Nation’s No. 1 linebacker to commit Friday


UPDATE No. 3: Noor Davis picks Stanford. Click here to read the story.

UPDATE No. 2: Noor Davis has decided to make his announcement Friday at his high school at 1:30 p.m. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Davis announced his top five teams Tuesday night. They are Florida, Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Stanford and Alabama.

You can read his entire email breaking down his top five on our recruiting message board.

And check out his highlight video below. It really highlights his impressive athleticism and closing speed.

Original blog (3:48 p.m.)

Interesting news from The Villages, Fla., Charter School’s Noor Davis, who said on Facebook Tuesday morning that he would be announcing his top five schools tonight. Then he went ahead and decided that he’ll announce his verbal commitment on Friday. Davis, who is rated the No. 1 outside linebacker in the country by Rivals and 247Sports, would be a huge get for the Gators.

Davis has dozens of offers but has so far only named Florida and Notre Dame as schools in his top five. Florida rolled out the red carpet when Davis visited for the Orange & Blue Debut in early April, arranging for him to meet school president Bernie Machen, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley and UF coaches in addition to taking a tour of the College of Journalism.

But he also raved about his visit to South Bend, Ind. What’s interesting about the timing here is that Davis had talked about taking a trip to the west coast to visit Southern Cal, UCLA and Stanford, presumably to fill out his top five. Most of his family is also in southern California.

Perhaps Davis has already made up his mind on either the Gators or Irish. Stay tuned to my Twitter page on Friday.

[youtube exPBpMurISk 590]


  1. Please don’t go to ND. Its a crap shoot with them. We need you Mr. Davis. Take on the fact that we are going to be thin at LB and have the Buck position. Your frame and skill set was built for this system. Come to Florida. I am not an alum so I can say what ever I want. This is the school for you.

  2. Unreal! This kid looked like a man amongst boys and he was only a Junior! He will definitely be a star and if he goes to UF, he will definitely be wearing a few rings when he leaves for the pros! Add him to the talent UF has and will bring in and that’s going to be one scary defense!
    He is an impressive young man, all the way around!

  3. He’s a perfect fit for the new Defense. Looking at that video, he’s already playing the “Buck” position at his high school. He’s standing, but it’s pretty much the same position. ND is a great school and a great program, but I think he’d fit in more and would flourish more at UF.

  4. If you really think about it Mr. Davis, USC is a probation team with lots of problems (mainly the coach) & is on the way down. ND is cold, wet,and cloudy for much of the year with a coaching staff no where near the expertise what you’ll find in G-ville .. FLORIDA is the most viable option you have! Its a slam dunk ! the education ! you could start quickly.. And the exposure you’d have by prowling the Swamp & dominating will be unmatched ! Deep down , you know this is the place you need to be… Its time to go all in & be a GATOR ! ! ! ! ! ( sorry gatorphil it had to be said)

  5. Let me get this right. Florida is going to be a joke next year–it’ll be lucky to go 6-6–and a Florida degree might get you a job delivering pizzas in Gainesville. On ther other hand, Notre Dame is a sleeper for the title, and a degree there is very impressive.

    Hmmmmm……..I wonder where this kid goes?

    Also, Notre Dame arguably has the best facilities in the country. Only Texas, LSU, and Oregon have comparable facilities.

  6. Noor, as a father of one of your teammates and a Florida Grad and seeing your talent first hand, you can go anywhere in the nation and demand playing time, but the best opportunty for an education and a shot at the big leagues is only 63 mile North of Bufflo Land. Your support will be huge from the Buffs. In fact I believe the herd will follow you to the swamp.

    ND is a good school, but it’s cold and all the girls are named Marie and Margrett… jst kidding. Have fun, enjoy the ride and see ya at the Gold and Green Game Friday!! Go Buffelos!!

