Brissett follows Weis back to Gainesville, O-Dome


It looks like Charlie Weis’ meeting with West Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett Friday certainly went well. The U.S. Army All-American showed up in Gainesville Saturday and was in attendance for the South Carolina game.

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound prospect was seen in a Gators sweatshirt with Weis at the game. Weis was also posing with fans for pictures.

South Carolina is also a school Brissett is heavily considering, and he’s friends with Gamecocks guard Ramon Galloway, who attended Dwyer.

Brissett also plays basketball at Dwyer and has talked about playing both sports in college. I’m not sure if he will do the same in college — no matter where he goes — but that hasn’t exactly worked out in Gainesville in the past.

The Palm Beach Post reported Friday night that Brissett was officially offered a scholarship by new coach Will Muschamp. Former coach Urban Meyer showed little interest in Brissett and only offered him a greyshirt opportunity, meaning Brissett would have had to pay his own way at Florida during his first semester.

Brissett said at the the Army Bowl he’d be willing to officially visit Florida if the Gators offer. We’ll see if that holds true now that he’s got one.


  1. Im telling you there was something fishy about this entire football season. With the way the team was falling apart to the way Meyer treated recruits. I personally think this whole year was a deliberate failure on the backs of our coaching staff. If it werent for our DC we would have lost almost all of our games. I think the world of Meyer but on the flip side of things he set this year up so he could leave. Its almost like he was forced to stay this past season. And him refusing to redesign the offense around Brantley (like he did for Leak)tells me this was on purpose.

  2. Brissett is not considered by most to be a true dual threat QB. He’s more of a pocket passer with some foot skills. His frame doesn’t really fit the mold of the QB Meyer was seeking but he could get there. I don’t think it was a conspiracy for Meyer to not offer him. It’s just that he was at best borderline what Meyer wanted. I’m excited about Brissett with CW. I think he has the skills to do well in CWs system and we need another QB in this class. Even if JB does well next year and somehow lands the starting role, we need a few quality QBs with some time in the system otherwise 2012 might be rough too.

  3. I don’t know about intentional. I just think he was out of it. He was more animated on that ESPN gig then anytime during the season. He was a meteor and I’m glad he flashed across our sky. He accomplished a lot in a little time and I’m grateful for that. I hope his health allows him to coach again. I can see him following Joe Pa at state penn!

  4. That’s a very interesting thought Gator in s.c. All I know is UM gave up on this team in 2010. Brantley was put in an unfortunate position with running an offense he has no business running. Look for JB to make a 180 w/ Weis @ the helm of the offense. We have the players, and I believe a better, more fitting coaching staff for 2011. UF will make an impact and only get better as time goes on, both defensively and offensively. I think with Muschamp and Weis our defense and offense is gonna be better than when Urban and Strong were @ the helm. Good things to look forward to from now on at Florida.

  5. i too agree with GNSC; 100%. UM’s heart was not in it all year long, always unprepared and scrambling for almost every win. I think his anxiety attacks in Dec ’09 and the drugs he took for it in ’10 had a huge effect. And so, so funny that a few weeks after he resigned again he was ‘energized’ enough for ESPN and lobbying for a full time gig there. Just kind of wish he would come clean about it. Our fortunes are now in great hands. Go Gators!

  6. I, Too wholehardedly agree with the south carolina GATOR. It smells a little. I dont even believe that he was as sick as he said he was.I cant believe that FOLEY couldnt see thru this. It was a four million payday at the beach. I said before——he will be out of Gainesville in a year. with his prior made plans. I tell you one more thong— you “got to watch the yankee head coaches”.

  7. I really hope Brissett commits to the Gators. 2010 taught us we need depth at QB. I would guess Brissett’s primary concern is whether he’d see a lot of playing time what with Driskel coming in as a freshman at the same time. If Brissett commits to Florida, the most likely scenario is that he or Driskel will redshirt freshman year (I’m guessing Brissett since Driskel has already enrolled early). That way, Brissett would be starting QB as a fifth year senior. Of course, this all assumes that Driskel outperforms Brissett in the camps — which may not be the case. You never know.

  8. I also agree with gator in south carolina, that last year was “fishy”. It is unthinkable that ANY college team would go into a season without a backup, especially at QB. It is also un-Urban like not to adjust the offense to accommodate the talent on hand.

    Although we may not know the full story, ALL of 2010 staff is gone and it shouldn’t happen again. Personally, I am looking for the Gators to have a GREAT season in 2011. I believe we have too much talent not to excel, especially with the EXPERIENCED coaches we have.

  9. Don’t write off Weis’ ability to mentor a young QB so quickly, give Brantley a spring off-season to work with Charlie and then we can make an assessment in the Orange and Blue game, we will either roll with him or Driskel after that in my opinion.
    the eternal optimist

  10. Come on in and battle with Driskell for the QB job for the next 4 years. One more year under Brantley (and I agree that Brantley showed little skill or leadership on the football field last year) and hopefully one of these two will be ready to play at a high level under Weis. But I am sure Spurrier carries just as big a stick for the kid as Weis does…if not bigger.

