Muschamp estimates 2012 class size


The magic numbers are 32-34.

That’s the amount of recruits Florida coach Will Muschamp said he will be able to sign in the 2012 class.

“Our numbers are down,” Muschamp said on his radio show last week. “With the new  SEC rule, you can sign 25 National Letters in February. But as long as you can sign players back to the previous year, which is what we’ll be able to do with some of the high school graduates that are coming in January (early enrollees), we can add anywhere from seven to nine players.”

If Muschamp wants to, he can add more than that.

UF signed 19 recruits last year, but seven of them enrolled early and were counted toward the 2010 class. That leaves the Gators will only 12 players counting for 2011, meaning they could sign up to 38 prospects in February if they have 13 early enrollees (highly unlikely) to count back toward last year.

Florida already has seven of its 17 commitments planning to enroll in the spring, and Muschamp talked about why some recruits choose to get a head start in college.

“I think more than anything the young man has to be all in,” he said. “It’s hard because some of the best times you have is in the spring of your senior year. But a lot of guys are a little bit more mature and they want to come in early. It does help to go through spring practice.”

Despite the possibility of 38 signees, the Gators only have room for 28 right now following the transfers of Josh Shaw and Lynden Trail.

There are currently 67 scholarship players on the roster and 10 seniors will be gone in December, putting UF at 57 players for next season (28 short of the NCAA limit of 85). However, more guys are expected to leave and each one that does will open up another scholarship.

Muschamp said his top priority is adding depth to the offensive and defensive lines.

“Right now we’ve got to address the line of scrimmage,” he said. “We’ve gotta get better, we’ve gotta get more numbers and we’ve gotta get more competition. That’s easy for anyone to see if you look at our roster. So that’s a huge emphasis for us.”


  1. One has to start wondering what is going on with the Gators. More still to leave….when they only have 67 now??? If this keeps going on, it won’t be long before we start hearing about Muschamp getting ready to leave. You can’t win in the SEC when second tier players are not good enough to play or they are good enough but transfer for some reason. This has never happened before at the University of Florida…..not like this…..ever. Again, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GATOR FOOTBALL PROGRAM? This is getting embarrassing….am I the only one getting frustrated with what I am seeing on the field….and what I am hearing and reading about off the field. If Shaw and Trail can’t play….then why did the coaches ever recruit them in the first place? Same with Gerald Christian. Or is it just bad attitudes? Poor effort? Lack of interest? Well….isn’t it the coaches job and responsibilty to coach the players up, get them to have a great attitude, put forth the best effort, and show interest in the program…and themselves? That is what good teachers do…and coaches are teachers. I am a supporter of Muschamp…..but my “support skin” is starting to wear thin…..and he needs to bring in a great class and coach them up……and players need to stop leaving the program…..and Muschamp needs to become more professional on and off the field…and basically shut up the reteric and go coach some great football players….and start winning some games against good competion……and not just against Furman, Vandy, Alabama-Birmingham, and Florida Atlantics of the world. Please fix it….Muschamp……or please…..Foley…..go get someone fast who can. I am sick of this stuff.

    Also…..Muschamp is testy with the refs and the media. Weis is a smart ass with the media and acts like he is god’s gift to football. To be honest, the one guy that seems to be a “football coach” right now is the DC we got from Seattle…..and it is no coincidence that the defense is the only side of the ball that is holding up its ends of the bargain……

    Frankly, I am tired of watching inept coaches coach inept players on Saturdays…..with no obvious sign of improvement in areas in need of obvious improvement. The opposite seems to be the case: they get worse every week on offense.

    And….it is time to sit Brantly in the bowl game…..let Brissett and Driskell battle it out in the coming weeks and let one or the other get some valuable playing time for next year….win or lose the bowl game. Brantley should be history as far as being the Gator QB. The game he played against FSU was one of the worst I have ever seen from a Gator QB….and their was no excuse for such lousy play from him….other than he is just a lousy player on Saturday afternoons or nights…..and he has been for nearly 2 years now.


    If Brantley starts the bowl game….then I have lost most of my good feeling that the Gator team is in good hands with Muschamp…period. And their are a lot of Gator fans feeling like me.

  2. scooterp…..

