – 18 year olds… They’re STILL kids. Most of you didn’t know exactly what you wanted to be when you were 17 and some of you still don’t. No matter where your college allegiance lies (and I’d also like to find out how many of you ACTUALLY went to UF), you are real “big men” for bashing a kid. Not to mention, all of you clearly had a wire in all of the conversations between him and the coach. You don’t know what was promised so you assume that it’s because he’s “scared of competition.” Finally you forget how many parents/coaches read all this. Enjoy your day smashing a kid from behind a keyboard.

  16. Interesting case study at UT after their ’98 championship. All those kids that came in immediately afterward expected to win and at the first sign of adversity, crumbled. We need kids that don’t have that sense of entitlement — perhaps that’s the virus that is infecting this team???

  17. We dont know the story and he still may come to florida. But I too believe that if he wants the limelight and he is high maintenence, we dont need him. We do need a couple of good backs and thats for sure but not ones who are going to cause rifts in the program. So to mr davis, you swore you were a gator thru and thru and now your a vol? Uh, I doubt you were ever a gator son.

  18. Along time until signing day fellas…who knows..maybe the air gets cleared and the kid recommitts. Everyone just needs to relax.

    WE will be fine at the rb position. Matt Jones will be enough if that’s all we get and besides…2013 class is STOCKED with top flight rb talent. So this may be a blessing.

    To think that freshman backs are going to make that big a difference is unrealsitic. The only freshman that have made an impact are Richardson, Crowell, and Lattimore and they are all rare backs. Are ground game next year is going to rely on Mack Brown, Trey Burton and Mike Gillislee anyway. So this year doesn’t matter as long as we get Matt Jones for depth.

  19. Let me retract some of my earlier comments about the young lad. After posting my comments I went to Rivals and read the report o him there. As of 8:45 or so last night he was still considering Florida so maybe-MAYBE he had a bit of misinformation. Hopefully it was just a knee jerk reaction and he comes back into the fold b/c according to his teammate he was shocked that he made that decision. Another commit thinks that he was just caught up in the hype of the visit. I think that he still has his official set with the Gators so hopefully all is well with him and he reconsiders.

  20. This story is so wide open, I do however agree with BC that if recruits or commits can continue to make official visits to other schools, then coaches should visit other recruits(for this very reason), because recruits change their minds. I also am appreciative of the post by Baton Rouge Gator for digging a little deeper and clearing somethings up in my mind. That it could all be a misunderstanding, and if so I guess it’s too much for us to think that the TALENTED RECRUIT would call the coaches FIRST and get a better understanding rather than tweet on a message board or contact Rivals of anyone else to make the situation worst. There maybe blame everywhere on this one (and I’m not saying this kid is afraid of competition) Players should want the BEST TEAMMATES available to play with them (and most do), a team effort is much greater (in results) than an individual. Think about it !! GO GATORS!!!

  21. To “Lee”……Matt Jones for depth? Next year we rely on Brown, Burton, and Gillislee? Dude, c’mon. Jones or Davis will step right in and play. Not sure what happened with Davis, but one would think Muschamp could at least recruit, as he has a serious problem with X’s and O’s on gameday. Not a very good head coach right now – in way over his head. Very questionable hire. You can disagree all you want, but 6-6 is gross…..

  22. After watching the meltdown of Isaiah Crowell for the Bulldogs in pressure situations this year, I’m not going to lose any sleep over a supposed impact recruit who apparently feels he is “owed” playing time.

    The public leaks about this sort of stuff may only barely resemble the truth. It’s idiotic to blame the coaching staff based upon rumors and spin from prospective recruits.

    I have immense respect for Jacoby Brissett coming in here knowing that he would facing intense competition at his position. I’m still big on the Driskel bandwagon and excited about his future, but I admire Brissett.

  23. Hopefully, Marshall will commit and the debate will be moot. Marshall’s the better touted recruit who’s been conservative about leaning one way or the other, which shows maturity. If Muschamp was content enough to go after Marshall even with the shaky commit of Davis, then it’s worth the risk. Check the tape on Matt Jones, the man’s a beast. And if Marshall comes on board, we’ll have our big and fast combo in one recruiting class. GO GATORS!

  24. His brother James Davis walked out of camp and quit during pre season this year with the Redskins because he wasn’t getting enough reps in the pre season games.
    He didn’t talk to the coaches or tell anyone he just took his ball and went home like a baby.
    So this is not shocking that the younger brother is afraid
    of competition as well.

