Story will make final decison Wednesday


Florida appears to have just one last shaky commitment.

Tuesday night, I was informed by someone close to Brooksville Nature Coast wide receiver Ja’Juan Story that he will make a final decision Wednesday at 9 a.m. He will choose between Florida and Ohio State. Though Story has remained committed to the Gators, he began wavering after Urban Meyer’s resignation.

Story has officially visited Ohio State, taken and posted pictures with both OSU coach Jim Tressel and UF’s Will Muschamp and has gone back and forth with his decision this month. The source said he is “not sure what (Story) will do,” Wednesday.

Story had an in-home visit with both Muschamp and Tressel last week and unofficially visited Florida last Friday. He also reportedly wasn’t thrilled with former Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton’s hire to be OSU’s receivers coach, but the same source said that was blown out of proportion.

Right now, it looks like a prominent member of Story’s family is pushing him to stay committed to Florida.

“His uncle wants to stay close and he is trying to push him that way,” the source said.

Losing Story would leave Florida with just one receiver commit in this class in Lakeland’s Javares McCroy, who is current enrolled at Florida.


  1. JuJaun, we Gators want you at UF. Now, here’s the deal though, either you’re a Gator, or you’re Gator bait. You weant play in the SEC that’s won that LAST FIVE NATIONAL TITLES, or do you want to play for Ohio State, that won the last few Big 10 title that doesn’t mean squat? That’s not a jab at you, just an honest question.

  2. Gator Todd-

    I am sure this kid has read your post and takes your “heart-felt” advice to heart…….in fact, I would guess your “Gator or Gator Bait” ultimatum is what is going to swing him one way or the other…..

  3. If I were Brooksville Nature Coast wide receiver Ja’Juan Story and saw this mornings weather report concerning the state of Ohio that would be the major deciding factor. Man … who wouild want to go thru that for 4 years???

  4. wow, the entire 18 player class was signed before 11am!….Sure hope there are more to come, but when was the last time all the doc’s were in before 11am?
    This is a small calss (18), but looks strong. AC Leonard should be a solid TE for Florida, and they may have bookends CB’s in Roberson and Purifoy!
    Nice class,…Stinks about Jernigan and Pagan, but that happens. Sammy Watkins would have been a great one here too….Still, these “baby” Gators will help maintain the Gator program!

  5. TIM, don’t count on many more this year. The coaching transition was just a little too much for this year’s recruits. A lot of kids just felt hesitant with new coaches they weren;t familiar with. I expect Jernigan to pull the trigger on FSU, but I have to admit that I’m somewhat irked that he copped a grudge against UF over Meyer’s resigning, but these are also 17 and 18 year old kids who are used to being big fishes in small ponds. They have been told how great they are all through HS and it’s hard for a new staff to get familar with these kids so to deal with them in the right way. I was shocked Elkino Watkins picked USF over UF. Tells me he’s afraid of UF’s depth chart because he’ll probably never even see a BCS bowl at the Bulls. That said, this class was loaded with mostly 48 recruits and one 5*, so we did very well considering the circumstances. Our secondary is one of the better classes in the country, we got the nation’s best QB and the second best RB in the state of Florida. We can still shop around the next few days regardless. We’re waiting to hear from highly-touted LB Curtis Grant, but I’ve heard he may have also taken off off his list.

  6. And Grant is a Buckeye. Oh well. Lets wait and see what we get from Rasco. Probably LSU, but you never know, roberson surprised everyone and picked UF. I thinkwe ‘re probably pretty much done, but it wouldn;t surprise me if we offered another pair of lower-tier players like another DT, LB, and OL. After reviewing our secondary class again, I was seriously impressed. It may be the best in the country. We’re loaded at DB for the next few years.