Rasco still has a lot of recruitment left


The next two weeks are going to be chaotic for Jermauria Rasco.

The Shreveport, La., Evangel Christian defensive end has a bunch of schools still coming after him and he’s got room for two more visits. Those visits, according to Evangel Christian coach Phillip Deas, are expected to be to Florida and Arkansas. Deas cautioned that those are the schools Rasco told him he wants to visit, but neither visit is “set in stone.”

But Deas said both schools are high on Rasco’s list. LSU and Florida State are also on Rasco’s list, with Texas trying to make up a lot of ground.

Texas was in good position for Rasco earlier in his recruitment because of Will Muschamp. Deas said Muschamp visited Evangel Christian “three or four times” during the year, and both Rasco and the Eagles’ coaching coaching staff really got along with the former Longhorns defensive coordinator.

However, Texas fell off considerably for Rasco when Muschamp was hired as Florida’s head coach. Rasco immediately put Florida on his list of favorites and is now looking to make his first trip to Gainesville before his National Signing Day decision on Feb. 2.

“I think Florida has a great chance of landing Jermauria,” Deas said. “He loves Coach Muschamp.

“You know, once they get these kids on campus, it’s easy to get them into The Swamp.”

Rasco said in San Antonio, Texas that he didn’t know much at all about Florida, but knew enough about Muschamp to become very interested in the Gators.

Deas said a major factor in Rasco’s recruitment is program stability. Right now, all four schools he’s looking at are all on stable ground at the moment. The news of LSU coach Les Miles returning was refreshing for Rasco and might be enough get him to Baton Rouge before signing day.

Florida might have a new staff in place, but Rasco and his coach expect those guys to be in Gainesville for a while. There’s comfort in knowing that Muschamp could be a long-term coach at Florida.

“Sometimes, going in with a guy that just got there can be the best situation for you,” Deas said.

“There was not a better college job out there for him (Muschamp).”

While Florida has emerged as the sexy team in the race for Rasco, LSU still has an enormous stronghold on the state of Louisiana. Deas said he encourages all of his players to look around, but it can be hard for guys to turn down the Tigers, especially with LSU paraphernalia littering the state.

Even if LSU doesn’t get an official visit from Rasco, the Tigers are only about a four-hour drive away. Deas said LSU is very much in the picture for Rasco and an official visit might not be necessary at this point. Getting one will only hurt the other teams in the Rasco race.


  1. Look, kid, chances are you’ll never play on sundays. That’s no reflection on you personally, you have as good of a chance as anyone, but it’s just a fact– you are probably NOT going to play on sundays.

    So, give up that talk about going to crappy schools like FSU, Arkansas, and LSU, and come to one of the finest public academic institutions in this whole country. Every year, Florida turns down applicants with 3,9 grade point averages in high school, and YOU get to come here for free.

    Can FSU, Arkansas, or LSU claim that a degree from their schools is as respected as a degree from Florida? No, they cannot, at least not honestly.

  2. He’s coming to FSU.

    Oh, look, another Gator fan who thinks his degree is something special. I guarantee you that ninety percent of the Gator fans on here (not all of you) work a crappy job and make very little money. Perhaps a few of you roll in the cash, but I even doubt that.

    Guys, please quit bragging about your little Gator degrees. It makes you look pathetically stupid. UF is not Harvard. Uf is a college surrounded by a bunch of white trash hillbillies. I’m not saying Gainesville isn’t a pretty city or that it doesn’t have some smart people, but Gainesville is no Boston. In fact, Tallahassee has eight times the culture.

  3. Tallahassee has eight times the culture of Gainesville? Okay you just destroyed your credibility with that statement. And you claim that Gator fans are inbred because they brag about how their school, the flagship school in the state and one of the 3 or 4 that’s better than FSU, is a school worth going to? Hmmmm don’t forget to kiss your sister goodnight.

