Brissett’s mom upset, pushing UM


It wouldn’t be recruiting season without a little more drama.

Florida picked up its 19th commitment for the Class of 2011 Friday night when Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett announced his intentions of attending UF before his basketball game. He will reportedly fax in his letter of intent by Monday.

Until then, while Florida fans rejoice in Miami’s loss, it appears things aren’t over, yet. Brissett’s mom, Ellicia Brown, made it perfectly clear she wants her son to attend Miami. It isn’t just that she is a Hurricanes’ fan, but she wasn’t thrilled with the way new coach Will Muschamp recruited her and her son to Florida.

“Not my choice,” Brown said. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t like the way Florida handled the process. I’ve never been able to meet the head coach … I’ve never met (Will Muschamp) face-to-face and I find that very disrespectful and I’m just hurt with the whole process with the Gators. I was hoping that he would respect me and go to ‘The U’ because ‘The U’ showed respect to his mom.”

Brown was upset that an in-home visit wasn’t conducted with Muschamp, but, it appears he didn’t have the chance to make that visit with Brissett and his mother.

Per NCAA rules, a head coach may make in-person, off-campus contact with a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or legal guardian(s) only during one calendar day. This contact can occur both at or away from his school. A coach can visit the school and then make an in-home, but it has to be on the same day.

A source told The Gainesville Sun on Saturday that during the time in which Muschamp visited Dwyer he was unable to make an in-home visit with Brissett during the contact period. Because he made his trip down there he couldn’t make an additional trip to Brissett’s home.

Brown could have visited Muschamp and Florida, but didn’t.

This saga will only end once Brissett’s national letter of intent is faxed to Florida. According to Brown, she’ll push Miami until he does.


  1. This would be a better story if we knew why the visit couldn’t be made on that same day. Did Muschamp have a previous engagement? Where did Muschamp meet Brissett and why couldn’t the mother be there? Was she at work? Out of town? Not that interested? Does Brissett have a good relationship with his mother? Just wondering what the rest of the story is.

  2. What a joke. Because she feels “disrespected” she wants her son to make a decision he doesn’t want to and go to a school where he doesn’t want to go. Great job mom of the year. Forget what’s best for your son, be more concerned with yourself and make the decision on who kisses your #$$ the most.

  3. Scumbag mother needs to take the nipple out of his mouth cause he dont want it no more. She says the u showed her respect and we did not. Sounds like she wants to be the one who get courted and not her son.

  4. Some parents, fortunately not all, want to live their lives thru their children and normally it is the fathers and not the mothers. Hopefully the mother in this case will support her son and whatever choice makes him the happiest and not push her choice on him. We all have to grow up sometime and in this case she can not play football for him, go to class for him, or live in the dorm with him. Time to let him make his own choice in life! She does know it but she may be driving him away with her attitude and actions. Only time will tell where he goes but at least for all concern it should be over Monday. Hope Momma can live with herself!!

  5. I will give the mother the benefit of the doubt and say she was not made aware of the rule, so I will fault the coach for that. We know Weis went down for an in-house, but the bottom line here is if he would have made three trips (in-house) she would have still pushed the “U”. Thats what she wanted, If the kid didn’t feel the comfort zone with the “U”, the competition is going to be open, let him compete where he feels comfortable. This is a prime example of what I posted about with T. Jernigan and that “I’ve been a gator fan all my life” story, if his heart was really at FLORIDA he would have signed at FLORIDA and asked his mother to understand that’s where he wanted to be, so it was something else that he didn’t want to admit to as to why he chose FSU. I believe he figured his chances for quicker playing time with less competition was a big factor, he remembers last years class and the returner he would have to compete with for that playing time. If you are as good as your press clippings, you make your way on the field , you don’t get there by default. Go GATORS!!!

  6. This doesn’t sound good for the Gators…..

    Jernigan listed to his mom.

    This kid probably will, too.

    Well…The Gators still have Driskell and Murphy to back up Brantley next year. Not exactly hurting. I am sure Weiss will go recruit an outstanding QB next year as well.

    By the way…Ms. Mom….who is the QB coach at Miami to coach up your son so he can make big bucks for you in the NFL.

    If you haven’t checked lately….Charlie Weis coaches QB’s at Florida….and he knows a little about playing QB in the NFL.

    Maybe….the son is smarter than the mom! And certainly…less emotional.

