Muschamp wants bigger backs


UF head coach Will Muschamp is very straightforward when comes it to football.

Football injuries, however, are another story.

But following Florida’s 24-20 loss to Georgia, Muschamp was asked if he thinks winning the SEC will be a long process for the Gators.

His answer marked the first time he has addressed the obvious — Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey just aren’t made for Charlie Weis’ offense.

“No I don’t. I think we’re close,” he said. “I think we gotta build our numbers back. I think we gotta get better on the line of scrimmage. I think it’s very difficult to run a power running game with who we have. And I like the guys we got, but the bottom line is you (have to) look at some situations where we are. It doesn’t take anybody real educated to figure it out.”

On his radio show Thursday night, a caller wanted to know if Muschamp will start recruiting the every-down bruisers rather than “speed guys.”

While he couldn’t comment specifically about any prospects per NCAA rules, Muschamp echoed the comments he made in Saturday night’s postgame press conference. The Gators need to get bigger, stronger and deeper in the backfield.

“Certainly we’re looking to try and get a little bit bigger at that position,” he said. “You can’t make it through our league with one or two running backs. You need to have a stable of guys.

“You look at some of the teams in our league who have multiple backs, and they’re able to take the hits and punishment of this league. The defenses are very physical and they’re ahead of the offenses right now for the most part. So getting a big, physical back that can finish runs down the field, finish the game for you and run the ball in the red zone is something we would want.”

Fortunately for Florida, help is on the way.

Demps and Rainey will be replaced next season with the size Muschamp is searching for in running back commitments Mike Davis and Matt Jones.

According to, Rainey came to UF in 2007 at 5-foot-9, 159 pounds, and Demps was the same height and just three pounds heavier when he arrived the following year.

Davis is currently listed at 5-11, 200 pounds, while Jones stands at 6-3, 215 pounds.

That’s a BIG difference, which is exactly what Davis feels he and Jones will make at Florida.

“Us two together, with the power and the speed that we both have, I think we can be difference-makers in the SEC,” said Davis, who has rushed for 1,574 yards and 19 touchdowns in his senior season. “Those teams don’t wanna see that one-two punch.”

Despite the Gators’ dreadful offensive play, Davis believes things will turn around in the coming years.

“I think the new offense will work,” he said, “but it’s not working with the running backs they have now. Once they get backs that are bigger and have speed (too), they’ll be able to do what they want.

“It will be a great offense for me and Matt Jones. With Demps and Rainey being smaller, I think we should be able to come in and handle the load because of us being bigger backs.”

Although Davis is disappointed with UF’s four-game losing streak, he sees an opportunity in Gainesville.

“I can’t even explain what’s up with the losing,” Davis said. “It’s frustrating as a recruit to sit and watch it. You don’t wanna see the school that you’re going to lose.

“But the positive is that with losing, they can rebuild for next year and fix the things they did wrong. And I love the coaching staff, they’re great coaches. I just think to myself that once I get there, I can be a game-changer.”



  2. i guess we had higher expectations than what muschamp can produce. the last 4 games have really been disappointing and at this point in the race it should not even be a question in the min d of UF to be looking for another coach. however whoever willbe the next coach of the Gators needs to install one thing in the teams mind. IF YOU ARE IN THE LEAD BY ANY MARGIN THAT IS NO EXCUSE TO SLACK AND NOT PUT ALL YOU’VE GOT IN TO THE GAME!!! i have noticed (and i am sure i am not the only one) that whenever the Gators get any type of lead they tend to get cocky (meaning their state of mind is “we’ve got this won” ) they tend to loose the game.

  3. If we don’t get some more quality OL to go along w/ the backs we are recruiting, it wouldn’t matter if we had William “The Fridge” Perry lining up in the backfield, they aren’t going anywhere. A LT that can pass block would be a plus too!

  4. Don’t forget O-Line and D-Line. That’s really how you win in the SEC. Our d-line enabled us to win our last two Championships. i love what Weiss is doing schematically, it’s just that our skill players (except Brantley) don’t fit his scheme.

  5. I do not know if Muschamp has actually seen Davis play and I did a week ago Friday against West Coweta County High and had a very average game against a mostly slow team. He struggled except when he could get to the edge and then finally broke a long gainer. He did nothing between the tackles and the other kid (DT jefar Mann) seemed to take every other play off. Stephensen which has over a dozen D1 commits on the team almost lost. Either they all had an off night or they are over hyped.

