OT Fisher enjoys Gainesville visit


Jacob Fisher still has a lot to think about in the next week.

After decommitting from Michigan earlier this month, the Traverse City, Mich., West offensive tackle totally opened up his recruitment after shutting the door on everyone outside of the Wolverines.

Now, he has the tough task of starting things over as he gets to know brand new coaching staffs. Those staffs include Florida, Michigan State, Oregon and Michigan.

He got an up-close look at what Florida has to offer over the weekend when he took his official to Gainesville. Fisher, who was hosted by offensive lineman Kyle Koehne, arrived in Gainesville Friday and attended the Florida-Arkansas basketball game Saturday.

According to his head coach, Tim Wooer, Fisher “really enjoyed” his trip, but is staying “pretty tight-lipped” about his recruitment.

Fisher currently has Florida, Michigan and Michigan State as his favorites, but will officially visit Oregon this weekend. Wooer said he expects Fisher to make a decision shortly after he returns from Eugene, Ore.

“He doesn’t want to make a big deal on signing dDay,” Wooer said of Fisher’s decision. “He just wants to inform the coaching staffs shortly after his visit this weekend and have them move on.”

At 6-foot-7, 270 pounds, Fisher is rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals.com. With the loss of Chase Hounshell at the tackle position, Fisher would be a solid pickup for the Gators, who need to close with at least one more lineman in this class.


  1. I disagree Phil, our 5 star recruits haven’t done too well the last 2 years. I would rather have some 3 and 4 star Olinemen who develop into monsters. I think if you check you won’t find any 5 star linemen on Auburns or Oregons seniors last year.

  2. How would this paast season have looked if Meyer had not “wasted” a scholarship on a 3-star player like Ahmad Black (according to ESPN)? I don’t know if Fisher can play or not, but he is certainly worth taking a look at before we decide that having 3 stars next to his name defines his value.

  3. Take a look at where Oregon has been in the rivals rankings last 5 years(avg spot like 20th), and Auburn only had 1 top five class which included Cam, then weigh for yourself the impact of rankings and the avg star..

  4. He has great size and can be developed quickly. Stars are not that important. I’d gladly take this as an upgrade over the 240lb OT we lost to ND. Seemed like we were throwing away a scholarship slot for a couple of years. Now at least we have a big body to work with.

  5. Stars mean NOTHING….to many players get over looked go on to small universities or lesser programs and end up All Pro in the NFL. All the 5 stars mean nothing if they come in with an me, me, me, attitude or leave the roster unbalanced because they left early for the pro’s. I hope Fisher comes to Gator Nation and helps us take another title. It’s been to long already!

  6. Looks like a solid pickup if he chooses the gators. And wouldn’t be a bad idea to add some depth to our lines; I like his size and height, in a year or two he could be a 300 pound beast with some coaching up.

    Adding some line depth this class, the coaches can focus on bringing in the next great playmakers on offense. My opinion is that almost all the top-tier WRs and RBs this year are taken, or have made up their minds.

  7. Ed- Gators are getting concerned Muschamp hasn’t secured but one comittment. We are at least 10 players from filling out our class. What happens if we don’t sign a full class? Do those scholarships roll over to next year? Do you really think Coach M will close strong next week and what are our chances on the players coming in for a visit this weekend. Thanks for keeping us Gators updated on whats going down.

  8. Stars mean a hell of a lot. The teams with the highest star averages over the a given period of time have the highest rankings in the final polls. If you look at the Gator recruiting classes over the last 10 years there is a direct correlation to our final rankings.

    So if you end up bringing in 1/3 of your class who are 3 star guys on average and over time, when in the past they were 1/4 of your class, there will be a direct impact on the final rankings. A 3 star here and there is fine after you have filled your ranks with 4-5 star guys. When you don’t have a bunch of 4-5 stars this year, supposedly because you are caught in a transition year, then save the scholarship for your next class.

  9. If you go back and analyze the stand out players on many of our great teams it is usually a 3 star recruit ( Trey Burton our best Freshman contributor despite all the 5 star wonderkins). How did all the great tackles like the Auburn guy this year get into Jr college first and then transfer, because the stupid services like Mel Kiper( who couldn’t find his AS- with two hands)
    rated them incorrectly. Wake up guys a lotof growing occurs in the first two years of college. How many of our 5 star guys have turned out to be duds…a lot!! This kid is mean and would be a great pick up!