  11. Yes, because all the NFL quality coaches care what a punch of blog posters have to say about running a premier college football team. Get real guys. The offense wasn;t retooled because the spread is what Meyer knew and ultimtely he wasn’t dialed in. And ANYONE who would accuse a coach with the success and accomplishments of Urban Meyer of plotting to dump a season so he could leave is clearly a classless bandwagon fan and an embarrasment to ot fanbase. Shame on you.

  12. Maybe Driskel will not throw a 5 yard check down route on 3rd and 12 like I watched Brantley do 50 times this year…. Someone needs to show Brantley where the first down marker is on evey 3rd down if he continues to play QB for the Gators

  13. I completely agree with sc gator above, and disagree with atl gator about Brantley. I don’t believe we’ve seen anywhere near enough of Brantley playing in a pro-style off to judge accurately yet. He played this whole season with an o-line that couldn’t pass or run block, receivers that couldn’t get open or hold onto the ball, coaches who treated him as a credible run threat, and played the last half of the year only in 3rd and long situations. I’m still astounded that they couldn’t adjust back to the way Mullen used leak. Brantley needs another shot next year while reed and driskel mature. Good luck next year Johnny, glad you’re staying around!

  14. Jacoby is coming to Tallahassee. We have no one behind EJ. Jacoby knows he will be groomed to take over in a couple years. UF has Driskel coming in. Why would he go to UF? Also, UF has a year of rebuilding ahead whereas FSU will be contending for the title in 2011.

  15. Kudos South Carolina! There is no way in hell a coach as successful as Myer does start Reed mid season and give his d coordinator a chance to win games (especially with all the takeaways). We are a 3 loss team at worst.

  16. FSU contending for the ACC title and that is about it. The Gators don’t need “time periods” to rebuild. We have dept, and more than likely better recruiting. But at least you can go to the FSU clown school for your next starters..

  17. Jack, FSU will be an 8-4 team next year… you better hope you can keep the guy’s committed to FSU … I see at least two of those recruits to bolt and not sign with FSU…Here’s why Jacoby will end up signing with UF … Superior coaching at UF …Fisher won’t last 3 seasons at FSU before he is let go…UF fills the swamp every game, FSU doesn’t…more UF & SEC games shown on national TV …FSU and ACC have mostly regional games shown on TV …after all, you do know what a FSU grads say’s to a UF grad …”Weclome to McDoanald’s” and remember for every one FSU fan there are 4 UF fans … these are just a reasons why Jacoby will sign with UF.

  18. SC Gator, your accusations about Meyer are absurd. Paid $4 million dollars a year to sabotage our program? Now, I for one am not one bit susprised that Brissett was offered, because Weis knows he wants depth at QB. Burton moving to S, Murphy probably moving to WR or transferring, and Reed could possibly transfer too. Brantley stays and adds senior leadership stability with Driskell learns behind him. Coach Meyer made some poor judgement calls his last year, but he was hardly sabotaging our program intentionally.

  19. FSU couldn;t win their CONFERENCE title against a VT team that was beaten by James Madicaon and blown out by the only top 10 team they played (Stanford). As a matter of fact, FSU was blown out by the only top 10 team they played too (OU). FSU is three consecutive top 5 recruiting lcaases away from playing for a NC, and that also includes the variables of coahcing, luck, conference and schedule strength, etc. Lets see if FSU can continue the level of play they had this year against a schedule that doesn;t include one of the perennially weakest conferences in CFB and both Miami and UF’s programs being in upheaval.

  20. hey guys we cant live in the past we have to live from this point foward so long to urban myer it appears muschamp has put one hell of a staff together and now we will have to see if they can put a good football team on the field I think maybe not this year but next year this team will be competing for at least a sec title so goo gators i just wish i could see muschamps bunch getting some recruits commited to florida

  21. As a Gator fan and alum I have to say I think a few of you guys are underestimating what is going on in Tallahassee, they are going to be a force to recon with. I beleive we will be up to the task and I am happy with the new coaching regime but you write off FSU at your own peril. They are likely to have their way with the ACC next year and come into Gainesville as a one loss or even undefeated team. They get Oklahoma in the 2nd week of the season and their toughest road game before Gainesville is BC or Clemson. You can say that’s against a wimpy schedule but if they run through that schedule undefeated they will be in control of their own destiny most likely.

  22. I’m just going to say it because others are thinking it. This comment (and the rest surrounding it) posted earlier, “I think the world of Meyer but on the flip side of things he set this year up so he could leave.” Is the STUPIDEST thing I have EVER seen posted on this site. I’ve seen a LOT of stupid stuff. But this is the front runner for stupid.