  7. I can understand his Mom being upset. My mom wasn’t happy when I left Texas to go to school in Florida. It’s hard for Moms to realize that their sons are growing up. She needs to the job she did raising that boy into a young man. He will make her proud. I hope Muschamp and Weiss make some time for Mom now that the recruiting process is over.

    Mrs. Brown, Florida is one of the top public universities in the nation. Gainesville is a great community. That means that Jacoby will have the opportunity to earn a top notch education in a great environment. I’m sure the Gator Nation will do a good job of taking care of your YOUNG MAN.

  8. Mom may have been already hurting over the greyshirt offer from Urban Meyer. That may be where it all started as in, “If you don’t think my son is good enough to get a full scholarship then he can just go somewhere that will appreciate him, so in strolls Miami. Don’t understand why, with the scholarships left and as good as this kid is supposed to be, why he wasn’t offered a full scholarship. I say give the mom a break, welcome this kid and get on with football.
    And recruiting should never appear clumsy.

  9. I understand what the mother is saying here. She has to give her son to a college four four or five years she wants to feel comfortable about them. Thats all fine and dandy, me being a farther can agree with that but she also mst make the effort to truly understand the school and the reason why her son wants to attend. Show yuor son the same respect with his choice as you are demanding from the Uni of FL, beleive me, with the choice to be a gator he surely cant go wrong!!

  10. I don’t think the abusive comments about his mother are appropriate and will no doubt hurt our chances of this great athlete becoming a Gator. Please don’t disrespect any recruit or any member of his or her family.

  11. This is a prime example of what I posted about with T. Jernigan and that “I’ve been a gator fan all my life” story, if his heart was really at FLORIDA he would have signed at FLORIDA and asked his mother to understand that’s where he wanted to be, so it was something else that he didn’t want to admit to as to why he chose FSU…………………… GATOR CREEK – these kind of responses are getting old. Maybe, Haggins and Jernigan did become close.. and maybe Jrnigan was a gator fan most his life. Take off the tin foil hat and quit trying to slant every angle as an insult to the UF program. He had just under a month to really get to know a completely new coaching staff, but there just wasn’t enough time. It could be that he was telling the truth – its just that you don’t want to hear it.

  12. Can we all stop referring to the University of Miami as “The U?” If it’s being used sarcastically toward the mom’s reference, then fine. However, I don’t think everyone on the site is using it this way. Referring to a competitor by their nickname gives them too much respect, IMO. It’s like a Michigan fan referring to OSU as “THE Ohio State University.”

  13. Jernigan was looking for every possible excuse not to go to UF. If Florida fans wanting him to go to their school somehow turned him off, then he has problems. And I’m real sure FSU, LSU, or whatever fans weren’t telling him to go there. Whatever, that kid is just a self-centered drama queen. He never wanted to go to UF in the first place, and since he was looking for a reason why, he found one. Good riddance to him then.

    And as far as Brissett’s mom and her “disrespect” B.S., Miami wasn’t even recruiting Jacoby until they changed coaches too. But I guess that’s okay because it’s the school she likes. She needs to get over herself. She’s just making herself look crazy and like she cares more about who her personal favorite team is than what her son wants. It’s HIS life, not hers, and he’s the one who has to spend 4 years at whatever school he chooses. Let him make his own decision.

    I could understand if she was playfully talking about how they’re going to have problems because he’s going to a rival team, joking around or whatever, but she’s actually legitimately mad about it and acting like she’s all personally offended because her son wants to go to a better school and a better football team. Okay then, mom.

  14. C’MON MAN. If you do not understand the concerns of a parent then you are not one. If you are one, and criticizes the mom then you are not a good one. You must understand both sides here. The coaches may not have had the time needed to meet with her and their son. She must be respected. I hope that GatorNation will have the opportunity to show appreciation to both people as he wears the Orange and Blue. Only let us stop dissing the parent.

  15. There are standards and expectations at Florida, some young men do not have the ability to meet them…for that reason some end up at Free Shoes U or with the criminal element in Miami. As far as momma, just real sad to do your own son that way. Go Gators!!!

  16. What I don’t understand is, where was she when the ‘process’ was going on? That’s her job to be there with her son. Now I understand there may have been circumstances prventing her from being there, but there is no reason why she can’t have met our coaches by now. There is no way that she could have met Miami’s new staff that she didn;t have time to meet Florida’s. Btw, Miami won’t be playing in the nation’s premiere conference or playing for any NC’s any time soon, and Florida will. Jacoby will get FIVE TIMES the national t.v. exposure playing for UF, not to mention the many, many NFL connections UF’s staff offeres. UF is a win-win for her son, She should want the best in this situation. Let;s hope she sees that. otherwise, this has the potential to turn into another Josh Portis affair.

