Ask Aschoff 1/19


It hasn’t been the best month of recruiting for Florida and its staff. It seemed as though Will Muschamp was really picking up some momentum, even after losing Nick Waisome and Ryan Shazier. He still had Belle Glade Glades Central wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin interested and was getting talked up by a bunch of recruits at both January all-star games.

But in recruiting, things aren’t always what we really think they are. Benjamin is committed to Florida State and other prospects are starting to move in other directions. We ALL get fooled every now and then. Those who say they aren’t or haven’t are just too prideful to say otherwise. It’s a crazy game. Recruiting can be fun (at times) and it can be a pain (most of the time). I caution die-hard fans when it comes to reading about recruiting and getting too high or low on prospects.

Rule No. 1 in recruiting: Nothing is certain until those Letters of Intent are signed.

With that said, Florida has had an unlucky month. Chase Hounshell decommitted and committed to Notre Dame. Jeoffrey Pagan committed to Clemson after being a former Gator commit, as well. And Tuesday night, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas cornerback Marcus Roberson committed to Texas Tech, where his uncle is now the defensive backs coach. He’ll still visit Florida this weekend and he said he remains open … OK … This one isn’t over with Florida. He told me this month that he really does like Florida and wants to see how his mom likes Gainesville. Muschamp and defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson have a shot at turning him. If not, then I think Florida will be done recruiting in the secondary unless the staff can really get in Orlando Dr. Phillips safety Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix’s ear. But that Alabama commit is pretty strong.

There are still two weeks until National Signing Day (Feb. 2) and Florida is in for a lot of the nation’s best players. I’m not saying Muschamp and Co. will finish with an amazing class, but Florida won’t end with a sorry group of kids coming in. Remember, it’s never easy for new coaches to haul in a great class in their first year. Muschamp has proven in the last month that he is a great recruiter. It’ all about relationships and he’s making great ones in the 2012 class …

So back away from the ledge Gators fans, grab Will Smith’s “Homebase,” put it on repeat and let’s get on to the questions!

Need honest answer.. U think Muschamp dropped the ball in recruiting so far? If so do u think he can make up ground?
— @Gatorpike

No. Not even close. Has it been a total success for him? No, but it certainly hasn’t been a failure. He came all the way from Texas and is trying to get back into the swing of recruiting in the heart of the Southeast. He’s fortunate that he has some of those relationships with high school coaches he had when he was the defensive coordinator at Auburn and LSU. It’s almost unheard of for a first-year coach to absolutely kill it during his first recruiting cycle. It doesn’t matter what program you are taking over. USC felt it last year and Florida and Miami are feeling it now. It’s a part of college football life. To think Muschamp was going to come in and immediately dominate is silly.

He has shown at each school he’s been at that he’s a tremendous recruiter and that won’t change, in fact it will only increase, now that he’s a head coach. Urban Meyer struggled with his first class at Florida (it truly bombed) and he went on to win two national championships and consistently bring in top-five classes. If Muschamp wins, things will only get better for him.

It was just going to be too hard for him to create all those relationships in such a short amount of time, but he and his staff have really worked hard.

How many recruits do you think we’ll end up with and I know it’s a guess but who do you think those final 5 or 6 will be?
— @Chompionships

At first, I was sure Florida would get 25 in this class. Even after Meyer’s resignation, I still thought there was a chance 25 guys would still come. Now, with all the recent changes surrounding Florida’s recruiting class and targets, I’m not sure if that will happen. Florida still has a few positions it needs to take care of in this class, and I think the staff will do that for the most part.

Florida could easily make it to 25 if the staff starts to go after lesser-known prospects, but I don’t see that happening. Muschamp is smart. He knows what he wants and he knows what’s good for the program. If that means not signing 25 guys, then that’s what he’ll do.

Here are positions that must be hit by Signing Day.

OL — Florida has Trip Thurman and Tommy Jordan committed. Hounshell’s decommitment means there will be a need for another tackle. Traverse City, Mich., West offensive tackle Jacob Fisher will officially visit Florida this weekend. With him decommitting from Michigan, this is the prime time for Muschamp and his staff to go after him.

