You’ve got mailbags


Guess what, my loyal and inquisitive readers?

It’s that time of year again … time for the recruiting mailbag to begin!

Every year from August through mid-February I take your questions and drop some knowledge. I’ve already received a few questions over the past couple of weeks, so the first installment of “The Outbox” will be tomorrow (Wednesday). Aren’t you excited?!

But don’t feel left out. There’s still time for you to ask your most brilliant questions.

Here’s how you can reach me …

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Let’s do this! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Oh, and you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s debut, as I will also be unveiling my famous mailbag catchphrase. Can you stand the anticipation??


  1. Jeff,
    It seems we are heavy leans on Jon Bullard, Jordan Jenkins, Tyric McCord, possible switch on Dante Fowler, now having talks with Darius Hamilton and Noah Spence. That’s alot of DE’s. How many do we take in this class and which ones do you personally feel we’ll end up having?

  2. Florida has 71 players on scholarship with 7 players graduating. At this point none are likely to leave early for the draft so we only have room for 21 signees by my calculations. I suspect a few will choose to transfer or have their’ship taken away to make room for a full class. But is that number 25 or can teams back-count ‘ships like in previous years.

    Can you please explain the new scholarship limit? I’ve heard multiple conflicting reports and it would be great to know the answer.
    Also, assuming we take 25 players in this class, who are the last 8
    with 17 already committed? Bullard, McCord, Hamilton, Diggs, etc…

  3. Hey Jeff. With the recent commitment of DJ Humphries and is willingness to recruit other players, do you soon see some of these big 5-star guys UF is recruiting putting UF on the short lists? And better yet, with all the noise I’m seeing about some of these top 20 guys, do you see more of these blue chips committing to UF soon? Thanks.

  4. iv seen us near the top of landon collins list for a few weeks now. he has been killing it everywhere he has been, and in return rivials has him skyrocketing[he jumped like 30spots] he has great size and strenth and good speed to go with it and he is a position of need!
    what our the chances he lands in fla?

  5. theres a good chance we wont land green-beckham and diggs, but i did some research and these guys are ballers and 2 of them are in florida and the other has florida in his top 3 on espn. whats are chances with these guys? and why arnt we all over montgomery?!?!
    1.dvario montgomery[6’3 215]FL
    2.malcolm lewis[6’1 190]FL
    3.amara darboh[6’2 205]IA