  6. In the recruiting transition it was very important for us to get the guys urban had verbals from plus get bigger OL, DL, LB, TE.
    Last year we did not get that done! blame it on new coach and move on.
    This year we have verbals from (RB) jones, davis, (TE) taylor, thompson, OL humphies, dunker, (DL) phillips, (DB) poole, maye.
    Those are all giys that are expected to play a position of need.
    We have to get bigger at nose guard, linebacker, & offensive line to compete with bama, fsu, etc.
    We immediate help DB : elam is great, roberson & sanders are ok, everyone else is a nightmare. We need 4 recruits that can cover in SEC.
    We need immediate help at LB. We are too small at every position. Jenkins needs to be outside. We need to recruit 2 over 250 lb MLB.
    We need immediate help at Nose guard. We need to recruit 2 over 320lb NG’s.
    We need at least 4 DL recruits , as we have no depth. I would love to see patchen back on DL side.
    We need immediate help at OL, I started the season thinking nixon, patchen, and wilson were only OL on team. Now only the ND transfer looks dependable. Since they all came in as 4 star or better I gotta blame this one on coaching. They are not ready!!
    We immediately need five 275lb or bigger OL. We have no depth even if the ones we had were ready.
    I expect QB murphy to TX, so we need another QB to give us 3 for next year.
    WR Losing thompson is no loss. I have no idea why our best WR from last year O Hines is not playing. dubose is game breaker.
    SEC CB are not worried about any other WR’s. Our last big time WR recruit was percy h (that has been a while ago). We are due!

    Hopefully recruits will look at us and see playing time and come.
    We are absolutely not competitive versus top teams like bama.
    They will take our players every time until we earn respect back.
    heck clemson has been taking 2 of our recruits a year for about 5 seasons now.

    Our recruiting to date this year is good, but we need to add 2 large NG, 2 large MLB, 2 large OT, 2 cover CBs.

    just one gators thoughts

  7. For the present, perhaps the team and staff might concentrate on (1) lining up on the correct side of the ball, (2) getting the play in on time, (3) understand the ‘in motion’ rule for the offensive, (4) getting the most out of the players available; if I am not mistaken the entire staff knew that the guys running inside the tackles would ‘go’ about 170 lbs. a piece. Let them get these things down before thinking about ‘big backs’.

  8. Gillislee is listed at 5-11 198. Davis is 5-11 200. That’s not big. Matt Jones is big. He’s one guy. That’s not a stable. If he wants big backs why doesn’t he play Gillislee and Mack Brown? At least it’s something for now. I don’t believe the talent we have is as bad as people are saying. We may be a little thin but we have talent. I hate to say this but we may be learning it’s the coaching too. I hope that’s not the case. We need linebackers too and only have 2 committed.

  9. They need backs, no doubt. Hopefully, they can also get the Yulee kid (Henry) away from UGA in 2013. They also desperately need quality QB play. Brantley, when healthy is average at best, these young kids behind him don’t look fabulous, by any means. Although, Jacoby looks more poised to take over than Driskel.

    I know the numbers are down, but the talent that is there should be performing better than they are, notably the O-LINE. What’s up with those guys? Two years removed from the 2009 class and UF looks like UK out there. Flags everywhere, no WR’s, DB’s that can’t get there head around to defend a pass and if they do, they get called for interference. It’s painful to watch, which has been the theme for two seasons now!!!

  10. having bigger backs, QB, etc is not going to help unless you can get someone to lay a decent block. The offensive line is downright offensive……I can’t remember the last time they actually blocked another team off the ball

  11. GOOD STUF-EMK…and GATOR-BUCK, could you ask for a NEW ‘Vette for me & while your ‘WISH-LIST’ IS ACCURATE in terms of NEEDS…
    The REALITY is they don’t grow on trees -or else FLORIDA’s AWESOME agriculture dep’t would have some HOME-GROWN!!! I think EMK is RIGHT-you JUDGE COACHING by what they ARE DOING ‘NOW’ with WHAT they HAVE GOT NOW!!! And, Coach W. is not AS IMPRESSIVE AS his CREDENTIALS indicated coming IN…But WHO KNOWS what the ‘FUTURE’ HOLDS???? Billy D. SHOWED GREAT COACHING last year with VERY sub-par TALENT last year!!!! GOOO GATORS!!!! 2013 SEC FOOTBALL CHAMPS!!!!

