UF lean Adam Lane invited to Army AA Bowl


Adam Lane, one of the nations’s top running backs for 2013, did some looking around last week.

But it wasn’t for schools.

The Winter Haven prospect was at the FBU Top Gun Camp in Virginia when he saw one of the camp’s staff members sorting through some paperwork.

“He had all these sheets,” Lane said, “and I was like ‘what is this?’ ”

What Lane stumbled upon was a list of player invitations to the 2013 Army All-American Bowl, which won’t be sent out for another year. Yet he got an early look at some names … and found his.

“It was really exciting,” Lane said of the discovery. “I’ve always followed the game because of its long tradition.”

The camp caused Lane to cancel his trip to Friday Night Lights, but his weekend in Virginia was well worth it.

“It was a good experience because I got to see a lot of top recruits from different sides of the USA,” Lane said. “The competition was tough, so I felt accomplished after I left.”

Fortunately for Florida, Lane’s absence at FNL didn’t have a negative impact on his stance with the Gators.

He went into the Top Gun Camp without any favorites. Now, UF leads for his services thanks to his feel for Gainesville.

“The biggest thing with me is every time I go, I feel so comfortable,” Lane said. “It feels like a second home. They show you so much love and when you’re in college you need that extra support to keep you going.”

The most important factor for Lane is academics and he has already been drawn to Florida’s engineering program. He’s also taken a liking to UF running back coach Brian White and said they have a “fun relationship.”

“He speaks a lot about how they’re converting to a pro-style offense and how it will fit my running style so good,” Lane said. “He also says they’ve got a great strength and conditioning coach (Micky Marotti) who will make me an all-around better person and I’ll become a man in the process.”

But perhaps no one holds more weight in this rising junior’s recruitment than Will Muschamp. The new Gator coach offered Lane in June after his stellar showing at UF’s summer camp.

And even with 2013 RB’s Kelvin Taylor, Tarean Folston, Greg Bryant and Derrick Henry high on Florida, Muschamp hasn’t put any pressure on Lane to commit.

That patient approach sits well with him.

“The thing I like about Florida,” Lane said, “is Coach Muschamp told me personally, ‘make sure you take all your visits so that if you come here this is the place you love and wanna be, because the last thing we want is you to not be 100 percent satisfied with where you’re at.’ ”

“So he always tells me to weigh all my other options out before I make my choice.”

Lane plans on doing just that, as he will eventually check out the other schools who are recruiting him the hardest, such as Auburn, Georgia Tech, South Florida and South Carolina.

For the Gators to land Lane, there’s not much left for them to prove. It’s just a matter of making sure there isn’t any school that’s better than UF, he said.

With his summer travels wrapped up, Lane has already shifted his focus to football season — and he has some high expectations for himself.

“I have three goals this year,” Lane said. “To win state, get 2,000-plus yards rushing and over 20 touchdowns.”

The 5-foot-7, 207-pounder believes all the pieces are in place for him to pull off the hat trick.

“Our team is coming together really well and we have the talent to get there, we just got to finish strong,” Lane said. “And I feel like if I capitalize on the spring game I had, which was 305 yards and five touchdowns, I can reach my goals.”


  1. I have heard Taylor’s name mentioned for a couple years now, but I’ve yet to hear if he has been here for any camps, or is even showing interest in us. I was under the assumption that he’s the best in the state for his class. If that’s so, why are we pursuing so many other RBs for that class unless we know he’s not coming here.

  2. He has been here a lot John S. He is a legacy player. He will get first look. That’s not going to stop us from bring in another back. Henry, Bryant and Folston are all good backs. We will bring in two because of how dependent we will be on the run to make the pass attack work. It will take them a full year to get the protections down. By that time, three of our backs will have graduated with one being a Sr.