Class of 2011 complete; Brissett’s LOI is in


Florida is finally finished with its 2011 recruiting class.

The Palm Beach Post first reported Monday that Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett and his mother, Lisa Brown, signed his letter of intent and faxed to UF, giving the Gators 19 signees.

Brissett made his decision to attend UF public before his high school basketball game Friday night. However, his mother wasn’t on board with Brissett’s decision. She expressed her disappointment with her son’s decision to chose UF over Miami to reporters Friday.

“Not my choice,” Brown said. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t like the way Florida handled the process. I’ve never been able to meet the head coach … I’ve never met (Will Muschamp) face-to-face and I find that very disrespectful and I’m just hurt with the whole process with the Gators. I was hoping that he would respect me and go to ‘The U’ because ‘The U’ showed respect to his mom.”

Brown was upset that an in-home visit wasn’t conducted with Muschamp, but, it appears he didn’t have the chance to make that visit with Brissett and his mother.

Per NCAA rules, a head coach may make in-person, off-campus contact with a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or legal guardian(s) only during one calendar day. This contact can occur both at or away from his school. A coach can visit the school and then make an in-home, but it has to be on the same day.

A source told The Gainesville Sun on Saturday that during the time in which Muschamp visited Dwyer he was unable to make an in-home visit with Brissett during the contact period. Because he made his trip down there he couldn’t make an additional trip to Brissett’s home.

Brown could have visited Muschamp and UF, but didn’t.

The signing of Brissett gives Florida two All-America quarterbacks in its class. Florida already has the consensus No. 1 quarterback in Oviedo Hagerty’s Jeff Driskel enrolled on campus.

During Muschamp’s National Signing Day press conference last week, he expressed his concern with UF’s depth at quarterback.

“Our numbers at quarterback aren’t very good,” Muschamp said. “We’re short still at numbers at quarterback. So those are things we’ve got to continue to look at so we know we’re building depth on our football team.”


  1. I concur completely. Hopefully, she can now put her personal feelings of hurt, disrespect, and inadequacy behind her and give your son the full support he deserves.

    We all do dumb things. It’s how we respond to them that is important and sets us apart from others. I hope his moms proves to us all that it was only a stumble.

    Gator Nation is wait with open arms. Come get some love.

  2. I’ll just say I disagree with the way she handled the situation. If she was and still is Pro “U”, that’s fine. Her whole argument is based on respect, yet she has not respected Jacoby’s choice, and to be so public about it is kind of alarming. Go GATORS!!!

  3. Though I’m very heart broken over Grant cause it was a “big” need… Getting Brissett was a great catch! I think it will be great to see the battle between Driskel and Brissett over the next two years. I think we’ll be in good hands either way, but I really hope we pull a great class next year of you could Ed please let me know about some of the next prospects and our chances of making an impact with muschamp at the helm. Thx Go Gators!

  4. The kid probably wants to get out from under a domineering parent. I hope Gainesville is far enough away. Be careful Coaches Muschamp and Weiss or she might sneak up on you and clobber you upside your heads with her purse.

  5. Think about this—-MAYBE he wanted to get some distance between he and mom. She sounds a little bit over bearing to me. It’s going to be his life for the next 3 or 4 or 5 years and he NEEDS to feel comfortable. We will only be better with these types of ball players as they will make each other better. Competion Baby!

  6. I’m glad UF was able to land Brissett, despite his Mom, but 9 times out of 10 Mom is going to influence the decision and I don’t care what the NCAA rules are, you find a way to make Mom happy. In my opinion that was Meyer’s secret to success, he won the parents over. So WM couldn’t visit Mom, he could sure as hell called her or made concessions to have her come to Gainesville. Hell, he could Fedex a laptop to her house and Skype her, with a return envelope to Fedex the laptop back of course. I bet ya I could come up with at least 20 ways WM could make Mom happy and we’re not going to have success if we don’t land the parents FIRST. Come on coaches, get creative and get some talent to G-ville next year.

  7. Jacoby, welcome to GatorNation! You’re going to love Gainesville and so will Mom. We are proud you are a Gator….and will be for the rest of your life! You’re part of the greatest family in college football and college academics now. Go Gators!

  8. Instead of being happy about an awesome play, more of you are choosing to talk about the mother. Which leads me to think you would ALSO say something selfish spur of the moment if you were asked a question….all of you haters on these Gatas blog make me understand why lots of people are starting to not like Gatas fans.

  9. She talks about respect? Doesnt she realize Muschamp was following rules about recruiting showing a lot of respect to Gator Nation, Florida University, and her son by not involving them in a recruiting violation? I just hope this isnt going to turn out to be a Cam Newton-like situation. She is almost too vocal about the “u”.

  10. Way to go Coaching Staff!!!
    I think we got a great class of 19 strong players and especially the skill players! Think about it…We get 2 All American QB’s and Miami cant even land one…We have close to a top 10 class and what people seem to forget is that the Gators have back to back to back top 5 recruiting classes in the house already!!!
    Notice we got Top flight Qb’s, Top flight Fullback and Running back and wide outs!and incredible secondary..
    Clearly shows what we plan to do next year…..That means a pure Pro set Offense and a Pro type of defense!!
    Cant wait till the fall.
    Again…Job Well Done to the entire Coaching staff!!!!
    Did anyone even think that the team that has won 2 National Championships and almost a third with 3 13-1 seasons over the last 5 years is going to be down for long?
    Hey we consider an 8 win season with a New years Bowl win a down year…Shows where the bar is set at Florida…
    Go Gators! Bob in Jupiter!

  11. Let’s hope this goes away soon. Don’t under-estimate the power of Moms. Besides Dwyer DT Mike Minns could be considered the nation’s top prospects in 2012. Last thing we need is for other parents like her to think WM is Diss-N parent. Parents don’t always think like us “Homers”. Imagine the recruiting process being referred to as “following Rules”. Ya right. If U ain’t cheat-N, you ain’t…………….

  12. Just too bad that this got so public. Nobody really cared, or should have, when I was deciding whether I should go to UF, FSU, USF, Stetson, or Florida Southern and waited with baited breath for my decision. This should habe just remained a closed family discussion and decision. That said, I am glad that Jacoby will be a Gator and I don’t think he will ever regret his decison. I believe the Gators will grow on Mom. I welcome her also!

  13. hey… everybody is talking about the two incoming freshmen qbs and how they will battle to be brantleys backup and it should be fun to watch as the competitiveness will only make the team better… but dont sleep on burton, reed, nor the redshirt freshman from ct… there will definitely be some depth at that spot for years… brissett and driskell does help solidify position… GO GATORS