Clearing up Jernigan rumor


Timmy Jernigan’s mother cleared up a few weekend rumors about her son on Monday.

There were rumblings that the Lake City Columbia defensive tackle made a surprise visit to Gainesville over the weekend to check out Florida. Jernigan’s mom, Janice Stockton, said she was with her son this weekend and neither took trips to any schools.

“We were home,” Stockton said.

Stockton also said Jernigan isn’t leaning toward any school, right now. Florida State, LSU, Alabama and Florida all remain in the hunt, but Stockton said no school stands out from the rest.

“He’s weighing all of his options,” she said. “We’re just sitting back and taking our time.”

Unfortunately for Jernigan and his family, time is running out. National Signing Day is Feb. 2, and that means there can only be a couple of visits taken for Jernigan from here on out. Even if he takes two during the next two weekends, he could still take a mid-week one before Signing Day.

Jernigan said in San Antonio, Texas, that he’s always felt comfortable with FSU defensive line coach Odell Haggins, but wasn’t sure of many other staffs because of all the latest moves in college football. The staff he’s been looking forward to getting a better read on is Florida’s. Now that Urban Meyer and Dan McCarney are gone, Jernigan said his main focus with Florida is getting better acquainted with new coach Will Muschamp and the defensive line coach.

Shortly after Bryant Young was announced as Florida’s new line coach, Jernigan got some quality time with him at Columbia High last Friday.

Stockton said Jernigan enjoyed the visit and Young, but didn’t know the specifics of their conversation.

Jernigan is expected to finalize his last visits this week.


  1. Hope Jernigan has considered the advantages of joining the Gator Nation: (1) live closest to home compared to all the other schools; (2) reap the benefits of having TWO D-Line coaches, both of whom have NFL experience; and finally, even if you don’t go to Florida, don’t pass up the opportunity to (3) play in the SEC, the best college football conference BAR NONE – don’t squander that chance by joining FSU and playing in the garbage ACC.

  2. Tim will end up at fsu. I would rather have him at uf. But he looks to be a mole. But if we land chicillo and grant that would ease the sting a little. Anthony’s a beast and we have Floyd already and hopefully the new coaches can bring the best out of hunter. One player wont kill us but out of your own back yard does hurt. Go get them will!!! Go Gators!

  3. I hate to say this about my own people, but we need a little reality here! We had a down year, and a total coaching change. Due to these things this will not be a great recruiting year for us people!!! We will be back next year, but for now, we have to accept the fact that FSU is running circles around us. It is what it is!!

  4. Obviously this kid is going to FSU. He’s just wanting to wait until signing day.

    Okay, this is the latest thing I don’t understand about Gator fans. Do you guys realize that Bobby Bowden used to be the best recruiter in the country? You guys make out like Florida has never lost recruiting battles to FSU. Please, give me a break. Jimbo Fisher was owning Urban Meyer on the trail and now he is owning Muschamp. I’m not saying Muschamp won’t make it competitive, but you guys are seriously underestimating Jimbo Fisher. He has the NUMBER TWO class in the country right now, and will possibly land the number one class.

    Guys, this knocking FSU stuff just makes you look silly. Please grow up. There is a new sheriff in Florida and his name is John James Fisher.

  5. The reason Gator fans make fun of FSU is because it is a terrible school academically and it’s in a subpar conference with inferior facilities and a much, much smaller fan base. FSU is inferior to Florida (the flagship university) in every way. It’s not even close!

  6. Jack…you know just about that much (Jack Ship….). Fisher’s perceived advantage this year was simply due to the uncertainty about Meyer and his eventual departure. There’s no underestimating Jimbo Fisher on my part; I’ve met him and he is the real deal. But, he’s working to catch up to Florida and one good year (2011) isn’t going to be enough to do it.

  7. A few things Jack (FSU homer). 1. FSU’s class is currently ranked #4 while UF’s is 19. That being said, UF has the least amount of signees so far (15), so just give us time my friend.

    As for your comment about Jumbo “owning” Urban Meyer. Take a look at the only class they can really compete in which would be 2010 class. Let’s take a look back shall we? Hmmm….fsu finished at #10 and UF finished at #2 as per rivals. I would HARDLY call that “owning”.

    You should really get your facts straight my friend before popping off on someone elses board. Go back to waaaaaaaaachant won’t you?

  8. Jack … congrats on your 4 loss season in arguably the worst football in the conference in the country. One has to go through 5 SEC teams ranked in the final polls before you find an Always Cupcake Conference team ranked. You should be embarrassed to act like FSU has actually accomplished anything this year. What’s that say about Bobby and Jumbo as coaches if they “owned” Urban in recruiting over the last few years and still managed to go 1-6 against UF and while averaging 5+ losses a season in the pathetic ACC as Urbie and the Gators where winning multiple conference and National Championships (in football and basketball). Enjoy your little 4 loss season and a little recruiting edge while you can … GO GATORS!!!

  9. Jack, it’s quite obvious you want to be a Gator, Jack Jackson. J. J. Fisher would be appalled at how much time you spend on our site, Jack Youngblood. Ask J. J. if he’ll invite you over to the summer home to meet Big Willie “Boom” (much more of a ring to it than Jimbo).