    That is my point. Brissett or Driskell need playing time to get better….and why not give it to them in the bacically meaningless Gator Bowl…or Liberty Bowl….or what “extra practice” bowl game Muschamp is taking the Gators to this year. I don’t care if they lose 55-0….it is time to say…..goodbye to John Brantley….

  3. Thanks, Zack. I noticed on another site that the WR the Gators have been hot and heavy after is saying nice things about maybe wanting to play for Meyer and Ohio State now…..just after visiting Muschamp and the Gators…..not such good news for GatorNation.

  4. ….and don’t be shocked if Meyer swoops down from Columbus and signs a bunch of the “commits” the Gators currently have….and goes big time after the ones Muschamp wants to get. Muschamp has a big job ahead of him with the Noles recruiting so well and Meyer probably coming big time back into the state to take top players up to OSU in the future. Very disconcerning at this time.

  5. TampaGator makes some EXCELLENT observations about this program. It is in BIG trouble. One reason is that there is no reason for a major program (like UF was at one time) to hire a guy at a couple of million dollars a year to learn (on the job) how to coach in the SEC. I have been a GATOR since 1965 and I cannot recall things being this bad. And, that includes Charley Pell’s first season. With Pell there was hope in the future. With this guy who knows!! By the way, there will be three more guys bailing on this program. They will inclide M. Brown, M. Gillislee and the LB from Coconut Grove. That will bring the total to five with possibly more on the way. WM will be gone in 1-2 years. Those who really care about this program will not tolerate is nonsense!!

  6. Hi Zack,

    What is the projected impact of the return of Urban Meyer to college football coaching and do you think players on our roster will bolt to OSU? I understand that he plays a different style of offense and defense than we do but for years he’s been one of the best in the business.

    Every year it seems Alabama, Georgia and LSU get monster lineman. How do we get them as well and what are the things their coaches are looking for that ours aren’t?

    Along the same lines as #2, a couples of years ago I remember that Xavier Nixon, among others of our recruits, was a top ranked tackle prospect. Now he, and most of our O-line, looks more like a matador. What did we miss or is it just poor coaching/scheming?

  7. rkuuf….

    Xavier Nixon came to Florida highly ranked and heavier than he is now. Maybe the kid was on something and isn’t any more. Who knows….but he quickly went from a 5-star prospect to the 1-star player he is now, didn’t he? But Chaz Green is a good one for the future….at Nixon’s position….now someone to replace Pathan (screwed up in the head), and the two nobodies at center and left guard.

    The problem on the OL is Meyer and Addazio’s fault. Meyer was never able to recruit the OL well for Florida….or the DL for that matter….

    There are more big OL and DL for him to recruit up in Ohio and Michigan now……they sit around and get big in the winter.

  8. Anyway……

    I rarely come on here and grown about the Gators. I am a big supporter and just love the program. But things are looking bleak….and I am not sure yet that Muschamp is the right man to lighten things up. I hope I am wrong. I like his enthusiasm and love of the program….but not his lack of professionalism….both on the field and off. Just not GatorNation like. More like DawgNation like.

  9. Zack,
    Of UM’s recruiting classes, what percentage of those guys graduated from UF? It seems like we have had transfer issues every year under UM and some of ‘his guys’ have bailed on the Gators after his resignation (the second resignation). The deflections in the last 12 months have ALL appeared to be guys that don’t see themselves fitting our pro-style offense or big/tough defense. In my recollection, they are undersized guys who want to fly around the field. That hasn’t worked out well over the last few seasons against the new powerhouses of sec.
    I don’t see this as a CWM issue. He didn’t recruit these guys. I think it will get much better soon. I think CWM and his staff will turn this corner and improve the program from where it was left by UM. It was a UM issue and he left us in terrible shape for 2011.
    If anyone close to UM reads this, I hope his health is OK. I truly believed he was in a world of hurt years ago. Heck, the entire 2010 coaching staff looked dead during the season.
    Let’s get some stud recruits. Let’s coach up the beasts we already have. Let’s tell JB thanks for trying, but don’t ever look at a football during a UF game for the rest of your life. Let’s return to the days of graduating most of our players. Let’s stop getting arrested. Let’s support our coaches and players. Let’s kick the crap out of georgia, south carolina, and fsu next year! And the next year! And the next year!