LB — Florida lost its only linebacker in Ryan Shazier (Ohio State), so this is a major area of concern. Richmond, Va., Hermitage’s Curtis Grant is the top guy on the board at the position and Florida is one of his leaders. Ohio State is up there, too. Wadesboro, N.C., Anson’s Stephone Anthony has always been high on the Gators, but had a great time at Clemson and his best bud, Pagan, just committed there. It’s an uphill battle for Florida, now. Coral Gables’ Denzel Perryman is a viable option for the Gators and he reportedly really enjoyed his visit. Though, pulling him from Miami will be tough. Gainesville, Ga., linebacker A.J. Johnson might be committed to Tennessee, but Florida is still showing interest in him. It will be hard for him to decommit from UT for the second time, though.

DL — Clay Burton is already on campus, but that’s it. Pagan is gone. Florida is in the running for Tampa Alonso’s Anthony Chickillo, who is committed to Miami. Pulling him from the Hurricanes will be a tall order. Lake City Columbia’s Tim Jernigan is the guy everyone wants in Gainesville. He’ll meet with Muschamp this week and should visit Florida in some capacity in the next two weeks. FSU or UF here. McKeesport, Pa., tackle Delvon Simmons is still deciding between a Florida or USC visit. Huge for Gators if he visits. Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer’s Curt Maggitt is still very high on Florida’s list and Florida is high on his. Apparently, he’ll decide after Signing Day. Florida is also looking at a junior college guy. Johnathan Jenkins (Perkinston, Miss., Gulf Coast C.C.) will visit at the end of the month. The new guy linked to Florida is Coconut Creek North Broward end Tevin Westbrook, who claims an offer and will visit in on the 28th.

I still think Florida needs to land another quarterback for depth reasons. Palm Beach Gardens’ Jacoby Brissett is the hot name here. Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has been all over him recently and he finally got that Florida offer. We’ll see where he goes from here.

Roberson might have committed to Texas Tech, but like I said earlier, he’ll visit Florida, so it’s not over.

So where do you think Florida’s class will finish? Top 5? Top 10?
— @jdarno1

If Florida can get to 25 signees, there’s a good chance Muschamp will wind up in the top 10. That would be a very impressive finish for him. Meyer only signed 18 and ranked his class 15th overall.

As far as a ranking goes, it’s hard to determine because all of the recruiting services rank prospects differently. Just look at the differences in the new Rivals and final rankings. If we are going on my own ranking, then I can handle that. I’ll preface by saying I understand how tough it was for Muschamp to come in and recruit. But at the end of the day, rankings are based on the guys you get.

I think Florida will close with a good class. It might not be where I thought it would be a week ago, but it won’t be anything to scoff at. I think Florida has a great shot at landing both Jernigan and Grant and could also get Fisher. Maggitt is a guy I feel Florida is favored for as well. Just getting those four guys would make for a great way to end the class. And, hey, Roberson isn’t completely gone.

So, if things go the way I think they might, I’d say Florida will be right outside of the top 10. Still a solid class for a first-year coach.

Curious if Charlie and the new offense could give us a shot at some of the elite TE that are sill looking around (O’Leary, Rome…..)?

Nick O’Leary was never really interested in Florida. The Gators were on the outside from the beginning. Rome isn’t considering Florida, either. With A.C. Leonard on campus, Florida is pretty set at tight end. However, there is still one more guy out there that could make it into this class because he could play both tight end and wide receiver. Moreno Valley, Calif., Rancho Verde tight end Junior Pomee was visited by Muschamp recently and the Gators are still in the running for him. The thing about Pomee is that he’s big enough to play tight end and fast enough to play receiver. He would be perfect in a two tight end set. Florida is still after him even with Meyer gone. Unfortunately for Florida, Pomee used his official visit last year and might not make it back to Gainesville before Signing Day. That means a lot of sky miles for this staff …

Make sense of chase decommittment please. He was all Gator and was unfazed by coaching change. New coaches pushed him out?
— @sturner1812

No matter what Hounshell Tweeted shortly after Meyer’s resignation, the loss of Meyer and Addazio was big for him. There was a deep relationship there and from what I’ve been told his comfort just wasn’t there with the new staff. It’s not as if he didn’t like offensive line coach Frank Verducci or Muschamp, but he had been around Note Dame’s staff longer and was closer to them. You can’t fault Hounshell for his feelings. If didn’t feel like he’d be a fit with Florida’s staff, there was no point in him moving to Gainesville. Remember, he was supposed to be an early enrollee and decided against it because he wanted to meet Florida’s new staff first.