  25. @ME — Saban lost to a DI-AA team at homecoming in his first year. I think you are an example of a follower of the Gators since 1990 — entitlement, entitlement. Muschmp will have to basically re-build and re-toughen this group up. Ain’t gonna take one year.

  26. @ Me
    Jones or Davis will step right in and play? Wasnt that exactly what everyone was saying about Mack Brown? If anyone thinks that any freshman running back is going to come in and just blow away Gillislee, you arent very good at evaluating talent. Just like our current coaching staff.

  27. Gillislee was ranked the #7 RB prospect by Rivals, and Brown was ranked 13th by them, while Scout had him as 12th best coming out of high school. These guys may finally shine next year, or they may be busts. There is always a chance that these guys will not live up to the hype. If I had to guess ahead of time, I wouldn’t put my money on the player who changes his commitment because the coaching staff talked to another player who may be better. I’d put my faith in a guy who has heart and who can handle adversity and competition, because there is going to be a lot of that for the guy over the next 4 to 5 years of his life. If a player wants a coach to promise not to recruit any players to compete with him, that is a bad sign.

    Too much is made of rankings anyway. Mark Ingram was rated three stars, #58th RB prospect coming out of high school by Scout. The NFL is full of 2 and 3 star guys who went to Podunk schools.

    I doubt that Muschamp has promised any recruits that he wouldn’t recruit another player at that position. Most likely he said, “look at the depth chart, there is plenty of opportunity for early playing time.” If the number #1 prospect at a position of needs calls and says that he is interested in talking, do you think that Meyer or Spurrier would say no, just because they have two guys committed? Two guys who could de-commit at any time they want between now and signing day. Who could fail to qualify or get thrown in jail. Do you think Saban or Miles or Richt or Fisher or any of our rival coaches would say no?

  28. I do not want to second guess Muschamp. He is doing what he thinks is in the Gator’s interest. Everyone knows we need physically imposing, strong, fast runningbacks, not rely exclusively on quick, small scatbacks.
    It was a judgment call to go after Marshall so publicly IF…and this is a big IF, it was thought he would likely opt for Georgia..and in so doing risk Davis…but the point is we need dominant runningbacks and we frankly have none now.

    Plus we need dominant offensive linemen, and again, we have none.
    I say give Will Muschamp a chance.
    Gators are strange. They think Urban Meyer is a traitor, and is Satan hnimself, and this despite the fact that Urban brought TWO national championships to Florida…twice what God Spurrier did, and in less time!!!!
    Go figure.

  29. “LT”…….You made my point. Jones or Davis will play right away as the current RB’s are not very good. If Gillislee is so good, I am sure he would have played much more. Recruiting is about numbers, and we need at least 2 or 3 RB’S in theis class

  30. gators79, I DO blame it on the kid(in THIS case), until I have reason to believe oterwise-also on his brother, who quit the Redskins over lack of PT, and who seems to be making demands on behalf of him.
    We have a boatload of great recruits who are either committed to or strongly considering UF. They, and even those who have already committed elsewhere, have been glowing in their praise of how their recruitment has been handled by the UF staff. So I judge in this case in favor of our coach.
    Perhaps you think we should fire Muschamp after one year? Who would want to be our next coach if we did. Muschamp inherited an asylum run by the inmates, and will need a couple more years to turn it around. He needs to be given the chance.

  31. I believe the misunderstanding was on the part of Davis. He understood that it was all right to take official visits to other schools. The coaching staff did not have that understanding. After he went to UT, we pulled the offer.

    We’ll see how this works out.

  32. To Steve (A few things to consider): I do not think the program is in capable hands. Yet, I recognize that WM is not going to be fired after 2-3 years. If nothing else the AD’s ego would not be able to handle it. That said, I think WM will be gone in 2-3 years. Recruits, the really good ones, are drawn to success. If that were not true Tulane would be playing for the NC on regular basis. At present, why would a really great recruit select the Gators over LSU, or Bama? Why would a kid be drawn to WM rather than Saban or SOS or Richt? Who on this post can list the objective head coaching success of a WM? Success brings more success. If SOS, Meyer, or Saban came in and had the same lack of success in the first year there would, nonetheless, be hope for the future because these guys have proven that they can ‘get it done’. Rather than simply call me a idoit (sic) as one poster it recently. Let’s see what happens in the next couple of years. At that point the hole into which this program has fallen will only be deeper.