  10. Why single out Brantley,this is about recruiting,about the future,Brantley has been a Gator through and through,wrong place and thread.If you want to place blame place the blame on the fans for the relentless expectations.Remember booing the team last year.John stayed out of trouble never complained and got a diploma.Give it a rest.We have problems far greater than that.Go gators.

  11. Tampa Gator,

    Stop your crying and bickering. My gosh its like your talking to yourself on here. The oline and dline is not Meyers fault dummy, from what i remember there are upwards of 4-5 starting oline man in the NFL from Gator Nation (during Meyers Tenure). And he can’t recruit dlineman??? Remember Floyd, Easley, Powell, Omar Hunter, Jay Howard??? I recall them being pretty highly rated coming out of HS. Your an idiot!

  12. I agree with bigshawn.. And J yes it’s about recruiting but we win at least 3 of the 6 games we lost if we even have an OK quarterback. He single handedly lost the FSU game for us. Giving a guy props for not complaining and graduating? That should be expected at The University of Florida!! Go Gators ready for 2012..

  13. TampaGator, calm down… appreciate the passion but these guys are not WM guys and were not recruited by him. No surprise they are leaving and may be a blessing (see above article). Better to have them leave and make room for others who will actually have a chance to see the field! If we are going to sign a class that big in numbers, would love a rundown on who you think we add, who you think is leaning our way, and who we don’t have a shot at? Thanks.

  14. Hi Tampagator…..Rarely do i agree with a perso 100% but I like your style and passion….This board is for passion so this is not the place to tell us to calm down….I know I pay good money for my season tickets and have to contribute as well.
    Here is my question….No more urban meyer except the following…When meyer was stepping down why was there not a complete coaching search before the new Hire……We are one of the Top 5 programs in the country.We just won 2 championships in the last 5 years!!! Furthermore…what was wrong with continueing the spread and interview a coach that runs it…Why retool! We did it when Spurrier left us out int he cold and hired Zook…Why didnt he run the spurrier palybook….The point is this…..Why retool…..If we could not get anyone that was more established then so be it……It bothers me that we interviewed Nobody…..I think and hope the system takes hold next year…The empty seats can get very very bad….We are on the verge of something good or very bad happening next year…..Those 32 reqcruits we get better be lights out or we will become the Vandy of the SEC….Catn believe i just said that…Gator Bob in Jupiter

  15. TampaGator, the “LB from Coconut Grove” you referred to is none other than Lynden Trail, so you can reduce your transfer numbers by one. I suspect we’ll see others leave, but I’ll bet they won’t be kids Muschamp recruited. Most likely, they’ll be Meyer’s recruits who came to play in the spread and don’t want to or can’t play in a pro style offense….Dial it back, brother. I was on campus for 0-10-1 and the situation we’re in is nowhere near that bad…

  16. Gators10….

    The best defensive linemen in the Meyer era were Zook recruits. Meyer did recruit the Pounceys and Gilbert on the OL….credit there….but he left the OL in shambles….and Powell and Floyd have been non-producers so far. Easley plays his guts out but gets pushed around vs. the run. Howard is a stud and played way past his potential (the Gators need more players like him).

    But you should leave the name calling to Dawg fans….don’t you think?

    I am just very frustrated from watching the Gators the last couple of years. I expected a much better performance this year….but it didn’t happen. The Gators could be even worse next year, I am afraid. It might take 3 to 5 years to recover from all of this. I hope not.

  17. (to answer Bob’s retorical question) Maybe the writing was all over the wall that our speed-spread, even with a great offensive coach, was going to get waxed by lsu and ala. Foley may have known the way to go was with a pro-style offense and CWM was the guy to do it.
    Go Gators!

  18. The LB TampaGator is referring to is Gideon Ajagbe and why would Gillislee transfer, the starting rb position is his to lose next year. I just feel that the coaching staff didn’t evaulate the players on the roster well enough before coming in. The coaching staff and the players need to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves if 6-6 is satisfactory of them, their effort or UF & the Gator Nation. If yes is the answer then transfer out or leave is their best option.

  19. Oops…who realizes there is just not a bunch of talent on this team. I looked at the rivals power rankings for college players this year, position by position. How many UF players made the top 25?…none…not one….That’s pretty evident on the field. Down deep, I think Urban left for fear of failure. He saw the writing on the wall.