  10. If the coaches think he will fit and be a good lineman who cares stars they have assigned by rivals and scout. Look at some of our primadonna’s have done for us (left). We need some good OL that want to be a Gator. We will have plenty of spots next year for sure.

  11. Doug,

    Zooks first Class 20th. Zooks second Class 2nd.
    Meyer’s first Class 15th. Meyer’s second Class 2nd.

    When you look at the facilities the Gators have, and the Conference they play in, along with the fact that it’s the third to fifth richest program in the Nation (depending on the source), I’m not sure it’s even fair really.

    Consider that Miami and Florida State rank just above and below Vandy respectively in revenue generated; and neither program is in the Top 50 in revenue earners…it’s only a matter of time before they go the way of once proud programs like Georgia Tech.

    This lack of revenue is on display everywhere at both of these programs from their existing facilities to the lack of ability to compete with their other athletic programs. Miami doesn’t even have a home stadium, and was forced to hire Al Golden because they are in dire straits financially…..and I’m sure you’ve seen the FSU show on Sundays after Breakfast with the Gator, it looks like a high school production…not to mention the empty seats during both of their games

    I think it will not be long (if it hasn’t happened already) before you see Florida go the way of USC and Texas in their states, with FSU and Miami playing the roles of Texas A&M and UCLA. It is an absolute fact (not my opinion but a fact) that FSU and Miami are the schools with the greatest concern. From research money to athletic dollars…UF is without question and without a close second the big dog in town.

    Real Gators aren’t getting nervous at all I assure you.

  12. Fisher is a solid talent, and is coveted by numerous schools. For all of JACK’s blitering, even FSU offered him, so I guess that explains JACK has no real clue about recruiting, or FSU, except for that nole bandwagon he’s recently jumped on. When FSU only has a 15 – 17 recruit class next year and UF has the #1 or #2 class, it will be refreshing to listen to the silence coming from his keyboard. 😉

  13. For all the folks that are saying they don’t want us signing 3-star players – you need to take a history lesson on Gator Football recruiting.

    Yes – it’s great to get tons of 4-star and 5-star athletes. But take a look at what has happened to our program ever since we’ve been getting these players in great abundance. Look at all the arrests, transfers and head cases. We don’t need them!

    My opinion is that we should go back to recruiting the best players with the best attitudes. If that means we get more 3-stars – then so be it. Coach Spurrier didn’t have a problem with it. He won plenty of games coaching 3-star guys.

  14. DOUG, two major things hurt us this year… our worst season and team since 1988, and a total coaching turnover. Amazingly enough, several services have rated UF’s new coaching staff as tops in the nation for new staffs. UF also has 3 of the nation’s top 10 recruiters on their staff now, 5 in the top 20. Relationships must be built with area coaches and recruits though. The fact that we only lost 3 out of this class is astounding IMO. We have some silents from what I hear, and we’ve already told a couple of out-of-state LB recruits interested in Uf that we’re “full at LB”. I expect about 21 in this class, a few ships left over for next year, and Jernigan, Rasco, and Grant to be the remaining big-names in our class (keeping fingers crossed). We’ll swmp everyone next year, but overall, we’ve addressed all our needs with quality talent. Almost our entire class right now except for two, are four stars or better. We’ve done just fine, and as for our local nole troll, it will take FSU putting together 3 straight #1 classes to equal UF’s overall roster talent.

  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Florida has built a standard and the only reason this recruiting season is going this way is because of relations, nothing more. It is really hard to be a relationship with a kid in a month especially when he’s making the most important descicion in his life. Guy’s get a grip and quit whining. Like Tim said real Gators aren’t getting nervous. We just can’t wait till the dust settles. We know what’s in store for our future. When these kids have the oppurtunity to build relationships with this new staff coupled with what Florida has to offer. There is not a school in the nation athletically that can compete. Be happy we got our guys offensively and it’s ok to bring in a couple 3 stars on the oline. You can afford 3 stars on the oline because they will need a year to mature physically anyway. We have recruited well the past couple of years on the line of scrimmage on both sides so we will be ok there. We need to make sure that these coaches have the support and opportunity to do what they need to do.

