A special hello


Hello, Gator recruiting fans! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Barlis, and I am taking over the recruiting beat from dearly departed Edward Aschoff, ESPN.com’s newest blogging sensation.

Huge shoes to fill. The biggest challenge of my career. An impossible task. These are just some of the comments I’ve already heard from some of you on my Twitter.

And I’m here to tell you it’s all true.

Edward did a fantastic job in his years at The Gainesville Sun. I know this because I was his boss. So I’m not exactly new to the beat. I’ve been working behind the scenes on our recruiting coverage since I decided years ago that Gatorsports.com needed a full-time writer.

Now I am that writer. Irony, anyone?

Actually, it’s a testament to just how important we feel recruiting is. You have shown us over and over that it is our most popular content.

I’ve worked with and edited just about every recruiting story, blog, mailbag and video. Some of you may have watched me on the Recruiting Report videos that Edward and I did throughout the fall football season. Now I’m flying solo.

My goal is to maintain the very high standard we have already set. And I’ll need your help. This endeavor is a two-way street. I promise to read every email, tweet and blog comment. I’ll try to respond as often as I can.

So stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter @JeffBarlis and keep an eye out for my recruiting stories, profiles, videos and mailbags. I aim to keep you informed and entertained and hopefully make you (and Edward) proud.


  1. Well, it appears you know the drill and you are not a newby being sacrificed and thrown into the Swamp(so to speak). You know how high the bar has been set, and I applaud you for stepping in and not sacrificing some rookie. I won’t say welcome aboard, I’ll just say WELCOME. GO GATORS!!!

  2. Welcome Jeff – Lookin’ forward to reading your future blogs about UF recruiting. In reading your bio I see you are a USTA Florida member and play in local USTA leagues. Thank you for being a member and for playing in our league program! I work for USTA so I’m a little biased of course… what level are you? We might have to get together when I come to town!


  3. Jeff, there’s this kid in the neighborhood that is really fast. Age 5 or 6. Think his name is Billy … maybe Bobby. You should keep your eye on him. (Now we will see how good you are!) Ha. Really, I enjoy the coverage, and wish you the best in your efforts.

  4. I don’t think Ed discovered a magic secret to success, he implemented a strategy that has worked for hundreds of years, hard work equals success. Ed didn’t stand around all afternoon waiting on a coach to show up at an appointed press meeting (which I hear they’re always late to) and write the same story every other journalist at that meeting will write. Instead, he pounded the phone lines calling and texting potential recruits. He read the stat lines on every high school game and reported the most significant. He visited camps and evaluated talent. He became beloved because he delivered what others don’t. I’m happy for Ed because his hard work paid off. Here’s to hoping you follow that same playbook, Jeff. If you do, I’ll read every story you write.

  5. You know what they say about 3’s, right?!? Well, behold…
    1990 – Spurrier/Barlis: 1 Nat’l Championship!
    2005 – Meyer/Barlis: 2 Nat’l Championships!!
    2011 – Muschamp/Barlis: 3(rd) time’s the charm!?!
    It’s all on you, now, Jeff!!!
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)