    I agree, Will needs to get it done, but, to compare it to ’79 is just dumb.

  20. You stated that CWM can sign about 32-34 kids this recruiting cycle do you see him going after Deaysean Rippy, Quanzell Lambert or any unknown recruits and also whats the word on Josh Harvey-Clemons and Landon Collins (since Josh Shaw is heading home)?

  21. I think the issue is that last year UM was here he recruited stars and not GATORS! So when the coach left the starts left. I would like to think he was trying to do it for gator nation, but that clearly backfired. I want WM to recruit gators, players that want to earn their playing time and not just expect it. That what this program was built on, hard work. I believe we have the right man for the job and he’s someone who’s dream job is Florida.

  22. It’s not so bad…. so let’s all go back to 0-10-1 so we can be happy campers with a 6-7 season. RIGHT? The Gators deserved better than Coach Bust with no HC experience. Muschamp spent all season making excuses for poor play, especially for a 5th year loser QB. How much better would this Gator team be now if a versatile frosh QB had been prepared from day 1? I can count Brantley’s successes on 1 hand! Where do we go from here Gator Nation. Charley Pell is no longer with us!

  23. I feel optimistic about our defense because more attention has been placed there. Leadership…Bostic, Jenkins, and Elam are evident. Returning everyone except Green and Howard.

    No leadership on offense. It starts with the QB. JB’s flippant attitude and “That’s the way things go sometimes” has become infectious to other fifth year seniors (Thompson and Rainey). I remember Rainey telling us all to watch out when he has to face SEC competition.

    One more thing while I have the floor…our strength coach better challenge our players and prepare them for SEC smashmouth football. There are way too many injuries and too many players this year sitting out for minor injuries. Your right Coach Muschamp, some players are soft. Hell, Tebow played with a separated shoulder against Georgia and a concussion against LSU.

  24. Our defense with added depth on the D-line…N. Spence, J. Bullard, D. Jacobs, Q. Williams, J. Mann, and possibly others will return our defense to elite status.

    Muschamp is going to get our offense back on track, but it starts with offensive lineman. We also need backs who will run north/south and pick up 3-4 yards instead of running laterally and suffering negative yardage. You don’t see LSU or Alabama doing that. Dee Hart had to redshirt this year according to Saban because he needed to put on 15 more pounds of muscle.

  25. Move away from the ledge guys. I think the program is in good shape under CWM. He’s got to get his players in the system and looks to be ready to sign a very solid class. Show some faith in the guy that the best AD in the country entrusted our football program to.
    Go Gators!

  26. Maybe with the added class size we can offer a kid like Chris Bivins who would jump at an opportunity to become a Gator. Might only have 3 stars attached to his name but would probably give a 5 star effort to play for his hometown team.

  27. Some of you obviously didn’t read the players’ comments, regarding the reason they are transferring! Shaw is leaving for family reasons and Trail has not been able to grow to the size he needs to be! To hold Muschamp responsible for the problems we face is ridiculous! There were issues, among the players, when Champ arrived! He had no choice but to deal with those issues! Some of the players didn’t like what they heard, so, they left; however, the players who have contributed and dedicated themselves to them program stayed. Most of the guys that have left knew they were not going to see much playing time – they were not the players we need, period! I am excited about the future, because I see Muschamp doing the things that need to be done! He has rooted out some bad seeds and he has a class of kids coming in that will turn this thing around! I don’t see the sky falling, like some! Reality is what it is! The mighty Gators are not immune to having down years! Every program goes through it and we will recover! I have complete faith in the Coaching staff and look forward to seeing things improve! As for the comments about Weis, someone needs to go back and read some of the comments by the media! They have praised Weis for his relationship with the media and I surely do not know where the “God” thing comes from. It’s funny how some people, who have no access to the inter-workings of the program, think they are qualified to evaluate a coaches performance, at this stage of the game!

  28. Tampagator – You need to chill out! We need to weed guys out from the Meyer era and bring in guys who fit with with what the new coaches want. Brantely should start too – I don’t know what the hell you are referring to but he is our best QB.

  29. Every since we lost the SEC Championship game to Bama it’s been a series of mysterious events in the Gator program starting with the level of play, Meyer’s health etc.. Coaches quiting, players transferring, losing to unranked teams what heck is going on down there? The ship is sinking. Can Muschamp bail us out? It all starts with recruiting. I can’t remember a better opportunity for a young talented athlete to play for the University of Florida than right now.