  12. Help is on the way in many facets regarding size. Big OT’s in Dunker, Humphries. Big backs like those in the article. Tight ends committed in Thompson and Taylor…and possibly Freitag. Bring in some more defensive size this year and the building is on.

  13. Uhhhhhhh, anyone ever heard of Mike Gillislee? Ive seen him play. Hes pretty good. Maybe the coaches should stop looking for unproven recruits that will be here NEXT year and look at the physical, hard running back that we already have. Gillislee moved the ball on LSU and after the game, Muschamp said he earned more carries. However, he certainly hasn’t gotten any. Supposedly hes hurt but how good does a RBS ankle have to be to come in and run a short yardage play straight up the middle? He looked fine on the sidelines walking around.

  14. As a Gator fan watching from a far, it is embarrasing to see the quality of football coming out of Gainesville this year. I did not expect the Gators to beat Bama or LSU, but to lose to Auburn and Georgia is unacceptable. I think what we’re witnessing is a combination of 3 things: Urban Meyer during his last couple of years was ineffective after losing his top assistant coaches, the loss of talent after all of the transfers before-and-during this season, and the inexperience of Muschamp as a head coach. All three are recoverable and correctible problems, but it’s difficult to think that the same program that won two National Championships in 3 years has fallen to one of the worst programs in the country. I can’t take it anymore and will disconnect from Gator football until next season. Let’s hope the basketball team can bring some pride back to Gainesville. Oh yeah, our baseball team is going to be good again.

  15. gator buck: We need immediate help at OL, I started the season thinking nixon, patchen, and wilson were only OL on team.
    wilson? if you seriously thought this then you are clearly only looking at star rankings, wilson has never made a contribution…

  16. It is embarrassing, humiliating, how we were totally dominated in recent weeks…on national television no less.
    Our offensive and defensive lines have been pushed around, totally dominated. Our running backs lack power and strength.
    I am almost as embarrassed by how poorly Gators played against the last three opponents, as I am on how poorly Tebow played against Detroit yesterday.
    We need strong, physically dominating linemen and linebackers like Carlos Dunlap, Jarvis Moss, Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes, etc.
    Speed kills, and it is true.
    But speed is more than fast receivers and undersized sprinters at runningback.
    Speed also manifests itself on fast linemen, fast linebackers.
    We can only get better.
    It is hard to imagine us getting any worse.
    I just hope we can get a win against Furman at this point.
    Forget winning against FSU or South Carolina.

  17. One word….Gillislee! HELLOOOO! Shouldn’t be complaining about our roster when we have a guy that gets 5 yards every carry, but rides the bench for some reason! Im still so confused about why he isn’t in the game. Am I missing something here? PLAY GILLISLEE!

  18. That OL is the worst. I stopped counting all the missed blocks. I also stopped counting the Nixon’s false starts, Patchens terrible execution of the cut-down block or just completely missed assignments. If the center is blocking no one, then you can be sure they missed an assignment.

    The OL absolutely sucks.

    After the first four wins I stated that a few losses would be good for this team because they got too cocky too soon. They thought they were the shiz because they beat up on some scrubs. Now, they all know that they ain’t squat.

    They had all better hit the gym all off season and man up, quit trash-talking, and get to work. What is up with all the trash-talking? Elam’s head is too big also. After every play he is thanking God. I wonder if he thanks God when he misses a tackle or is out of position? If you have lost four games in a row–you have reason to be trash-talking–four time losers in a row. How do you like that? Quit it and freaking get to work you class of over-hyped recruits.

    And don’t even get me started about the passing game, or Mr. Thompson. I can’t wait for the next great FL WR to graduate and leave FL. Some guys just know how to get things done, like Robert Woods @ USC or Blackmon @ OSU.–others don’t.

    For the life of me I have no idea how our receivers can not get separation. Thank goodness for Bama and LSU or watching college football for FL fans would be too painful to bear.

    But, thankfully, this was a rebuilding year–we can’t forget that. None of us should have believed the hype and expected more. If we had remembered that we wouldn’t be so disappointed today.

  19. With regard to both offensive and defensive linemen – even the five star recruits require time to develop before results can be seen. How many freshmen linemen start for the top tier SEC teams? I doubt if any without injuries to upperclassmen. Linemen more so than anyother position outside of quarterback require time to grow into their bodies, increase strength and make the next step mentally to compete at the college level. Thus there is no quick fix to the Gator’s problems! The need for depth is obvious but numbers alone are not the answer to this teams issues. Good skill position players can look great behind a great line and horrible behind a poor line. Linemen like the Pouncey brothers do not come along every day. All that having been said – the linemen commitments for next years so far look good on paper but there is just not enough, yet!!!!! Thus this should be the area of need addressed the most between now and signing day!!