    Please go be an FSU fan….no, seriously. Please. Take the other guys that agreed with you too.

  23. FSU had a decent run this year because they had a 5th year “Heisman hopeful” quarterback leading their team… To think that they’re going to win all of their games and be a force to be reckoned with next year is a bit absurd. Good luck finding a freshman quarterback who even comes close to matching the level of play to that of Ponder. Enjoy your dream season FSU.

  24. Do you tools really believe that Meyer sabotaged the program? Fans like you need to be pulling for the Semis. Speaking of the Semis, I agree with Mike. They will be a force to reckon with for years to come.
    Go Gators!

  25. Let’s get real about FSU. While they are a solid ACC Team and might be better than us next year, Oklahoma will silence the NC nonsense in the second week next year. Is there any substance about Burton moving to safety? I was hoping to see him at tailback – to give that position some size and toughness. I would prefer to see our speed guys used like Auburn uses McCaleb. I hear Murphy throws a nice ball and hope he provides some depth at Qb.

  26. Jeeezz … I long for the days of Spurrier. With the Wrs we have on campus and the young lineman, this task is right up his alley. Dubose is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. But if they could mold Reche Caldwell into a fuctional Wr, there is hope. They just need to put someone in the slot nest to him to tell Dubose where to line up so that we have a legal foemation.

  27. I agree, Meyer is a bum who set Brantley up to fail. Just like he set Leak up to fail then trashed him to anyone who would listen leading up to the NFL draft -right after Leak handed him his first ever national championship. If we could only keep one guy, I’m glad Brantley is here and Meyer is gone. Brantley will be able to run a real offense and end his career on a high note. Go Gators!

  28. @ gator in south carolina, ATL Gator, and Todd S —
    Urban’s seemingly inexplicable about-face, less than 24 hours after his initial retirement, was a blessing disguised.
    It would have been very challenging for Foley to find a respected replacement who’d be willing to follow on the heels of a beloved coach’s stellar five year tenure, which had been trending upward, actually (he was finishing, at that time, even stronger than he had started).
    A subsequent mediocre final campaign – facilitated by delegation, a convenient commitment to a second-rate “Legacy,” minimal adjustments to fit the talent, and poor “judgment calls” – was “just what the ‘doctor’ ordered.”
    >>PS: AND even though he returned, Urban, as reported, still ended up leaving a lot of money on the table (read: UF saved a ton!).
    >>PPS: Have there been reports of Jordan Reed or Tyler Murphy possibly transferring? I would understand Murphy possibly wanting to transfer, since he was adamant about wanting to be recruited only as a QB. I believe he may still be eligible for red-shirt status, so he could sit out a year elsewhere and not lose time. Reed, however, was red-shirted already (in 2009); besides, he apparently agreed to the switch to Tight End since that’s where he started this past season.
    Interesting fact, though: Both were recruited by fellow Connecticuter Steve Addazio, AND Murphy was “committed” to none other than the Temple University Owls before The Dazzler snagged him late for UF!
    >>PPPS: I’m doubting that Brissett would want to come in with Driskel, even if he were red-shirted.

  29. People often fail to realize that this was Brantley’s first year in an intricate complicated offense. Forget the mop duties that he’s not like he’d play an entire game for years. Even Leak after 2 years of starting had trouble with the offense in his first year and even in the NC year he had the luxury of a great defense and obviously an extra year of experience in Urban’s offense. So, that’s not to say he couldn’t have done better, but poor guy never had room for develop, a young QB needs to be able to make mistakes and learn from them, not make mistakes and worry about being picked apart for failing to fill Tebow’s shoes. Had we given him a bit of slack, I am sure we could have had one win back, the Mississipi state game for sure, finish 9-5 and gear up for a NC year the following year. So, my take is that Brantley will surprise most next year, provided he spends more time in the video rooms and working on timing routes with his receivers then reading

  30. MICHEAL, we don’t need another public servive announcement about how great FSU is going to be next year. If I had $100 for every time I’ve heard that the last half-dozen years up here in Tally, I’d be a wealthy man. 🙄 It’s like I said about all the hype after UGA had their great 2007 season and everyone was picking them for the NC in 2008 (and yes, they had a great recruiting lass that year afterwards too), I said lets see them repeat that 2007 performance against all those teams when they;re not down or without key injuries or getting caught off guard. Guess what? They bombed. I’m not saying FSu will bomb in 2011, and I think Fisher will do a good job, but the FSU fans needs to realize that parity in CFB is set, especially in recruiting. FSU will get good players, but it’s getting them consistently in large numbers year-in and year-out that matters. One gtood showing by their football team against an enormously weak schedule, their two arch-rivals’ teams in total choas of transition, and winning a bowl against a USC team that had nearly 70% of it’s offense go down in one play (Lattimore), doesn;t mean NC’s are in the near future. Technology and the internet allow smaller school to tap those prime recruiting wells that major programs used to be able to monopolize. That doesn;t happen anymore. FSU will, under Fisher, be a perennially 8-win-a-year team in all likliehood, with a couple of good 10-win season here or there due to talent level and scheduling advantages. When I see FSU start doing this every year for the next couple of season, then perhaps I’ll be impressed. otherwise, nolie fans coming over to blow FSU’s horn (whether they’re out in the open or using Gator aliases), appear to have a serious little brother complex about UF considering they are compelled to advertise on their rivals’ boards how great they are or are going to be.

