Zach’s Mail Stack 11/30


As we move into the month of December, the Florida coaching staff will face its most crucial weeks of the recruiting season.

Sunday was the first day of the contact period, where college coaches can have in-person contact with prospects on or off campus once a week. Will Muschamp and co. have already hit the ground running.

They’ve had in-home visits with half of their commits and a handful of their top targets, including Nelson Agholor, Jordan Jenkins and Dante Fowler Jr. (more on him later).

On Thursday, the coaches will visit with running back Keith Marshall, who will be making his commitment on Dec. 6 at 2:45 p.m.. He has eliminated North Carolina and Notre Dame from consideration and will now choose between Clemson, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. His last in-home visit will be with UGA Sunday, and although he says his mind is not made up yet, I would count on him being Bulldog.

There’s been so much that transpired since the last Mail Stack, so lets get right into your questions!

Any positive news to report from the recruits that were at The Swamp Saturday night? — TampaGator

I don’t think there’s one bit of negative news to report not even the 21-7 loss to Florida State.

All the recruits in attendance had a blast at the game and saw the atmosphere they were looking for.

Tight end commit Colin Thompson made the trip from Warminster, Pa., and had a chance to bond with his future teammates.

“It was awesome,” he said of the visit. “I got to meet the other guys committed and we had a great time. I spent a lot of time with Kent Taylor, Austin Hardin, Mike Davis and Jafar Mann. We just hung out and recruited everyone who was at the game. It couldn’t have gone better.”

Thompson said the prospects that got the most attention were Avery Young, Jonathan Bullard and Jenkins. Young and Jenkins sat with the commits during the game and also met at length with the coaches, which may put have put the Gators atop their leaderboard.

As expected, Bullard has gone quiet since his visit, but all indications are that it went very well and UF solidified itself with Clemson as the finalists. It’s hard for me to say where he’s leaning because I haven’t spoke with him, but last week Rhaheim Ledbetter predicted Florida would be the favorite if Bullard was blown away in Gainesville. Maybe the silent treatment is a telling sign? We shall see soon enough.

The Gators also built a solid foundation with many 2013 kids. They, like the prospects in this year’s class, see that there’s playing time for the taking and are excited about the opportunity. Some of the commitments that are coming down the road will be a direct result of last weekend’s success.

What is the projected impact of the return of Urban Meyer to college football coaching and do you think players on our roster will bolt to OSU?  With all the contacts Meyer has in Florida will he be able to raid Florida for alot of recruits?  rku4uf/Paul

I was hoping to avoid any Urban Meyer questions, but they can’t be ignored.

The former UF coach is quickly working the phones and has contacted a couple guys on Florida’s radar.

On Tuesday, Meyer called defensive ends Fowler and Noah Spence.

After one phone conversation with the new Buckeye coach, Spence named Ohio State his leader on twitter.

“Just got off the phone with (Urban),” Spence tweeted. “(OSU is) definitly at the top of the list for now.”

Fowler always had a close relationship with Meyer and was a Gator-lean prior to his resignation.

“When he was at Florida, me and him had real good chemistry,” said Fowler, an FSU commit. “So it was good to talk to him again. He’s been a winner at every program he went to.”

Now Meyer wants Fowler to help him win at Ohio State and he’s already convinced the five-star to come check it out.

“He said that he wants me real bad and asked me to come up for a visit,” Fowler said. “Usually he’d tell me to come to Gainesville but now I gotta leave the state to go see him, so it’s kind of weird. But I’m definitely gonna go up there and see what it’s like.”

Earlier in the day, Latroy Pittman told ESPN that he’s not sure what he would do if Meyer contacted him. He clarified those comments with me hours later.

“If he does (call) I will hear what he’s got to say because he was the guy I committed to,” Pittman said. “I’m not saying I would decommit because I’m 100 percent to Florida, but I would listen to him. I couldn’t tell you what I would say because it hasn’t happened. He’s a good coach and if he calls me I would be appreciative of it.”

Ultimately, I don’t expect Meyer to have much of an impact on Florida’s current class. Despite what Pittman said, he wants to be close to home and I can’t imagine him changing his mind before he enrolls at Florida on Jan. 9.