  4. Jack,
    you have been posting a lot of vile crap on these Gator recruiting blogs. Why do you hang out on this site designed for Gator fans? You don’t ever seem to add anything useful here. The vast majority of us would never think of polluting the Tallahassee Democrat or the Miami Herald section devoted to other schools.

  5. Pulling this kid out of LA would indeed be a nice accomplishment in year 1 of the Muschamp era; tough to get kids out of that state. As nice as that would be, I really hope we close the deal on those two linebackers (Anthony, Grant). And another OL would be nice.

  6. I come here because it’s a free site open to the public. I also like to see what you guys are posting. Also, the comments depicting Florida as some kind of Southern Harvard are deliciously comical. Very few of you can write a complete sentence. I’d love to know how many of you actually graduated from the university, and just what those fabulously lucrative Gator degrees were in. I’m guessing political science and family science.

    On one more note, your vet school is incredibly overrated. I’ve been there before. Not impressed. Seen better. I know you guys take great pride in your animal kingdom there, but it’s nothing to write home to mama about.

    Jack the ‘Nole (who studied under a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist)

  7. I graduated from UF with B.S. in Microbiology and later from the UF College of Dentistry. Pretty happy with my choice of Universities. Would not have been able to accomplish this in Talllahassee…..along with other professional programs, they do not have a dental school. Go Gators!

  8. Jack,

    Looks like you’ve reverted to your old self with your nasty, denigrating comments. I thought you were getting past that, and wrote kindly of you a while back, but looks like I was wrong. FYI only, I have a degree from UF in Business Administration, a 6 figure income with a Fortune 500 company, and put myself and our 2 kids through college. My FSU grad siblings have done the same, and I am very proud of them as well, so stop embarrasing your fine school by insulting others.

  9. ESPN 760 in West Palm Beach, FL is reporting that Dwyer QB Jacoby Brissett isn’t exactly packing his bags for Gainsville. Both Brissett and his head coach Jack Daniels confirmed that he will be taking his final visit to Washington. They also said that Brissett “holds a grudge” against UF due to Urban asking him to grey shirt.

    The entire story can be found at http://www.espn760.com/blogs/herb.php

  10. Jack said: “I’m not antagonistic” and “I come in peace.”
    rooferman said (@Jack): “keep taking the high road” and “you are one classy Nole.” [PUHLEEEEZ!].
    However, Jack also said (elsewhere herein GS):
    “Oh, look, another inbred Gator fan who thinks his degree is something special. I guarantee you that ninety percent of the inbred Gator fans on here (not all of you) work a crappy job and make very little money. Perhaps a few of you roll in the cash, but I even doubt that.
    Guys, please quit bragging about your little Gator degrees. It makes you look pathetically stupid. UF is not Harvard. Uf is a college surrounded by a bunch of white trash hillbillies. I’m not saying Gainesville isn’t a pretty city or that it doesn’t have some smart people, but Gainesville is no Boston. In fact, Tallahassee has eight times the culture.”
    And he once signed-off as (giving us a glimpse of his desperate, prideful, wannabe elitist spirit):
    “Jack the ‘Nole (who studied under a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist).”
    Back in mid-November his caustic childishness was running amok (see his comments in Robbie Andreu’s Appalachian State Prediction article and in a couple others just prior to that), which prompted the following response from me:
    “@Jack — Do yourself a favor, and stop bringing shame to your name. It’s already the most ‘versatile’ name in the English language!
    Utilize your edumacation and look up some less incriminating synonyms, because when you use terms & phrases, especially in close proximity, like spanking, spanked, tushy, personal prison mistress, clowns, babies, great ride, brutal, comfort, and excited ‘Nole (Ref.: 3 posts), it betrays a deep-seated, sick, perverse soul!”
    Remember those fun terms, Jack? Good times, they were,… huh?!
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    So you’re BOTH.
    I see.
    That’s unfortunate for all of us; for me because it… “fills me with the urge to DEFACATE!!!”