  30. TampaGator: We are talking about two different guys. Trail went to a HS in Overtown (Miami). The LB from Coconut Grove is another guy. The LB graduated from Gulliver HS, a small, private school in the Grove. Also, I for got to add Murphy to the large and growing Transfer Fraternity that is currently a part of the UF football program.

  31. FOR BSJGator: The name of the LB transfer candidate is Gideon Ajagbe and actually graduated from Ransom-Everglades in Coconut Grove (Miami).

    FOR Reality: The difference between Pell’s first year at UF and the entire WM Fiasco is the word, ‘track record’. Pell had head coaching experience. In his first year at Clemson he took a loser and made it a winner (and ‘yes’ with the other guy’s players). WM what is Cpt. Booms head coaching tracking record. No one, not me and not you, know where this thing is going. And, it could have all been avoided if the AD who we are paying a couple of million dollars a year did his job and at least looked for a guy with experience and a winning track record.

  32. Well, we can only get better, we certainly cannot get any worse. I don’t agree with Weiss wanting to feature Burton at running back. 4th and 1 and you lose 14 yards? He is another sideline sniffer who runs laterally (soft).

    Our wideout situation…Debose is too fragile and has taken three years to finally understand the importance of getting better everyday and being consistent. I guess since J. Story isn’t playing that means he is no better than Hines or Hammond. My concern about Diggs and Algohlor is can they be physical and get separation? Also, can they generate yards after the catch? J. Reed is nowhere near Aaron Hernandez as far as being a playmaker. Again, too soft.

    Ian Silbermann must be wondering why he is not playing. I guess Verducci thinks he is better suited for spread offense. I see him leaving. Same for the lineman from Naples. Both were All-Americans. Now, they just see time on extra point conversions.

  33. Tampa Gator is a perfect example of what is wrong with the SEC and college football these days. Half the kids Meyer brought in have not performed or have transferred. Muschamp is trying to run a new scheme and is weeding out the kids who can’t contribute or who don’t have the right attitude. Depth is an issue and you can’t blame Muschamp for that. He needs time to bring in players that fit his system. I think its a smart move b/c we needed to make the switch to a pro-style offense. Its the best thing to do for the future of the program. It may result in a few down years but its the right move. AND ITS RIDICULOUS for anyone to blame Foley. Look at the guys track record and don’t give me the Ron Zook bs. That was one mistake he made out of dozens of hires. Last time I checked Florida has one of the top 5 athletic programs in the nation.

  34. Hey Zach, is there an update on how many JuCo players are likely to commit in near future (especially on the O & D lines)? Thanks.

    As far as the bowl game is concerned, I’m with TampaGator. John Brantley should watch the game from the sidelines. Our coaches waisted a whole season trying to rehab the broken psyche of an absolutely terrible QB instead of grooming the psyche of the #1 QB recruit in the country in Jeff Driskel. Brissett has potential also and it’d be good to see the staff rotate the two throughout the game so one of them doesn’t transfer for lack of playing time. I don’t care if we lose 50 to 0, the future QB’s need the work. I still believe Muschamp can lead us out of the darkness so long as he doesn’t trot that Brantley out there ever again.

  35. For Tampa Gator: You really make no sense! Why would Urban M. come down here and take our recruits when our recruits are from a pro style offense and he runs the spread. I hope your just frustrated and not so uneducated about football

  36. I think as a Tennessee van that you have a good coach, It will take a year or two for him to get things going. As for becoming the Vandy of the SEC, I think we showed that you don’t have a chance in that area.
    Vandy we beat but KY kicked our butt without a quarterback. I still think I’m going to wake up from that..

  37. Two comments:

    1. “Step away from the ledge” comment from some is 100% correct. We all expected the change to be hard on us. U.M. didnt help by effectively killing 2 recruiting cycles by retiring twice. Let Will do his job and we will be fine. Remember we lost our starting QB midway thru and we were still at least in most of the games. Most teams would do poorly when they lose their QB. The difference between 6-6 and 8-4 was a few plays here and there (the muffed punt at the end of the auburn game is a perfect example)

    2. Can we stop with the needless name calling? You can point out someone’s idiocy without calling them one!

    Go Gators!