But in years to come, Meyer will have some success in the southeast region. He’s built a lot of connections like you said and he just has a way with recruits. However, Muschamp will win the majority of the recruiting battles because, as Meyer once said, “it’s Florida.”

As far as current players bolting for OSU, the only guys I can see doing that (if things go sour at UF) would be the Burton brothers and/or Ja’Jaun Story, who had the Buckeyes as his second choice.

How big of an impact will Mark Pantoni’s departure for Ohio State have? It seems like many of the recruits really liked him and were highly dissappointed in him leaving. Seth

For those who don’t know, Mark Pantoni has been UF’s director of football administration for the last five years and he’s one of the best in the business. He schedules all the visits, interacts with the prospects and their families on campus and is one of the most important relationships that recruits build at the school.

As soon as the news broke, two of Florida’s targets took to twitter to express their feelings.

“Pls tell me its not true,” said Tyric McCord, who visited UF this past weekend.

Five-star offensive tackle and UGA commit John Theus tweeted: “Just learned that UF has got rid of their recruiting coordinator Mark Pantoni. He was definitely one of the best I dealt with. Big loss for UF.”

Pantoni called Pittman on Monday night to inform him that he’s officially off the staff.

“It shocked me,” he said. “Pantoni was one of the guys that I really liked. I knew him for awhile and felt comfortable with him. He really loved his five years at Florida. He didn’t say anything but good things about the school and he wished the best for me.”

As upset as Pittman was, he said Pantoni’s departure doesn’t change his commitment to Florida and he’s not sure how it will affect other recruits.

“It all depends on the relationship that they have with Pantoni,” he said. “I know it hit me hard because I thought he would be there for my four years. But for other recruits, it’s all about their feeling toward Pantoni and if he was a reason that they even chose Florida.”

Fortunately for the coaches, the contact period allows them to do some of things Pantoni did and that should comfort the recruits concerned over his leave. If Muschamp can find a replacement before Christmas, I don’t see this hurting UF significantly.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to put your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below!


  1. Whats good Zach man you know we need “PLAYMAKERS” on offense. Honestly do you think we will get Agholar & Diggs both to come to UF together and whats your percentage chance on that? I also wanna ask who you think will win the qb battle next year? I’m not sold on Brissett or Driskel at the moment, but I also know if history repeats itself qb’s usually struggle in Weis’s offense the first year. Alah Brady Quinn & Jimmy Clausen and the 2nd yr they tore it up. I know its a difficult system to master but do you think either of the two will be up to the task next yr and if so who will it be for you? Thanks Zach and GO GATORS!!!! #GatorNation

  2. Thanks for the effort to sound positive. Things are NOT GOOD!! I cannot even believe the Burtons would consider leaving for OSU. But just think about it. If UM was that GREAT at getting the people he wanted (true some did not work out for the guy who won 2 NC) why would anyone think he would be less effective at OSU. BOTTOM LINE: We, the Gator Nation, have a guy who is learning on the job @ Saban, Miles, Meyer, et al. Please tell me what does he have to sell> Oh, yeh, early playing time and the chance to be a Gator. Please, spare me the BS!!

  3. Zach, dear Zach, please be careful. Did you actually write, ‘—–as Meyer once said, ‘–its Florida’. Be a jounalist not a shill!! As we all know Meyer is always truthful and a person of high moral character who puts family and God before the Gators, oh i am sorry, the buckeyes!! Please tell the readers: 1) there is nothing honorable about college recruiting and 2) no one knows from one moment to the next where these semi-literals will commit.

  4. EMK you need to settle down. First of all im am glad you are not recruiting these kids after calling them “semi-literals,” thats a little harsh for people you dont know. Just worry about yourself, the gators will be fine with time.

  5. If Fowler decommits from FSU and goes to Ohio State….and the Gators have a desperate need for defensive ends….what does that tell you about the situation in Gainesville. On the other hand, if he decommits from FSU and becomes a Gator….then I think other pile on to the Gators. However, I think Mr. Fowler may be playing UF and OSU for a good time until he signs with FSU.

    Which one do you think it is?

