As Jernigan’s world turns


Tim Jernigan is getting closer to his decision, and after his recent trip to Florida State, nothing seems quite clear with Jernigan’s recruitment.

Before Jernigan left for Tallahassee over the weekend, Columbia High coach Craig Howard said Jernigan told Florida coach Will Muschamp that he would visit Florida either officially or unofficially this week.

Howard, who has been out of town for a couple of days, said Tuesday he hasn’t spoken to Jernigan in a couple of days, but still expects him to make it to Gainesville before National Signing Day (Feb. 2).

“He told them that he was unofficially going to come down there, so I’m pretty sure he’s going to do that,” Howard said. “I don’t know why that would be off, because he said he would do that. Hopefully he will fulfill his word.”

Howard said Jernigan was leaning toward FSU before his visit.

Howard also said rumors that Jernigan purposely avoided Florida coaches who visited his school earlier this month were false. Jernigan was taking a test when defensive line coach Bryant Young arrived.

The two have spoken since.

Jernigan’s recruitment only intensifies when he gets home. Howard said he believes Jernigan’s parents have their hearts on different schools. Howard said Jerningan’s mother prefers Florida State, while his father likes Florida.

“That’s a difficult deal,” Howard said. “It will be interesting.”

That doesn’t mean LSU and Tennessee are out of it. There is still a lot of interest in LSU and coach Les Miles from Jernigan, and there’s still a chance Jernigan could still officially visit Tennessee this weekend.

As of Wednesday, Jernigan hadn’t come to a decision about his final visit.


  1. Kick that LOSER Jennkins off of the team for good. We do not need stupid Thugs on this team! I am sick and tired of these guys taking advantage of the Gator Nation and Program by not following our laws and actually try to become a good role model for kids like Tebow. This is unreal. Dunlap a few years ago being a drunk, and now a drug addict! The coaches work long and hard by trying to bring winners to the program and actually give them an opportunity to get an EDUCATION, but somehow, that is not good enough! STOP RECRUITING THUGS AND RECRUIT KIDS THAT ARE GETTING IT DONE IN THE CLASSROOM 1ST! Enough Said!!!!

  2. This Kid may be under a lot of pressure with the household split like this, earlier in this last month of this process I didn’t have a good opinion of Jernigan, but for the wrong reasons. But if the situation is as stated, he should let it be know to all involved (Family) where his heart is and what he wants. If his heart is at FSU, then he should let his father know. If his heart is with the Gators he should let his mother know. This is a complex decision as it is and to add the high emotions and family expectation to mixture makes it even more difficult for an 18 year old. If the parents do not see any major mistake the kid is going to make by selecting the school he wants then support him. If he goes to a school to please someone else he will not put his heart and soul into performing at a high level and he may not be all that he could be as a players or a person. give him some room and support where needed. Make an informed choice of what is the best situation for Tim Jernigan.

  3. TJ- If you went to college, did you ever do anything that was illegal? I’m not happy that Janoris demonstrated very poor judgement, but I don’t think misdemeanor pot charges equal being called a thug. Save thug labels for those who beat girlfriends or have a penchant for getting into fights. I’m surprised and happy that Jenkins said he’s coming back. It’s just too bad that his save will undoubtedly cost him a couple of games-and could factor into where he is drafted.

  4. TJ,
    I know that you never Drank, got drunk or even gotten high and you are to be commended for that. But everyone is not like you, and everyone that drinks or even get high (i don’t condon this) is a thug. You said in your post that they are given an opportunity to get an education. Yes, and they in turn give the university something in return, but here’s the thing. Education is not just sitting in the classroom at some hall and getting a formal education (academics) they have to learn how to be good citizens as well. Yes, you make mistakes in life learning to be good citizens too, just like you make mistakes in the formal classroom as well. You have heard of students failing a class haven’t you? Well that’s a MISTAKE THEY MADE IN THE ACADEMIC WORLD. Do you want to kick them out of school for that? Just think about what I’m saying before you fire off your next post back to me, just think we all make mistakes and I know as perfect as you are you’ve made at least one should that one have cost you what you are so readily willing to take from him?

  5. Thanks ngamtngator,
    I really hope real Gator fans are not so hard shelled that we can’t see or realize these are kids that are away from home with all this freedom and they will make bad judgements and silly mistakes. As long as they correct they and move forward in life to be good citizens, in this case no one was hurt but Janoris. Did this guy have a college life?

  6. Since the article has nothing to do with Jenkins, “TJ” can’t spell his name correctly, and the news on Jenkins broke 3 days ago…I doubt TJ is who he says he is.

    Interesting that UF is still in the running for Jernigan though. I thought that ship had sailed. I’m curious if there will be any surprises on Wednesday.

  7. I think Timmy becomes a Gator. Supposedly a life-long fan, and having the HUGE benefit of Muschamp, and his position coach Byrant Young? Seems obvious to me, but if his heart isn’t with Gator Nation, we don’t want him.
    Janoris needs to learn that if he is going to partake of the “cheeba”, to do so at the house with some incense burning, or some Febreeze handy. Rolling fatties in a john at the club, not good.