As far as Florida’s coaches pushing him out, three coaches were at his house the day before he decommitted. You don’t send three coaches all the way to Ohio to tell a guy you don’t want him. Florida’s coaches liked Hounshell’s athleticism from the beginning and while he certainly wasn’t the most polished linemen, his potential is what impressed Florida’s coaches then and now.


  1. This will be the only recruiting class for Muschamp that won’t be in the top 5-10 of the national rankings. He is a great recruiter and will be dynamic after a full year in Gainesville. He will pretty much be able to get who he wants in the following years.

  2. we need depth at DT, Jerrnigan is biging lame, so bump him. how bout simmions, then hit up chavis atkins[340lbs] and the JUCO j.jenkins[320lbs] and the last 2 are local. also jr pomee, would be excelent in the new scheme, gator fans hope for this dude to sign! and ed whats up with this jerell adams guy? hes 6’4 225, and listed as a ath, so what dose he look to play in college? and would he fit with us?

  3. I would be thrilled to get those guys (Grant, Jernigan, Maggit), but I’m keeping my expectations low on the others. Coach just hasn’t had much time with these guys, but truthfully, the fact that he’s even getting some of them to consider us in such a short time span is impressive. I will say though, what’s with Clemson killing us on the recruiting trail? I mean…it’s Clemson.

  4. Ed —
    When are you gonna premier your female contributor segment (re: “Celebrity Crush”)?
    You might consider utilizing Gator Cheerleader(s) for starters?
    PS: Here are three (more) suggestions for segment titles: Celebrity Scrimmage; Red Carpet Kickoff (or Recruit); Pretty Famous Fan.
    Good luck!
    We all stick together in all kinds of…!
    (2:55 pm, ET)

  5. Regarding JuCo’s —
    What if the roles were reversed between UF and Auburn with Cam Newton, who honed his skills in JuCo?!?
    Those who rise to the level of garnering recruiting attention are typically more advanced than even 5-star freshmen, and can contribute immediately.
    Actually, they may even be ideally suited for programs whose coaching staff is new and/or in transition; a quick fix to shore-up holes created by a recruiting deficit(s). [ie: this year AND NEXT – particularly if this year falls short quantitatively].

  6. I asked a similar question about Clemson beating us on so many players this year in another article’s thread, but now I can’t find it to see if there was a reply.
    Why are we number 2 to Clemson for so many players we’re pursuing this year? Seems like Florida is a superior option in all aspects of that, unless you’re from SC and want to stay there. If that’s the case, I think I’d choose SC, not Clemson. Of course that has to do with my SEC bias 🙂

  7. John:

    Kids are choosing Clemson because they see that your university is not even nearly as great as you and your delusional colleagues think it is. You guys promote your college as if it is a Southern Harvard, which is hilarious, and these kids can see through it. Ask Greg Reid. Ask others. Your coaches and fans spew all this garbage talk at the recruits and none of it makes any sense. Again, Florida is no Harvard. It’s a great school that gets people ready for life, but it’s not Harvard. If you guys would shut up about how great you think the school is, these kids might stop choosing other schools.


  8. Jack:
    What are you on? No one said anything about Harvard. For all your rambling you didn’t mention a single category in which Clemson is superior and for good reason. Clemson’s a fine school, but its not noticably better academically (examples: national rankings, research, funding, competitiveness, etc.) and certainly not from a football sense (examples: Championships, NFL Draft, exposure, etc.). So who are you arguing (poorly) with. If a Gator fan thinks highly of his school good for him. What would you expect?

  9. Dear jack, why do you insist on wasting your time on this blog all you do is complain about “us” gator fans… honestly dude… I hate to break it to you, Drew “interception” Weatherford was the last good thing you had at FSUCKS and still you see the outcome of his career. To think that EJ is going to do geat next year really really baffles me… Is not gonna happen win 2 championships in 4 yrs and maybe just maybe i’ll change my mind… Please leave. Oh and keep up the great info Ed love your columns!

  10. COLLEGE RANKINGS (based on varying standards) & STATS:
    US NEWS (2009):
    UF: Rank=#53 (42% Admission Rate), (Prof.-Stud. Ratio=20:1).
    FSU: Rank=#104 (61% Admiss. Rate), (Prof.-Stud. Ratio=25:1).
    FORBES (2011):
    Rank Adm.Rate Grad.Rate SAT’s ACT’s Stud.Pop.
    UF #93 41% 56% 1160-1380 25-30 51,474
    FSU #193 47% 47% 1110-1290 24-28 38,682

    [Significant disparity between the Admission Rates listed from each source].
    PS: Hopefully the above info will appear laid-out (gridded) as I entered it.