    He’s been the coach only one month & he’s already making up ground w/recruiting. So enjoy this time where you have a higher ranked class than us, and keep nervously checking the site for updates.(I hope you sleep better after Groundhog Day!)

    Oh btw, tell James Wilder Jr. I said “What’s up.” He might pull a Nick Waisome or Greg Reid on J. J., you guys are long overdue for a defection, anything can happen…

  10. Muschamp gets it. Loading his staff with quality NFL types will appeal to today’s elite athletes who are sooo focused on the next level. Florida will look like a pro training camp to waiting NFL franchises by the time Coach Boom is rolling!

  11. Can’t wait for signing day! May lose some big fish but then again…What I love is that Coach seems to be recruiting the Florida Way-type players, that is guys that want to be a Gator and with a TEAM mindset. Gator Nation will be pleasantly surprised come Feb.2nd, I believe.

  12. onemore …. you holding hands with Jack while you type this nonsense. Although i don’t condone the booing of our student athletes … at least UF fill the stands for our home games. The few times i turned over to watch parts of an FSU game this year, joke campbell stadium was half empty … say what you want bro, UF fans, although some can be a bunch of ingrates, support our team in all kinds of weather. FSU and the ACC is an embarrassment to college football ….

  13. You must know Jack, onemoreopinion. Every team has fans who whine, well maybe not your team – it’s obvious that lack of whining is what lead to Bobby Bowden & Randy Shannon losing their jobs. I guess Mark Richt has nothing to worry about either…

  14. If Tim Jernigan wants to be a great player in the nfl, he will go to Florida under coach Muschamp, coach Quinn, and coach Young. If he wants to be in to win championships and play on the biggest stage in the sec he will go to Florida. If he wants to follow his heart and his lifelong dream will go to Florida. If he wants to be on possibly in 2 years the most nfl talent stacked defense and start on it he will go to Florida.

  15. HAHA you FSU fans are delusional.

    Jimbo is a proven FAILURE of an offensive coordinator and had 4 losses in his “first” season as coach in a pathetic conference. He wasn’t even new since he controlled the team for the past few years.

    Bowden had 4 losses and you fans ran him out of town and now Dumbo Fisher has 4 losses and you cheer and act like you won the title! LMAO!!!

    Muschamp and Weis are much better recruiters AND coaches than Dumbo Fisher.


  17. “Jimbo Fisher was owning Urban Meyer on the trail and now he is owning Muschamp.”

    He was owning a guy who retiring at the end of the season ? Ooh, accomplishment !!!!

    He’s owning a guy going after his first class with a small window ? Ooh, accomplishment.

    Fisher clearly knows how to recruit from his LSU days, but let’s approach it realistically – when Muschamp has a full class and full window to use, then we can judge.

  18. So Jack, what is your comment on this:
    “Most Nole fans will never know the pure elation, euphoria, of beating their “most hated rival” by 32 points, giving up 52 to them, and for the National Championship no less. 12-0 to 12-1 back down I-10 East leaving a trail of tears behind at the Semonole Indian Burial ground, er, uh, the Superdome. But fear not, less than 12 months later, the Noles agin were undefeated and less than 3 mins away from playing Nebraska for the NC, when Doug Johnson, Quezzie Green, and Fred Taylor went 80 yards and the Noles fans left a trail of tears back I-10 West, another sod game run amok”…
    Now go back home Jack… off!….

  19. one class won’t break us Jack. FSU is on the way up but if looks around Clemson is what they need to be focusing on. Clemson is going to own FSU. They took all the top players for our state. Jernagin is good but we have all seen better. Floyd anyone. I would put him up against my boy Floyd any day of the week.

  20. Glad to see FSU back in the recruiting mix, I don’t care if FSU gets all the 5 star deffensive and offensive high schoolers coming out this year…..Because College is NOT HIGH SCHOOL! The guys who do the best in college or at least at Florida have been the guys who developed well in that tricky transistion from high school to college.
    Imagine your the top dog at your high school and have been since the end of your sophomore season, Now, it’s your first day at spring practice, in pads, and you realize for the first time you may not be starting games right away. The ego of a starter is there, but momma and daddy are not there with you after practice, and If deep down your a 5-star punk or if you just hanging with the wrong crowd some of these coveted 5 star h.s. players wont see a snap at College. Even if they did pick the Florida State Criminals, that school may be sincere about changing it’s image and not conduct itself the way it did under Bowden. There was a REASON he had wins vacated, but I didn’t want to bring that up. Too soon?
    I will say,
    Go Gators

  21. J, I agree with you about Floyd he’s probably the best D-tackle to come out of high school in the last three years(including this one). and that may be the reason Jernigan is hesitating to come to Florida. Most of these Guys fail to realize that any D-Coordinator would love to have two to three players deep so he can run fresh troops in the game for the whole game. It is a plus in the SEC, you need more than one dominate player (at each position) in this league. I know our coaches are telling these guys this but they could possibly afraid of the competition or just need to be the #1 dominate guy. If thats the case win the spot, if you perform especially with new coaches guess what you are on the field. Go GATORS!!!

  22. JACK IS WHACK! FSU has so many holes, so, they should get some decent players! We are still loaded with talent and the corn-holios will be playing catchup for a long time! Plus, our new coaching staff is far more superior! JACK IS WHACK!