  16. Gator bread ,
    I agree with you on the first post completely, I’m not stuck on this star power thing. If the kid can play or even if he has some developing to do (and they all do , just some more than others) give him a shot especially at the line position. We really need help there, remember that was suppose to be our strong area this year, it turned out to be the DUD. And for what reason I really don’t know but I don’t think we should get stuck on how many stars a player has been assigned. Everyone can not be the 5 or the 4 star, this may be a year when you have so many talented individual at that position and somebodies not going to make the 4 or 5 star they may deserve because there are too many really good players at that position this year, think about that guys. By the way guys we all know jack is a lost cause, he and his alter ego Gator Phil. Go GATORS!!!

  17. Oh, I’m with you Doug…always nice to have the horses! But we’ve had some up and down years before. If you look at the quality vs. the quantity, it’s not a bad class at all.

    When the kids relax and realize Muschamp is going to be here a while, and they take a step back and see what that extra $20 million in football revenue (compared to Miami and FSU) means to their football and college experience, things will be back in line.

    That’s not to say FSU and Miami are jokes. This is still the state of Florida and there are a LOT of athletes here.

  18. Yes willma, your team did beat the Gators 31 to 7. Good boy…They’ve beat the Gators before and I promise you they will beat the Gators again. So I guess I don’t understand your point. LOL…”Big Dog” she must of told you. She said it was going to be our secret. What can I say…She loves some Gator.

    Anyway, no one is arguing FSU appears to be pulling in a GREAT class this year. They had UNBELIEVABLE classes in 2004 (#3), 2005 (#2), 2006 (#3), 2008, (#9), 2009 (#7), and 2010 (#10) and all they have to show for that is an average of 8 wins and 5 losses over that time and one ACC Championship back in 2005 big dog. I’m shocked you guys are trolling a Gator site acting like this is the first great class FSU has ever had. So I tell you what. Come back and brag when you do something other than whup the Gators big dog.

    So as far as Gator recruiting goes (which this site is dedicated to)…any thoughts on that? Let me guess…FSU has a great class this year and they beat us 31 to 7. Yep…and….

    Any way…tell her the “Big Dog” misses her. 😉 She’ll know what you mean.

  19. I can’t believe how some of the gator fans are so hung up on star rankings. They don’t mean a thing. If they did the sorry azz noles would have won more than 2 measley nc’s, & be 3rd in the state in titles, & with all of those 4 & 5 star players they wouldn’t have lost to USF who has mainly 2 & 3 star players. FSU will be back to also ran status after next year. It dosen’t matter who they recruit. Remember they joined the ACC to also be a basketball power. How did that work out. Ouch! Not even a conference title let alone a NC. Sorry Noles you just suck thats all there is to it. One better than average year does not a great program make.

  20. All you Gator fans about to jump off the ledge….chill. The talent we have coming back next year is sick. We should be very hard to beat next season. Those who think the Gators will win less than 8 games next year like our boy JACK who shows up in here, are in for a surprise.
    As far as recruiting, we may have a limited number of recruits this year, but that carries over to next year as well when MusCHOMP and Co. can establish some relationships. The kids we do have coming in and that are already enrolled are excellent players. Relax, and enjoy the success, because its coming.

  21. dont get all wraped up in the little things, 3star players work out PRETTY good for us.. id almost bet we have more 4-5star bust to come though UF than 3star players that were real players for us. will hill was a 5star guy/ amahad black was a 3star guy. delonta thompson was a 5star guy/ louis murphy was a 3star guy. go to espn and check it, there info gos back to like 2001 recruits, look at the names and the stars… just look at all the BIG NAME BUST! we want players, trust the coaches to coach em up

    john brantley #4 QB W.GREEN #5 DE
    w.hill #1 SS L.McCRAY #6 OLB
    d.thompson #8WR J.DOWLING #1 SS
    D.FINLEY #2 SS
    J.WILSON #1 OG


  24. plus from 02-05
    3stra guys: ray mcdonald[nfl]/phil trautline[nfl]/ jason watkins[nfl]/ dallas baker[good player for us]

    this is on rivals.com

  25. Jacob Fisher come on down to GN. You won’t regret it man. All American Gator center Mike Pouncey playing for a super bowl ring as a rookie. You’ll make it to where you want to be in life. In business or football this is the place. Go Gators

  26. I don’t understand the panic with Muschamp and this recruiting class. He is going up against other coaches who have been developing relationships with these HS kids for the last 2-3 years and he is trying to do it in 7 weeks. We have a decent class in place, anyway. I’m hoping like the rest of you that we’ll get a couple more studs out of Jernigan, Grant, Anthony and Maggit. But, those of you that thought we could improve upon the last three classes were kidding yourselves.