  11. JACK is right. Florida is in no way on the same level as Harvard is, as an academic institution. That said, we all know that Harvard is to Florida, as Florida is to Florida State, Jack. As far as academics are concerned.
    Make light all you will, but the bottom line is a degree from Florida is much more impressive and honored, than a degree from FSU. It is what it is, so no need to try and denigrate, and/or disparage the difference. The difference in the quality of the education is indeed significant, and although some recruits will not see that difference, the smarter ones will.

  12. COLLEGE RANKINGS/STATS: (continued) —
    The FORBES’ Stats (above) didn’t lay out very well.
    Let’s try it this way:
    UF: Rank=#93 (Pop.=51474)
    Adm.Rt.=41%, Grad.Rt.=56%, SAT=1160-1380, ACT=25-30.
    FSU: Rank=#193 (Pop.=38,682)
    Adm.Rt.=47%, Grad.Rt.=47%, SAT=1110-1290, ACT=24-28.
    PS: Fingers crossed…!

  13. Florida is the second largest southern university. Considering it is so large and public AND awesome at athletics, particularly big time sports…that is very impressive. My team is Texas and even WE aren’t quite there. Florida won’t be getting passed up by Clemson for long. Blind luck gets you something every once in a while, ask FSU. Lol

  14. College Stats (cont.) —
    Note: For some unknown reason, there’s a significant disparity between the FSU Admission Rates from the two sources (US News: 61%; Forbes: 47%).
    The respective UF Adm. Rts. are much more consistent (42% v. 41%).

  15. Hey Tim, FSU can’t hang in athletics either! Poor FSU, even their facilities and conference sucks. They better enjoy things right now cuz the coaching change with Miami and Florida is making them fat. To bad that won’t last forever…

  16. So Jack, what is your comment on this:
    “Most Nole fans will never know the pure elation, euphoria, of beating their “most hated rival” by 32 points, giving up 52 to them, and for the National Championship no less. 12-0 to 12-1 back down I-10 East leaving a trail of tears behind at the Semonole Indian Burial ground, er, uh, the Superdome. But fear not, less than 12 months later, the Noles agin were undefeated and less than 3 mins away from playing Nebraska for the NC, when Doug Johnson, Quazzie Green, and Fred Taylor went 80 yards and the Noles fans left a trail of tears back I-10 West, another sod game run amok”…
    Now go back home Jack… off!….

  17. Ed, this is the second place I’ve read that “even USC” struggled with their first class last year. Go back and check, I believe they were right at the top with us in Rivals’ rankings. That said, you are right that here in the SEC, where negative recruiting and all else, if you know what I mean, is fair and the norm, it is brutal on a first-year coach.
    People who expect a big NSD for UF this year will be disappointed. The joke that we were on the field this year, and the soap opera that was UF FB since Urban’s retirement/un-retirement has set us back for a year, sort of like a “self-imposed probation”. That probation ends after this NSD. When recruits see that this staff knows what they’re doing on the field with the team looking like they actually practice, and CWM has a full year to recruit hard, we will be reeling in top 5 classes regularly again.

  18. It’s rather simple… I don’t know why everyone makes it rocket science. Give it two years I believe the system will be where it needs to be Rome wasn’t built in a day. The defensive schemes that Mushchamp will impliment will be very in depth and fun, and will also be an NFL type of system. This will definitely attract prospects of the future on both sides of the ball especially after bringing in Weis to help on the offensive side of the ball. As for now be patient Gator nation! I know it’s hard, but heck we lasted the Zook era this should definitely not be as bad lol.

  19. Quickened:

    You’ve taken the time to post all that, so I’ll give you a response. Only a desperately insecure person would go through as much as you have to make a point. A Harvard grad, Stanford grad, Berkeley grad, etc. would never even bother trying to prove his point, but you have literally dug up websites and articles because you feel inferior. It’s very telling of you and your university.