  31. Michael:

    You are seeing how delusional some of UF’s fan base is. I come on here and say, “Jacoby is coming to Tallahassee.” After that, I give my reason: UF has a franchise stud in Jeff Driskel and Jacoby will want to start one day. In saying that, I am complimenting UF on its ability to recruit Driskel and become relevant again. But what do some of the people on here say in return? Well, you see the garbage. I need not copy and paste. FSU smoked UF this year and finished the year in the top 15. We struggled the entire season with Ponder’s injuries and were in our first year under Jimbo’s reign. We won our bowl game and now have the number two recruiting class in the country, only behind Texas. Yet some UF fans spew out nothing but unsubstantiated garbage that makes absolutely no sense. I’m sure some of these fans wish Bobby was still in there, bringing the team down and making a joke out of our university, but Jimbo Fisher is now in charge. He was the most coveted assistant coach in the country when he came here and he is showing why. UF has a great football team and always will, but I’m glad you are seeing how delusional some of these people are.

    Also, how many teams in UF’s division finished the season ranked? Maybe one, in South Carolina. These UF fans can naively wave the conference flag, which is really sad in my opinion, but they should do so only when their side of the conference is showing up.

    Again, some of you UF fans sound really desperate, so I want to help you out. You have a great university and will be great in football again. But to say that FSU is a joke and will never compete for a title again is ludicrous.


  32. Todd:

    I really expect better out of you. What has your university done that is so monumentally impressive? Why can’t your fans spell correctly? Did a UF graduate create the atomic bomb? Did General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral William “Bull” Halsey, our two great leaders in the Pacific, once walk the graduation stage in Gainesville, Florida? From which school did our last governor graduate? Outside of Gatorade, what has your university created? How many titles has UF won? As many as Notre Dame? As many as Alabama?

    I really like chatting football with you, but it’s borderline insane for you to prop up UF as some kind of Southern Harvard. (In fact, most people in the country look at UF as redneck school.) Your school manufactures good people who join the workforce and contribute, but future presidents are most likely not going to be graduating from Gainesville’s finest. Why don’t you pipe down with all these fairy tale descriptions and come back down to reality?

    Again, when President Obama’s daughters choose to enroll in UF, and when UF has more than three titles sitting on its mantle, you can argue your case. But not until then.

  33. Todd S. I agree that myers just didn’t have any left in the tank and would never sabatage a program. I dis agree about Reed, I really hope Weis Opens up that position for equal competition and may the best quarterback win. My money is on REED, this kid has skills and from what I read last year he only moved to tightend to get playing time and he was not picking up all of the quarterback responsibilities at the time. I know Weis has a complicated system, but open it up and lets see who wins. Its a win – win situation for the team. I believe there was some favoritism on behalf of Brantley, but Weis nor Muschamp owes no one anything, let the battles begin. By the way JACK is a lonely guy, a dreamer that’s not well balanced if you get my drift. Have fun Jack, we all know your situation and most of us will not hold it against you.

  34. Meyer did not intentionally try to bring down UF. His disconnect from the team and leaving daz in charge hurt us pretty bad. As far as Jack, well, where has he been for the last 6-7 yrs? I have said on more than one occasion that I think Jimbo is a decent coach. Problem I see with all of this newfound touting, is its just that. Its based on one decent season. There is NOTHING to back it up. We had top recruiting classes and we couldnt score a touchdown to save our life. So getting recruits does not make you a championship contender. Time will tell. Anything is possible. But I still say Jimbo is gone in 3-4 yrs.

  35. gator in south carolina – YES! You figured it out! Meyer, after winning 2 SEC and 2 MNC titles, DELIBERATELY destroyed everything he worked so hard to build at UF. Put down the bong and perhaps you’ll have a chance at using a logical thought process again.

