Diggs’ mother and coach heading to Gainesville


If you follow college football recruiting, chances are you’ve heard of Stefon Diggs.

He is the nation’s No. 2 wide receiver and a five-star prospect according to Rivals.com and Scout.com. He hails from Our Lady Good Counsel in Olney, Md., the same high school as Florida starting linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

Diggs doesn’t have the greatest size at 6-foot, 180 pounds, but his 4.45 speed and playmaking ability makes him a must-get for UF. He attended Friday Night Lights in July and has the Gators among his top list of schools, although it has been reported that they hold the lead.

This weekend, the most important person in his recruitment will be on campus — and it’s not Stefon Diggs.

It’s his mother, Stephanie.

Since FNL, Diggs has been scheduled to return for the UF-FSU game so his mom could check out the school.

But everything changed last Saturday.

“His brother’s game got canceled last weekend and moved to this weekend because of a scheduling conflict,” said Will Flaherty, Diggs’ mentor and one of his high school coaches. “And since Stefon feels strongly enough about Florida that he’s going back for an official, he didn’t feel it was that important that he go because he really wanted to be at his brother’s game.”

His mom, however, did not want to back out of her plans with Stephanie Hall, Jelani Jenkins’ mother. (Yes, they have the same name).

“When the game changed, she felt this (weekend) was still her time to go down with Jelani’s mom,” said Flaherty, who will join them on the 14-hour drive so he can see Jenkins play in The Swamp for the first time. “She trusts Stephanie. Jelani’s mom is very together and on top of things, so she will be able to show Stefon’s mom how to handle the experience. And everything Stephanie has told her about Jelani’s time at Florida has made her really like it. The most important thing in Stefon’s recruitment is that his mom see the school and meet the coaches.”

The UF staff has made a big impression on Diggs’ mother, especially running back coach Brian White (Stefon’s primary recruiter).

“The coaches have done a great job of recruiting him,” Flaherty said. “Brian White will send him a personal letter every week that she enjoys a lot. All the coaches from schools recruiting Stefon are a little bit like salesmen, but talking to Brian White is like talking to a normal guy.

“She really likes Brian White and wants to meet him. She feels comfortable with someone like him looking after her son. He really puts in that extra effort to make her feel at home.”

This weekend will allow her to see if Gainesville can be Stefon’s home for the next four years. If the trip is a success, UF could have two players from Our Lady Good Counsel in 2012.

“She doesn’t like the interviews and she doesn’t like a million people in her face,” Flaherty said. “She just wants to go down there, no one has to know who she is, meet the coaches and come back. And if she is treated well and likes what she sees, it will help Florida’s chances a lot.”


  1. I cant imagine how it is possible that a 5th year senior can throw 3 interceptions in the first quarter alone….. but is it possible that Brantely threw the game…. maybe he is making some good money in Vegas by throwing the game….. its just not possible that he is this bad…. someone or everyone needs to be kicked off this team or fired…..

  2. This guy Is exactly what we need! A consistent playmaker. Who cares about size right now? We have absolutely no playmakers at wide receiver. Debose will be a redshirt junior next year and still isn’t consistent. Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps are gone after this year putting us in desperate need of playmakers of any size. Play calling isn’t the problem, its decision making of the QB and blocking by the offensive line. Everyone that watched that game knows the QB play gave that game away. The defense was stout. Dunker, Humphries and possibly Young will greatly increase our depth at T/G and with an offseason for recovery, our Offensiveline will be fine. We have the number #1 Pro Style QB in Driskell and the #3 Dual Threat QB in Brissett and with a year under Weis, they will come back ready to go next year. The #1 and #6 (Taylor and Thompson) TEs are coming in next year. The two things that must happen are:
    1. Current/ Imcoming Running backs must gain weight
    2. We have to get playmakers at wide receiver.
    Weis has 3 super Bowls to his name and offensive players realize that. The recruits play the game so they see what’s missing as much or more then anyone. If your one of the best in the country and possibly the missing piece to the puzzle, it’s not hard to believe that you would go to Florida.

  3. Given the sorry state of the program it is understandable that so many are in deep denial. A year or two of recruiting and ‘everyone’ may not be happy, except perhaps the new Head Coach hired to replace W/M. Next will be much like this year. (1) With rare exceptions it takes 2-3 years for offensive lineman to physically mature to the point of being a factor in the SEC. The bad news is that most of our offensive line is coming back. So, the next couple of recruiting classes will not be a big help with the offensive line. (2) Receivers: What receivers? We do not have any SEC quality receivers. (3) QB: We have two relatively inexperienced QBs. And, for anyone looking back at how ‘great’ these QBs were in high school don;t forget that Brantley was a five-star out of HS and named offensive player of the year by one service. (4) Every recruit is nothing more than a ‘prospect’, nothing more. (5) RBs: T. Burton and the two new guys. Gilleslee and M. Brown will have transferred by next fall. Now, if W/M recruits well the new guy who replaces him will have some talent. But the next year or two will essentially be more of the same. Denial will not alter reality.

  4. texas gator, you are correct, we should give Will a chance. But to use the analogy of Saban at Bama? I think Nicky Nick had a ‘bit’ of a resume as a head coach when he got to Bama. You may want to Google it. You might just be a little surprised at just how different the two coaches were when they started at their respective programs. I know it’s easy to get confused in the fog of a program disarray.