  7. For a journalism major and a football player who wants to play in a pro style offense and defense, there’s only one school… that’s SC. No question about it. FL and ND? Wishful thinking on their fans’ part. What’s best is school honor, scholastic achievement, personal and team pride, tradition, NFL readines with top of the line coaching staff and family; both personal family and Trojan family.
    Fight on brothers and sisters…

  8. Peter, Notre Dame the best facilities in the country? Laughable. UF just pumped 28 million dollars into new athletic facilities only for UF athletes. So you’re saying that Notre Dame has spent that kind of money in the past three years. Right…

  9. Delivering Pizzas! Come on man that’s some seriouse jealousy right there. What’s your degree worth from UF…ask world class athletes like Tracy Caulkins, Chris Collinsworth, Doug Johnson, Emmith Smith…They’re not swimming or scoring points now at the highest levels of competition. No, they’re pulling in the big bucks at ESPN. It helps to go UF not only to compete on the world stage but to enjoy internationally renowned schools of Journalism and Telecommunication. UF wins more Journalism awards than Notre Dame and and owns more pattents too. Do you drink gatorade with your pizza while you type on you Apple computer? Thank UF then go there and get a real money making world class degree. Wonder what Al Horford, Joakim Noah, and Mike Miller tip their pizza delivery guys…what with only half a degree from Florida and all.

  10. If he wants to go to a school that is loaded with talent and WILL win a National Championship he should go to Alabama which had four first round draft picks this year and will be AGAIN the NC in 2011. It’s a no brainer!


  11. I can’t believe that not a single person suggested that he get a world-class education, the best on the list by far, at a university that has won the All-Sports trophy every time it’s been awarded. He will, at best, play football for ten years (linebackers get banged up really badly) but he will live and work in this world for another 70 years. Let’s hear it for the option that worked for quite a few people who had distinguished careers in the NFL–from Elway to Lynch. With all due respect to USC, the Gators, Notre Dame, Alabama, all fine schools, there’s only one world-class university in the mix and that’s Stanford….where the weather isn’t bad either.

  12. HAHA..i have to laugh at all of this. People are posting on here begging the kid to go else where because they know he’s all gator and this is the only way to try and maybe reach out to him….to post on a UF dedicated site. Noor, just like what Mike Davis said…”UF is the move to do”. Go Gators!

  13. J Rome,

    It’s hard to say who has the best facilities (granted Oregon’s are ridiculous), but ND has spent over $100 million in the last 7-9 years on upgrading their athletics facilities – new hockey arena, renovated the basketball court, etc. They also spent over $22MM on a football only training facility in 2004 and 2005 that is connected to their indoor football practice field. They also spent millions on updating the outside practice fields, etc.

    So I would wager that ND’s and UF’s facilities are at the very least comparable. In fact, Urban Meyer just said on ESPN that he was impressed with the new ND facilities and said it was one of the best in the country.

  14. why go to thug u and become a felon when he can receive a quality education at Stanford? A Stanford degree will influence the remainder of his life in a positive way. Wasting his time in Gainesville will forever be something to live down.

  15. The kid has STANFORD written all over him. Why would he want to waste his college choice on a thug program like Florida??!! Notre Dame is ugly cold in the winter. It’s also Yesterday U. There’s no question that Stanford is the best combination of football and academics in the country. Make the wise 40 year decision and head west to Stanford, young man!

  16. This young man is already a champion. Of the five schools cited, Stanford would certainly give him the best possible environment to continue his growth as a champion . Stanford has a fantastic football program where he would likely get immediate play time. Orange bowl champs last year and likely national title contenders this year. However, just as importantly… Stanford would provide a superior educational experience. Being accepted to Stanford is an honor in and of itself. If this young man has the grades coming out of high school to earn him a look from this institution, his superior athleticism will aid him in getting a world class education as well. Stanford athletes are not only tough physically… but they are intelligent and well groomed for success on or off the field. Nobody likes to think that something other than IDEAL physical health will prevail during an athlete’s college term. However, things happen. At Stanford Noor would be groomed as a champion on and off the turf. The best of the best. Besides… you just cant beat that California weather! My vote, hands down… Noor Davis and Stanford U

  17. He hasn’t visited Stanford or USC or UCLA. He has only visited UF and ND. The only reason Stanford wins the all sports program is they have 15 other “gay” sports that UF doesn’t have. Water Polo, lawn darts, horse back riding, pocket pool, tree hugging. You Stanford guys have 1 good year in football and now want to talk smack….PLEASE stop. i hear a liberal crying go help em.