  20. This is a joke. Champ had Mike Blakely and pushed him away after spring. He will not play Mike Gillislee or Mack Brown, even coming off a bye week with Demps still out.

    who the heck does he think he is kidding?

    Champ-you may want to get a true fullback and not a former qb, of course you rode off Gerald Christian and barely play Hunter Joyer.

    you created this, now you tell us you don’t have the guys you want?

    where is Hines?

    Why did you evaluate Debose as your 5th best receiver when the season started?

    why do you rarely get him the ball now?


  21. JaxGator47- Patchan is in his 4th year. Granted, he has been hurt often, but he’s hardly a freshman. Nixon is a Jr. who started most of his freshman season. The problem is, neither of those guys are big enough to be top-flight SEC tackles.

  22. I”m no fan of FSU – have been a Gator for over 64 years. Bobby Bowden said it all recently – visiting G’Ville to push his new book. Went something like this ( when asked what happened to FSU in recent years ), we got lazy and relied way too much on the recruiting Gurus and their four and five star high school recruit recommendations. we did not recruit needs. Needs in the SEC are big and bigger and still bigger, w/Coach Meyer we caught the SEC by surprise but, as always the SEC caught on and baked our cake. Give the new coaches time, they may turn things around. How many of us remember the 0 and 10 season???? Go Gators!!!!!!!

  23. I think Muschamp and Weis are smart enough to know we need dominant OL and DL recruits. Signing them is still a challenge — where are they all going? — seems like there’s not as many at Miami or FSU either.

    True, it seemed like Meyer didn’t have as big a priority on size.

    I like what Davis said. Pro-style offense will get us pro-style players. Hopefully that applies to all positions.

  24. It is my humble opinion that Gator Nation needs to step back and take a few deep breaths. What is happening this year is not unexpected. Georgia would be in the same situation if they had to navigate the same schedule. Will Muschamp is a fine coach, as is Weis. Quality recruits are on the way, so give it some time. Nearly every expert agrees Weis’s offenses improve dramatically in the second year. With some expected help in crucial areas, the Gators should climb back into the thick of the SEC championship race in a year or two. We just need to support and encourage this team, and stop acting like fans from some other teams I know. Go Gators!

  25. Why do the writers believe that “HELP IS ON THE WAY.” These two RB’s may end up being good, but counting on them to carry our team out of this mess is ludicrous. Remember Ed Aschoff saying how big of get MACK BROWN was. Our D-line and O-line are atrocious. This is going to take a long time to build depth there. Lol I mean look at the push LSU and Bama’s Lines get off the ball. HECK I could run for a couple yards behind those guys lol.

  26. Everybody needs to calm down. We all knew this is a transition year of not just new coaches but to a new scheme. A scheme that doesnt’ fit most of Urban’s recruits. We all knew this was coming so CALM DOWN. Everbody is whining as if we all expected a championship caliber gator team. Guess what, Nick Saban’s first year he went 7-6 then he had the chance to bring in his own players for his own scheme and now look at them. Look at what Muschamp is bringing in next year, it already is completely different from the recruits Urban brought in. Listen, we were going to be bad and we are still going to be bad that’s how it goes especially in the SEC. Give Muschamp a couple of years to have his own players on field before you start whining. Go Gators!

  27. This makes Muschamp look stupid b/c he already has 2 big backs that he refuses to use: Mike Gillislee – JR 5’11” 200 lbs.,
    Mack Brown FR 5’11” 205 lbs……… Gillislee has torn it up on all few occasions he’s gotten the ball. I have no idea why Muschamp won’t play him more.

  28. Someone that can do so needs to tell Davis not write a check that he can’t cash. (Meaning) to many recurits are high on themselves and are so sure that they are God’s gift to any college football program, BUT .. then they don’t even see the field when they get to college.