  20. Jack, you must have no life if all you do is want to go on rival forums and talk crap about the opposing team. It would be one thing if this blog was dedicated to doing so which there are blogs you can go on to do this. It just shows how bad this so-called rivalr has gotten as far as competitiveness. This is the first year that you guys are even relevant, so enjoy your success but cut out the kiddy crap and grow up.

  21. Jack,
    I have seen many post where you have been CRYING because you come on this site and other posters treat you like Sh–, and talk about the POOR acedemics at FSU. And you only want to talk about atheletics. The last two days I’ve only seen you bash Florida about not being some Ivy league school. Well none of the Ivy league schools that you mentioned have three NC, and to use Harvard as a comparison and not mention that ALL GIRLS school must mean something, you at least know that ALL GIRLS school is NO comparison. I’m not one to Do a lot of BASHING, but for someone who has been CRYING about the same treatment you must like being bashed. So don’t cry anymore about people talking about the POOR academics at that ALL GIRLS school out west. Yeah, FSU was an ALL GIRLS school, that is why your football team is a bunch of P—y’s. GO GATORS!!!

  22. Jack wastes everyone’s time on here. I never said anything bad about Clemson, or FSU for that matter. I was just asking what it is making Clemson so appealing to these recruits. Florida is always one of the highest rated academic public institutions in the country; it’s not even something to argue about b/c it’s reported year after year. Florida has been in the top 3 athletic schools in the country for about 20 years; again nothing you can argue about, it’s a ranking released every summer. So, why Jack, must you try to degrade Gator fans for having pride in their school? If someone has pride in FSU or Clemson or any other school, good for them.
    Clemson does not historically out-recruit our football team for the same players (not counting CJ Spiller), but they are now, so I was just curious if there is a reason behind it.
    So, Jack, please be proud of your school, brag about them (if you can be accurate) and quit bothering me. I’m not going on your team’s site and making mean remarks, therefore I do not appreciate your adolescent behavior on my team’s site.

  23. Edward, Great article and love your insights. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am wondering how many scholarships Florida has left? Will we try to use them before signing day, this year, or hold off until next year? And any surprises waiting in the wings?

  24. The Tallahassee Democrat charges for access to their website and from what I saw before they started charging it wasn’t/isn’t worth it. Think they kind of limited what otherwise would have been good dicussions when they became a pay site. Too bad. Maybe Jack can get us on free.

  25. John:

    UF fans, including you, are DELUSIONAL and insecure. Otherwise, you guys wouldn’t be lying to yourselves every day. I have never seen a group of people try to promote their school as much as you guys do. It’s pathetic that you guys spend so much time trying to weigh the value of your Gator degrees. UF is not Harvard. I repeat: UF is not Harvard. When President Obama’s daughters come for a visit, let me know.



  26. Ed,
    Is Weis talking to Westerman? That would be a heck of a steel from Texas. My list. Grant, Fisher, Brissett, Rasco, Simmons, Pomee, Watkins, Chickallo, Maggitt, and if available Dix. Steward, Jernigan and Anthony if nothing else.

  27. Hahahaha Jack… don’t hate on knowledge, you have no reason to be on here man. Go blog it up with the rest of the Athletes Cheat Conference fans. If you can find any… Oh and I never claimed UF to be harvard or any Ivy League school moron. GO GATORS! and C’mon Grant Commit already!!!!

  28. Please ALL GATOR FANS, Start immediately and please ignore any of JACK’s post. His psychiatrist has explained to me that this is how Jack gets off. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY MORE OF THOSE BROKEN RECORD RESPONSES BY JACK. Look back all 97% of his post, he says the same thing, he NEEDS a rise out of someone before he can feel that he is someone in the world of college atheletics. I know it may be hard but please resist the temptation to respond to(you know who) anymore. His psych says this is a classic case of if you ignore IT, it will eventually go away. Though, he did say it may take some time because he sees this as his last chance of relevance. So, PLEASE be patient and persistant and in the long run you would be a big part of helping the GATOR NATION rid itself of (you know who) for good.

  29. I live in South carolina and everyone here talks about how beautiful the campus is at Clemson. Its the only thing in a small country setting, so everything is geared around the campus. Sure Dabo and his staff do a great job getting into the ears of the players and coaches, but what can they tell them “come to a beautiful campus and be the only show in town. What about being the best, competing with the best, in the best league, winning NC’s. I guess we will never know, I hate to think or say that these kids are afraid of the competition ( at least the level of competition they will face at Florida and in the SEC), and I won’t say that because it just may be that they feel that they will get their shot earlier at Clemson.