  33. @EMK — there is risk in hiring a HC that’s never been a CEO on any level – I believe that is your point and it is well taken. However, every coach has a day 1 in their HC career. I think the measure of success for WM will be recruiting and roster of Aassistants. Right now the jury is out in both areas. BTW Bob Stoops never HC’d before Okie either. Regarding kids going to successful programs — in SOS’s first year there was no reason to consider UF for all the reasons you just gave but he made it work. Just relax and be a loyal Gator Fan for a while and save the hate for another day.

  34. “Geez”…..Being a loyal fan does not mean we have to sit back and like going 6-6. You seem to be a loyal fan of our AD, who has made some great hires, and some not so good. I think this one falls in the latter category. Losing does stink, but I want to see effort and improvement througout the year – this team did come close to showing either. What is really irritating is a coach saying everything is fine, and the team is fighting and improving, when in fact they are absolutely horrible. God bless SOS – when they stunk he would admit it and when he stunk he would admit it. To hear WM and Cheeseburger Charlie talk you would think we should be in a BCS bowl……

  35. The gators should try and get Dillon Baxter. After transfering from USC his dad said his top 3 were San Diego, State Portland State, and UF. I personally think he could add depth and maybe get some carries after a redshirt year.

  36. oh-oh! Looks like one of dem bull gator boosters is going to have to open his wallet so the UFelons can get a RB. Kirby has changed to soft commitment at the “U” as I have a feeling that Golden was plenty happy with what he had coming in. If both end up at Clemson then this must be investigated. If he had any sense he would beg Golden to take him into the “U” as that O-Line is going to be pretty awesome next year.

  37. I get the frustration, maybe my threshold of tolerance is bigger since I’ve seen the Gators really stink it up in the ’80’s. Regardless, WM has to keep up some form of appearance while rebuidling, he knows his team isn’t good right now and all but said it (e.g. comments about the team being ‘soft’ and comments about ‘alot’ of things not being right, as well as closing spring practice). What kid would want to play for a team whose coach is trashing them openly in the media anyway? The good thing is we still care enough to go to games and cheer for the Gators. Unlike that knucklehead poster ‘Larry’ and the rest of the stooges impersonating fans in Coral Gables.

  38. You people who say our coaches lied to this kid need to provide the evidence! How can you come out a make such an indictment of our coaches, without the proof to back it up? Davis even said it was a misunderstanding between him, his brother and the coaches! I believe most of the problem is his brother! His brother needs to let him make his own decision. I can understand him giving advice and making sure he doesn’t get taken advantage of; however, he needs to let Mike decide his own future! That’s a big problem with many HS recruits – family get too involved in the process! He, obviously, made some demands that the coaching staff weren’t willing to agree too and that’s that! Davis said that UF could be the school, so, I don’t think he would still consider UF if he was lied to! Maybe some of you self-appointed geniuses will get so disgusted that you will become Seminole fans – Gator Nation would be better off, for sure!

  39. The only thing that totally stumps me over this situation is that Marshall is practically a Bulldog anyway. Davis has almost guaranteed immediate playing time as a frosh at UF. Now, the pot-smoking Crowell at UGA who never seems to get suspended for big games when he gets high is reportedly transferring from UGA as reported a few days ago. Think that doesn;t have anything to do with Richt trying to sell Marshall on immediate PT? I know Richt well from his years at FSU since I live up here near Tally and have sources inside FSU for decades. He won;t suspend Croewell for the Gator game but he’ll urge him to transfer (after the SECCG of course), so that Marshall can come in. Just think about that folks. Overall, I support our coaches but this was just a bad strategy to take with Davis IMO.

  40. AND ONE MORE THING to those caller Davis afraid of competition and a “punk” and “whiner”… rivals scan opponents’ recruiting boards and they tell the recruits to read them when stuff like that is printed it helps to run them off. Ease up on the personal insluts when you talk about a potential recruit.

  41. Lots of emotions flying back and forth, folks. Take it easy – Muschamp was left with a very young team that will solidify with experience, and what is emerging as a very good class (top 5 per Scout.com).

    It could be worse. We could be Georgia – the improbable East champs – with a 2012 class ranked #31. Not good.

    As for Davis – we need him and regardless of how many RB’s are recruited at the position, he’d get playing time early and a tremendous future NFL opportunity. If you think about it, nothing has changed since he committed to WM. Hopefully he sees that the opportunity is the same and becomes a Gator. C’mon Mike!

