Gorman wants to have some company at UF


Jabari Gorman is back on the recruiting trail. But the Miami Monsignor Pace safety isn’t wavering on his commitment, he’s recruiting for Florida.

Gorman, who committed to the Gators during the Under All-America Game earlier this month, will be signing with UF on Wednesday, but in the meantime he’s trying to bring at least one friend with him.

Gorman said he’s talking with Miami Booker T. Washington defensive tackle Elkino Watson, whom Rivals.com rates a four-star prospect.

The two have developed a strong friendship and Gorman said he’d love to have Watson make the move to Gainesville with him.

“If you have a chance to have one of your friends to come up there with you, that’s a great thing because you’re all chasing one dream,” Gorman said.

Watson visited Florida a couple of weeks ago but recently received an offer from Miami and immediately visited. The concensus was that Miami would take over as Watson’s leader, but the fact that he didn’t commit to the Hurricanes was reassuring to the other teams recruiting the 6-foot-2, 275-pound tackle.

Gorman was also working on Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas cornerback Marcus Roberson and Coral Gables linebacker Denzel Perryman. However, Roberson committed to Auburn Monday morning and Perryman committed to Miami a week ago.

“I was just getting in their ears and letting them know (about Florida),” Gorman said. “They had nothing but good things when they talked about Florida. It’s not like Florida never had the chance to get these guys.”

For now, Gorman says he’ll continue to work Watson. With Florida needing help at defensive tackle, Watson would make a nice last-minute addition to Florida’s class.

“If (he does commit), I’ll be one happy teammate because these are the guys you’re going to go to war with,” Gorman said.


  1. I wish other recruits realized the value of playing for UF. The beginning of a new era, close to home for family and friends, great education, spark new networks in their home state, playing in the SEC, substantial playing time as a freshman. Gator nation is something to be very proud of and if you are offered this kind opportunity, take it. UF is much better school than FSU, Miami, Auburn, Alabama and LSU. I live in NJ and see it from the outside now. Believe me, not many compare to UF. Go Gators!

  2. This year hasn;t been on the recruiting fropnt, just not as great as it has been the past four years is all. UF will bounce back though. We addressed our needs this year though, except maybe for DT. We’re deep there for this year though and that’s important. I love this kid’s attitude though.

  3. i love that he is recruiting for us. good job jobari. its weird cam newton was getting paid to play, and now auburn has been pulling prospects who should be outta there reach. perfect example is c.westerman the #1 OL this year, who they took[or bought] from his long time favorit texas. we disrespected alot of 4star players from FLA under meyer, he went after the 5star guy in CALI or NY instead, there are plenty of 4star players we would love to sign this year who wernt recruited hard by FLA, BECAUSE OF THE STARS BEHIND THERE NAME! WEAK.

  4. i would rather take 20-25 3&4 star players from FLA, than 15-20 5star guys from other places. there should be home state pride, we need to put up that net around the state agine. AND some one please tell me what there selling at UGA! besides coaching uncertinty, there 1st loseing season sence ’96, a bowl loss to UCF! AND WE BEAT THEM AGINE…..STILL, they got some kinda dream team building up. what is the deal?

  5. Tomk, I agree with you concerning letting our four star recruits go. Florida’s four star recruits are much better than alot of these outta state five star recruits. This is the University of Florida and we should own the state of Florida especially after our recent title runs. Urban was a good recruiter but let his up north ties get in the way of him not recognizing the talent level here in the state of Florida. If you go back and look at it from a production stan point….yeah there are a few special outta staters out there(ie. Harvin, hernandez, Spikes and Haden) other than maybe a couple I may have missed, the rest came from Florida. We need to get back to our roots. I was checking out tape on alot of 3-4 star recruits that we didn’t go after and on tape they look better than alot of these so-called five star recruits from outta state. Hopefully Muschamp will get us back on track.Go Gators!!!!

  6. I’ve thought for some time we’ll land two to three BIG surprises on Wednesday, then probably two or three guys who carry more potential than stars by their names. We’ll look back on this class as a solid group that fits well with the two classes ahead of it and the two that will follow. We have plenty of reason as Gators to be optimistic about what’s ahead for our program. Guys like Jabari Gorman are gonna wear orange and blue forever.

  7. When will someone call out these guys committing to FSU and Miami and ask them why they are afraid to compete with and against the best players in the country?

    If they choose not to sign with UF fine, commit to another SEC school. If you choose FSU or Miami you are afraid of the top competition. Have fun playing in 3rd tier bowl games!

  8. he wasnt offered, they were all over wayne lyons, until he commited to stanford. and i like the 2 commites we have picked up, stweart and westbrook, westbrook has a ton of upside and stweart “says” its been his dream to play at UF. we want another DT since leon orr is gonna play OL. there is a good local player named CHAVIS ATKINS! he is a big boy from our state and he is another strong 3star to add to a pretty strong class, just incase j.jenkins[JUCO DT] dosent sign with us.

  9. Pounceys, Ahmad Black, Rainey, and Demps were 4 star.
    Wilson and others were no show 5 stars.
    Attitude goes a long way.
    I think Tim Jernigan is a jerk and would have been a cancer in this class.
    I think WM has done a great job and worked his butt off for us.

  10. gatortracker,
    I don’t think Jernigan is a jerk just because he hasn’t and very well may not sign with the Gators. Why don’t you qualify statements like that, to say something like that about a 18 year old kid that i’m sure you really know nothing about, is really not kool. That’s your opinion and you are intitled to it but when you lay it out to the rest of us, you really should qualify something like that. If the reason for calling him a jerk is solely on the fact that he has not of will not sign with Florida really makes you a JERK! Go GATORS!!!

  11. @gatorcreek, c,mon man. every time u hear about tim, its that he could be a great player BUT only if he gets it together off the feild[work ethic and attitude]sounds kinda like a jerk to me. i dont want anymore pre-madonna 5star players with attitude problems.gatortracker is just expressing his view witch just so happens to be a common veiw. if he was all that coach WM would have said that tim was the #1 player on his board when he took over. the kid is old enough to fight in a war but not to be called jerk? im sure he has heard worse in the lunch room of his HS! to call him a jerk isnt very harsh.

  12. and that jerk just said he isnt comeing to UF. now creekgator do i need to wait till he signs with FSU or TENN before i call him names or will people still be unqualified to say he is a jerk? he got mad at the old coaches and never gave us a real chance with him after they left, whata jerk. woops!