Plenty of suitors for Rasco


You guys have probably already read the visitors list story from earlier, but I wanted to share some more info on Shreveport, La., Evangel Christian defensive end Jermauria Rasco.

His coach had more to say, and I thought I’d fit it in here.

Rasco, whom ranks as the No. 8 weakside defensive end, will be in Gainesville later today and as you’ve read, he’s very excited about getting to Florida and hanging with Will Muschamp. Evangel Christian coach Phillip Deas said Muschamp has been to his school more than any other coach and that is huge for Rasco. He is probably closer with Muschamp than any other coach.

“Time builds up that rapport and there’s no substitute for that,” Deas said of Rasco and Muschamp’s relationship. “Obviously, he’s a great coach. He’s a great defensive coach — that speaks for itself. That relationship builds that trust factor and when you get into a whirlwind and people spit out statistics and recruiting numbers, it comes down to who you really trust. That’s why I think Florida has a great shot at getting him.”

However, being only a few hours away from LSU, it will be very hard for any school to pull him away from the Bayou Bengals. He’s gotten a lot of love from the Tigers’ staff and many around him would love to see him in purple and gold.

“They’ve done a lot to make Jermauria feel wanted there at LSU, as well,” Deas said. “He really likes it. Obviously, it’s the state school and our defensive coordinator has been his position coach for the last few years and played nose tackle at LSU and is a big LSU guy. There are a lot of people here who would love to see him go to LSU because they’re LSU fans.

“I’m sure he feels a little bit of that enthusiasm for the Tigers and Tigerland. He’s going to make the best decision for him and I feel like he’s going to do that.”

UCLA and Florida State are also still in it for Rasco and Texas coaches did an in-home visit with him Thursday night.

Personally, I think Florida is very much a possibility for Rasco because of the Muschamp factor, but will he be comfortable with a program he knows very little about? I’m not sure.

The next few days should be pretty hectic for Rasco and he’ll make his final decision on National Signing day at 2 p.m. EST.

“At the end of the day, we’ll celebrate wherever he goes,” Deas said. “He knows that, too, so he’s very much loved and respected here at Evangel. We’re going to be fans no matter where he goes.”


  1. Ed,

    Thanks for you work keeping us involved, any thoughts of a Tuesday night broadcast show where you think everyone will end up? I know you are already busy but it would be cool. Thanks for what you do!!!

  2. Ed,

    I saw Jeoffrey Pagen recently decommitted from Clemson. I know he was at one time committed to Florida. Any thoughts on the chance that Florida could still be in play for his commitment? Thanks for all the great work!

  3. Doug is right. We’ll play 3 basketball games without a post from Kevin and forget about basketball recruiting. You do seem to be the hardest working guy at the Sun.

    I had a question, I read a lot of articles that justify our poor recruiting year by comparing it to other first year UF coaches and explaining the difficulty in building relationships in such a short time. As much as I hate Lame Kitten, he was able to pull 2 very good first year classes at 2 schools thought to be in decline or under NCAA investigation. He even pulled kids away from the reigning NC, Florida. Not unlike Florida’s situation, he was a young, unproven coach with a star-studded, NFL coaching staff. However, clearly his style is much different, we saw him everyday in the national news, but we never see UF coaches, not even in local news. So my question has 2 parts: 1. Has Muschamp’s lack of media coverage and publicity hurt recruiting (did Lame do it right, by putting himself out there, even if he made an a$$ of himself)? 2. Recruits were seduced by Lame and Co, even recruits they didn’t land considered UT and USC in his first years, many more than considering UF now. What are you hearing from recruits? Are Champ and Weis effective when talking to recruits or are recruits mostly indifferent to the two of them?

  4. TN – I’m not in charge of scheduling videos and my only time slot is Friday. I just did one today, so that will be up. I’ll have a blog talking about what I think might happen on National Signing Day Monday. I’ll have a final recruiting video after signing day.

    Doug – Covering recruiting, especially this time of year, requires much more coverage, so I have to put out as much as I can. EVERYONE is working around here, trust me.

    Brent – I talked about that in the recruiting video. I absolutely think Muschamp name wasn’t big enough for the Southeast. He just didn’t recruit here like he did when he was at Auburn and LSU. He’ll be fine because he has been a great recruiter everywhere he’s gone.