  38. Todd is correct.

    You guys are impatient, unrealistic, and completely off base. The program is fine and like Todd said…6-6 vs 9-3 was just a handful of plays. I would have been worried if every loss was a blow out.

    This recruiting class is going to bring some much needed talent and depth. It will be a shot in the arm for the offense and depth for the defense.

    The defense returns 11 starters next year and finished in the top 20 this year while being handicapped by a bad offense. The d will keep you in every game next year.

    The offense will improve because of several things.
    1. Everyone will know what they are doing.
    2. Demps and Rainey will not be getting arm tackled so we will have a productive running game. The o-line’s run blocking wasn’t nearly as bad as Rainey and Demps made it look. Gillislee and company will break arm tackles next year.

    relax fellas…we will be really good in 2013. 10+ wins. Softer schedule helps too.

  39. The only mistake I think that WM made this year was not realizing the Gillislee was the better rb of the bunch and that Rainey would have been better suited foer the slot. But hind sight is 20/20

    Omarius Hines probably would have been one heck of a rb if they would have tried it. He weighs about 217 and runs like a bull with wheels but that’s neither here nor there…just a thought.

    The QB situation was just a bad pickle that couldn’t be solved this year. You had to dance with what you brought.

  40. People need to calm down. I am sure we will see a huge improvement from year 1 to year 2. I am excited to see the new big backs come in and make a difference. I also think if we can get some playmakers at WR that will make a huge difference as well. Lets not forget Urban’s first year(with a healthy QB) was not all rosy either. The defense looks to be great next year and if can add some depth will be in great shape. Lots to be positive about for next year.
    Go Gators

  41. Gator in FL…..

    I did not know that Meyer only recruits defensive tackles, defensive ends, linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties, etc. etc. etc…..that only play in SPREAD “DEFENSES”????? In fact, I didn’t know college teams even played spread defenses???? What is a spread defense????

    Obviously, Meyer can have all the pint sized WRs and RBs from Florida he wants. But I am also sure he will go after the same OL, TEs, and RBs that Muschamp will go after in Florida.

    So….let me apologize for being so “uneducated about football.” Forgive me. I submit to your football genius….

  42. I appreciate the nausea and the impressions of the product on the field. Most comments are spot on. The O- line has been a sore spot for a couple of years, we haven’t had a really good every down big back since the 90s and our LBs don’t “pop” anybody. They don’t make contact until 6 yards down field and hang on for dear life. Recruiting is the obvious answer, but we need to recruit some blue collar kids that want to be here and work hard. Forget these entitled, prima dona bluechip clowns. Let’s lock up some Florida kids who are late bloomers and feed ’em well and get a great strength and conditioning coach after Meyer steals Marotti.

  43. Greg….

    Agree. I have watched Joe Bostic and Jelani Jenkins make tackles 5 and 6 yards down the field all year, and get pushed out of the middle by quality OL from Bama and LSU. They did not have a chance. But, I think, part of the problem has been that the 5-star DL recruits do not know how to stay in their gaps and take on blockers so the LBs can come up, fill, and make tackles near the line. That improved against Furman (imagine that) and FSU….so maybe they are finally getting it. And Floyd should play inside, not DE. He played much better against FSU when they moved him inside. Therefore, it is imperative that Muschamps gets some elite DE recruits in here this year so that can be a regular Saturday deal for Floyd.

  44. Todd and Lee….

    The same thing could be said about 6-6 becoming 3-9….just a few plays. See…the Gators have the players to make the few extra plays so they are 6-6, not 3-9. But they did not have the players they needed to make those few extra plays (like DB with the skill to knock down those two 4th down TD passes Murray threw in the GA game)…to be 9-3 vs. 6-6.

    LSU has a log of those types of players….and that is why they are 12-0 vs 9-3……logical?

  45. This season was hard to watch for so many reasons, but I’m of the opinion that it’s not time to crucify Muschamp just yet. The offense was just as sloppy last year and it all starts up front with the OL…they stink. The defense is young and should be pretty stout next season, but it may take some time to fix the offense. Give Champ a chance to get things rolling…the sad truth is that it will take a few recruiting classes to fix the offensive problems and I for one don’t believe a coach should be laid to rest prematurely when he inherited a rebuilding job. Be patient and Go Gators!