  11. So Jack, what is your comment on this:
    “Most Nole fans will never know the pure elation, euphoria, of beating their “most hated rival” by 32 points, giving up 52 to them, and for the National Championship no less. 12-0 to 12-1 back down I-10 East leaving atrail of tears behind at the Semonole In dian Burial ground, er, uh, the Superdome. But fear not, less than 12 months later, the Noles agin were undefeated and less than 3 mins away from playing Nebraska for the NC, when Doug Johnson, Queazzie Green, and Gred Taylor went 80 yards and the Noles fans left a trail of tears back I-10 West, another sod game run amok”…
    Now go back home Jack… off!….

  12. @Jack, et al —
    A little insight into Jack the Nole’s (our rude little elitist racist) beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning (BFD!) novelist, Robert Olen Butler.
    On August 10, 1968, Butler married Carol Supplee. They divorced in January 1972.
    On July 1, 1972, Butler married poet Marylin Geller (now known professionally as Marylin Krepf). They had one child, Joshua Robert Butler (born 1974), and divorced in July 1987.
    On July 21, 1987, Butler married Maureen Donlan. They divorced in March 1995.
    On April 23, 1995, at [a] Tavern restaurant in New York City, Butler married the novelist and playwright Elizabeth Dewberry (born 1963). The couple divorced July [19] 2007 according to an email Butler sent to his graduate students and fellow professors at Florida State University. Regarding Dewberry’s decision to leave him for communications mogul Ted Turner, a controversy arose over the highly personal revelations contained within Butler’s email, which was leaked by one of its recipients and subsequently reported on by major international media outlets, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and National Public Radio.
    Nice mentor. Talk about leading [sheep to THEIR slaughter] by example!

  13. BACK TO FOOTBALL: I fear that LSU will be extremely hard to beat and even though they are hated, the FSU staff has been in his ear for the last year and he already knows them, so I think it will be an LSU (leader) FSU (second choice) battle. Recruits give lip service to colleges, but to think one who has never been to a campus just before signing day is going to throw out his top choices for an unknown, is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!

  14. Florida my not be on Harvard’s level yet but it’s getting there Jack. That more than what I will say for FSU.
    Jack got his Pulitzer Prize by proxy. Studding under doesn’t make you anything. Hang on to that though if its all you have wright now.
    I hope we get back on subject. I think this Rasco kid is a work in progress. I’m not sold on him yet. If he has the work ethic he should do ok at least.

  15. @ Jack
    Just to let you know FSU is po dunk GEORGIA. If you want to talk about inbreds don’t forget where you came from. I taught golf at Don Veller it sucked. Also Jack just remember FSU will always be the girl school of FL. You come on our site because its free. So I guess what you are telling us GATOR fans is that you don’t have job so you can’t pay to be on your site.

  16. Listen, we have scholarships available and if you noticed some of our best players were not the highly recruited/rated players on the board. He may have the desire and ability to be a great player two years from now, its not like we will lose anything. If he wants to sign give him a shot, we gave lavish praise on some of those guys that turned and ran at the time when you needed them to show that you were coming here to be a GATOR, not a Myer or Adazzio (you get my drift). He has a relationship with Muschamp and if he wants to be with the best he will make his last visit to Gainesville and be on board on NSD. GO GATORS!!!

  17. Jack —

    How’s that juggling degree from the clown school treating you? Spout off if you wish, but the reality is that you come off as an ignorant Nole. Guess you cannot find enough good things at FSU to tout – so you must bash others!

  18. Jack and I are here because we beat you like a REDHEADED STEPCHILD on the football field this year and we are beating you like a RENTED MULE in recruiting this year and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

  19. Jack was getting so badly run that he has begun posting as his own friend. That is one for the books. Like in the Guiness Book, under “most pathetic ever.” (:^D)

    Yous a hollowed-out Jack-o-lantern, Jack! We feel pity for you, as no doubt did your Pulitzer-prize-winning instructor.