  5. We’re going to need a good strength coach, the one we have will be in Ohio. We’re going to need a second QB because Mrs. Driskel will not let her son sit on the bench. Somebody better do some serious recruiting. A good coaching staff can develop good 3 star players.

  6. This is not a good team, is it the coaches, players or even both? I hope the recruits see it as lack of talent and they will be the pieces to the puzzle that will complete the winning picture. Well after we give the coaches a chance to prove it’s not them because of whatever reason they want to put forth(let’s hope they realise that recruiting right now is their biggest obstacle), we will struggle through another year but with a lot more competitiveness than we’ve shown this year. Sure we will need another strength coach, we also need some more tackling dummies (we, secondary can’t tackle) and a whole bunch of help on the O-line. NO excuses next year about pearing down the play book for the freshman QB’s, Thats out. As far as Driskell and his mother not letting him sit the bench, It was said that Brissett was ahead of him because he knew the plays better and have out performed him on the field. I always hear this same crowd critisizing recruits because they want imediate playing time and we always replay “you have to earn playing time” This holds true for Mr. Driskell as well, if he wants to be on the field he NEED to earn what he gets. Go Gators!!!

  7. This team will be much better next year. You guys do realize that 4 out of the 6 losses were games that we realisticly could have won, right? That is very encouraging considering that our offense was so BAD.

    1. The D has shown that it is going to be lights out next year. It will keep you in every game next season.

    2. The O-Line will be better. All but 1 of the the fist 7 returns. That is HUGE. We all have seen Patchan and Nixon perform well before. SO there is no reason to think that they will not put it together next year. Chaz Green looks like he is going to be solid as well. The O-line will be improved which will help the offense tremendously.

  8. 3. We know that Debose, Reed, and A.C. Leonard can play. They proved it this year. IF they would have had a QB for the bama, Lsu, AU, UGA, stretch then their numbers would have been MUCH BETTER. Brantley getting hurt simply killed their production.

    4. The recruiting talent that is coming in is going to add some much needed position competition and depth.

    We will win at least 8 next year plus a bowl.

    Year 3 will be the year that we get back to double digits. Everyone should be encouraged with this….everything that could go wrong..went wrong..and we still had a chance to win those games and go 10-2 this year. Bama and LSU were the only two games that you didn’t have a shot at winning. If we iron out a few things then next year could be a solid year.

  9. Wow, so much hate. How did this turn from a story about Diggs’ mom into one about hating on Meyer and Brantley? Can’t you people stay focused on one subject? The Gators will be fine. It’ll start by whipping Overrated State (again for braggin’ rights) in Our Bowl (aka The Gator Bowl). Go Gators!

  10. You know what killed Urban is the fact that he let Cam Newton go and couldn’t get two more championship..took his heart out.. he’ll get lucky again in OHIO, but he’s miss the boat and almost have another heart attach. he hates to lose.. Muscamp..nah no Saban nor is he a Les …Gators you had your run.. lost two nfl first rounder on the line. qb was never any good.. his days of playing football are over..but u gotta Love TeBow… boy can’t play QB worth squat.. but he’s still a winner.. love that guy..

  11. waaant, waaant, waaant or however you spell the sound of crying babies. You knew by week 5or6 that this was not “The year of the Gator”. Wipe your noses,clear your eyes and get a dictionary so you can brush up on adjectives that you are gonna use by this time next year as The Year Of The Gator” is revisited. GOOOO GATORS.

  12. The ‘Beat Goes On’: 1) Lakeland’s receiver drops Miami for Meyer and Ohio State, 2) UF commit Pittman waivered, possibly for Ohio State, 3) Two more Gator leave the program, 4) W/M working tirelessly to learn how to be a head coach in the SEC while getting paid two (2) million a year to learn!!

  13. @ Tommy D.
    I feel your pain, brother. That “run” by Tey Burton on 4th and 1 summs up a lot about this team. The o line could not even push enough to gain a yard. The best ball carrier, in my opinion, Hunter Joyer, did not tote the rock in that situation. Trey, God Bless him, was trying to get somthing out of nothing. Coaching was either ignored or lacking: Did anyone bother to tell Trey he cannot try to improvise on a play like that against a defensie as fast and persistent as F$U?
    That said, we were going for it on 4th and 1. Trying to get a spark on offense. Trying to show the o line we believe it you guys. Trying to show F$U we are not intimidated. Trying, trying, trying . . .
    I, for one, believe Champ & Charlie can get it done. But, given the state of college football, there may not be a BCS, NCAA, or anything like what know now by the time they get it done. Time will tell and we shall see. But, no matter what, we are not Penn State.
    Go Gators.

  14. Re Stefon Diggs: Yeah, but does he have any hands? We have plenty of guys his size and speed that cannot catch. High school does not always predict. Sometimes the best athletes are the skill guys in HS, and not the most skilled players, you follow me? In other words, we do not need another speedy guy that has hands of stone and cannot get open because at this level, you cannot just get open by running faster than a defensive back. Route running is more about technique, the route tree and scheme, and how a WR fits in to the plan to attack a zone, cover two, or man, bump and run or no. So here is my question: can Diggs really play WR, or he just another fast kid who will be covering kicks for four years at UF? If anyone can answer this question, besides Steve Spurrier, please contact Champ & Charlie!
    Go Gators.