VIDEO: Offensive tackle a huge Gator target


Patrick Miller has what scouts call an ideal frame for an offensive lineman. The Palm Beach, Fla., Dwyer left tackle stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 270 pounds with plenty of room for another 30-40 pounds. He’s agile and strong.

One can easily see why UF, with its needs on the o-line, has Miller high up on its list of targets. And the feeling is mutual.

I talked with Miller at the Nike Football Training Camp in Tallahassee on Sunday, April 17. You can watch the video below in which Miller talks about his recruitment.

He says he is set on playing in the SEC and his top three teams are Florida, Auburn and LSU. The quote that will make Gator fans happy is this: “I love Gainesville. It’s an in-state school and they’re in the SEC, so it’s definitely one of my top picks. It’s going to be hard not to go there.”

With plenty of interior linemen on the roster, Florida would love to add four or even five offensive tackles in its class of 2012.

Miller aims to graduate in December, enroll early and play in his school’s spring football game.

In the video Miller also talked about his four Dwyer teammates who play for the Gators — starting safety Matt Elam, slot receiver Robert Clark, tight end/fullback/linebacker Gerald Christian and Jacoby Brissett, Miller’s quarterback last season at Dwyer.

“Obviously they all try to promote Florida, which is great,” Miller said. “It’s a good resource to have.  … It seems like Dwyer kids do really well at Florida.”

If the Gators get their wish, there could be another Dwyer kid coming soon.


  1. Couple things…one, Jeff, memorize your questions before the interview. You’ve been doing this long enough where it should come more natural.

    Two…As much connection as this kid should have to UF, his eyes didn’t exactly light up when talking about Florida. He knows your from UF and he sorta told you what you wanted to hear. I think Florida has an ok shot at him, but he’s either the best poker player I’ve seen or UF is not topping his list. With his coach, old teammates, the need UF has, proximity to home, he should feel a strong pull to UF, but some of his comments are telling me he’s leaning to go elsewhere. Auburn if I was to guess, his eyes did light up when talking about Auburn and his body language changed. Here’s to hoping he’s a great poker player, we sure need him.

  2. I agree a little with Brent. I am not sold that UF is a top school for him, but then again he seemed dis-interested with the interview itself. I do like seeing these videos/ interviews with recruits because it gives us a sharper snapshot of the process.

  3. not saying Brent isn’t correct in his assessment. But not seeing the same thing he is. Highly recruited athletes at this stage, are very cautious about what they say on filmed or recorded interviews.

    I’m sure this kid gave about 20 of these ad hoc interviews while at the Nike camp. It could be he doesn’t like the attention or the interviewer.

    If he wants to start school in January, i think the gators have a good shot. That seems to be a specialty for Muschamp.

  4. I got the very same vibes that Brent did, he seem to be telling you what he thought you wanted to hear. Not really excited about Florida, even elaborated on Auburn a little. With all those Florida former teammates and his coach (high school) pushing the Florida ticket, NOT MUCH THERE… GO GATORS!!!

  5. Jeff – good info. Whenever I see a kid with that kind of height at only 270lbs. It screams redshirt with no chance of starting for 3 years. Thats alot of frame to fill out………… and can we get more than one story a week?

  6. Just watched your interview with Patrick Miller. Nice Job! No one should put any of these young men under pressure. Patrick, seems to be a very bright young man. I think he needs a little time to come to a decision! I don’t think he’s ready to commit to Florida or anywhere else. I didn’t see any fire or desire in this young man eyes! I just hope he makes the smart move and commits to the Gator! He is the type of Young Man this University needs in its program!

  7. There has been a lot of comments as to how great Muschamp was/is as
    a recruiter…..I do not recall seeing a single recurit from Texas even looking
    at University of Florida…A lot has been said about players and coaches
    getting to know each other and that may slow down the recruiting process
    with mostly all new coaches at University of Florida…..All of these coaches
    should have had a close tie with recruits from their previous area…..But
    the big question a lot of us are wondering, IS TEXAS OFF LIMITS????
    Give us your take….