Catching up with some receivers


UPDATE: Marvin Bracy commits to FSU, citing his relationship with coaches and the school’s highly regarded football and track teams.

The top wide receiver in the state of Florida, Chris Black of Jacksonville, Fla., First Coast, has set Aug. 24 as the date of his verbal commitment, just before his season begins. Florida coaches worked extremely hard in the spring to get into contention for Black (5-11, 165), who is electric with the ball in his hands. The Gators reportedly made up a lot of ground in getting into Black’s top three teams, but the word is that Florida State and Alabama coaches are very confident he will end up in their class. Those close to Black feel strongly he will stay closer to home and not leave the state, but UF ultimately may not be able to break the First Coast pipeline to FSU. Stay tuned, as this one likely will twist and turn down to signing day.

Marvin Bracy (5-9, 166, Orlando, Fla., Boone) will announce his verbal today (Thursday) at 4:30 p.m. He is down to Florida, FSU, LSU and Texas A&M. Several observers are thinking the Seminoles will win a pledge from one of the fastest prospects in the entire country. Bracy is the national 19-and-under 100-meter dash champion, having run a 10.o5, which is the second-fastest time in high school history (behind Jeff Demps’ 10.01). Whichever school Bracy picks will still have to wait for him to take officials to all four schools this fall, so this recruiting battle is likely not over.

After participating in The Opening, four-star Derrick Woods (5-11, 180, Englewood, Calif.) listed his top teams as Alabama, USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington.


  1. Wow the dude is almost as fast as Demps, that’s fast. So, after this weekend what’s the word on linemen? How much do you expect the top 150 to move around? How long do you think it might take for Muschamp to make a name for himself? I’m actually somewhat suprised were on pace w/ the top dogs this year. I mean we are starting an all new coaching staff. It’s awesome that were this competitive considering.

  2. At this point I’m really looking forward to O and D linemen. Championships are won in the trenches. You win some you lose some, FSU has a leg up on us RIGHT now. They’re staff is much more established. I wish them well (not Georgia or the rest of the SECOND tho :)) and I expect them to almost dominate right now. Miami and Florida have news staff’s so a lot of guys we normally take from them will go their way. I give them credit but I also know that on signing day our class will be incredible as USUAL. Guys love UF for a reason and that won’t change. We had five top 5 classes per ESPN the last 5 years, before our coaching change. They better get there’s before the Cane’s and Gators come back. It won’t be easy pickins then 🙂 Go Gators! Congrats on the Capital One Cup with a down year in football. That is craaazy

  3. Perhaps it is all part of a head coaching transition but has anyone noticed that for the second year in a row FSU is ‘killing’ the Gators in recruiting and Georgia is not doing that badly.

    One problem, of course, is that WM has NO TRACK RECORD as a head coach. There is, at present, nothing for the Gator staff to sell. What kind of offense will WM run? How successful has it been in the past? Defense? Isn’t he the guy who was the DC at Texas last year? That’s a real endorsement!!

    And, Gator fans, simple denial on our part is hardly the answer!!

  4. Like it or not (and I don’t) FSU is bringing in some great recruits but for one reason and for one reason alone, they didn’t have very many good players to start with over the past five years. Players like Black are looking for immediate playing time or on the field quite a bit and they will get that at FSU because of the lack of talent there. Now as for Florida, this class will be good, but the class of 2012 and 2013 you will see the rippling effect like FSU has right now because we will need depth and have opportunities for immediate playing time as well. Thus the cycle of recruiting.

  5. Mark is an exmple of what I was referring to when I mentioned that some are in denial. It really is no way to go through life, although some apparently choice to do so. On the other hand, the next entry by Mike Plant may be on to something. As a UF graduate (1970) and twenty year season ticket holder, I certainly hope so.

  6. Well said Mike as long as we can bring n a top 10 recruit class that is all u can as 4 with an unproving coaching staff.Will get better just because of the name Gators.2012 should get us a top 5 recruitng class,2013 expecting 2 b back the #1 powerhouse n college football.

  7. JD, Those high academic standards are actually good for the student athlete. They should know or quickly realize that life on the bigger scale is more than “BALL”. I’m sure any real coaching staff and surely GATOR coaching staff MUST impress upon these kids that there should be a goal set in life after college”ball”. If it hurts recruiting then maybe, just maybe it will help a few kids down the road to realize that the standards are set high in life for the achiever and and the competitive. But on a personal note JD once you start to settle for the lower standards that’s what you get, so don’t entertain the idea of lowering the standard to think you will get a better athlete, person. GO GATORS!!!

