Signing day decision times


Here’s a list of when Florida’s commitments will be having their signing ceremonies at their schools and when some uncommitted prospects will be making their final decisions.

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

OL Trip Thurman (Dover, Del.) — Between 7 and 10 a.m. He will have a signing ceremony at 3 p.m. with his teammates
S Chris Johnson (Ocala Trinity Catholic) 8 a.m.
WR Ja’Juan Story (Brooksville Nature Coast) — 9 a.m. — Also considering Ohio State
FB Hunter Joyer (Tampa Catholic) — 9 a.m.
CB Valdez Showers (Madison Heights, Mich. Madison) — 10 a.m.
DE Tevin Westbrook (Coconut Creek North Broward) — 3 p.m.
CB Louchiez Purifoy (Pensacola Pine Forest) — 12:30 p.m.

OT Jacob Fisher (Traverse City, Mich., West) — 8 a.m. — UF, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon
DT Elkino Watson (Miami Booker T. Washington) — 9 a.m. — UF, Miami, USF, Louisville
LB Curtis Grant (Richmond, Va., Hermitage) — 1:30 p.m. (ESPN) — UF, OSU, UNC
DE Jermauria Rasco (Shreveport, La., Evangel Christian) — 3 p.m. — UF, LSU, Texas
CB Marcus Roberson (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas) — 3 p.m. — UF, USC, Texas Tech
WR/TE Junior Pomee (Moreno Valley, Calif, Ranco Verde) — Currently scheduled for 7:30 p.m. EST — UF, USC, Utah
QB Jacoby Brissett (Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer) — He could commit Wednesday, but will likely do it Friday at halftime of his basketball game. He’s considering UF, Miami, Wisconsin and Washington.


  1. Hi Edward,

    When they kick Big Ten Signing day back, you know that this is some serious snow! They just showed a shot of the beach on the Vandy@FL ESPN game, this is pretty cool, but I’d take beach volleyball over a blizzard in a heartbeat!

  2. Tied of hearing about Tim Jernigan. If he wants to play for the team that is the ARCH-RIVAL of the team he claims he was a fan of all his life growing up, then whatever. I/m not going to question his being a Gators because he obviously nmever really was as closely invested in UF as he claims to have been. If he wants to go to FSU because he’s afraid of new coaches, then whatever. Go to the ACC and NEVER play for a natiopnal title, or come to the SEC and play for one or two. That;s all I have to say.

  3. Agree with Robbie that Gator fans should find something to do today that is away from the computer and ESPN. And stay away from ledges and sharp objects.
    Next year should be top 5, assuming that we have been correctly informed that coach Muschamp is an ace recruiter.

  4. Two Observations about Recruiting—This Year and the Future. (1) The lack of a head coaching track record and the lack of time to establish relationships ‘killed’ this year’s recruiting. (2) In addition should there be a concern that with so many NFL-types on the staff there will be instability with the staff thus making the building of relationships a problem in the future. Time will determine that!! IMO the over/under on Weiss is about 2 years and most of the others will be around long enough to get a pay check and another NFL job.

  5. Rating recruiting classes is a meaningless exercise. This is a very good class full of talented players. The size is smaller than other schools which is why the rating is lower. The quality of these recruits is second to none. I prefer quality over quantity. Coach Muschamp is going to do well for years to come.

  6. @ EKoch – I wouldn’t say our class this year was “killed”. When I look at the list of commits – I see a pretty good class. A class that is joining a roster that is already loaded with young talent with very few people graduating or declaring. I don’t get all the disappointment from gator fans surrounding this years recruits. Did you really expect a number one class, this year? Our coach hasn’t been on the job 2 months yet and gator fans are already whining about the job he is doing.

  7. Ok, It’s obvious Florida didn’t have the type of class that some would want. ” spoiled Gator Fans” but Florida definately racked up on quality and addressed some needs with the excption of DT, OL and Linebacker. Most of these others schools just racked up on bodies and wouldn’t suprise me if they will be over scholarship limits. As fo the DL- we are quite fine there…just remeber the best defensive line recruited in the history of college football last year. OL- we also did pretty well there past two years. LB- we still have some studs to carry us to next year, and believe me you…most of the schools will have slim pickings next year and Florida will get the pick of the litter. It’s just the way of the recruiting cycle. I say Florida did an outstanding job and it will show in the fall. Remeber thisn’t a ten year plan we’re dealing with. Ten wins or better this year for Florida this year. We beat State at home this year and Tennessee at home with a close one that could either way with the Cocks. Georgia gets smashed for the annual cocktail party. We also beat Auburn this year and yes you heard it here first.

  8. Excuse me…”This isn’t a five year plan we are on”. Don’t be suprised if Florida actually contends for the SEC this year. Auburn and Bama break in new QB’s and lost some Key players. It’ is shaping up to be a show down with the Cocks in 2011 for the East. The Noles will get the Business this year in the swamp guaranteed.

  9. Off subject, but I don’t want to get mired in the Forums:
    I live in Madison, WI, and we had a butt-kicking snow storm last night, yet the basketball arena was filled for the UW game with Purdue. Then I kick back to watch the Gators play Vandy, accompanied by the beach volleyball shot mentioned above, and when they showed the O’Connell Center it was only slightly over half-full!!
    What gives with Gator fans? The Badgers fill their bigger arena in the middle of a 100-year blizzard and Gator fans can’t get out of their flip-flops long enough to support the team? What’s up with that?
    It was very disappointing to compare the two scenes.

    That’s all. Go Gators!

  10. @Doug —
    How many entertainment options are there in a blizzard?
    Imagine the options available in weather that allows flip-flops.
    People want to go out, but when you go out you want to (or have to) get off the road and “park”yourself back inside again somewhere (during a blizzard). When we go out we don’t have such concerns.
    I too was a bit disappointed at the apparent sparse attendance, but if your weather allowed for the wearing of flip-flops, would you want to take them off to watch a 24th ranked team?!? Had we been playing ~10th ranked Purdue we would’ve filled the arena too.
    Though Vandy’s in our Conference Division and is always solid, we just don’t consider them a rival. Plus, they ain’t that “sexy!”
    Trust me, it’ll be packed to the rafters for the Kentucky game this Saturday!
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)