  17. GATOR IN S. CAROLINA… take the trolling elsewhere. “Scumbag mother”?! Wow, would you want someone saying that about your mother? These recruits read these boards more than some here suspect. I suspect a troll trying to turn Jacoby elsewhere by insulting his mother.

  18. BEEP, in a lot of these situations, when a mother does this, she only makes her son even more determined to be independent. That said, his mother has not said she won’t sign her name to the LOI for her son if he does choose UF.

  19. It’s a shame when people are so easily offended. Mom should be happy her son can go to any college and get a good education while playing football. And we all know high school educators always motivate students with the idea of high gpa’s and strong SAT scores so kids can go to THE COLLEGE OF THEIR CHOICE! Not mama’s choice.

  20. Calling the kid’s mom a “scumbag” is beyond the pale. It’s unconscionable really. And it’s completely natural for parents to be involved where their kid goes to school. That said, the criticism that Muschamp didn’t personally visit his mother is a trumped up charge. In recruiting the head coach often doesn’t personally visit every kid’s parents. Her calling UM “the U” completely gives away where her personal loyalties lie. This has nothing to do with Muschamp and UF, and sounds like mom has long been a fan of “the U.” It’s a shame that she’d swing at Muschamp instead of just being honest with herself and saying “Gee, I’ve always been partial to Miami especially since my nephew already plays there.”

  21. This is a sad case of a parent making the issue all about him or her, and not their son or daughter. If Briset’s mom had said that she wanted him to attend UM (or any other school) because she wanted the best education, or playing opportunity for him, I would have respected and admired that. Her reason being that “the U showed her respect and UF didn’t” clearly shows that in her mind, this is all about her and not her son. Assuming the young man does send in his LOI, and show up on campus, I wouldn’t get too excited, as I see a transfer coming the moment the first challenge arises.

  22. Let’s hope this is not another Josh Portis issue. I think Brissett is trying to help himself while his mom is trying to hold him down. Miami might be the easier route to the field but UF is where it is at these days.

  23. seems to me we had a kid just like when meyer first came. his name escapes me because after he left UF he bounced around,point is his mother was the same way helicopter mom. I don’t care how good this kid may be lets hope we don’t sign him,mommie dearest will be a big pain. My son should be playing,your shouing disrepect blah blah. Go to the U kid you’ll be better off we want you not your mother.

  24. Mommy drama stuff aside, I haven’t seen much discussion about a potential QB controversy. You have Driskel, who was the consensus number one prospect in the country, enrolling early. Everybody knows that no matter how highly rated a guy is, that he could be a bust, or a lower rated guy could be better. Brissett is certainly no slouch. Rivals ranks him number 3, Scout number 9, ESPN number 25 (an odd variance). If he were our only QB coming in, I’d still feel pretty good, not based on rankings, but about what has been written about his abilities. But, we are talking about the QB position. There can be only one starter. And that guy may be the starter for the next 3 or 4 years. If Brissett doesn’t win the starting job, he’ll most likely redshirt, but be set up to be the backup for all but one year. Maybe two if Driskel leaves school early. That sounds good on paper, but he could probably go to a lot of schools where he could be THE top QB prospect from day one.

    So now back to the momma drama. If he has to redshirt, and play #2 behind Driskel for a few years, do you think she’s NOT going to be telling him “told you so” every chance she gets? Even if the kid has a good attitude about it all today, that is going to make for some awkward family dinners over the next few years, if he doesn’t somehow win the starting job.

  25. I think this lady is nuts. Muschamp has only been on the job for two months, now. He’s had to find a new place to live, move into a new office, relocate his family from 7 states away, enroll his kids in school, get the power and phone turned on, buy Christmas presents, meet the administrators, become familiar with a university that is bigger than most small towns, become familiar with his current roster and this nutty woman feels “disrespected” because he didn’t put all these trivial things aside to spend a day in Palm Beach kissing her ass? It would be nice if we actually do land the guy, but if we don’t…..whatever. You can only have 1 qb on the field at a time anyway…. unless you play in an Addazio offense. Then you can have up to 3.