  6. People I know the past two weeks have been tough but let’s keep things in perspective. Meyer will get his share of players…next year. At the end of the day even recruits don’t know how the ncaa is gonna come down on OSU. The Burtons aren’t going anywhere either….forget it!!!! I don’t think UM will except any players from UF unless he felt they could help immediately and there is no one on our roster that could do so or they would be helping UF and be starting.No one leaves if they’re starting so forget about guys leaving for OSU. Meyer would ruin his legacy at UF if he starts going after committed guys and I think he would be stupid to do that. Next year he will be free to recruit whoever he wants with no backlash. As for this recruit coordinator guy. I wouldn’t read too much into that either. If he was that important today would not be the first time most of us have ever heard of him. I know him and he’s a great guy, but not one player committed to Florida because of him. Florida will be fine and I think that we should focus on guys that fit our scheme of things no matter the star power and guys who want to be Gators. Once this thing gets rolling there will be no stopping it. Just look at Bama. We are taking the same approach with better position coaches. Muschamp will grow into his own and like everyone else learn from his mistakes. Be patient guys next year we will compete at a higher level and contend for the east. The following we will be in NC talks. Go Gators!!!!

  7. I think it is easier to negative recruit vs Meyer. Just remind recruits how Meyer quit, then convinced recruits to keep thesis pledge cuz he came back, then quit again, leaving those recruits behind who kept their word and he did not. Just tell recruits meyer could resign in 1 year or anytime actually.

  8. Were better than OSU in every way imaginable even with Urban on their side, Coach Boom has the recruiting train running full speed right now and once we get a full roster of guys on campus that he and Weis have recruited we will return to being the best program in College Football.

  9. Nothing personal but if the Burtons leave, so what? Neither seems to have a true position for the future. Trey isn’t a running back or receiver. His brother is either a dlineman or tight end or neither. I like both but not sure that either are part of the plan in 2012 or 2013. Just my opinion.

  10. Didnt you forget about Jeff Driskel i would not at all be surprised if he went to OSU i actually expect it and with what pittman said he will be there too this really sucks for this class because losing the RC will affect so many potential recruits.

    Also that last story you did on recruiting size, Muschamp said up to 32-34…. i would be shocked if we even got 25

  11. Dear EMK, perhaps you meant to say our recruits are semi-literate rather than “semi-literal,” unless you’ve noticed a disturbing trend among them to take other people’s statements almost but not quite too literally. If so, that would make your blast, dare I say, semi-literate. People who live in glass stadiums, shouldn’t throw wheel routes.

  12. I have the deepest respect for Coach Meyer and what he gave Florida but we also just got finished watching the team he recruited go 6-6. Pretty obvious his much bally-hooed recruiting classes did not pan out as expected. Give Coah Muss his time to build his type of team, I am much more comfortable with Weiss’ offense. Tim Tebow was one-of-a-kind and that’s what made the spread so effective. Nice to have a Coach who BELIEVES in Florida, not just a stop on his world tour.

  13. I just don’t think Trey will leave now that he has gator blood in him. He should be a strong contender for tailback next year if he can gain some strength/power in the weight room this off season. Burton and company with Joiner at fullback should be the solution for Weis’s offense–just need some more muscle in the line.

    I’m more afraid Driskell will see running the spread offense at OSU to be very tempting. But, as we have seen with Mr. Tebow(despite his great success with Denver) that is not what the pros are looking for, so he is much better off with Weis and the pro style offense at Florida.

    UM without Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong, with seeking to create a balance in his life and health, with the problems at OSU and with his credibility problems, should not be a force to contend with for several+ years to come. By the time most of these problems go away, so will he. I’m very thankful for what he did at Florida, but now he is a competitor and i can not wish him success.

  14. EMK – you must be a Seminole, cause no Gator fan would be so stupid! So, go post your garbage on the Nolio sites and leave us Gators to building our program back! We don’t need losers hanging around!

    As for Pittman, he’s not going anywhere! I know his family and he’s a kid that wants his family involved in his college experience! So, don’t worry about him! He will be making big plays for the Orange and Blue next year!

    Ohio State has a QB that they are really high on; so, I don’t see Driskell going to OSU! Plus, Driskell has witnessed the mess Urban left and the lies he told about “family”! I would think Driskell has better sense!