  18. To Cory,

    Don’t knock on Stanford University. It outclasses every University in the nation and is on par with the best IVY League schools, and yes Stanford competes in all sports. Yet they have scholars and noble prize winners. Liberal or not, they are the smartest people who focus on what’s most important in life and finding ways to improve it.

  19. Yet you’re so smart that you are on a GATOR board, selling some recruit that has never visited your school…on your school. Maybe the kid just wants to play the best and major in something besides Facebook App class. Remember around here we don’t know the difference in Samford or Stanford…….

  20. I’ll say he’ll pick UF. Of course, that’s just a guess on my part as none of us can read these kids’ minds, but my guess is based on fiev factors… 1) He’s an in-state recruit and UF is close to home, 2) He’ll play immediately at SAM at UF in 2011, 3) Charlie Weis was the former HBC at ND and that’s appealing, 4) ND doesn’t a defensive guru like like Will Muschamp, and 5) UF’s staff is pro-NFL connection heavy, and that’s very attractive to recruits. I like our chances.

  21. peter, you must be smoking the same brand as janoris ! Just go down the list, (once you get out of that stupor sober & get some munchies down the hatch) & you’l see the FACTS that FLA is the ultimate choice for him.. any place else would be inferior….

  22. Please don’t go to Florida. It’s a crap shoot now that the Pope is gone and they haven’t proven anything so far. Besides, an education at South Bend is something that can’t be equalled in Gainesville. TRADITION NEVER GRADUATES!

  23. Can’t do much when a kid like this is taking education as his first priority. I wish him all the luck. Seems like a classy kid. Too bad there are some visitors to this site that can’t act with the same class level.

  24. Is there any reason why can’t have this story already posted???

    If you haven’t heard Noor Davis committed to Stanford University Friday afternoon. Not to hard.

    Anyways, big up’s to this kid. To be real, the only thing that matters is a college degree and nothing else. I’m a WEST COAST Gator fan and know that Stanford is the best of the best. If the kid was lookin for an education Stanford was the way to go!

    No worries though…

    “Boom” will handle business on the LB spot….

  25. Two year Gator team just ousted Stanford in Lacrosse. Don’t make us play every sport you play just to dethrone you Stanford lovers. You had one good season with an above average QB. Things will soon be back to normal for you. It’s not over Davis. We are not giving up on you. This is the University of Florida not Thug U or any other crap.

  26. It was posted within minutes of the announcement yet is still not updated on this page? I supposed is ok but I only check your site, Jeff. A simple “Update no.3 at the top would have been nice.

    As for the kid, great choice. Stanford will be solid for the next 5 years & his family is out there. Hoping to see him in the title game in 2013…

    • I’m sorry. I could never have imagined some of you ONLY visit my blog. I suppose that’s pretty cool, so I’ll make an adjustment. But just FYI, we’ve never put hard news or breaking news in our blogs. Commitment stories have ALWAYS gone in the headlines. Trust me, I was Edward’s boss for the last four years.

  27. Thanks Jeff (for your willingness to – in your words – “make an adjustment”)! —
    I appreciate the feature of adding “Updates” to a blog’s page subsequent to it’s original posting. Recruiting is such a fluid (dynamic) thing that unless one logs on every day – perhaps even several times a day – it can be easy to miss a headline article that “updates” a previous article or blog; especially when they (the articles) are moved around on the homepage.
    It’s nice, then, to be able to simply revisit a blog for updates that can link you to said headline! It’s a convenient consolidation of related info! Before the onset of the blogosphere this couldn’t be done; now it can!
    Finding a related (“update”) article oftentimes could be like searching for the proverbial needle – all the while not even knowing with certainty if said article even existed (was written) yet.
    This feature – this consolidation of time-sensitive related info on the fluid world of recruiting news – is more than just an “Update;” it’s a “HEAD’S-UP!”
    Besides, I’m always interested in reading the latest comments – by reader AND writer alike! (thanks Jeff, by the way, for your frequent and courteous interaction with us!).