  26. Welcome to Gator Nation Jacoby and Ms Brown!! That Gator in South Carolina must be some The U troll trying to sway you away from UF. We Real Gators understand that parents want the best for their children. Percy’s mom was real protective of Percy and correct me if I am wrong, she even moved to Gainesville to be closer to Percy. With Percy’s protective mom in the picture, we certainly got the most talented duo to ever play College Football in Gainesville (Harvin,Tebow) and 2 national championships. I can see Brissett/Driskel having that potential. I know they will be competing with each other but we could just end up having a 2-headed monster at quaterback. LSU plays 2 QBs so why not us?..we’ve certainly done it in the past…Anyway Gator in South Carolina or Cane in South Carolina, please go to your Cane board!!

  27. Stop scooterpoop! Addazio deserves a lot of credit for our 2 national championships. Thanks but NO THANKs for helping show the door to one of the most successful coaching staffs or our time!! Addazio may not have been the best OC but he was tremendous for us during the 2 NC championship runs. And, please give Jacoby’s mom a break…this is all UM’s folks/media trying to exploit the situation to sway Jacoby away. Don’t buy into it..the South Miami media probably tricked her into thinking our coaching staff did not show her respect. We all know it ain’t true and she’ll know so soon. If Jacoby can still come here, this will say a lot about his commitment to Gator Nation. I for one already am excited about this kid’s maturity. Hopefully, he faxes his LOI to Gainesville on monday.

  28. `Kind of weird, when you think about it, that Urban didn’t offer a scholarship to a 6-5 230 lb. running quarterback. Wonder why not?

    Maybe he just didn’t want to train another backup until he transfered to Auburn.

  29. wow, scumbag mom is pretty rough, lets just take it down a notch. u know how the “u” fans are. hope this guy still comes i saw him play on TV and thought “someone needs to give this guys a scolorship fast!~” but he got overshadowed by real good teamates and myere messed up and only offered the greyshirt to him.

  30. I welcome Jacoby to the Gator Nation! Although his mother is fiercely loyal to UM, I know most Gators will welcome her too as she realizes that Jacoby has made a good choice. I hope he stands tall in his decision and keeps in mind that “fan” is short for “fanatic” and that a few hotheads do not represent the larger Gator fan base. I look forward to enjoying many good times with Jacoby as a Gator.

  31. Pretty harsh and inappropriate comment from the sc gator!!
    I wish I knew what recruiting rules are in effect now, but if we really want this young man, Muschamp should contact Mom and arrange a visit if that is what it takes. Most jobs require doing things we may not like or things that require a little humility–but again, if we really want him, work it out with Mom.

  32. Posters above are not inappropriate. This guys mom is a scumbag. Its your son’s life, let him live it. He had a decision to make and he made it. She should back it no matter what. You dont tell your kids that you are disappointed in them for making a choice on what college to attend. Thats a sickening display from a parent. Pure sickening. Its his life, not hers. She needs to keep her GD mouth shut and back her son up. Its about him, not about her. Sickening that this article came out.

  33. JJGATOR,
    I agree with you, if it is allowed under the rules Muschamp should arrange a meeting. I know she is a “U” fan at heart and that may never change even if Jacoby becomes the best QB in college football during him time at FLORIDA, her support will only be for Jacoby not for FLORIDA. I know shes being a mom, but i also believe she is thinking too much about MOM. Jacoby feels pretty comfortable with his decision, he is not holding a grudge against the university and the current staff for the short sightedness of the last staff, maybe they figured they only needed one QB for this year. I won’t respond to scooter P, my opinion scooterP, my opinion.

  34. When Tebow was the quarterback he was the only one to get substantial playing time. I hope that with the quality that we will have we will see more than one quarterback during a game. Not 3 quarterbacks in each series but maybe alternate by quarter…We will have some quality players at this position so wouldn’t it be great to pull one, let him recharge on the sideline, observe the defe nse and go back in refreshed? And these guys would be getting game experience.
    Too often UF seemed to stay with the starters through most of the game at many positions in the past. The backups rfeally never really got a chance to shine. This might help with recruiting too as these players would see: practice hard, grow your skill set, be ready to show us what you have.

  35. Paul you sound like you want youth soccer rules where everyone gets to play. Championship teams rarely play more than one qb. Even in Tebow’s freshman year he would only play on 3rd and one or fourth and one. I guess you never played organized sports after 6th grade.

  36. Do we really want this problem? Brissett is a great talent for sure, and he could be a great contribution to this team, if his mother realizes that she is not part of the package. Remember Josh Portis? Remember his Mom? Remember how she completely ruined his career and wasted the Gators time? This seems very similar. we should realize that she is never going to go away, and just let him become the incredible athlete that he has the potential to become. If you can’t tell Momma to back off, Josh, then I wish you well where ever you go. If you can get her to quit medaling in you affairs, then welcome to the Gator Nation. Go Gators!!!