  36. LMAO@corey comment

    As a gator fan i hate to say this but i have too: for you stupid gator fans , this shows how stupid you guys are , have you forgot John Brantley is a Pro-Set QB not a Spread QB but he was still force to play in a spread offense and plus he played under Steve Addazio and Mike Pouncey never snaps the ball right so give the kid a break , he has lots of tools and skills that Charlie Weiss will develop like he did with Matt Cassell before Wiess came to Kansas City here were Cassel’s Stats : 16 TDs passes , 16 INTs , after Wiess arrived these are Cassel’s Stats : 27 TDs , 7 INTs , huge difference right ok now shut up about Brantley and wait till next year in a PRO OFFENSE

  37. @Jack: (if your name is not Jack, and you are easily offended, you may freely skip this) —
    You aksed “why can’t your fans spell correctly?”
    OMG,… LOL!!! You got us thier, cheif! That WOULD be monumental. Funny stuf (made me laugh again)!!
    All to freqent, pore grammer punctuasions typos an omisions, n unnesessary abreviasions 2 boot, impeed, the comments.
    Even, the sports riters sommtimes! That epsecially MADDENNING!
    I;m gld someon fnally abroached the supject. Probibly reguired ann “outsider” to initiat it.
    UF stil big bro, tho, of lil siss fsu,…
    … “where the women are women, and the men are too!” (an early ’80’s UF refrain!).
    >>PS: Though your implication regarding Generals MacArthur and Halsey could not be corroborated, it should come as no surprise that UF can essentially match FSU man for woman. Some examples follow (FSU v. UF): Burt Reynolds v. Faye Dunaway. Christine Lahti v. Nancy Stafford. Jim Morrison v. Stephen Stills. Lee Corso v. Red Barber (and Jesse Palmer). Charlie Crist v. Bob Graham (et al). Mel Martinez v. Marco Rubio (et al). Deion Sanders (non-Heisman star, NHS) v. Emmitt Smith (NHS). Charlie Ward (Heisman winner, HW) v. Tim Tebow (HW). Shannon Bream (a fox on Fox) v. Jenn Brown (a fox on ESPN). Richard Simmons v. Bob Vila.
    I’m not sure if any UF alum helped develop the atomic boom like FSU’s Richard Feynman (brilliant!) did at the Manhattan Project, but UF’s Paul Tibbets “delivered” their booming “Little Boy.”
    Speaking of Mr. Tibbets, we had Mr. Two-Bits! Anything comparable to him? And Gatorade’s no small accomplishment to be simply sloughed over! Match it, if you can!!
    >>PPS: Oh, btw, excellent job proof reading your spelling. However, YOU missed a word that you omitted!!!
    (12:33am, ET)

  38. Quickened:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Barely any of that made any sense.

    Anyway, Gator fans, I saw where your great Dooley put FSU at number 16 in his preseason poll. Boy, you guys really do live in fairy tale land. I mean, seriously, you guys need to take down your Tebow posters and get in touch with reality. It’s really sad (and funny, in a way) to watch. You have 3 titles in your entire history. You are nothing special. You had Tebow and now Tebow is gone. Own it.


  39. “own it”?….hahahahahahahahahaha, what are you, 12? “own it”!….gawd that’s funny!
    No, I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Man, I just threw smoke right there. with own it”…and I even referenced a Tebow poster in there. I’m on a ROLL BABY”!…
    but NO! you swung and missed, Jackie!…thanks for the laugh though…you really “own it” there, bud!

    Someone with 2 Titles telling Gator fans they “only” have 3….man, that’s “own it” right there!…

  40. Jack continues to act his age, and still refuses to answer the question “where have you been for the last 6-7 yrs?” The fact that he has come here to ATTEMPT to get his digs in, spells out one of 2 senarios. 1. He is a new fan that is being told how great the fake indians will be next yr, or, 2. He has been so hurt and embarrassed by the fact that we own them, that even a victory over a terrible team has brought him soo much joy he cant contain it and therefore cas no control over his emotions. They have been soo long without victory over there they act like vandy would if they beat UF. It results in the fans tearing down goalposts and trashing their already half empty stadium. While I somewhat sympathise with him, it is humorous at times.




  43. Whomever say’s Coach Meyer sabotaged this past season on purpose please get off that man’s nut sack!

    Coach Meyer is the most loyal and most successful coach we have ever had at Florida and his record speaks for itself…

    As for this past season, I believe it was Urban’s great loyalty that was the biggest contributing factor to the way the season turned out.

    Loyalty to long time friend and great recruiter, great offensive line coach, and not really so great offensive coordinator Steve Addazio.

    Loyalty to John Brantley, anyone remember the text msg. Urban sent to John’s parents stating how their son had become a leader of men, a few months before we played Miami of OH? With that and the added pressure of filling Tebow’s shoes and playing in a system built for a more versatile quarterback. I think it may have been too much for Brantley to handle and for the 2011 season if Johnny doesn’t transfer I expect the new coaching staff will also name him the starter.

    And Finally,
    Loyalty to The University of Florida! Gainesville, FL! and Gator Nation!
    No other coach in college football would just resign a year after recruiting the No.1 class in History, and being one of the winningest coaches the past 7 years in college football ( I’m counting the Utah record too ) and Step Away for his health and family INSTEAD of leaving for the usually 10 mil. a year or whatever NFL coaches make. What are the chances that Saban, Miles, Chizik, or even Stoops would come back to their schools after another National Championship?