    What recruit would want to go to OSU and miss out on going to bowl games for half of their time in college? The ones that leave for the NFL, as juniors, would have only one year to go to a bowl game! I would think that would discourage anyone from going to OSU, right now! Burton only has 2 years of eligibility – he would miss out on bowl games, as well – at least one year! I’m sure this is being pointed out to recruits! Bowl games are huge and a chance for players to be seen nationally!

  15. @ Answer This,
    Driskell loves Florida too much and is in competition for the starting job. If he doesn’t win it he will be our back up and you know how that works. Brissett could get injured in the first game next year. Pittman is too slow for Urbans offense. He is strictly a possesion receiver. With that being said Urban has to find someone who can succefully run it. Dan Mullen and Kyle Wittingham definitely aren’t coming to do it. If Trey can learn to run down hill he’s got a chance to be special. I also agree with John C. Concerning OSU and the NCAA.

  16. And then the end of days was upon them. And there was much wailing, gnashing of teeth and hand wringing. And all of the peoples who had followed the false profit for a sum of six years, and worshipped at his alter, were as the beasts of the forest. Consumed with anger and fear, they went out and tried to devour their neighbor. Fighting amongst themselves and howling at the moon. They became as crazed lunatics, possessed with demons and unable to end their own suffering. Unable to stay on topic.
    RealityBites – Chapter 3: Verse 4

  17. Folks, have you watched any of the games this year? The differences in the players WM wants and what UM left are pretty stark. While there might be the occasional competition for a handfule of players, they will be recruiting very different types of players. Let Urban take the undersized LB’s, RB’s and WR’s…I can’t wait until our defense starts to look like Bama’s (as much as that just pained me to type it!).

  18. Zach,

    As of right now we are at 17 commits. I have seen where a combination of about 8 four or five star athletes have us in their final three. Even if they all committed(which would be unheard of) that would only give us 25. Where are the other 7-9 committs going to come from?

    Thanks for all that you do.

  19. Guys,

    Our LB’s are not undersized. They are the same size as the LSU LB’s. Everyone is assuming that all Lb’s are the size of Hightower and Upshaw at Alabama….those guys are rare exceptions. Most Lb’s range from 215-245. Bostic, Powell, Taylor, and Mcray all fall inside that range. Jenkins is at the bottom at about 210-215 but he is an outside lb so it doesn’t matter. His job is to use his speed and fly to the ball….which he does very well. Our defense is going to be freaking special over the next three years.

    Offense is a work in progress but I will be excited to see Burton and Gillislee get a crack at running the rock next year. I also hope that Driskel wins the starting job because Brissett has done very little to inspire confidence…His reads/decision making are very poor. Reminds me of Jamarcus Russell..when in doubt throw it up for grabs!!

  20. Basing my Trey Burton as running back theory on several things:
    1-he is a smart,versatile and skilled athlete
    2-in Jax 2 years ago he ran for about 50 yards while a swift Georgia defensive back was unable to run him down (so he has enough speed).

    From that, my thought is he is fast enough and smart enough to be a tailback. I think for Weis, he needs to gain in strength and power similar to Trent Richardson–just say similar because Trent is an unmatchable beast for Nick SATAN.

    So, hoping he stays with the Gators and makes a big impact next year.

    Also, would you play Brantley in the Gator bowl (or wherever) so he has a chance to end his career on a high note or say, John thanks for everything but we need to turn it over to Driskell and Brisett?

  21. Wishful thinking .Pick up some cow manure in 1 hand, and wish in the ohter hand and see what fills up first.We have too many problems for a quick fix.And Urban’s press conference at O.S.U. was impressive as the same one he gave in Gainesville. He gave us and much as he took,so good luck to him.

  22. Hire Ron Zook as recruiting coordinator?

    What short memories you all have. Zook was a great recruiter but he was also a coach that recruited players with shaky characters. I personally can do without these types of guys. Between Zook and Meyer we secured strong classes but most of them didn’t last due to off the field issues.

    Let’s let the Zooker water ski full time.