  37. Josh Portis answers: he transferred to Maryland, was competing for starting job, got caught cheating and was ruled inelgibible (or simply suspended) for a season, came back but didn’t win the starting job, transferred to an NAIA school in Pennsylvania where he put up some good numbers, wasn’t drafted by the NFL. …

    Where he is now – no idea.

  38. PRODCUEWIZ, Portis mother thought her son should have been the starter everywhere he went, but unfortunately, Josh let his mom run his life, but Josh was his own worst enemy after leaving Uf and transferring to Maryland, where he got himself in trouble and I think he ended up transferring again. I totally understand a parent wanting to look after their kids in this recruiting business, but some of these parents get themselves so involved and entrenched in the process that they ruin it for their kid.

  39. I can’t stand parents that behave this way. Aren’t they supposed to say that they support their child in their very grown up decision? Guide him, mentor him, then step back and let him grow up. Regardless of what your personal feelings are, your behavior now, and your support or lack thereof, will be what Jacoby remembers. Trust me when I say that you want those memories to be good and full of love and support, not anger and resentment.

    Behave in the way you hope your young son would behave. Stip being so selfish and narcissistic and show your son you love and respect him. Be adult enough to behave well even if you don’t get what you want. If you can’t understand the wisdom in these words because of your personal feelings of hurt and inadequancies–then start walking to Miami.

    Gator Nation needs strong parents with strong vaules. These are the parents that raise children with strong connections and values as well. These are the young men and women that Gator Nation thrives on.

    Jacoby, show your mother that you are more mature than she believes you are. We all have to do it at some point in our lives. Go with your convictioins, behave like a man, work hard, and come get a great education at UF.

    I am a Gator Fan Jacoby, and I don’t envy the position you currently find yourself. But one things is for sure–no one else can live your life and a man lives with the consequences of their decisions. Do what you feel in YOUR heart and you will have my full support.

    Good luck to you young man.

  40. Ga Gator,
    I agree with Paul in a sense, I don’t think he’s talking about youth soccer rules, just the fact that we are really deep in some areas and we could use more than one athlete in a position if they are as talented as we believe they are. We have some very good coaches and I’m sure they know if the shuttling of players will be good or bad for the team and I respect that. As a FAN we just see things different and think we know what it looks like would be good, but we will trust our coaches on this. GO GATORS!!!

  41. IBANKIN,
    You sound like another jerk on this site, you guys are too personal especially calling people “thugs” that you don’t even know. ONLY because they don’t agree with you or don’t think the way you think, small minded. And if you are the person Gator Todd says you are then I understand. GO GATORS!!!

  42. Like I said the first time, my beef is with the reporter for not telling us the whole story. As the mother of a teenage boy, I will give her the benefit of the doubt until I hear the reason why she never met the coach.

  43. wow, stay classy gator fans,,,really ripping a mother, Glad he found a college, I did not like the process and I think JB knows he has no pressure to play at UF versus the U situation, we need help asap at the Qb position but we need kids with confidence not a drama qeen, Thanks for Gator fans going after the scum mom comments…that is pretty classless..see ya in 2013

  44. It’s really unfortunate to discover that we have so many fans on the left end of the bell curve. The Brissett situation was clearly nothing more than mis-communication as a result of an NCAA visitation rule.

    Welcome Jacoby, and welcome to all the new Gators. We’re thrilled to have you all.

  45. I wouldn’t go to the lengths of calling her a “scumbag”, but when she went public, she opened herself up to criticism. …. and calling Muschamp “disrespectful” – I can’t believe a grown woman could come across with less maturity than her 17 year old child. —– We are sorry, mom, that our coach didn’t take the time out of his busy schedule to drive down to Palm Beach and spend the day kissing your ass. Luckily your son seems to have the intelligence to make up his mind, with out your help.——–welcome aboard, Jacoby.

  46. This is the throw Momma off the Train recruiting story of 2011. A possessive completely selfish mother who was more concerned about her own needs rather than being happy for her son. But apparently she got it right, her son was his own man and did what he felt was best for him. And if she loves him, there is no indication to thing other wise after all she wanted him close to home, she will continue to love him at Florida. And Will Muschamp must learn one important recruiting tool, recruit the Momma!