    Thanks to Coach Meyer for giving it his all everyday! Gator Nation will never forget you. Enjoy a happy and healthy life and Go Gators.

  44. Brantley was a victim of the snaps, dropped strikes by one receiver in particular, terrible protection all year – all predicated upon by horrendous coaching and play calling! He was and could be a great quarterback, he was the biggest victim in all this misery this season- thank God he at least got his year of education paid for or his Gator experience and loyalty would have all been for a total loss. Dam how dont you all see he was never allowed to stretch the field early in the counts and when he did during the first half of the season the balls were routinely dropped by one who will go unnamed… And then as the season progressed and film developed it was evident what UF was going to do based on down and distance which allowed defenses to sell out and Blitz!… How much confidence would any quarterback be able to maintain by what he was treated to as his opportunity! Dont give the kid a break – thank him for putting up with it all to the level he did! Without comming out and blasting the whole system!!!

  45. Many of these comments remind me of a Mark Twain quote, “There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.” Ultimately, what happens on the field and the Gator football performance will be the result of four factors: 40% recruiting (personnel), 30% coaching, 20% on-field performance (even great players have bad days, injuries) and 10% luck (think LSU fake field goal against Florida and six inches from being a forward pass). You can tinker with those percentages some but ultimately, like the stock market, fundamentals rule the day.

  46. JACK, you were doing so well, and now what’s up with this smack the past month or so? Really, you sound like FSU fans after the 2008 season when they had a 9 win season from playing a super-soft schedule and followed it up with a pretty good recruiting class. What happened next season? Another sub-par performance. To continue to troll this board and talk smack continues to demonstrate FSu fans’ insecure little brother mentality towards UF. 😉 Yes, FSU beat UF, but because of having one of the worst teams in 22 – 23 years. Really, get a 3 game win streak started and maybe we’ll be impressed.

  47. Did someone really ask why Brisset would choose UF over any other school? Let’s see….Better coaching, look at what the UF staff has accomplished in their respective careers….Better competition…check out the last 5 national champs!…the 3rd or 4th place teams in the SEC could win every other conference. These recruits have already proved they can be successful in high school, so why go to the ACC, PAC-10, Big 10 or Big 12???? As for FSU, they beat us one time in umpteen years and you would have thought they won the NC!..The Gators will be back on top in no time!

  48. I like the new staff in Gainesville, except I think C. Weis needs to loose a little weight….no wait. I think he needs to loose a LOT of weight! Until then, I don’t think he can inspire JACK to the Gator offense. Go Weight Watchers! Signed,

    Gator Nation

  49. For all the posters that continue to come to the aid of Brantley, I’m not a Brantley hater but I would like for the position to be open in the spring for all involved. If J.B. is the better QB then he will have a chance to prove it. If he is not go with the best available. We really don’t have the time to waste another year to see if he will develop by the end of the year. Its his last year, no sentimental goodbyes, if he doesn’t have it clearly by spring then go with one of the younger QB’s because they will at least be developing for the next year. We don’t know how much we can get accomplished in this upcoming year with either of them, if its not much then go with the young guns. I was not impressed with JB but people say he was in a bad situation from the beginning. Well JB and his family knew what type system Florida ran before he left Texas. Thats no excuse, but since he will be in his environment with the pro-style offense, he should be well ahead of the rest of the contenders. Open up the position at spring practice and let the good times roll. GO GATORS!!!

  50. Creek Gator, as a ‘Smart gator fan’, 🙂
    JB should win the QB job over a true freshmen Jeff Driskel because Brantley is a 5th yr Sr, pro-style QB with experience in the SEC and a former Gatorade player of the year, yada, yada! While JB has one year of playing experience in the spread, Weis’ style of offense may be a better fit. There was only one successful true freshman QB (Chris Leak) at UF that I can recall who also excelled on the field – most are often red-shirted (i.e, Wuerfel, Mathews, Bell, Grossman, etc.)! A couple (Jesse Palmer, Tebow) played part time as freshmen but only in a limited role! Leak was a natural & needed little coaching – having played QB for 4y before coming to college and threw for nearly 300 TD’s in his HS career.

    I doubt Driskel will be ready after just one spring as he is still raw in ability/experience. Some gator fans should temper their optimism for Driskel a little bit – he is a long-term project and may not be a savior! That’s why getting another QB like Jacoby Brissett is good move to create competition in the future.

    But unless JB really kills it in the Spring, the job may not be decided until well after Summer practices are over. I do agree that whomever QB makes the least amount of mistakes while also successfully moving the team for TD’s should win the QB job this fall!

  51. Besides who will be the QB next year, I think one of the other equally as important questions for a successful offense/season next year will be is how good will the new offensive line perform in run blocking/pass protection against great SEC defenses? If the offensive line is not that effective than it won’t matter who the QB will be because the offensive as a whole will be as inconsistent as this past season; especially, if the running game gets stuffed or the QB gets sacked often! Can Xavier Nixon, Chaz Green, Matt Patchan, Robbey, & company do the job and will they have adequate depth?