  23. Just do not see Driskell going to OSU with Braxton Miller being Urban’s obvious choice as a QB in the spread. Not to mention that he is only going to be a sophomore next year. No way that kid drafts after his Jr year with where his development is now, and the fact that he will be hated by scouts from playing in the spread. Why would Driskell want to redshirt for the transfer and sit for two more years, only to play his senior year up in Ohio. Him and Brisett will compete in the spring for starter.

  24. @lee if driskell would be making better brisett wouldn’t of jumped him… and brisset haven’t look tht great but he has look a whole lot better than driskell. he’s got better poise and accuracy than driskell and imo I believe if the coaches would’ve keep him in the game against AU we woulda beat them. so I hope brisset starts next year!!!

  25. Hi Lee,

    Respectfully I have to disagree with you about the size of our linebackers and really the whole defense for that matter. I understand that Alabama has a couple of freakish athletes in Hightower and Upshaw but they are the type of player we need. LSU runs a based 4-3 defense with 4-2-5 personel at the moment. We’re making the transition to a 3-4. That means our linebackers need to be bigger and more versatile than theirs, especially if we’re going to ask one to put a hand on the ground and become a DE. 215-220 is simply not large enough to play linebacker in a 3-4 defense nor is 247 large enough to push around quality SEC offensive tackles consistently. Give the coaches time to change the mindset of the program from speed, speed, and more speed to power, size, and speed and our defense will be great again. Keep in mind that for the majority of the SEC season and against Furman we gave up large chunks of yardage in the power run game. The proof is in the pudding. The SEC is a line of scrimmage league and right now we don’t win there very often.

  26. I’m for bringing back the Zooker as recruiting coordinator. The guy did an awesome job with us in the past bringing in some great ball players.
    As far as Meyer goes, I’m grateful for the great run run (albeit brief) and wish him the best at OSU. I don’t think he will have too much of an impact on our recruiting this year or in the future. He may pluck one or two a year that we are in contention for, but so did Tressell.

    Go Gators!

  27. Zach no doubt we have had a tough season. I love recruiting and everything that builds up to signing day. One thing that is very irritating at the moment is “LATROY PITTMAN” and his constant second guessing of his verbal to us. We need to have a mind set that you are either with us or against us. True we need a WR but I’d rather have one that is sure of his ability and want to be part of something special at UF. With how bad his stats were this season we should be the shaky ones about his offer. If we get DIGGS, and NELSON, we don’t need him maybe he should think about that. Your thoughts???

  28. If these HS recruits buy into Meyer’s latest BS, then they deserve whatever happens to them once he reevaluates his priorities again during the sanction periods coming up at THE OSU. A recruit has to have more sense to believe everything is going to be great at Meyer’s latest stop, given the coming problems yet to be handed out that will impact the next three years. We don’t need any rcruit, who can’t think beyond Meyer’s BS; they would likely be the ones on our roster that either doesn’t make it or makes all the penalties on and off the field because of little grey matter between the ears.

  29. rku4uf,

    I get what you are saying about the transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 but my point was that these guys are not tiny. Look at UGA’s lb’s if you want a 3-4 comparison. They aren’t any different really. I totally agree that Powell at 248 is too light to be posing as a DE for half of the game but He is just a SOphomore…he will get bigger.

    The defense did a fabulous job this year considering several key things.

    1. They were short on depth.
    2. They were extremely young all across the board. Especially in the secondary.

    3. They were all learning a new scheme which is totally different than a 4-3.
    They played a brutal schedule.
    4. They were handicapped by a “retarded” offense.

    considering all of that…i think that handled themselves quite well.

  30. Re Stefon Diggs: Yeah, but does he have any hands? We have plenty of guys his size and speed that cannot catch. High school does not always predict. Sometimes the best athletes are the skill guys in HS, and not the most skilled players, you follow me? In other words, we do not need another speedy guy that has hands of stone and cannot get open because at this level, you cannot just get open by running faster than a defensive back. Route running is more about technique, the route tree and scheme, and how a WR fits in to the plan to attack a zone, cover two, or man, bump and run or no. So here is my question: can Diggs really play WR, or he just another fast kid who will be covering kicks for four years at UF? If anyone can answer this question, besides Steve Spurrier, please contact Champ & Charlie!
    Go Gators.