  29. I miss Urban Meyer. Being the most penalized team in college football and being the worst in the SEC in turnover margin is not how you win Football games….something you never saw from one of his teams. Urban built the fastest team in college football and won two national championships and 5 bowl games in 6 years. When you have speed, you need to use it…..hello spread offense. This Pro style offense may be better for Brantley…..or maybe not, you tell me. There is no edge to this team in terms of being perfectionists at what they do, from blocking, to tackling, to being in the right place. This is college football in the SEC…..and I don’t care about how much Pro experience anyone has on the coaching staff. We won two national championships with no coaches with pro experience. Let’s get back to fundamentals and get the ball in the hands of the playmakers.

  30. Need better coaching:
    This group of guys don’t fit Weis’ offense, so why run Weiss’ offense. There is no reason to run these guys off tackle and between guard and tackle so much during the game other than a coaching staff that is inflexible and not game planning well. I am very disappointed with this coaching staff for their first year. This is worse than it ever was with Zook! and that’s a sad, but true fact…

    And why are we so high on this defense. For a bunch of guys who were brought in as the “best in the country”; any good team has looked like they averaged 6-7 yards per carry. We get blown off the ball on run defense and that is a huge problem not being brought up.

    We also need receivers who hold on to the ball. This appears to be a bunch of #3 guys with no true #1.

    Note to coaches; Try some bubble screens, mis-direction or something that gets our speed in the open field. We were built to win, but just differently than what you are used to. Use what you got, don’t complain about what you dont!

  31. We, the fans, are operating on a ‘hope and prayer’. No one knows if WM is head coaching materail, I read about all the ‘help on the way’. First, none of these guys are legally committed to any school and no one knows if they can play SEC football. I can, however, see the quality of coaching with this team and it is about as bad as it gets. Losing is bad but what makes it even worse is the lack of quality coaching from all this high priced coaching talent. Imagine a top-flight program hiring a guy with NO head coaching resume. It is heard to believe!!

  32. does not matter who we get to come in because we do not have coaches that can do anything with them. muschamp and boys will never get this program back to being competitive much less winners. i feel sorry for our players – first they get meyers going mental and giving up on them twice and now they have coaches that do not have a clue. i will always be a Gator fan but it sure ain’t easy right now!

  33. Gatortally was actually 0, 10…and 1 (a tie vs. Pitt, now known as Pittsburgh). This season doesn’t seem quite as bad, despite being POUNDED at home by bammer, just like in ’79.
    BTW…iI couldn’t care less what Bobby Bowden has to say about anything!

    Larry Berman M.D. (B.S. 1980)

  34. how in the world can bill mushchamp demand a focused, disciplined team
    when he shows very little of it himself ?
    Im so embarrassed for our school , players & state at the horrible way he behaves !!! his profanity & vulgarity is like no other coach in the past !!!!!
    makes me feel sorry for his wife !!!!

  35. Demps and Rainey aren’t cut out for Wies’ offense?! Give me a break! Any other team in the country will take them in a heart beat! The problem is Charlie Weis. New England doesn’t miss him! Notre Dame is happy he is gone. There have been several article written about how his offense won’t work in college football. All I heard from Florida fans when Weis was at ND was how boring and predictable his offense was. Then UF hires him and you all think he’s great! His numbers at ND are exactly what you will see at UF. Defenses shut down his running game, make it one dimensional, and game over! Stats don’t lie. Look at what he did and ND and now at UF. He’s an over rated/over hyped/over paid QB coach. You should be able to put your grandmother in a wheel chair and hand it off to the talent in the Gator backfield and get yardage!

  36. If we had bigger& better linemen our running game would be fine.
    No back can be productive with what we have now. No to mention all the
    Penalties they have had.
    Am I the only one that thinks we need bigger linebackers also. The GATORS
    Need play makers on both sides of the ball.
    Urban left us in just as bad shape as spurrier did
    Don’t give up gator fans.

  37. With the lack of discipline and no imagination to the offensive schemes and play calling that’s directly on the coaching staff.If the offense can’t possess the ball the defense will get tired in the 4th qtr(hence 0-4).Muschamp can probably get better but Weiss,i don’t think so.He doesn’t understand college football and he never will,Muschamp should’nt put his career in this mans hands.

  38. We have the players to beat teams like Georgia and Auburn but they’re not performing. Five 5 Star defensive players but virtually no turnovers. Fumbles at critical times. Mobody can make a big play – Rainey’s dropped passes. Doesn’t help that the refs don’t call the pass interference on a critical third down. And, the coaches can’t adjust to Georgia obviously adjusting at halftime. Regarding the future Driskel and Brissett don’t inspire confidence. The Gilleslee situation is puzzling, as I’ve said before this year’s Emmanuel Moody

  39. With all due respect to Coach Muschamp, this whole scenario is reminiscent of when Zook “filled-in” as coach of the GATORS while we found a coach better suited to what the SEC brings to the table every Saturday. I am sure Coach M is a great coach, so I am sure he will do well somewhere. As the old saying goes, “As the head goes, so will the body.” If the coaching continues in this direction, so will the team.

