Scouting an 8-year-old trick-shot artist


Football trick shot videos are becoming the coolest thing to watch on the Internet right now. Well, outside of incredibly strange yet entertaining Charlie Sheen interviews.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee’s amazing video — and killer soundtrack.

And by now everyone has also seen Monmouth QB Alex Tanney show he’s just as good as McEntee, if not better.

Well, there is a new challenger out there. A much younger and shorter challenger.

I ran across a video of 8-year-old Daron Bryden, of Enfield, Conn. He’s working with “5-star quarterback coach” Travis Meyer and has decided to show off his skills to the YouTube world.

He’s also got his own blog (This 8-year-old really has his own blog!).

Here is his 30-second video floating around right now. No word if Will Muschamp or even Lane Kiffin are showing interest, but they might after watching these fancy throws.

[youtube kijHDmXsjnA 580]

Oh and for those of you actually living under rocks, here are the videos of McEntee and Tanney.

[youtube s0WMd0Y6hIw 580]

[youtube SxDJb03a0yo 580]