Orlando OL likes state’s big three schools


Just looking at Duaron Williams can be intimidating.

The 6-foot-4, 294-pound Orlando Jones offensive guard carries the body of a man who looks ready for college practice.

While in San Antonio for the U.S. Army Junior Combine in January, he was one of the more dominant linemen in one-on-one drills. He not only started to generate a little more attention for himself with the media, but he’s starting to get a lot of attention from a number of schools around the country.

Williams said he’s heard from more than 40 schools, including Florida, Nebraska, Florida State, Miami and Clemson. He currently claims offers from Ole Miss, Central Florida and Rutgers. Ole Miss has been showing the most interest so far.

As the letters and e-mails from college continue to pour in, the happier Williams gets.

“I like the attention,” Williams said.

What Williams wants to do is start turning that attention into more offers, which he expects to get after visiting schools and competing in camps this summer.

Right now, no school has taken the lead for Williams’ services, but he is very interested in the big three in Florida — UF, FSU and UM.

All three are close to home and he’s followed each for most of his life. While FSU was the only program not to undergo major coaching changes, Williams said head coaches aren’t a major factor in his recruitment. He’s looking for the total package when it comes to colleges.

“It doesn’t really affect me because you don’t go to a school for a coach,” he said. “You go to a school for the program and to get a degree. That’s the main thing.”

Williams plans to visit all three in the near future.

One thing that stands out for UF is all the NFL experience on its new coaching staff, especially with offensive line coach Frank Verducci and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.

“I really like that,” Williams said. “It can’t get any better than that. They have that top-notch experience and maybe they can pass that along to me.”

Williams knows he’s got a long way to go as far as recruiting is concerned. He’s not planning to commit anywhere until next January. His preference is to do at an All-American game if he’s invited.

A factor in his recruitment will definitely be his mother. Williams said he passes things by his mom first before doing anything. She told him she’d follow him anywhere he goes and as long as she is backing his decisions he’s happy.

“I have her support and that’s all I need,” he said.


  1. Hallelujah, doesnt sound like one of these Prima Dona’s but a guy whose focus is on the right thing. If he makes it to the NFL he wont have to rely on his salary to get him thru the rest of his life after the NFL and if not, he will have a life after college! It is really about the school, coaches come and go.

  2. Sounds like a person with a great attitude, respect for family, and an understanding of what is important in choosing a college program. That said, he couldn’t make a better choice than becoming a Florida Gator!