  8. I am not buying the high academic standards argument. How did Urban land one Top 5 class after another? The standards are no different than they were back then.

    It is a transitional year. If Muschamp puts an exciting Defense and Offense that looks conducive for future NFL players to make a name for themselves, recruiting will get back to the levels we have seen before.

    p.s. this 2012 class will still end up being pretty good.

  9. The answer to the ‘recruiting sitaution’ is obvious and not necessarily terminal in the long term. The answer, once again, is NO TRACK RECORD for WM. QUESTION: Will he be successful as a head coach? ANSWER: No one can possibly know at this point. QUESTION: Will his actual offensive scheme work at the college level? Answer: No one can possibly know. The questions and lack of answers can go on-and-on but hopefully some, perhaps all of you, will get the point. If you are a high school recruit, are you going to go with the ‘known’ or will you opt for the ‘unknown’? Now, all this will be of no consequence, long-term, if WM produces on the field.

  10. High academic standards!!!! Hardy Har har har!!!! 90%
    of these football players are not college academic material anywhere. Thats why we have a group of folks whose entire
    job is to keep these guys in school majoring in Sports Health,
    Coaching, Anatomy of Bowling, etc. Cmon , gimme a break.

  11. Gator fans make me laugh with this higher academic standard talk. Not sure how much harder your general studies classes are at Florida than at Florida State or South Florida, but I do know that the 100 guys on your football team that have been arrested are no Einstein.

  12. Robert,
    1. Einstein would be plural in that sentence.
    2. There were 30 arrests, not 30 people arrested, Janoris Jenkins had 3 all by his little self.
    3. University of Florida is rated higher in Academics than FSU, which probably means our general studies classes are better too (FSU can stick to its music and clown/circus program).
    4. Just because players wear numbers in the 90’s doesn’t mean there are 100 players on the team….there are less.
    5. You make me laugh.

  13. A quick note for Robert. While FSU is a fine school, UF is a member of the very prestigous American Association of Universities, one of only 59 in the country. Vandy is the only other SEC school that is member, as are 4 ACC schools, including Duke and Georgia Tech. Sorry, but FSU is not a member of this group. And yes, the academic standards at UF are higher, as are the entrance requirements.

  14. Never did I say that we should lower our academic standards. I like having great academics and great sports. I was just making an observation. I was surprised that recruits don’t put enough weight on the fact that UF offers a superior education compared to schools like FSU, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee…

  15. I have two things to say to anyone crowing or groaning about recruiting:
    1. It’s a long way to February, and nobody is signed yet. Verbals aren’t worth all that much.
    2. It’s all about winning championships in January. February, not so much.

    • @Lizardgrad89 Good luck preaching patience to recruiting fanatics! 😉 Seriously, I appreciate that at least SOME of you understand both the nature of the game and the nature of teenagers making such a big decision under tremendous scrutiny.
      I will say that the wide receiver position is particularly difficult this season for Florida (more details in today’s blog). Give Charlie Weis a season or two and I think some of the top receiver prospects will flock to him, just like every other offensive position. But it’s tough right now to sell reputation to kids who need to see something happen on the field first. And, further, it may be tough for Weis to really show off his offense in Year 1.
      Patience … it does a recruitnik good. 🙂

  16. EMK,

    If you are not a troll (which I’m not completely convinced you aren’t) then you are the kind Gator fan I really dislike. You may call your cynicism “realism” but, in my book it’s simply whining. If you’re truly a 20 year season ticket holder you’ve seen many ups and downs of this Gator program. You look to the future with optimism and know that we still rank as one of the top 5 covented college football programs in the nation no matter who is at the helm. We’ve got the size, location, academics, cash, history, and athletic director that the likes of only a few schools can compete with. Lizardgrad is right. Championships are won on the field and not at some press conference in a high school gym. Gator fans – root for your team and don’t question every lost recruit.

  17. Georgia’s recent surge in recruiting “success” reminds me of the good old days, when UGA would regularly have a higher ranked class than the Gators, and then Spurrier’s teams would just go out on the field and stomp on them ‘Dawgs. One of his favorite terms was that he liked to “coach em up”, and that’s what good coaches do. This past season, one of the best players on the field was Trey Burton, and if memory serves this old man well, he was not a 5 star recruit; just a damn good football player. Gators will be fine. Hang in there.