  40. We all recognize we have some problems and there are enough to go around. Many are coaching problems as it seem to me. Yes we have some player personnel problems also, but we have enough talent to beat Auburn and Georgia. Our defensive backs are young and they make mistakes, but if you look hard enough you will realize they are good cover backs. Our front seven have look inconsistent. My biggest surprise or disappointment has been Powell, he has not shown up yet or at least what I had expected. I don’t really know what the real problems are, because you can see these KIDS are giving their all out there but just not getting it done. They say GOOD COACHES put their players in position to be successful, maybe we haven’t figured out where to put the players yet. As most of you know , I’m not a big Brantley fan and I don’t think a Crippled Brantley gives us a better shot at winning than a healthy Brissett. He’s more mobile, much more poised than any of the QB’s we’ve put out there and he has made some mistakes, but haven’t Brantley done the same thing. My point with this is let’s go with the future now that the SEC Championship Game is off the table. We can get Bowl eligible with one or both of the freshman. All of the TALK from FANS and COACHES now is on the future, then let the future start now. Get these kids ready to produce a winning team next year, they will be that much further ahead when it counts.
    Go GATORS!!!

  41. Wht has happened so far this year is not unexpected. Coaches aare doing OK with 2 exceptions: At this point the underclassmen need to get game experience. Brantley has had 2 years and he has not produced. I don’t care how good his arm is; if he can’t do it on game day it won’t get done. I still fail to see anything in him. Get those freshman QB’s in the game., win of lose.

  42. Wow! Zach did you expect to get this much interest in your column? I hear a lot of calls for Gillislee and Brown in the offense and I hope that message gets to the Coach. I also have to agree…its been hard to watch the disentegration so far in October. I will be at the Vandy game this weekend…I won;t bring my crying towel and look to a big victory!

  43. U guys can make all the brilliant comments you want,god knows y’all should be the coach…right? The fact of the matter is this…the team I see lacks the basic fundamentals. This includes far too many stupid fouls, delays of game, and sacks. There’s is still alot of talent on this team, but it has been grossly mismanaged. That falls on the coachs shoulders. But firstly, they need a real leader at quarterback. Brantley is not that leader. He is only there because of pedigree. Ive been to two games this year. I see a team with no heart and little direction.

  44. I’ve been reading the comments here. Some of them, I feel, are unwarranted. We should not place the total blame on the coaches. There is plenty of blame to go around as Muschamp has continually stated. The majority of the blame sits on the players’ shoulders. Granted injuries and the way the game goes affects their decision making. But, if there was more emphasis on fundamentals and doing the right things to prevent getting penalized, we would see much improvement in the gators’ success and performance on the field. Florida truly had the game in their hands, but lost it to some of the players not being focused, using poor mechanics, and making stupid penalties, some of which prevented Brantley from performing his job in getting the team down to the endzone. This team will rebound next year from all this disappointment and have a much better season which will translate into winning the SEC and eventually, if chosen, to win the BCS. Like Muschamp, I have been thinking about the size issue and believe the offensive line and defensive line need to get bigger so they can match the strength of teams like LSU and Alabama. I realize this is long, but felt this was important to share. We, as gator fans, need to relax and give these players and coaches a chance and all the encouragement we can give them to end the season on a successful note.

  45. I’m Calling out XAVIER NIXON and MATT PATCHAN! Give Brantley a chance back there. they both are getting killed. Saban wins with depth at the line of scrimmage. I mean his running backs don’t get touched for 3 yards at least. I mean c’mon do you REALLY think RICHARDSON and INGRAM are that good. NO! They are good but that line is amazing. I’m sure Bama will have a Heisman running back next year too lol.

  46. Q: How do you get students to follow the lead of the substitute teacher?

    A: You don’t! They will never collectively buy into the idea of following a “sub.” Consequently, you accept this when bringing one on and embrace the fact that you will struggle thru the years until the veteran students leave or are forced out (kick off, transfer, etc)then start anew with students of your own choosing.

    This is the ugly truth that has been thrust upon us all.