  46. TampaGator and Greg,

    I totally agree about the LB corps. If you look at ‘Bama’s roster they have middle LBs pushing between 245 and 265. We’ve got LBs Bostic at 243, Jenkins at 230 (who looks and moves more like a safety and is also probably not 230), Taylor at 227, and Powell at 248 playing a hybrid D-lineman/LB. Not only do our D-linemen get shoved all over the field but our linebackers are not big enough to run a 3-4 yet. The previous staff put a massive emphasis on speed. They recruited receivers, running backs and DBs who were sub 180lbs but sub 4.3 in the 40. However, somehow Bama and LSU are able to find guys who are just as fast in football speed and twice the size. Where do we get them???

    To weigh in on the CWM and Foley thing since it’s all the rage on this thread at the moment, I believe that Foley (the best AD in the NCAA) did the right thing. There aren’t a lot of coaches out there that fit where the league is apparently headed. The only other one that comes to mind is Kirby Smart. Alabama and LSU are the wave of the future. Even our Timmy led spread couldn’t move the ball consistently in that SEC championship game vs Bama with both Pounceys and Gilbert. Pro-Style offense and defense is where the SEC has to go. We’re the closest league to pro in regard to talent. It’s the logical next step to make the transition scheme wise too. CWM and Weis will be fine, they just need linemen and time.

  47. TampaGator,
    I understand your frustration……we all do. We’ve been spoiled the past 20 years and a 6-6 season is not acceptable at the University of Florida. Muschamp gets that and has said as much. Let’s give the man a chance to bring in his own recruits and let’s see what he can do with them. I’m still confident he’ll be successful. He may not win 2 NC’s in his first 6 years, but I believe he’ll have us much improved in 2012 and in the hunt by 2013.
    Go Gators!

  48. Beast from the East………….”6-6 is not acceptable”. We are 6-6 and the staff is still here, so I guess 6-6 is acceptable. Admit it, he looks lost as a HC, just as the last first time HC Foley hired. Learning on the job is fine, just not at UF. Not a good hire……….

  49. the only ol that meyer and staff evaluated correctly were the pounceys… remember they only “tooK” gilbert bc they missed on young. anyone can evaluate the spikes, harvin, tebow, etc… their evaluations on the (middle crop) are clearly spotty. i think muschamp has learned about evaluation and we will see that…

  50. Im afraid that LSU and BAMA have changed the rules of engagement in the SEC, the spread is out and big OL with big backs is the way once more. You have to go through these two teams to win the sec. We also have to realize our qb has got to be mobile enough to roll out and move the pocket to extend plays unlike the guy in there now.

  51. As I read the commentary on Meyer coming to Ohio, one thing jumbs out at me – Meyer is coming to ‘fix’ Ohio State’s football program – which has been having problems with the police. Of all the things Meyer did at Florida, one thing he did well was recruit young men who had problems making good decisions. His last year at Florida was one of major disciplinary problems. Does this REALLY sound like some one who is going to be able to come in and clean up a problem program? Should be interesting to watch. Also be interesting to see how the recruits he ‘steals’ from Florida behave compared to the ones who commit and stay put. Frankly, I’m not surprised at the team members who are leaving. Discipline is a hard thing to adjust to. Give the current coaches a few years, they deserve that much, then complain if things don’t get better. Personally, I fear for OSU.

  52. One of the five proposals passed by the SEC:

    • Reducing the scholarship ceiling from 28 to 25 prospects. Additionally, the league has done away with back-counting, meaning a junior college player who signs in December would count toward the number in the February signing class.

    How can Boom get around this with EE’s?

    • I doubt Muschamp would have made that statement if it isn’t true. I’ve also seen it reported that you can still back-count. I’m guessing that by “junior college player” it means a JUCO prospect.

