Starting job open for Jacobs


There’s at least one person who wasn’t turned off by the poor performance from Florida’s defense against Furman.

Damien Jacobs, the nation’s No. 10 JUCO prospect on, was the only official visitor last weekend and didn’t view the defensive struggles as a bad thing.

“I see it as an opportunity,” said Jacobs, who is committed to Tennessee. “I know they’re kind of young and they’re trying to get things together. But I think they have a good future and I can have an impact in that future.”

Little did he know, that impact could be an immediate one.

“I didn’t realize the availability they had for a D-tackle to come in and play so soon at Florida,” said Jacobs, who attends East Mississippi C.C. in Scooba, Miss. “It’s a great thing to know because that’s No. 1 for me.”

Jacobs was able to see the facilities, campus and nightlife during his stay in Gainesville and called everything “top notch.”

But his first priority is early playing time, which he will receive a lot of in Knoxville according to the Volunteer coaches. After speaking at length with UF head coach Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and defensive line coach Bryant Young, Jacobs said the Gators offer the same shot at a starting job with the departure of senior DT Jaye Howard.

“The coaches told me how much of a necessity I am to them and that I could come in and possibly be a starter,” Jacobs said. “They said I’d be ready to roll from day one, so the rest was on me once I got in the rotation. How much I play will be determined by how well I practice.”

Although Jacobs became sold on the staff and school, there was no pressure on him to switch his commitment.

“Coach Muschamp told me to take everything and digest it in,” Jacobs said. “He didn’t want to rush me into a fast decision so he told me to take my time.”

Jacobs plans to make a final decision shortly after his team plays in the NJCAA Football Championship on Dec. 4.


  1. I think eyeryone wants to PLAY RIGHT AWAY and YES, EVEN START! If they don’t, we surely don’t need or want them! This young man doesn’t seem any differant than anyone else. Coach knows best. Give it sometime, we’ll see if anything develops with him. We might even sign someone else that’s more to your liking. But, if he wants to be here, is not a attiude problem, and can ball. Sign him up!

  2. Read the story again, it’s not the kid, the coaches are expressing this to him. As was said everyone wants to play immediately and even start, so if that is what OUR coaches are pushing in his face sure it’s going to pump his ego. If they are still persuing him after he has committed to UT and offering him A POSSIBLE STARTING position and immediate playing time, don’t call the kid an ego maniac. Take a look at the system and the Coaches that run it. Our coaches seem to be desparate and scared of how the Gator Nation see them. They have not done a great job and the expectation were a lot higher for the product put on the field. Not so much as wins and loses, but being competitive discipline and represent the University with vigor. I don’t see that in this team, the D has been better (but still not good) in the last couple of games but UNCLE CHARLIE’S bunch doesn’t appear to be competitive at all. Go (and I mean go) Gators, Get better (a lot better)!!!

  3. In light of the two recent transfers, will you update us on the Gators’ scholarship numbers? Muschamp continues to talk about building up our numbers, but where do the Gators stand with scholarship athletes?

  4. Some of you can’t read, I guess! The coaches told him that a starting position would depend on how he does in practice! Nowhere did I read where he was guaranteed a starting position! Like someone else wrote, we don’t want players who don’t expect to earn a starting job! How you see “poison” in what he said is baffling! I guess Saban made a bad decision by signing Mt. Cody! Must be trolls! I, for one, hope we get the guy and with the mess in Tennessee, we should have a good shot!