  31. Thanks Zach keep it coming. We well be fine guys, like many of you said BOOM and Meyer will be looking a different players. I would be shocked if players that were Gator commits before the Urban Liar left would follow him to OSU. You would have to be very very ignorant if you would follow a guy that could just turn his back on a program. Just my opinion

  32. Lee,
    I agree that they aren’t small men in comparison to a normal 18-22 year old athlete and I agree that the defense was put in a lot of rough situations this season as you mentioned. What I will hold true to is that our defense overall this season was too small for our scheme. Bama, LSU, Georgia, and Furman all manhandled our linemen and linebackers for 4+ yards per carry. The only way I know of to keep from getting run over by a back like Richardson, Ingram, Ware or Jacob Hester is to be bigger and meaner than they are. If these RBs are pushing 225 with a head of steam through the whole we’ve got to get bigger people to hit back with. Having a different idea of fitness will help and so will recruiting freakish athletes like Jevon Kearse and Brandon Spikes (who was 245 to confirm your earlier post about typical LB size). I think Mariotti/UM wanted lean, quick, speedsters whereas now we need big, thick, powerful hitters. Once we get were CWM wants us to be, this program will be a machine. What’re your thoughts on the offense? It’s been nice talking with you. Thanks for being respectful.

    Thank you too Zach for all your hard work. Keep the reports coming my man!

  33. Hey gang there is a lot of post here but the two that I am most in-line with are those of GatorBread. I’m not really worried about UM taking commits or present players, but any uncommitted is fair game with no hard feelings. A few of those that switch and put OS at the top of their list just because of UM may get the shock of their lives when they get to OS, not play their first two years and UM has to leave again for health reasons. If it was not as serious as it was alledged, he would not have bolted because he had some studs lined up to come to Florida (remember that). in fact two of them are at OS now. WM and his crew will get this ship righted next year , we really do have some great players, yes we NEED many more to get this thing right. The next two sets of recruits will be the turning point. GO GATORS!!!

  34. @ Lee, i agree our offense put our defense in terrible situations this year. We win 3 of the 6 we could just catch a punt or punt the ball before turning it over. And powell came in at 250 and has lost weight since he has been here so im almost glad marotti is leaving. We need someone to put some bulk on these kids. Powell as a junior when you come in at 250 should be at least 260. We have to get a guy to put some muscle on them!!

  35. am i the only optimistic guy? our defense is going to be dominant, with added depth… weis needs to get his act together

    we need early enrolles to add depth for spring practice so muschamp can run the toughA camp that he wants…
    who are they?

  36. rku4uf,

    My thoughts on the offense are that they didn’t have much to work with but made a couple of personal mistakes.

    Rainey-should have played the slot. He is most dangerous in space not 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    Gillislee and Demps should have been the RB’s with Trey Burton getting some touches.

    Omarius Hines was wasted at TE.

    Other than that therer simply wasn’t much that you could have changed. The injury to Brantley KILLED us. He was never the same as he limped through the rest of the year.

    The O-line was simply Young..they will be bigger, stronger, and better next year.

    The young QB’s are the only real question mark for next year. We didn’t get a good read on the WR’s this year bc they didn’t have a qb that could get them the ball for over half the season.

    This team basiaclly was like a team on probabation. No depth with only 68 scholarship athletes. The next few years will be much better once we get some new blood in here.

  37. hey zach….your next mailbag may just be your most important… ever!!!!

    With Urban back in the fold we stand to loose a couple of the highly recruited guys…. so were do we stand with them. Noah Spence and Nelson Aghalor and Stefon Diggs.

    These 3 recruits could bring us back to big time ball…. where do we stand with them now going against the best recruiter in the nation who is surely after all 3 of these guys

  38. Hey…..This is the chance to get players that want to be here with the circumstances….This is the U of Florida…This is Gator country…We only want the ones that want to be here…..If they are not 100% we dont want them…We have to quit worrying about Meyer he is gone! He is now the Enemy Get it?????
    We have an incredible recruiting ground….I think we will have a great class and in a couple of years we will be very good….Im sorry but when you use all the players to win 2 national champs you are going to have down years…FSU and all have been in our wake for a bout 6 years so between the Gator Nation and all else we have a ton to offer…..I cant imagine being in the big ten…The SEC is stable and we win it all every year….Go Will Go Gators…

  39. Urban Meyer, we wish you the best of luck at Ohio State. Your legacy at Florida has been cemented in a program that you made powerful once again. Please, do not tarnish that legacy by trying to undo the program you helped make strong. You need to leave all the pieces of Florida intact. Go to Ohio State and start over, but not by taking pieces of the gator nation with you. Mickey Marrotti, Aubrey Hill and Mark Pantoni are part of the Gator Nation, if you want to start over dont do it by breaking up the family, the legacy you put together at Florida.