  42. Ease up my a**! He’s playing the coaching staff & WHY? We don’t know but I tell you this. If he was any-and I mean ANY-kind of a competitor he would look at this as a challenge to himself. Look himself in the mirror and throw down a challenge. Challege yourself to see what kind of heart, determination, and moxie I have about myself & come into UF with the mindset that the running back position is mine and I DARE someone to take it! Have some pride about yourself and welcome a little competition!!




  44. Great Job Muschamp…Not only can’t you not coach but you have all these good recruits afraid of coming to Florida. Next 2 seasons look depressing already but now we are losing recruits…so how many down years before muschamp is gone?? Just sayin

  45. @John C.
    I dont know the whole story but we are not the ones who said that the caoches “lied” to him… Davis said that. And he said that he wasnt considering Florida anymore “Its over with them” is what he said..

  46. BRING BACK THE ZOOKER!! He has more head coaching experience than the our ‘Head Coach in Learning’. True, the Zooker does not know as many swear words as our ‘Head Coach in Learning’ but he can, well, learn. Of course, the Zooker will need to bring his own players and that will take a few years because you need to remember that a guy who has played one system cannot possibly play another and different system after all this is football not quantum physics. BRING BACK THE ZOOKER. Out with our ‘HEAD COACHING IN LEARNING’.

  47. This won’t be the last dumb thing Will M. will do. Surely the rest of you saw what I saw on the sidelines this year, the guy has at least two screws loose. I am betting some of these new signees are on campus longer then wacky Willy.

  48. EMK,

    You would be wise to give WM 3 years before you make any judments on him. This year showed you a couple of things that I think are positives.

    1. WE competed in ALL but 2 of our losses.
    2. The defense came on really strong and looks very promising.
    3. Andre Debose, Jordan Reed, and AC Leonard emerged as potential playmakers for next year. They had very solid years considering that they had a stretch of basically 3 games where FR QB’s were overwhelmed and couldn’t get them the ball..even with that they still had solid years.

    This was a very rough year when you look at the bad luck portion of this year.

    1. So many transfers left ZERO Depth..only 68 scholarship athletes.
    2. You lost your QB that was actually playing pretty well at the time.
    3. You had one of the worst schedules in the country.
    4. We were so YOUNG at so many positions.
    5. INjuries killed us..AC Leonard, Reed, Giliislee, DEMPS, Brantley, Wegner…etc…etc..

    Dispite all of that we were really close to having a desent year. Everyone just needs to relax…all will be fine.

  49. Also that’s one thing you Florida fans worry about is stupid rankings. Rivals and scout are great and all but 5 star recruits don’t mean crap. Player development is what counts and competition. That’s why USC is where players go if they want to go to the NFL just saying. Fight on!!!!

  50. Recruiter Extradinaire: He’s Rested. He’s Ready. Bring back the Zooker. Out with our ‘Head Coach in Learning’. Man, that’s nonsense. Who wrote that? He’s not a REAL Gator. Remember, if you took out all our negative plays we would have been undefeated. Yeah, man!! Injuries hurt us!! We were the only team in the conference who suffered injuies. Yeah, man that’s rite (or is it wright). Oh, well you know what I mean!! Brantley would have been a Heisman winner if he had played good. But the system is knew (or is it new) so what can you expect!! Everything will be fine. Just don’t think about it. In fact, just don’t think at all. Go Zooker. Defeat the Evil Empire and its leader Urban Liar!!

  51. ZACH: And now a recruiting question, one that may be on the minds of many who love the Gators and view this site. THE QUESTION: Can you, as a journalist, find out what WM and/or a member of his staff did to turn Mike Davis from a solid, long-time commit to a kid who will probably go elsewhere in the SEC.

  52. Give it a rest already. They’re 17 year old kids and the prism through which they see the world is less than mature (for many). If the kid wants to look at other schools, great, let him do it without trashing him and the coaching staff. The attention these kids get during this process makes them say and do crazy things (remember Elam posing in ‘Nole garb?). Let’s wait until February before we draw any conclusions.

    EMK you’ve got to chill man — or get a job where you don’t have so much time on your hands!


    whose the idiot….. clearly you are…

    Mack Brown is in charge of Texas… and always has been…. there offense could not hold onto the ball last year for more than 4 downs….. in a typcial 60 minute ball game their offense had the ball for 15 minutes…. they were always 3 and out…..you dont know what your talkin about cause all you do is TALK!!! Muschamp probably would not have been the DC at a place like TEXAS cause he was some crap coordinator…. do you agree or not….. dont reply to me again cause your to stupid

  54. EMK,

    You have way too much time on your hands. Do you actually read the venom that you are spewing????