    Win, Lose Or Draw – IGTB A FLORIDA GATOR!

  47. After Charlie’s success at ND, I was none to happy to find him as OC at Florida. While there are multiple problems…my gut says that Charlie needs to go back to the pros….what’s the phrase…transfering somewhere else and we wish him every sucess where ever he goes?

  48. Then leave…we have a right as fans to critique the coaching staff and the players. You’ve “never heard dumber things.” Have you watched the games? This isn’t Rutgers; we are a powerhouse football program. So, if you don’t like the opinions of gator fans who are obviously disappointed follow a new team. I’m sure any Powerhouse Football Program’s fan base would be pretty upset with how we are being EMBARRASSED on National TV.

  49. Waiting on 2 true freshmen running backs to have a physical running game??? Funny stuff. Fla probably has the worst oline in the SEC, 2 QBs who don’t look that good and no good wide receivers and they expect to be compete with lsu and alabama in 2012? It’s not happening. Maybe muschamp should bring in some college coaches instead of all these nfl coaches who can’t teach at this level.

  50. The guy from South Bend is right on target. CW doesn’t coach fundementals. One year the ND OL couldn’t block anybody and everyone on the line was altleast a four star recruit. CW admitted during the season that they were taught the wrong techniques which couldn’t be rectified during the season. Watching the games I feel we have termendous talent but are not discplined enough to win in the SEC. We remind me of FSU; fast as h!@#; high energy but make dumb mistakes.

  51. We are young. we don’t lose that much after this year. I think the defense looks decent and is very young. It also looks talented. Could use some LBs.
    The offense looks pathetic. Underachieving. There are at least 3 five star lineman not producing. I cannot understand how Nixon can come in and play as a freshman and do a good job and now with experience looks worse, unless it is coaching. I don’t see weekly improvement anywhere in the offense. Why do we recruit so many tackles and virtually no guards. We have a third sting center, Sam ?. A couple of years ago I read where he was so good they were thinking of moving Pouncey. This is just too confusing when coaches evaluate players so differently.
    I haven’t been happy since Spurrier left. He got the most out of his players. Zook recruited well but wouldn’t let Strong run his defense. Myer inherited great talent from Zook and won a championship and then rode Teebow to another.
    Everyone is so enthusiastic on Mushchamp that I am willing to give him another year. But there needs to be a lot of improvement. The penalties are a reflection on the coaches not the talent. Even if we lack talent, unrated players can avoid offsides and illegal procedure.

  52. Wow.
    With all the coaching excellence displayed on this blog, it is a wonder Jeremy Foley has to look anywhere else to hire a coach. We all agree on the problems, generally, but then we radically diverge when it comes to the solution. We have to accept certain facts. Fact: We do not have many very good players. We have some great athletes, but they must not be good football players, otherwise they would be playing. Wondrer why certain RBs and WRs are not seeing the field? If a running back cannot pick up a blitzing safety and pass protect, he will not see the field. End of story. If a WR cannot meomorize both the “pattern tree” AND which route he runs on a certain play AND from a certain formation, he will not see the field in a game. It is just that simple. Case in point, in the Ga. game, a certain WR was running a kick off return and got around midfield and only the kicker was there. The kid ran out of bounds. Dumb play. A nonstarting WR in that situation HAS to blow up that kicker! Hit the kid full force, he is not used to it, does not know how to tacle and absorb a hit, and will be sore, stiff, and maybe a lousy kicker the rest of the game. Maybe we even see the second string kicker the rest of the game, a kid who will think twice before he plays safety on a kick off. A simple concept, but our guys seem unable to remember these things.
    Give the coaches a break, we are down to 72 mostly mediocre players. Let the coaches recruit a few years and see where we are at.
    You people calling for the spread, the fun and gun, and what have you need to wise up: You do not change offensive systems like you change socks.
    Bring on Furman!
    Go Gators!

  53. UF has actually got LB Stewart fromn last year’s class who projects out to be around 250 lbs. We have two more LB’s in ’12 class who project out around the same size too. As for Matt Jones, he’s actually at 221 right now in HS, and he’ll be 230 when he takes his first snap as a Gator. Davis is a slasher/big play type and probably won;t get much bigger than 215 lbs., but that’s ok. It’s a good 1 – 2 punch at RB next year with these two guys and Gillislee and Mack Brown (if he stays).