    Who will be the durable/reliable tailbacks (i.e, Demps, Gillislee, Mack Brown) in this offense? Can a dominant RB emerge that can carry the ball 15-20 times a game without wearing out/fumbling in SEC play? Can the Gators get by with one/?two FB’s or will a TE have to be moved there also?

    And finally, who will be the reliable play-making WR’s next year? Who will join Hines & Hammond as reliable receivers. Last year, the group was very inconsistent (Thompson’s numerous drops). Who else will emerge? Dunkley, Dunbar, Ali, Debose? JaJuan Story?

    A pass-catching TE is very important in this offense. Who will emerge here? AC Leonard? Gerald Christain?

    So many questions to answer for next year’s offense!

  52. UM DID NOT QUIT LAST YEAR (THE FIRE DID GO OUT)( MAYBE HE SHOULD HAVE). he did back off and let staff run team / they let him down. HE LOVED THEM AND QUIT SO HE WOULD NOT HAVE TO FIRE THEM.

    WE have great new staff who will have team ready to contined for SEC championship again in 2012-13. CW is great Offence & QB coach.
    they will start JB or JD who ever gives team best chance to win in 2011-12.

  53. i am more concerned right now @ recruiting / can we get 3 or 4 (4 star+) players to close this year? I.E. jerrigan/drew/lynch/pagon/stewart/chickillo/benjamin/

    also am concerned about who we will lose via TX.

    Go Gators

  54. FSU IS A BETTER TEAM THAN THEY HAVE BEEN FOR A WHILE, but i do not see them as top ten team. probably contend for ACC CHAMPIONSHIP.

  55. Chuckie Weiss will waste this guy like all the others at Notre Dame. I know the Gator Fans are trying to muster a smile about his hire but realistically they were cringing. In Chucks last game for Kansas City he could not figure out how to score any points and got blanked. Brisset thinks he is joining an elite team and without Meyer they are going down fast. Muschamp will be canned in three years. Charlie will be fired in a year. Okay everyone let’s do the Gator Chump. Chump, Chump, Chump!

  56. That’s right gator buck,
    those claiming that Urban Meyer quit on the Florida football program are nuts and hold some peculiar delusions about what that man has done. While UM felt burned out as a coach, Meyer still knows how to recruit and build championship teams – that didn’t slow down. Last year, UF recruited the #1 class one of the most impressive defensive classes of all time. That class will be the foundation for future SEC and possible national titles!

    You guys should look at the mess Miami is in now (class rank:61). This year recruiting-wise, Florida is in decent shape (15/16 players recruited by Meyer) and has its QB of the future in Driskel as well as many other difference makers. Muschamp just has to reel in a few more jewels to complete the rest of this class for another top 10 finish. Quality wise, Florida’s recruits are comparable to FSU’s (3.50 vs. 3.59 rating).

  57. I want to know why Florida kids keep pledging to Notre Dame. You guys just lost Hounshell to that idiot Bryan Kelly. We lost Aaron Lynch last week. I know Notre Dame’s facilities are the best, but that team is a joke.