    If you actually thought that a team with only 69 scholarship athletes(not WM fault..they left bc of Meyer or poor fit in new system), over 15 FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORES playing significant minutes coupled with COMPLETELY Different schemes was going to win 8 plus games while trying to do this without your QB for half the season then you are an unrealistic individual that has zero grasp of how football works. In the real world…all of those factors equals 6-6.

    If he goes 6-6 next year then yes…we can complain.

  55. Let’s face it with the lack of running backs in this class we will be one injury away from a walk on playing. I have been giving this staff the benefit of doubt but I don’t see them here more than 3 years.

  56. Let’s see at present we have neither Davis or Marshall. But rest assured HELP IS ON THE WAY. This would never have happened with the ZOOKER at the wheel! He’s rested. He’s ready. Out with the Head Coach in Learning and in with the ZOOKER!!

  57. Zach, I just finished looking at 247 Sports website on recruiting and it does not look near as good as ESPN 150. Very few of the top remaining players that are uncommitted appear to even be considering UF. Which website do you feel is the most accurate as far as evaluating talent and being up to date with teams that are considered by these kids.

  58. Foley is in full control guys and is the best AD in the country. He would have got rid of the Zooker after year 2 but we won the East that year. Trust Foley to do the right thing; if the Champ does not show dramatic improvement next year (meaning wins against UGA and FSU) he will be gone; take it to the bank.

    That being said, I believe IF there is fair competition at QB, we will be back in contention in the East next year and all will be forgotten.

  59. According to SI.Com, Marshall has committed to UGA. In regards to the need for a 5 star RB, the key is rebuilding the offensive line. Do that, and you can find any number of good runners to carry the ball all day long.

  60. To: Human Race I would try to get an answer for you from my mother but she was killed in NYC on September 11th. To the rest of you: What I have been writing is a ‘put-on’, a joking effort on my part to see just how crazied some people are about a sport, games, events taken in the entiriety of things are meaningless. My life will not be impacted by anything happening with a football program at UF or elsewhere. It just is not that important. By the way, it was not too many years ago that I had the same passion for the Gators as some of you. I was out spoken but hopefully not are crude as some who write here. But back then, bottom line, I was just a nutty as you guys. In the end, it is a game. A game that is meaningless to millions of people. My joke ended, I simply say ‘good-by’.

  61. you should be pissed at me….
    I said stupid stuff…..so the sooner EVERYONE stops sayin stupid stuff and starts acting MATURE, then we can have a real conversation…. no one on this site knows how to be a football coach or what it takes to be a coach in your first year in the SEC…..so stop pretending like coach Muschamp is anything but a great coach and simply discuss recruiting

  62. @ human race
    you talked crap about a dudes dead mom, and call people “losers” who even says that anymore? and you are telling us to be MATURE… and i love how you tried to make me look dumb but never even commented on my biggest point towards you.. once again SMH

  63. @ answer this

    to the guys dead mom…. I apologize….how the hell should I have known… I was messin around with him
    but to you…..
    I did respond to you…. read what I said… and once again do not waste my time…. your too stupid….

  64. Reports now that I’ve heard are that the coaches went after Marshall heavy AFTER Davis started wavering. I totally trust this source and it sounds like Davis’ brother has been a factor in this drama. Even I was fooled at first by the rampant crazy stories circulating. This is a 17 year old emotional kid being torn in every direction right now, but from what I can now, our coaches did not blow this, they only reacted to Davis’ wavering and tried for Marshall. So lets give the coaches the benefit of the doubt here. Supposed to have a big in-house visit with him Thursday I think with a lot of our coaches trying to mend this fence. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  65. Those of you who posted all the negative crap about Muschamp, especially the accusations that Muschamped lied need to read the following facts about what transpired! just as many of us thought, his brother is the root of the problem!

  66. Well, the source I heard about Davis wavering first was right out of the UAA. The other reports of his brother spinning Davis was from another source that’s pretty reliable. There is absolutely no way to tell what has really gone on here behind the scenes, but it seems to me the coaches saw davis wavering and went for Marshall. If we get him back? I’m saying 50/50. Davis openly said he has no leaders now and there was a big relationship with the UF staff. Also, Jafar Mann and our PK recruit are good friends of davis and are working on him.