Orlando athlete weighing offers


On film, Orlando Edgewater athlete Alton Howard is one of the fastest prospects around. He can play wide receiver, running back or defensive back.

Offensively, he seems to fit the spread offense a bit more than a pro-style, but he’s confident he could play in any sort of offense and could play defense if asked.

At the U.S. Army Junior Combine in January he ran a 4.4 in the 40 and a 4.2 in the shuttle.

Howard, a 5-foot-9, 170-pound athlete, currently claims double-digit offers, including Florida, Ohio State, Miami, South Carolina, UCLA, Central Florida and East Carolina. He’s also garnered interest from USC.

Howard’s plan was to take all of his official visits after his senior season, but after getting an offer from Ohio State, things have changed. Howard named the Buckeyes his leader and could get things out of the way before his senior season, but he would like to take a few official visits. Howard called OSU his “dream school.”

While OSU is the leader, he’s planning to visit schools this spring and summer.

Florida is one of those schools. Former coach Urban Meyer showed Howard a lot of interest last year and Howard even visited for the LSU game last fall.

Will Muschamp’s hiring hasn’t changed Howard’s interest in the Gators, and Howard would like to check out things in Gainesville between now and the start of his fall practice.

“Florida has always had a great program, so I’m sure everything will be OK,” Howard said. “I just have to look into how things are.”

Miami and South Carolina are both making major pushes for Howard as well.

One factor in Howard’s decision could be distance. Howard said his parents are interested in him staying closer to home. Though they’d back any choice he makes, closer to Orlando would be better.

Howard, who caught 60 passes for 1,146 yards and rushed for 546 yards as a junior, will try to make it to Columbus, Ohio, for an OSU practice this spring and would like to camp at a few schools this summer.

“The best thing for me is to take official visits,” he said. “Some (schools) want me to take (unofficial) visits over the summer and spring, so I’m going to narrow it down to what visits I’m going to take and make my decision from there.”


  1. Now, answer me this…..why would a talented young man want to play where it’s below 40 for better than half the season (and cold for six or eight months during the year), where his folks can’t just run up the road and see him play on the seven or eight weekends his team has a home game? Unless he’s planning to live in Ohio after he graduates, where he can take advantage of his football connections in helping land a job, why would he want to play for Overrated State University?

  2. Okay, let’s think it through… OSU or UF? Columbus or Gainesville? Both huge universities with plenty of academic choices and potential major degrees… about the same enrollment… located in terrific college towns… one is two days of hard driving and expensive airfare away from home with frigid winter days and nights. The other is two hours from home, gorgeous weather, beaches nearby, beautiful coeds and outdoor sports available all year. Hmmmmmm… Which looks better?

  3. Yeah, BUT…

    Somehow or other, these kids DO make that obvious error, regularly.
    Says himself he’s coming into the process with “OSU my Dream School”.
    Who KNOWS where THAT started, but there it is.
    Oh well, we’ll welcome him with open arms if/when he smartens up–but it’s not as if we’ll lack for fast little guys on EITHER side of the ball, no matter what.

  4. If any of you have ever watched the NFL playoffs then you would relieze that most of the games are played in cold weather. The young man is smart enough to leave the state of florida and get a headstart on his career. Comparing Ohio State and Florida acedmically is a joke, OSU is a real college sorry, florida fans most grade school kids could make in through. Plus if history is any indication if he when to florida he would end up being arrested like the rest of your athletes!!!

  5. Maybe having those leftover scholarship offers was not such a bad thing for Coach Muschamp… Gives us some extra shots come recruiting time. And why limit oneself to 2 slots for running back, 3 for defensive tackle etc if there are more quality, unselfish kids out there? Sign ’em AND play ’em as in 3rd stringers WILL play at UF if you PROVE yourself! Come to UF to play, not benchsit.

  6. Bobby- I believe there are more NFL teams up north (past Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arizona) so your point is not valid. Plus it’s all about competition which you know nothing about being 1-9 vs SEC teams. Check your jock strap before you talk!!

  7. bobby dillion is a terrible name. you miss spelled went!you put when, and messed up a four letter word while makeing fun of gator fans education. ur lame sir. there isnt anything sader than a team like yours, you play weak programs and then get over hyped EVERY YEAR, then proceed to lose , badley to SEC teams in the big game. also im looking at the coolege player police record issue of SI, and u guys are tied with us for 11th most players who have a criminole record in college football, so suck on that. and your coach wears a sweatervest, c’mon….. thats superweak

  8. Tomk, I don’t like what Dillion said any more than you do but before you criticize his spelling get it right man;
    sweatervest(sweater vest)
    I think you made one of his points for him, you sound like a plant.
    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  9. Congratulations Bobby! You must make OSU so proud. You made sure to put the “i” before “e” when you spelled relieze. Too bad it’s actually spelled “realize”. I’m just sorry I wasn’t fortunate enough to receive (don’t forget, “i” before “e” except after “c”, so I got it right!) a wonderful OSU education.

  10. Young man don’t visit OSU in the spring visit in the winter months and see what your about to live with for the next four years. I think they issue you a snow shovel when you arrive on campus so if you pick them good luck with that!

    PS And remember they play in a horseshoe stadium and they say of course that a horseshoe is supposed to bring luck…not against the SEC! (1-9 record) bottom line don’t waste your talent.

  11. Hey Buckey —
    U.S. News & World Report’s (USNews.com) 2011 academic rankings places UF at #53 and OSU at #56.
    PS: Devil In A Red Vest??? —
    Trouble’s a-brewin’ at OSU. Jim Tressel, who dresses like a goodie-two-shoes, has recently exhibited a lack of character to match his “coaching,” … and the Piper is a-knockin’! When there’s smoke, guess what’s near-by???
    Good luck with your faux “Mr. Goodie-2-shoes!” I’ll take “Mr. 2-bits” every time – even in retirement (which is where your girlie-man may soon find himself)!! I’ll bet them-there Wolverines are smelling blood right about now!
    How do ya like them nuts, Buckwheat?!?
    [Maybe Meyer will find himself back on the sidelines sooner than later, voyaging with Columbus (I doubt it, though; he’ll probably save himself for ND)].