  8. I was in the U.S. Army for over 14 years and this is a recommendation for how to handle J. Jenkins issue. Have the young man construct a powerpoint presentation about marijuana and its adverse effects on the mind and body. Then he should have to present this to every ball player at the school for a punishment. Education is imperative in matters such as this and nothing but good could come of it. I did a paper about medical marijuana and it has its uses, but none are recreational. Keep a solid mind and body and the rest will take care of itself. Everyone makes mistakes, so let them learn from them without destroying their lives. Thanks for listening and GO GATORS!

  9. The world must be full of thugs. Have you ever noticed that they sell rolling papers in every convenience store from here to California.
    That equals one hell of a lot of thugs in America… not saying it’s right but this is the reality of it. Must be a better choice than alcohol.

  10. Its the stupidity of rolling a joint in a bathroom, in public, at a popular night club that makes him an idiot. This team has been hammered left and right in recent years for lawlessness and arrests. Now, one of our soon to be senior leaders, who is a mentor to a very young group of defensive players does THIS! He must have the brains of a mailbox. I’m tired of the stupidity that runs through that lockerroom and I hope Muschamp comes down hard!

  11. Since his mother wants him to go to FSU and his father wants him to go to UF, maybe he should go to Clemson.

    It must be a tough decision to make to grow up a lifelong fan of a school that has so much to offer and needs your services and choose to go somewhere else.

    Although, I did hear that the Pouncey’s were lifelong FSU fans…

  12. RH, The Pounceys were lifelong FSU fans, but when it came time to enter college, UF was in better shape and gave them a better chance to get championship rings. It looks like Jernigan is going thru the same thought process. I love UF but due to the turmoil (I have to call it like it is) MEYER left us in, it seems that FSU has a more stable coaching situation and two strong recruiting classes in a row with this year possibly being number one. Yes, Foley did a good job with Muschamp but this year it may be too little, too late. Do I like it, NO, but it is what it is.

  13. Jenkins should receive discipline, learn from it, and move forward playing for Florida.
    Since we are off the subjest. I hope the picture of Quinn and Weis is only a snapshot and not foretelling of the future. See how Quinn is energetic and excited!!! See how Weis is glum-ugh.

  14. What shocks me is that most of you want to forgive and point the finger at me when I did nothing WRONG, but state the facts. I think in a lot of cases, these guys are taking advantage of the system and are not here for an education but using Florida as a stepping stone to the NFL. Tebow is an example of CLASS and a LEADER on and off the field, but to me, somehow, this guy thinks he is above that. Yes, I drank in college but I got my education and I have never been arrested. The problem is that we always want to bail these kids out and continue to make excuses for these guys. All I know is that he bumped someone out of a scholarship that perhaps would not have embarrassed the university the way he has, like Dunlap, Rainey, and the like. The list continues to grow. The only way to stop it is start making people accountable for their DUMB THUG ACTIONS!

  15. TJ you do realize that every student will not be Tebow. That kind of guy comes around once in a lifetime. If player was Tebow then he wouldn’t be our golden child. People come from different backgrounds and will do different things. Yes he’s an idiot and yes he embarssed Florid but you are overreacting. I bet you pop’d your pants when you heard Ben Rapethisberger rape those two women.

  16. Hey TJ you DRANK in college. Well if that aint the pot calling. You need to grown up, good people do bad things all the time its called being human. I know Tebow would be the first to admit he makes mistakes, but he is still a great person, and will be a great NFL QB for all the haters out there. Janoris is a good person who did a bad thing.

  17. You people are unfreakin real! My point is if you are not playing football and getting a free ride, who cares? But had this been anyone else, we would be under the jail. Next, what the hell was he doing in a bar rollin a joint? Pretty stupid if you ask me. Oh well, lets continue to recruit Dumb Asses then.

  18. TJ, you are a close-minded fool who does not have his facts straight. You say that JJ is a thug for using the system as a stepping stone to get the NFL (ie rolling a j in a bathroom…i do not see the correlation) and on the other hand say that you drank in college and went on to get your degree. Ok. So what about the fact that JJ just passed up a chance to be a sure thing 1st rounder in the NFL draft for what? TO GET A DEGREE!!! You are a tool. Pot is harmless. Virtually every college student smokes or has smoked, including athletes who are using the system to get to the NFL and law students who are using the system to pass the bar exam and become lawyers. JJ is a normal dude and just needs to be more careful about where and when he desides to roll doobies. He will get his degree, which is your prerequisite for scholarship football player to not be thugs, he will get drafted in the first round, which clearly means he used the system (rather well at that), and he will probably be making more money than all of us. Just for your information, nobody goes to jail anymore for getting caught with a joint.

    From what I see, in about a year JJ will be just as much of a thug as you, except making millions of dollars.

    All that said, he was a moron for rolling a joint in a bathroom at a club. What the hell were you thinking?

