And the new name is …


Welcome one and all to my new blog, Gator Prospectus, a name that I think tells you all you need to know.

pro·spec·tus — a statement that forecasts the course or nature of something.

I want to thank everyone who submitted their ideas, but one crazed recruitnik stood above the rest. Anyone who regularly reads the comments here is aware of quickenedspirit and his penchant for, um, lots of words.

I was amazed to receive a couple hundred submissions (you guys are terrific), but at least 40-50 of them were from quickened. So when I decided upon the winner, it was no surprise that I saw Gator Prospectus among his submissions.

Because there were so many suggestions, I strongly considered picking a top 5 and putting it to a vote. But I’m pretty sure Gator or Bait? would have won, and there was something I just didn’t love about that name. I thought Orange and Blue Chips was a strong contender.

So, welcome to Gator Prospectus. I’ll do my best to interact with you and give you plenty of inside information and fearless forecasts. Tomorrow, I’ll share a video of a major UF target from last weekend’s Nike Football Training Camp.

We’re in the process now of switching out the graphic in the masthead. Hopefully it shows up for you more quickly than my mugshot, but I swear I’m not Edward Aschoff’s twin brother. I’m told it’s just a browser caching issue and you can refresh the image. I’m not paying homage to my predecessor (although he is missed).


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  1. Next time, put it to a vote. Gator Prospectus is wack Jeff:/

    That being said, I am glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to your articles. Do you have an opinion on which WR will be better? Stefon Diggs, Dorial Green-Beckham, or Shaq Roland. And which do you feel like we have the best chance of landing?


  2. Thanks Jeff!
    Congrats (and good fortune) to you too on your new position! I enjoy your work.
    In a sense, “Gator Prospectus” belongs to all of us now, so go make GatorNation proud!
    Regarding the Grand Prize, I would want to represent the G’ville Sun well, so I’ll have my Tailor measure me for a T-shirt and have my people get that info to your people!
    Oh, and I’ll go ahead and claim first dibs on “a copy of [that] book [you] haven’t written yet” also, if you don’t mind?!
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)
    PS: For your edification, recall my comment on your “Special Hello” article (dated: 4/11/11) —
    “You know what they say about 3′s, right?!? Well, behold…
    1990 – Spurrier/Barlis: 1 Nat’l Championship!
    2005 – Meyer/Barlis: 2 Nat’l Championships!!
    2011 – Muschamp/Barlis: 3(rd) time’s the charm!?!
    It’s all on you, now, Jeff!!!”
    … No pressure …