  27. Sounds like a nice find! As for Star Power…5 Star, 3 Star, no Star…it is all about coach-ability and coaching! Spurrier used to talk about that a lot, how well a player looked him in the eye, when he was addressing them as a group, was once of the way he evaluated the potential of a player. When these guys parent start moving to Gainesville and attending every practice, it is usually one of the premodonas…I’ll take coach-ability any day! P.S. if you want to critique the Meyer regime, this was a bit of a weakness…not too many guys improved in play over their careers on the offensive side…on the other hand, Charlie Strong poured fertilizer on the defensive guys…WOW!

  28. If you think recruiting ratings don’t matter you’re wrong.


    Obviously the measure of this article is being an All-American but the simple fact is 4 & 5 star players statistically have a better chance of being a great player than 3 star.

    There will always be more 2 – 3 star players that are All Americans or MVP’s due to the sheer number that rate at this level. But don’t think that every 3 star player is going to be a great the chances are they will be an average or bust player.

  29. BMT…absolutely agree with you. However, it’s what you do with those players with you get them. It’s like Spurrier said about Georgia, ‘They always seem to recruit real well…always seem to be up there in the rankings. I don’t know what they do with them once they get up there but they recruit well.”

  30. Every now and then, a new troll shows up and spews the normal stuff about how great jimbo is or how great their team is. You guys have to understand. They have been spanked so bad for almost 10 years and they havent been able to sell out a game in that long either. So, just humor them a little and let them think they are great (even though an 8 win season doesnt reflect that). We should allow them to enjoy their win. Even if it came against a terrible Gator team. It could be that long again before they are able to celebrate. As for recruiting, well we are going to be fine. Chill out, have a cheeseburger. We will be back on top in no time!

  31. Congrats Noles! You managed to beat the worst team the Gators have fielded in 22 years! For all of your bragging about that….I guess congratulations are in order. NOW, as far as 3 stars are concerened, I have 2 words for you: Pouncey Twins!~

  32. I love how the Noles are spouting off how great their team was this year, but they lost in the lowly ACC championship game to a team that lost to James Madison. Win a championship (at least your conference championship) before spouting off. How many top 5 classes and how many championships has UF won over the last 5 years? One down recruiting year because of a major coaching change won’t hurt us, nor will one good recruiting year put FSU on top of UF. UF will be back soon, especially if we pull Grant, Jernigan, and possibly Meggitt on NSD. It could happen.

  33. Im afraid they will start destroying their half a$$ facilities if they were to manage another win. Thats what all the inferior teams do when they manage to pull off a win on someone that has owned them. Heck, remember georgia? They got so excited that one year, the whole team jumped up and down and probably pee’d all over themselves. It is fun to watch them come outa the woodwork after so many years with their tails tucked between their legs. It will also be fun to spend the next several years spanking them again. We wont hear a peep outa any of them again.

  34. I am good with the 3 star recruits. Seems the 4 or 5 star recruits that do well out of the gate leave early while the 3 star guys come back and build their draft value. Now if you can recruit a 4 or 5 every year to backup the one you are losing that is great but unfortunately that really doesnt happen……guys just dont like to sit out initially when being offered a chance to start elsewhere.

    I am also not amazed that the “shoe” fans want to brag about their substandard conference …..really?? you are a football team in the state of FL and the ACC is the best you can find to join??? a basketball conference??? guess it makes it easy to remain healthy while the best conferences in the nation can find enough highly ranked teams to play in their own conference to possibly get them to the big show. perhaps that is why an SEC team has been in the Championship for nearly a decade now………not that I keep up with the ACC but have you been close??? Pat Dye said it best…..to be at the top of the SEC after playing through an entire season is unequalled in play by any college football conference. Face it ” the “shoe” is a long way from the “show”