  5. Ed,
    You do a great job and we all tell you as much as possible thanks and keep up the GREAT work we really do appreciate you. I’m sure the SUN knows your worth and how much the general public loves you and your work, keep up the good work you will get your just rewards often and multiplied. Go GATORS!!!

  6. Hey, do you think Pagan decommitted from Clemson because they picked up a commitment from Lateek Townsen?? Is he just now comfortable with this recruiting process? It was FLA. all the way at one point, then the change of heart since Urban left so I’m going to Clemson, now what happened at Clemson? Is it that Anthony is going someplace else and he wants to FOLLOW him? So where is Anthony more likely to go, that may mean Anthony is not going to Clemson. Picking up the two of them and Maggitt would be a great NSD bonus. Go GATORS!!!

  7. Pagan shunning Clemson could be big news for us in Gator Nation, but it could also mean nothing. We will see. My message is for everybody to remain calm. We have SERIOUS talent waiting to play this spring, at multiple positions. The kids enrolled already, and those committed, have serious talent. Its all good people. Chill, nobody jump off the ledge just yet. You’ll miss the show if you do.

  8. I agree. Between current rostor, underclassman experience and last years red shirts I feel we got what we needed this year. Do not underestimate that not only the coaching staff change might have influenced some of this years recruiting… I feel our existing depth did as well. We’ll be fine. This crew knows what they are doing.

  9. I don’t think anyones is pannicking, I believe most people are so used to getting the cream of the crop and it’s not happening this year due to the coaching changes. I know it is hard to be patient when things are snatched away from you with quickness, but I believe everyone realizes that we have another whole team on the sideline waiting and willing to hit the field, the Red Shirts and underclassmen that have patiently waited their turn to show their talents to the GATOR NATION. Now you have a pretty good core of incoming freshmen that would love to do the same(get on the field ASAP), We are in good shape I’m sure of that. Go GATORS!!!

  10. As a side note. Our schedule this year has to be the hardest in the nation. The SEC west has more talent then probably at anytime in NCAA history (look at LSU, Bama and Auburn). I hope we will be able to squeeze a couple of those games out. Lets all go into this season with a realistic attitude.

  11. hey ed, i know we need help at DT, why arnt we all over CHAVIS ATKINS? dude is a big boy and he is local. what position will jerell adams play in college? and what are you hearing on the big man from JUCO, j. jenkins? what are our chances at these guys?

  12. How does Pagan move from UF to UGA through Clemson? Just does not make sense to me? Is he picking UGA because of head coach being stable at UGA? If yes he should listen to some pod casts of the local sports talk shows in ATL. Mark R is a dead man walking unless he does big things this year. Would you rather play for a new coach at UF or a coach who is on his way out at UGA and hope you like the next coach?

    Also, what is Georgia putting in the water when these kids visit I just can’t see what they have done lately to pull in recruits?

  13. I’m not holding my breath on Anthony or Pagan. I don’t think NSD will shock the world like many of you think it will. Maybe two of the big fish that are still out there. I think our best chances are Maggitt, who seems to be leaning UF and one more – hopefully Grant who seems to be 50-50. But, our class is fine. We have our future QB, a servicable RB, 2 solid WR prospects and good DB coming. It si not a top notch class, but a pretty good one.

  14. Don’t hold your breath for those NSD suprises. We may get two of the better ones if we’re lucky. Maggitt seems to be the one everyone thinks is leaning UF – C. Grant is 50-50 with OSU – who knows what is going through the heads of Pagan and Anthony – Jernigan not coming last week tells me he won’t be in orange/blue next fall – the O – lineman from Michigan seems to be a possibility, but who knows. That being said – adding just one of these guys to the class that is already in place, I would hardly call it a failure. The best QB, top 10 RB, 2 nice gets at WR and solid DBs, whats not to like?

  15. I think we close very well with: Westbrook, Watson, Roberson, Maggitt, Pomee, Grant, Maggitt and Jenkins.

    We have a punchers chance with Anthony and Rasco with a better shot at the former.

    IMHO TJ and Rasco go L$U.