1. I don’t understand why any offensive player would think of playing for anyone but Weiss! If their goal is to play in the NFL, there’s no better person to help get them there, in college football! Plus, you throw in the fact that it’s the University of Florida – it should be a no brainer! Then you look at the NFL experience on the defensive side and one has to wonder the same about those guys, as well! I cant help but believe there are other things that influence kids to go to some of the other schools – things that are on the shady side! Not that we should have every kid drooling to come to UF; yet, there are some commitments that make you scratch your head!

  2. Well there are many other good coaches that players might want to consider. There is more to the decision than the coaches, facilities etc. If this were the only considerations we would get most all of the players that we wanted.

  3. I totally agree john c.. you dont have to look far to see that corruption in college ball is a serious one.. pops up every year & seems to get worse..
    Some of these athletes think they ‘re entitled to whatever $$, cars, pot,etc
    they can get… and the game suffers from it.. maybe the ol’ ball coach is
    right, maybe we should hand out a little spending $$ each month..
    but then, can you ever really stop the ol’ $50 handshake?
    its the american way isn’t it?

  4. This season is HUGE for WM and the Gator program. For the second year straight, Fisher and FSU have recruiting and game-day momentum on their side. To blunt that momentum the Gators must win and win big, including a victory over FSU. Another season like last years Addazio-Meyers ‘train wreck’ would really hurt. Remember, for some reason the UF-FSU series has always gone in streaks, one side wins 4-5 in a row. Then, the other side does the same.

  5. Jeff, I find it extremely more informative to know where a kid is from when reading these types of articles. Not that their location is ALWAYS a determining factor… It certainly is, more often than not.

  6. it’s not necessarily anything illegal. But i can see Fisher telling an offensive recruit that Weis will only be at UF for 3 years. Remember, an opposing coach can lie about anything, many of these kids will believe it.

    plus the Gators looked completely dysfunctional last season.

    Though many of you Tebow fans won’t like to hear it, Tebow turned off some recruits. Some players want to make sure that the Tebow hype is out of the program’s system before committing.

  7. JOE: On the subject of streaks: Four wins by FSU is a STREAK. Six wins by the Gators is a STREAK. You are agreeing with me!! Better yet, if you have a dictionary, look up the word ‘streak’ in this context. Oh, forget about it b/c then you would have to look up the word ‘context’. Have a good one, Joe!!

  8. Tebow was a great player and champion during his years at Florida and he deserved all the praise and accolades he received. Frankly, I got tired of all the hype and press he received while in Gainesville. Football is a team game and Tebow unfortunately was not a one man team. I hope the Tebow hype has left Gainesville and gone on to the NFL. Tebow needs to continue to work hard and progresses while he learns the NFL game. The starting role should not be just handed to him because of the hype and enormous popularity. He should earn it on the playing field, while learning the game, carrying a clipboard. If he has the skills, he will eventually make a name for his self in the NFL. Go Gators and Go Muschamp. Muschamp will prove to an awesome hire for the Gators. He will build a powerhouse program in the SEC and in all of college football. Gator fans, GIVE HIM TIME.

  9. Any kid these days who does or does not go to a school bc they think the “other”teams staff will stay in place should take a look around the country. Lets ask Andrew Luck how he feels about not turning pro and giving up a sure #1 overall NFL pick bc one of the reasons was he wanted to stay and be coached by Harbaugh. I guess he should have turned proand then maybe he would have. Fisher only needs to have one more good year at FSU before other schools start raiding his staff….don’t have to worry about that when you suck each year.

  10. Gator Infectus better get them recruits locked up now. Because after another mediocre season they will be jumping off that ship faster than fleas from hound. Criminoles will do no better and after all the media hype will disappoint much like Bowdens teams always did. Recruiting hype is so over-rated. Over half of all the five stars are a bust every year. Check it out and then ask why you want your team to pick up all these prima donnas who only want to be idolized and produce very little. I would take a hungry three star everytime. Look at CFB’s #1 player two years ago Seantrel Henderson (Miami via So. Cal) and how he’s busting (back surgery) but never will develop. Gotta have a coach who knows how to find players with heart. Right now I would give that advantage to Sabin, Stoops, and possibly Golden (will know more as the season unwinds).

  11. Have to be honest.Urban had physical and mental problems,but he also had coaching problems.No Dan Mullen and no Charlie Strong,no good football team.Urban deserves all the credit in the world for what he did for Florida and recruited maybe the 2 greatest athletes ever to play at Florida.Mr. Tebow and Mr. Harvin, but now we know where the power behind the throne was all along.His picking of Steve A. was a disaster and allowing the fake field goal against L.S.U.completely inexcusable.Urban completely lost it and already is great on E.S.P.N. He’s had a fantastic run and if he goes back to Ohio State,everybody involved will be sorry.

  12. Producewiz is right on the ‘money’. I realize that some fool will probably now accuse him/her of being someone other than Gator supporter but his analysis is correct: (1) Last year Azzadio was the de facto head coach and ran the show, (2) If UM takes another head coaching job he better hope that DM is available to be his offensive coordinator, (3) Recall, that during Tebow’s senior year with DM gone, the offensive was hardly impressive, (4) Under UM, especially, when SA took over as headman lacked discipline on and off the field, (5) The Gator Glory Years were so because UM could recruit, DM knew offensive and those in charge of the defense knew what they were going, (6) Superior talents wins almost always!!

  13. Call me crazy but I believe Muschamp is very confident in his coaching staff….So he will recruit and get five stars because he is a good recriuter and it UF..But as we have seen with all these players leaving either by getting kicked off or ran off that he will not tolerate the premadonna attitude..He wants hungry players that want to work hard act right and help the team win…So 3 star or five star he will get the job done Because he will get the best out of the players he puts on the feild and he has a team that will evaluate talent reguardless of stars….One thing florida will be sure about is there will be talented football players that will put their all in and win…GO GATORS….Championship in no later than 3 years max…

  14. Larry,
    I am no FSU fan myself but we are in NO POSITION to call FSU the CRIMINOLES when we continue to lead the country in new and stupid arrests!! I am a proud Gator and I am sick of these arrests that we keep racking up and hope coach Muschamp starts getting rid of these guys that represent our school that way!

  15. The Gators will be fine, besides, this is only a game people. The hoopla surrounding 5-star, 4-star, whatever… Just show up ready to learn and with the right attitude, the rest will take care of itself… you bunch of knuckleheads.

  16. My worried thoughts : 1) Muschamp, unknown effectiveness as headcoach
    2) Weis, failed as college coach at Notre Dame
    3) Lucky to be 10th best QB in SEC
    My wishful thinking : 1) holes will open, Demps-Rainey will rip loose
    2) Brantley will have long-term protection & sling tight spirals
    3) long field goals high %
    4) sacks & interceptions will abound for Gators
    5) a partial Percy Harvin & Brandon James will emerge
    6) minimum injuries
    7) highest spirits