  53. I think that Gator Nation needs to be more POSITIVE in 2012 and more patient with Muschamp and give the man to grow and mature into a head coach. I think he was a great hire and will prove that over time. Wait for him to recruit his own players and see what happens. I think we all agree that we need stronger bigger players on both lines and bigger north south running backs. I hope Muschamp will give the seniors a proper send off in the upcoming bowl game and then turn it over to Gillislee, Brissett, and Driskel. I am just curious who are other head coaches that Florida would have had a real chance to get as a head coach, who would have left their school to come here. Not Stoops, Saban, Les Miles. Who did more Florida miss out on? I think Muschamp was a great hire now and for the future. He is young, has growth potential, he knows the SEC, has an impressive resume and pedigree of playing under and coaching under great coaches. Be POSITIVE GATOR NATION in 2012 and Go Gators.

  54. Been reading for a while and there is truly mixed views on our situation. One point that I would like to state is that I am not sure the CW is the best option for college kids. Thought he was just not a good head coach and was excited for him to come here after his return success came with KC, but starting to believe he is not the right offensive mind for the job with kids. Agree with the earlier statements that Gillisee should have seen much more playing time, Rainey and Demps are just not every down RB. OL is the most pressing concern we have and I doubt there is a one year fix for that problem. We definitely need a larger group to rotate in and out because 7-8 guys just wont cut it. WR situation has to improve. There has got to be some guys out there that are willing to go get the ball. We have had this problem since Percy left.

  55. TampaGator, the bowl game is not meaningless. It determines a winning or losing season and impacts recruiting and moral of the players and staff. Bowl games are always a big deal. I like Muschamp and please give him a chance, it’s his first season for gods sake. I am way disappointed in our season, I thought we had the chance to be 10-2 and where Georgia is right now but the season is only a close Georgia loss to where we were last year with Meyer. Muschamp has a vision of what he wants to do, is recruiting very well and will have a year under his belt. I think the Gators will be alright.

  56. I love the Gators but don’t know why we ever hired a defensive based coach. Even if defense is the greatest in the world you still can’t win if you can’t score(FSU game).Muschamp would not have been in my top 10 for the job.We also need to quit worrying about doing what translates well in the pros. Do what works. Florida is a state full of athletes and speed.Let’s use that and not the pro-style crap. If you are good enough you’ll make it. Spread people out and make them cover you if they can. Why would anyone want a statue like Brantley at QB. QB needs to be an athlete too.

  57. Coach M was a good hire. I expected 8-4, but we lost to GA FSU USC & AUB (tow more than expected.) JB was better than Freshmen QB’s.
    We did not recruit LB, OL &DL last yr. We have good committments so far , but still nee 2 lg LB, 2 lg Nose guards,2 more lg OL.
    go gators

  58. I am disappointed that Gillisee, & Hines lack of playing time. I hope they do not transfer. Anyone know why DE/
    We have truck load of 4 star OL that have looked bad for 2 years.
    It can not be that many players did not work out, thus it must be be coaching. The def looks Ok. WM & CW have had there year to transition. Next year they better look well coached. Next year we better win 8+. Anyone know why 5 Star DE/LB Chris Martin transferred out. He sure looked good in the spring game. He is the only transfer we lost that was a bad loss. This year we only had one dependable DB (Elam). Hopefully the 2 fr will come around. The rest of them (DB) can leave. We have 2 coming in that may play right away.

  59. i agree with Tampa Gator.Brantley had his time, and we had 2 lousy years.Doesn’t impede him in life, just the NFL.F.S.U. disaster, couldn’t move the team against Georgia after 2 Dawg punts not further then their own 38 in the 4th. Etc.Enuff,enuff.We’rr taking planning for the future at the bowl, not the past, and he is.

  60. If U of F would build a Football Dorm area and house High Honor students
    in the same building to make it legal in the S.E.C. This would make the
    largest improvement of any thing the Football program could do develop
    great, strong, reliable players. If you don’t agree, ask Saban at Alabama.
    This was one of his first priorities after he arrived at Bama.

  61. I support our coach and our program. No I dont like what I am seeing and I will not be happy with what I have seen.But I will not write him off after one year..It is possible to tun around a program in trouble coaches have done it. But I have faith things will turn around. And as long as Champ is our coach I will back him… Its not like he was givin a championship ready team…Our last coach bailed so everything negative that the gator nation is sayin about Champ wont be said about him..

  62. UF has too many duds in that group of 67–many turned out to be busts due to poor evaluation or bad work ethic. Muschamp and his group have a lot of work to do in selling the program to top recruits. Saban and Miles have established programs that send a ton of players to the NFL—hopefully, muschamp gets there in a few years.