  30. @Jack —
    You said (in your response above):
    You’ve taken the time to post all that, so I’ll give you a response. Only a desperately insecure person would go through as much as you have to make a point. A Harvard grad, Stanford grad, Berkeley grad, etc. would never even bother trying to prove his point, but you have literally dug up websites and articles because you feel inferior. It’s very telling of you and your university.
    Final Counterpoint and Acknowledgement:
    The few relevant stats on College Rankings that I listed in my comment(s) above (Jan. 19th, 10:51pm & 11:15pm) hardly qualify in number to be referred to as “all that.” Qualitatively – perhaps,… but not quantitatively!
    As I mentioned in the follow-up, I re-entered part of my original stats-posting to improve clarity. Apparently it was effective; you understood enough to ignore the sobering (and damning) facts when you responded.
    How much time and effort do you really suppose it would take to 1) google “College Rankings,” 2) click on two resultant sources (Forbes and US News), 3) key-in UF & FSU, and 4) jot down the few pertinent statistical figures?!?
    No “literal” digging either,… just sweet paydirt!
    OF COURSE Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley alumni “would never even bother [to try] to prove” their academic superiority to UF! They’re universally acknowledged to be in a higher tier, per se, than us! [Likewise the (other) Ivy League schools]. They DO, however, have and share ardent opinions as to which one is superior amongst themselves (as any set of peers or comparable neighbors would).
    Why?? Because like UF & FSU, they’re similar to a degree and/or closely associated. That is, they’re academically and sometimes historically similar enough to be considered part of the same tier, but dissimilar enough – regionally, culturally, tradition-wise and yes, even academically; however slight – to spawn rivalry and fuel hardy passions (hoorah for motivation and competition!).
    That said, in any head-to-head contest – or comparison – between two contenders, there can only really be one “first place” (or leader) between the two, with the runner-up essentially being the first loser.
    Comparison of stats between institutions ACROSS (multiple) tiers is not necessary to know which will rank higher or lower; it’s already self evident! However, when done between schools in the SAME tier, wherein differences can be much less evident on the surface, statistical comparison delineates and highlights subtle distinctions, thus aiding in an objective and meaningful determination of relative ranks (based on mathematical facts), laying to rest baseless subjective reasoning. The numbers speak for themselves and they speak volumes!
    UF’s academic ship of state is ranked significantly ahead of FSU’s. Unfortunately for the latter, though it took them the better part of ten years to “right” their football “ship” (they perhaps would say one year, but no matter), academic “ships,” having MUCH more administrative and human inertia than an individual athletic program, are even harder and slower to turn around or to accelerate.
    Sucks, but true.
    PS: Again, Gators wouldn’t compare UF to Harvard. The claim is a figment of your imagination; a strawman argument designed to get your jollies from goading the Good-guys.
    … THAT’S pathetic,… AND pathological!!!
    PPS: Though YOU are waxing worse, your lexicon is waning; time to break down and finally buy that Thesaurus.
    PPPS: You crossed the line with your RACIST rhetoric. Said Thesaurus could’ve helped you there. Too late now, though. Jeanie’s out of the bottle.

  31. Ed,

    Good Post. Will knew he would be giving up a lot in recruiting this year by hiring coaches from NFL PLAYOFF TEAMS. This will pay huge dividends in the future as most of the noise made about Clemson and others schools in totally irrelevant. More over, this year underscores the great brand Urban created.

    Real players care about relationships, competition and getting ready for the league. i.e: Miami has nothing to offer compared to most universities and yet does well in recruiting. Ratings don’t include the void on your existing team..

    Be patient with a freshman QB and new offense..the future is really bright and please don’t response to a university comparison with forgiveness classes and a great nursing program .

  32. Jack is obviously the delusional person in this string of posts.

    Nobody in this thread has compared UF to Harvard. That being said Harvard is an incredibly expensive and private university. UF is an amazing bargain as one of the top public universities in the country. So apples and oranges to compare or in Jack’s case to hold over UF’s head.

    Why are Gator fans constantly mentioning UF academically, because UF is the flagship university of the state and one of the top public universities in the country. Two things that FSU cannot say. On top of that a beautiful campus and across the board athletic success make UF the obvious choice in recruiting when comparing with FSU.