  54. Yes there are some very dumb comments on here!!! Its one thing to be critical but if you have no clue then you make us all look dumb.. Like some guy saying no confidence in driskell or brissett–they r true freshmen that shouldnt be playing sec football yet!! or 1 guy who mentioned dubose then in his next sentence says our last big time wr recruit was Harvin–Dubose was the next Harvin!!
    Gillislee is the common complaint along with Weis not producing with the talent he has, which is what great coaches do. Weis gets no honeymoon period here in my mind. No excuse for not playing other RBs. Some website nerd please start a site !!!
    Even if a coach is granted some lenience in his first year,, this type of losing is inexcusable especially on offense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Sound like a bunch of cry’n, belly-ache’n, bitch’n and moan’n Seminole fans on here. You guys waaaaay over sold this team this year and your expectations are rediculous. Saban, Sweeney, Chizik and Meyer all had rough starts in their first years with their team. Yeah, the last two losses hurt, but it takes time. This team didn’t show much last year and the ones that did graduated. So, lets let the season finish and find out who sign on in February before making stupid assertions about the coaching staff – this or that guy needs to be fired, etc. 8 games in is not the right time to be throwing around words like inept and incompitent, especially when the coaching staff was completely overhauled 9 months ago. You wanted a firey, emothional coach who wouldn’t put up with the off-field stuff – well you got him. So quit whine’n!!!!

  56. Dr. Bubba–Even Bobby Bowden knows the UF tie in 1979 (the 0-10-1 season) was against Georgia Tech, not Pitt. The final was 6-6. In those days if the Gators had of tied Pitt it would have been one heck of an upset.

  57. This is the GREATEST GATOR COMMENT PAGE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! I am saving this one to paste on our website!! I know you will e back in 2 years, but in the mean time, THANKS GATOR FANS, this ammo is A W E S O M E!!!

  58. As a long-suffering Gator, I remember those years in the 1980s as a young boy growing up. In fact, this team reminds me so much of the 1988 team that started 5-0, then Emmitt Smith got hurt, the offense couldn’t score and the Gators had to beat Kentucky in the next-to-last game of the year to make a bowl.

    I’m willing to give the coaching staff a chance. However, what I can’t deal with is the lack of discipline, the dirty personal foul penalties and the flat out dumb plays this team has done consistently. Gators need to play with class. This team is starting to look more like the Zooker’s team every week.

    This has been a sorry year. Everybody I wanted the Gators to beat (Bama, Auburn and Georgia), they lost to. Maybe they can just make a bowl. They certainly need the extra practice.

  59. Don’t forget coach Meyer in this mess. He became so enamored with speed that is all he recruited. No backs who can break tackles. He was always looking for the next Harvin, but Percy was strong and fast. Demos, Rainey, Thompson, Dubose not so much.

  60. Mann seriously it’s a combination of both coaching and players. Yes we don’t have true football players, and they aren’t living up to any hype. But the coaching staff makes me wonder…The way Weis calls those predictable run plays remind me of Steve A. And as everyone knows you’re complaining about bigger backs when Mike G who can run the ball pretty decent. Hines was a great route runner last time I checked. The list goes on but you get the idea.

  61. All i know is that most of these current players on the roster are 4 and 5 star players, but sadly are not being developed. please Mr. Foley, on your next Head football coach hire, go find an already proven HC ok? we dont need for Florida to be a training ground anymore!

  62. Muschamp cant fool me…..this years roster is almost the same as last years…the only difference is this year we are even less disciplined….we suck at every phase of the game. ..And we have a huge amount of talent…blame the coaches for the penalties….and discipline issues dont blame the kids. 14 penalties for over a hundred yards…in both of our last two games watching floridas offense is like pedaling backwards…we aint goin forward thats for sure. ..Brantley never had a chance to excell because the oline let alabama rape us of our best chance to win a game this season. and all the gator fans are crying well get over it….you shouldve cried when urban fake his first retirement

  63. Chompy and my friend Nick the Nole, As I recall the Most Highly Recruited Noles were ranked as a #5 team in the NATION. We were expected to struggle this year and you see the reaction from mediocracy. GATOR fans are mad as hell, but the NOLES fans are so use to losing and not being a factor that it really didn’t matter what the rest of the college football world thought of the Noles, Their REAL fans knew that they would not produce anything but pre-season HYPE. When you are use to getting your teeth kicked in, you don’t wear your dentures on game day. We still have our own teeth, yes our lip is fat from the kicks we still have some bite left, see you in the SWAMP. GO GATORS!!!