  19. TJ,
    None of these kids should be accused of using the system, Most of them are BEGGED to take the scholarship to this university because the university uses them for their talent to perform as Gladiators in the SWAMP arena for entertainment in which the university gets a pretty penny for. Did you see the figures on how much these thugs help the university make this year, Over $71 Mill. So no one is being used, every body is getting something out of the deal. Both parties agree to what they get and move on, It is mindless to think these kids are getting over or USING the university. As far as embarrassment is concern, I’m sure he didn’t want or expect his name to be broadcast all over the nation as a pot head, knowing in the very near future it will cost him a few Million $, he knows what happened to Dunlap and how much his drinking incident cost him. You need to get a grip!!

  20. TJ I would bet when J. Jenkins has gets an interception or a big hit to break up a pass or cause a fumble you wont be thinking about him being a thug!!!! You would be in front of the tv GATOR CHOMPING!!!!! Be real man! Thats it your a TRUE GATOR FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Easy!!!!!

    I know THUGS!!!!!!! THUGS sell drugs!!!! THUGS sit on street corner with a gun on them!!!! THUGS will rob you in broad daylight!!!!!!!! THUGS are true paper (MONEY) chasers!!!! Do any of those describe J. Jenkins? Yea he smoked some weed. But damn Bill Clinton did too. SO WHAT!!!! Jenkins didn’t inhale though!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
    GO GATORS!!!!!!!

  21. Very true MIKE. I’ll wager “TJ” never had a problem cheering for JJ when he was making plays on the field for the Gators. A joint is so minor an offense it’s ridiculous. Suspend him a couple of games and be done with it.

  22. No Sambizle, I’m NOT nor AM I A CLINTON lover! I would be embarassed to say that I actually liked a freakin liberal! Funny how you all want to cut this guy some slack when what he has done was stupid! As far as getting lit up as you put it, I do not care anything about how much money the university makes or as you say the players bring in as this is not part of their deal. They get a FREE education, the red carpet treatment, and the like. Therefore, there is the rub. If you look around and see who is in the stands and who supports the program, you will get your answer. Yeah, I would have been doing the chomp in support of JJ before this thing happened. However, it wasn’t like he had that many this past season anyway so this is the real reason that he did not go pro as his status would not have been high enough due to lack of performance this past year! Tell you what! You all continue to support a LOSER, and I will support players who set good examples for my kids, got it?

  23. As much as these players make the school, they aren’t compensated near enough. A free education? I go to school here and kids are getting all kinds of cash back from grants and schollies…unless your parents can pay for your college, the government makes it super easy for people to go to school, alot the time FREE!!! Very poor decision for him to roll up in public like that, but if Cam can get off and the Ohio State kids can get off, this is just trivial. And as soon as the government can figure out how to make money off of something that people can grow in the homes, Marijuana will be legal. It isn’t anywhere near as impairing as alcohol and has medicinal purposes…

  24. TJ it sound like to me you have been stopped by the police and got caught with a joint? Why you so upset man? You may need to take a nap! The thing that got me was you call the man a THUG! I dont think you know what a THUG is…….. We not talking about Grand Theft Auto here. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I agree with TJ’s comments as we do not need people on this team that can not respect our laws, team rules, etc. When is the day going to come that one has to be accountable? I have to be accountable everyday in life. I would not get a second chance at work if I had gotten caught doing what Jenkins did etc. Again, good job TJ!

  26. It’s looking more and more to me like we’ve lost Jernigan, probably to FSU. I hope I’m wrong, but FSU may have persuaded this kid out of our own back yard this year. I recall the many reports from last Fall and in the early part of the 2010 season of how Jernigan had been swamped by Gator fans to go to UF, and he got very tired and annoyed with it too. I hope well-meaning, yet over-zealous Gator fans haven’t run this kid off. It’ll probably be between Uf and FSu on NSD.

  27. I have no problem with kids that respect our team rules, but a lot of these kids are going to break them to some extent or another. Smoking a joint isn’t serious. It’s a 1 – 3 game suspension depending upon the coach IMO. Now, if this was a violent crime or something, I can understand dismissing him, but this goes on everywhere, not just UF. Something minor like tis should be left up to the new HBC. if he dismisses JJ, then whatever, but if he handles it internally, that’s fine too. If JJ had beat us his girlfriend or something, then I agree with dismissing him, but TJ really needs to stop allowing his emotions to rule him and calm down about this too.

  28. Sammy,
    I think you are mixing apples with oranges, I’m sure if you got caught at work doing what JJ was doing you would and SHOULD get fired. This kid is not at work, here in a club. It’s how he’s earning hi s free education, but what happened to you when you got caught in the dorm smoking, did they kick you out of school, tell you you could no longer study at this institution? People for the most part want to hold athletes to a higher standard because they thing these kids are getting something FREE. Its not FREE, they EARN it, even more that a student that is receiving Grants and low intrest government loans to attend that same institution. Sammy, that agrees with TJ, you guys are very critical and non-yielding and I don’t know your ages, but if you don’t have teenagers, wait until you do and the moment you catch or hear of them smoking a joint Please Do the rest of civilized society a big favor and immediately kick their A$$e$ out of the house because they do not deserve a second chance an more so they don’t deserve good parents like you!