  40. The offense is missing a Few key pieces. We need 2 difference makers at WR and RB. WE have the TE’s in Reed and Leonard.

    The O-line just needs added depth(talented depth).

    This can all be addressed with this class IF these Prospects are HITS and not MISSES.

    Looks like we are going to get 2 stud WR’s maybe 3.
    2 good rb’s
    3-4 good o-linemen.

    The defensive recruits look nice as well.

    I am optimistic about UF’s future.

  41. Pat Forde (Yahoosports Nov 27th) had a very interesting article on his view of Urban Meyer. From it I borrow this paragraph: // “Like many other great coaches, losing kills Urban Meyer. The defeats are far more painful than the victories are enjoyable – which proves to be a powerful motivator to do everything possible to avoid defeat. When the bottom fell out at Florida after Tebow and coordinators Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen left, the thought of selling a spoiled fan base on a protracted rebuilding process might have been enough to make a man ill.” ////// So now Will Muschamp has to do the heavy lifting to get the program back on top again. Its time for all the Muschamp haters to take a deep breath, be quiet and watch him do the job that Urban bailed on because it was going to be hard work. I say next year will be much better than this year again the year after. If not, then you can start calling for a new coaching staff. Until then, we need to quit whining because we aren’t getting instant gratification. I don’t see Muschamp as a quitter (like Meyer seems to have been) and we as fans need to get a backbone and support these guys when there is hard work to be done. Go Gators, go Muschamp and staff!!!

  42. Texas Gator…..Finally a sane person in the group….Yes we have to reload just like any Natl Champ team……Bama or LSU couldnt win 2 in 3 years…We did!!!!! They are all in the NFL….We will be back and I think they the coaches know more than us…
    Gator Bob

  43. I’ve been watching Gator football since 1969 – (UF Class of 1971). I’m glad we have Coach Muschamp now because I think the the top athletes want to play in a pro set coached by NFL coaches. We’ve got everything alinged perfectly. The best scheme, the best coaches and one of the best talent pools in the country. You need to take the long view. Remember what Bear Bryant said, “One day, Florida is going to get a great coach, and then the SEC will never be the same”. That same dynamic still exists. We’ve got the coach. We’ve got the assistant coaches. We’ve got the scheme. Watch the recruits file in.
    It’s gonna be awesome! Go Gators! UFJM’71

  44. Im with u texasgator…. GO GATORS!!! I have total faith in muschamp and co.. give them a little time.. GEEZ!! i know this year was painful but they started from scratch with a new system with players that dont fit it… they’ll figure this thing out and we will be gator chomping in all of our opponents faces in years to come… hopefuully in gamecock faces!!!! this defense is gonna be nasty– just think what they could have done with some breathers this year– screw urban– we need to regroup and kick buckeye ass in the bowl game and show him SEC is ALWAYS GONNA BE ON TOP!! i cant wait… GO GATORS!!!

  45. Hey Gator Nation, if this past Friday Night’s playoff game is any indicator, Matt Jones is NOT the “big” back that Muschump is waiting for. If anyone saw the game against Gainesville High, Jones is a good receiver, but is highly over-rated as a running back. I hope Mike Davis is the real deal because Matt Jones is not.


  47. All the comments about Urban taking prospects from UF, you should not really worry about prospects that have committed to UF and now considering OS because Myer is now there, they were’nt GATOR commits anyway. I’m the type that if they are that easy to sway they are not coming here to be apart of and build a GREATER GATOR NATION. I would like to see the REALLY true heart GATORS run through that tunnel. GO GATORS !!!

