‘Pig’ likes Gators


By all accounts, Orlando, Fla., Edgewater wide receiver Alton “Pig” Howard put on a show in the first session of Friday’s Will Muschamp Football Camp.

He showed off his work ethic, excellent hands and solid route-running — basically underscoring why the Florida Gators are so interested in him and why he’s rated a four-star receiver (No. 41 in the nation) by Rivals.

“The camp was a great experience,” he said. “The workouts and conditioning, it showed us what college is all about. It helped me improve my game and learn a lot and just showed me what I need to work on.”

Howard got a lot of attention from UF coaches, especially wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill.

“He’s a great coach,” Howard said. “He cares about his receivers and he wants the best out of you. He wants to see his players make plays.”

That is certainly what Pig has done so far in a sterling high school career for the Edgewater Eagles. He plays wide receiver, running back, wildcat quarterback and defensive back. It’s hard to miss him on the field with his speed, moves, athleticism and wrecking-ball style. As a pass-catcher he attacks the ball in the air and is fearless about taking hits.

Howard, who will take official visits this fall and decide after his senior season before enrolling early, doesn’t yet have a list of top teams but says, “Florida will be in my top five automatically.”

[youtube A4mvQRL1Utc 590]


  1. I just watched one of his YouTube highlight videos, and I have a hard time believing that there are 41 better high school players than him at WR. A lot of times, even with highly rated recruits, those videos leave me unimpressed on all but a few big plays. Any good athlete at the high school level is going to have a few highlight reel plays. But this guy shows me something, on ever play. The way that he carried the ball from the backfield was Percy Harvin-esque. But from the WR position, he made great catches in traffic at full speed, he was elusive, and he was fearless climbing up for those jump ball passes knowing that he was going to get drilled. Good hands, speed, agility, and fearless. He isn’t very tall, but he looks like he can jump. If he gets stronger he will break some of those tackles. I bet his Sr. year highlight video will be sick good.

  2. I just watched again and I wan to add that from what we see in the video, he never gives up on a play. He is fighting to break tackles or gain an extra inch, even when he is gang tackled. That’s why I say, if he gets stronger, he’s going to break a lot of those arm tackles and be an even bigger play maker than he already is.

  3. It aint all about size I been watching football all my life, He’s very explosive and from my point of view speed kills!! If u was compare Alton highlight to any other WR in the Nation I’m positive that he would be list 1 of the top receivers, just based on his ball kills, route running and just making something out of nothing. He has a heart of a lion, Trust me I saw the kid play multiple times so from my point of view size don’t matter.

  4. J what u fail to realize is that. He’s only a Jr. he caught 4 over a thousand and he broke Edgewater school record in receiving. I understand no one’s perfect but he have another yr to Dominate. u have to give him his props, not only he can catch but he can also throw and play DB.

  5. I went back and watched some of Percy’s Jr. year videos and damn, this kid looks just like him! He’s going to be special and I hope he becomes so in Orange & Blue! Just think what Charlie can do with this kind of talent! He would excel, with the way Charlie likes to throw to a back or slot receiver, coming out of the backfield and then stretch the field with speed! The kid will need someone like Charlie to prepare him for the NFL and to have someone, with the clout Charlie has, to sell him to the coaches in the NFL. That would help overcome his issues NFL coaches may have with his height!

  6. No doubt, the kid is good, and he has the speed/moves to leave the other HS kids in the dust. While a 4.39 is nothing to sneeze at, college DB’s will match up to his time a lot better than the HS DB’s. Still, he’s fun to watch…

  7. Call me selfish Alt Gator, but I want heart and size. Percy, it’s a little to early to call out that name. He was a bench press beast (400+) with the stride of a gazelle just shy of 6′. Howard still seems to have great qualities though. I love his change of direction in stride. That is his biggest asset. Cause always comes to can you make the other guy miss. With 20 more pounds I think he could be a great role player for anyone with less chance of injury. In HS ball there are a lot of thousand yards players. Its just note worthy nothing more. That being said, consistent good hands and character will dictate his value.

  8. I’ll have to say, the “pig” looks impressive, but am I the only one that see’s a prospect in these videos? #12 looks like another #12 I remember from high school a few years ago. Throws are on target and on a rope, and he and the “pig” seem to be right on sink. What is the name of that QB and what grade is he in? Maybe we should be eyeing another target from this school as well!