Let’s play the name game


What’s in a name? Everything.

So I need your help, oh loyal recruitniks, to come up with a new name for this blog. The Scout Leader served Edward Aschoff well for a few years, but I want a clean slate.

And who better to help me than the smartest, most outspoken recruiting readers around? OK, maybe I was shamelessly sucking up to you just then, but you get the picture.

I’ve gotten a couple of decent submissions from around the office and out on the trail — “Future Watch” and “Recruiting Report,” which was the name for our videos last fall. Those aren’t bad. I just think we can do better. Surely there’s a marketing wizard out there among you.

So hit me up in the comments section below. I promise if I use your original submission I’ll give you some kind of token of my appreciation, like a copy of the book I haven’t written yet or a Gainesville Sun T-shirt.


  1. The future Orange and Blue
    an un-committed look at recruiting
    The silent commitment to Florida
    Recruiting dos and don’ts brought to you by Nu’keese Richardson
    top prospects wanted, apply within
    The Florida verbal
    Committed to Florida

  2. Forecasting Florida’s Football Future = F^4 =
    Written Non-Commitments!


    +1 for Recruiting Rundown or Recruiting Roundup, Recruiting Recount, Prospect Piece, Prospect Picture Scouting Scoop

    Golden Prospects would work great for the SOW. 🙁

  3. Gator Eggs

    They are of course only baby eggs that we hope one will one day hatch and grow up in the swamp. but we know few survive to their Junior year from this point, plus the section is kind of like eggs of information. And it’s Easter.

  4. The Recruitnik [Report]
    [The] Field Report(er)
    The Gridiron Insider
    Gridiron Insight(er)
    Gridiron Gator
    The Gator Report
    Gator Rapport(er)
    Gator [Sports] Outlook
    Swamp Outlook
    The Sports Report(er)
    The Prospective
    The Prospectus

  5. The stars are my rankings. () are just possible adjustments. Hope this helps.
    “Looking for Leaders”***
    “Search (ing) For Gator Greats”***
    “Road to a Gator Life(er)”****
    “The Right Stars”***** – (The)MustchampWay
    “Tail of a (Future) Gator”****
    “Taking out the Stars”*****
    “Lifers or Fakers”**
    “Lifers or Teasers”***
    “G-Life or Goodnight”**
    “To be or not to be?”**
    “Berlis trail on MuschampWay”******

  6. Is their a limit to the number of suggestions (or comments) one can post?!?
    Perhaps that’s why the moderator rejected my last offering (with 4 or 5 additional name suggestions) – the one I attempted to post about 15 minutes ago and would have followed my 1:32 am comment above (“The Recruitnik [Report]…Selah”).
    Sorry for exceeding the University’s intellectual license.
    Until Later,…
    Good Day (morning?) Sirs!!!

  7. Flagship Football Report/[Outlook].
    Flagship Sports Report/[Outlook].
    Sports Outlook.
    Gridiron Outlook.
    Pigskin Prospectus.
    PS: “Prospective Insights,” “Prospect Road.”
    PPS: My fingers are crossed. Let’s see if the moderator screens THIS – again. [I added “periods(.)” and two additional names/titles in the preceding “PS:” in order to switch it up a bit, in the hopes of tripping-up the automated(?) moderator’s recognition software (or hardnosed-human!)]! Of course, if my IP has been flagged, this is for naught. However, I’m hopeful due to my prior “inquiry” comment (2:35 am; above) being accepted. Here go’s…

  8. There are a few good ones, GATOR or BAIT, Reptile Recruiting, Incu-Gator, I also thought Prospect Road was good and after all this I guess I’m not a marketing guy because I couldn’t come up with anything. YET!!! GO GATORS!!!

  9. I was thinking, how do you sum up following a bunch of egotistical maniacs around and reporting every time the smell of their farts change. Then I saw gatorphil’s “Prima Donna Report”. I know you can’t use it, but how perfect.

  10. The Flagship Scout
    Flagship Scout Report
    Gridiron Prospectus
    Gridiron Report
    Gator Prospects
    Gator Lane/Road(s)
    Gator Harvest
    Gator Search
    Gator Scout
    Barlis Report(ing)
    The Barlis Zone
    Barlis Scouting
    The [Jeff] Barlis Report
    The Scrimmage Line
    [The] Red Zone Primer
    [The] Red Zone Prospectus
    The Red Zone Report
    The Scouting Primer
    The Scouting Prospectus
    The Scouting Report
    [The] Scouting Red Zone
    Orange & Blue Chips
    Chomp or Chump

  11. Gator Blotter
    Gator Insights
    Gator Insider
    Scouting Blotter
    Scouting Insider
    Scout Central
    In My Opinion
    Thoughts & Things
    The Barlis Blog
    The Barlis Blotter
    Boomtown Report
    Boomtown Prospectus
    Between The Lines
    Outside The Lines

  12. Recruit Recon, Rating the future, Intelligent Recruiting Report, The Next Big Thing, The Gator Rater, Next in Line, Coming Attractions, Swamp Safari, Bringing it Home, Recruitnik Roundup, Who’s Next?

  13. The Scout Report
    Class Report
    What’s Next!
    Prime Prospects
    Boomtown Prospects
    Recruiting Prospectus
    Recon Report
    Talent Recon
    Talent Watch
    Star Watch
    Budding Gators
    Scouting Reptiles
    Looking For Lizards
    The Swami [Report]
    Swami Sez
    “The ‘Chomping Chumps & Choosing Champs w/Character’ Cholumn
    “The ‘Gator Gridiron Gladiator Glory,… Good G-d’ – Blog”
    “[The] ‘Perspectives on Prospective Prospects’ Prospectus”
    [The] Recruiting Recon Road [Reality] Report
    “[The] ‘I’m Jeff Barlis and You’re Not!’ Report”
    “[The] ‘I’m No Edward Aschoff, But Neither Are You!’ Blog”
    Just Jesting Jeff – I’m A Proponent
    The Airport, Taxi, Bus, Hotel, Bedbug, Buffet, and Prima Donna Field Report