  48. Hearing that there are 8 and maybe double that of players wanting to transfer. Heard Muschamp let them know that they could not transfer to the SEC, ACC, Big East or OSU. That would leave all the schools out west and FIU and FAU. Some are going to Foley to get this overturned and others are seeing that it won’t be in their best interest to do this. Allot of turmoil in the locker room. Recruiting is going good and it looks like we will have a top five class.

  49. I’m surprised at how short sighted some folks are. Does anyone remember UM saying he was going to recruit the “fastest team in America”. Well, that’s exactly what he did and now we have a bunch of smurf WR’s and RB’s. Our linemen can all pull from center and lead a sweep or from tackle and lead a sweep around the opposite side of the field; unfortunately in today’s SEC you need “road graders” in your line. At best your linemen are going to pull from guard to guard. Did anyone notice the size of GA’s offensive and defensive lines in the SEC Championship game?

    Does anyone remember watching UM struggle with trying to design a passing game to take advantage of our “pro style QB”? It was pitiful and depressing.

    Urb ran his course in the SEC and won a couple of championships, but his gig is up in the SEC. At least Nick Satan and Kirby Smart have figured UM’s spread out, and it simply isn’t going to work anymore in Atlanta or overall in the SEC. I’m sure it will work for a few years in the Big 10, but it’s not going to work in National Championship games.

    Now we have an OC that can install a new offense every week if he needs to. He needs more skill position talent to make his offense work, but I’m willing to give him another year or two to get the right kids in the right slots. I’m concerned for his health, and he looks awful on the sidelines (please go up to the press box and call plays up there, it’s painful to watch you on the sidelines). Sitting on that cooler is just pathetic and a poor reflection on the team. I know you want to be on the sidelines to talk with your QB, but frankly other that immediately after they come off the field, I don’t see a whole lot of coaching going on on the sidelines.

    WM is going to sign a boat load of kids this year, and a very good coaching staff is going to coach ‘em up. Next year you’re going to see guys getting sat down when they hike the ball over the QB’s head or make some other bonehead play. I’m concerned we’re going to loose Driskell, but if our OC thinks Brisett is the better QB, then let’s get on with it. Brantley had his chances and never delivered, we’ve got to start getting ready for the future and I’ll bet JB in his heart of hearts understands that.

  50. I don’t know about the other Burton brother, but I’ve said it before about Trey and I’ll say it again: Nice guy, but WAY over-rated (and WAY slow)!!!
    Good luck to Trey if he (hopefully) leaves, but we will not miss him (save his character) at all (and I say that with not one iota of animosity or maliciousness).
    Also, for context sake, I was recently reminded that Alabama went 6 – 6 in Nick Saban’s first year, including a humiliating loss at home to Louisiana-Monroe.
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)

  51. Now that Mike Davis has decommited and the chances of us landing Marshall being as slim as they are, who do you see the Gators targeting to fill his spot at running back? Or is it more likely that we just take Matt Jones and get someone next year in what seems to be a good year for RB talent in the state?

  52. Zach, please tell us what is going on at Florida. We are losing players hand over fist and now hear that Matt Jones has decommitted. Muschamp Weis and Quinn are supposed to be super recruiters and I do not understand all the defections.
    In addition what happened to Omarius Hines, Stephen Alli, Mack Brown and some others.. I haven’t heard them even hardly mentioned all season..

    What is going on…

  53. WHY OH WHY …. HOW the HELL did we loose Mike Davis…. was it because we lost some coordinators, did our coaches not show him the love…. did he see how pathetic we looked during the FSU game…. really pathetic by the way….. it Brantley did not get smack-down it could have been worse….

  54. Obviously the big question of the weekend, mainly today, is what happened between Davis and UF? Huge loss that many believed was key to the offensive transition. Even though all the facts aren’t out, do you feel he will still end up a gator or that there is even a chance?

  55. Zach, it looks like we are going to sign 37-38. That means 12-13 in early. Which means in a month. Can we do that? The coaches must have a lot going on we don’t know about. Any idea how that is going to work?

  56. Zach how about a positive mail stack tommorrow.. Since our last post it doesnt seem like I’ve been able to read one positive story about florida football.. Maybe some good visits to recruits houses, some commitment dates just anything positive…