Add two, subtract one from Florida’s big board


As the final days tick down to National Signing Day, Florida’s board continues to become more clear.

Now, Gator coaches are adding a couple more names to their list before Feb. 2 arrives.

Last week, Florida’s coaches reached out to defensive end Trey Grissett and linebacker Graham Stewart.

Grissett (Warner Robbins, Ga., Houston County) is currently committed to UAB, but will officially visit Florida this weekend. He currently doesn’t hold on offer from the Gators, but has visited Gainesville a couple of times in the past. An offer could come soon for Grissett, especially considering that Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo reaffirmed his Miami commitment and is done with recruiting.

That leaves Shreveport, La., Evangel Christian defensive end Jermauria Rasco, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer’s Curt Maggitt and Coconut Creek North Broward’s Tevin Westbrook as the last real options at defensive end, outside of Grissett.

Grissett might be a relative unknown, but now isn’t the time to just hand out offers, and if Will Muschamp is seriously interested in him, this won’t be an offer delivered only to grab another body in this class.

Stewart (Middletown, Conn., Xavier) is a Boston College commit, who seemingly will be harder to turn by Muschamp than Grissett. Florida only recently extended an offer to the four-star linebacker, and it doesn’t look as though Stewart will officially visit Florida before Signing Day. However, Muschamp is scheduled to have an in-home visit with Stewart this week.

Stewart won’t take a final official this weekend because he’ll be in Austin, Texas for the Team USA vs. The World game practices. The game will be on signing day, which means he won’t sign until he gets back home later in the week.

The in-home will go a long way. If he enjoys Muschamp, things will certainly get interesting, but not getting to Gainesville before he signs is only a good sign for Boston College.


  1. Man we really are getting desperate there is no denying now, were all the sudden recruiting undersized inside backers from Massachusetts this late in the process? we have no shot. I was thinking before that Muschamp would undersign on purpose so he could fill those schollys next year but that clearly isnt the case. This also makes me wonder if Curtis Grant is getting cold feet, or if we just need more bodies at LB. Either way this is not good.

  2. Everyone knows that coaches usually don’t have a great recruiting class their first year.

    Then, we get a new coach and everyone freaks out because we’re not having a great recruiting class his first year.

    Go figure.

    I’d prefer taking our lumps with a small class this year, and having a bigger class next year once the coaching staff has had a year to develop relationships.

  3. O’Leary committed last night. Predictions are that Jernigan, Steward and Clowney will follow in the next few days. Perhaps UM can make another cameo appearance between now and NLI day. Oh, that’s right having taken care of his family and health problems, he’ll be on ESPN and/or looking for another head coaching gig!!

  4. My biggest issue w/ U. Meyer when he was coach was his recruiting practices. It is kind of hard to really say anything negative about his recruiting based on he consistently brought in top ten classes. I heard Mack Brown say something that struck a chord. How could he leave the state of Texas to recruit someone when you guys in your home state that are just as good or better. The only guys he leaves Texas for are for 5 star players. Urban constantly when out of the state to get guys. Some good some bad. It makes me wonder the relationships Urban built with some of the high school coaches in Fla. This is Fla, we produce more ball players than any other state the only time we need to leave Fla to recruit is to get five star players like P. Harvin, S. Flyod, R. Powell. Other than that you are doing a diservice to the program by going to get three star players from Indiana, Ohio, and Mass. RECRUIT THE GUYS WHO GREW UP IN FLORIDA, CHEERED FOR FLORIDA WHILE GROWING UP, AND WOULD GIVE THEIR LEG FOR THE U OF F. MUSCHAMP RECRUIT PPL WHO LOVE FLORIDA.

  5. Urban racked up top 5 classes upon top 5 classes. One ‘off’ year is not going to hinder us. I’ll take our 15 commits anyday. These guys want to ge Gators and thats important. I will wait to evaluate Muschamp at this time next year.

    Ignore the crimiNole troll, we have more BCS titles than they have divisional championships.

  6. RobLou56 is right on – we can’t seem to get the ” In the state of Florida ” bluebloods “. I remember Coach visor leaving after seeing the recruiting on the wall and I liken that to Coach Urban. The assisitant coaches made U of Fla in recent years and then they left w/Coach Urban soon to follow. I don’t like the future based on what I am reading in many sports publications. Go Gators – but it will be several years away.

  7. RobLou56 is definitely right. There too many players leaving the state for schools who have not won a championship in a while, don’t have our academics, social life, playing time now opportunities or the best QB coming in??

    We’ll be fine next year.

  8. Yes, it seems like panic is setting in on the faithful. Too much panic, look at the players we have right now on the team and committed, if we get not one other player we will have enough to survive this year. It may not be a great year but its a transition year that most people will be surprised at how well we actually play. Don’t start jumping off building guys this program is in good hands. Another thing, stop bashing Urban Meyers, he did a great job at the U of F and I for one really appreciate the job he did and really don’t care why he retired. If he was burned out, family reasons, medical reasons whatever, he did a great job and its time for him to move on. Longevity has its place and the SEC is a Longevity eater. Bobby Bowden nor Joe Paterno could not have had such careers in the SEC, just my opinion. Go GATORS!!!

  9. “Man we really are getting desperate there is no denying now, were all the sudden recruiting undersized inside backers from Massachusetts this late in the process?”

    1) Stewart is from CT.
    2) He’s an outside LB.
    3) He’s bigger than 10 of the LB’s currently on UF’s roster.

  10. Creek Gator i agree every1 is panicing when the last 3 classes has been top 3 with 2 of them being #1 signing class its true that some players dont pan out,but most of then players r fresh. & soph. so we r ok n that area got our qb of the future already on campus so why panic gator nation its all good!

  11. My second attempt…We need top rated OL men, MLB is a must in this class as well as DE’s. We need a safety that can contribute next year and grow. We also need WR’s that can separate and catch. We’ve lost to much to the NFL over last 3 seasons to take this class lightly. And I agree, I can’t understand why so many Fla kids opt for Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Clemson and so on over UF. I can’t even understand why the top players would select FSU over UF. If you are all that, why opt to play in the ACC over the SEC. I’m not to worried though; the FSU trend won’t last for long. Go Gators!

  12. As long as we get a Top-50 class, all will be ok. Coach Muschamp has been out finding a new house. That kept him busy. Coach Weis had to move the family back to South Bend. Busy times! Not really worth the effort to recruit. We will get them next year. Plus the softball team is going to be tough this year.

  13. Moneygreen, you nailed it, for the last 5 years our recruiting has been phenominal! Trust me we will be fine this year, we’ve got tape on our opponents; what do our opps.. have on our scheme? NADA. The only worries I have are that we as Gator faithfuls also have no clue on whats ahead?? J. Foley is a proven winner, my bet, Gators will do great