  58. @Jack: If your name is not Jack, or you are easily offended (no sense of humor), or you cannot “rightly divide,” then obviously you’re free to simply skip this. IF you don’t like to read long comments, then you’re not even reading >THIS<! —
    Sorry, Jack. I can see how the phrase "You got us thier, cheif! [sic]" (misspelled intentionally) was a bit semantically ambiguous. I debated whether to use it; and "…cheif [sic]" was used not to be derogatory, but as a reference to you being a "Seminole" (appologies from both of us to the ACTUAL Seminole Nation and their Chief).
    It did sound somewhat defensive – didn't intend it that way.
    I really DID get a laugh from your observation of our spelling prowess here on because it was/is true (fiction is rarely as funny as truth). Not only the observation, but placing it first in a litany of actual would-be "monumentally impressive" achievements (as though correct spelling from a Gator WOULD be one)! THAT'S FUNNY!
    As for my intentionally misspelled lines, they were intended as a good-natured and humorous, yet poignant, dig at my "red-neck" (as you imply) brethren.
    I hope it's not too presumptuous and forward of me to ask that you please have patience with us, though, because we are, after all, simpleton Gators – swampy creatures from the dark back-woods of rural Florida – who's allegiances are to a school which is situated on a more southerly latitude than the heart of Nole Nation (and we ALL know what THAT means!). Nuff said, there – ha ha,… YOU know what I'm saying! Am I right?!?! …snap, point!
    Though you've misspelled before (as have I), your spelling (and grammar and punctuation, I believe) was impeccable in your [referenced] comment above. I assumed, therefore, that you proof-read your post to avoid being accused of your very accusation, BUT I noticed that you omitted a word (inadvertently, no doubt – AND had failed to notice), as noted in my "PPS."
    What I had in view was "glass house dwellers" and their primitive, potentially self-destructive, weapon(s).
    The balance of my comment was just FYI-factoids – for all of us – to show the comparability of our two beloved school's respective graduates (belated apologies to Bob Vila, though!).
    In conclusion:
    "I just want to say,…
    …Can we all get along?
    Please, we can get along here.
    We're all stuck here for awhile.
    Let's try to work it out."
    (Rodney King, c. 1992)
    I would add that we're all college football fans and "love" our respective teams, but we are Americans first! [Excepting the self-proclaimed "enlightened" despots known as Marxists! The U.S. Constitution addresses such.
    … THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!;… and stand by it!].
    PS: Had Meyer not returned after retiring the first time, THAT would have "sabotaged" (to use vince f.'s term) – or greatly hindered – Foley's efforts to find a WILLING replacement that was worthy!
    Coaches are on record as saying that they turned down a specific HC job at a particular time because the shadow of the coach they were to replace was too long (my locution).
    Foley saw the writing on the wall. If Meyer was as loyal as some say he was (and I'm not suggesting he wasn't), then Foley would have perceived it too (besides, they claim to be friends).
    Is it really so much of a stretch to believe that Foley might have asked Urban whether one more season, with the right circumstances (such as an immediate "leave of absence" followed by a more hands-off coaching approach utilizing strict "delegation"), COULD be a consideration – to help "create" a more favorable post-season situation (namely, a mediocre "drop-off" season via season-long conservative play-calling easily blamed on "lack of execution" – itself made easier by committing to a second-rate "Legacy" QB – facilitated by an even stronger schedule than usual) that would mitigate the otherwise daunting circumstances an earlier departure would create for the football program; that is, again, their ability to find an acceptable replacement WHO WAS WILLING!
    A sort of "taking one for the team" request under the guise of "one more [season] for the Gipper!"
    Of course, such a scenario presupposes a mutually trusting relationship between UM and JF (which by all indicators, they do) and would depend on receiving green light's from Urban's Doctor and family – which obviously he did (else he wouldn't have returned).
    The risk for Meyer, if the season went extraordinarily bad, would be a greatly diminished legacy. However, the talent at his disposal would help him to be able to control that.
    If it didn't work out and the team, per chance, had another great season, things would be no worse for the wear. It will have been worth the shot. Meyer would be even greater than ever and Foley will have at least bought time.
    It's not a question of sabotage from disloyalty (a negative), but rather (positive) manipulation DUE to loyalty.
    Conspiracy theory? Yes.
    A stretch? Maybe.
    Implausible? NOT AT ALL!
    (6:23 am, ET)

  59. @Jack,
    Keep taking the high road: Living well is the best revenge. There is good news about all this chatter, ultimately UF/FSU will play head to head, then we’ll see. I personally am glad Ponder finally graduated, he scares me. Like Tebow, he could will his team to play over their heads and win games. Some Gators hate FSU and talk bad about it because the schools are so similar. Never mistook this place for Harvard.
    Go Gators!

  60. CLARIFICATION EDIT: for comment above (January 18th, 2011 6:23 am) —
    I forgot to place [brackets] around the first two sentences, between “@Jack:” and “– Sorry, Jack.” (as follows):
    @Jack: [If your name is not Jack, or you are easily offended (no sense of humor), or you cannot “rightly divide,” then obviously you’re free to simply skip this. IF you don’t like to read long comments, then you’re not even reading >THIS<!] —
    Sorry, Jack….
    (6:46 am, ET)

  61. Rooferman:

    I come in peace, but some people on here keep trashing FSU’s academics. That’s what’s really bothering me. I studied under a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists at FSU, Robert Olen Butler, and take great pride in my education. I have never met one FSU student who applied to Florida and couldn’t get in.

    You guys can hate me for coming on here and discussing football, but this site is open to the public. I’d like to stick to football talk–and to keep things polite, as we are all Americans–but the academics trash talk needs to stop.

    Both schools have great academics and great athletic programs.


  62. Jack Meet your first… applied to both Florida and Florida State accepted at state couldnt get in to Florida, said the heck with it – went in the military grew up buckled down and did some community college again applied to both quickly accepted to Florida State couldnt get in to Florida – still didnt quit – had to be reviewed and interviewed by a board who only after learning my “C” in Calculus was for a 6 credit Calc I & II combined course then finally and gratefully I was accepted to UF (Was a Happy Day!)… NUF Said! See even the spelling at FSU is bad…lol go troll your own board…

  63. Jack, your last comment is a lie. You dont come here to “discuss” anything. You come here on a new found high horse taking swipes at UF and their fan base and then when you are called out you attempt to smooth things over. You have “asked” for alot of what you have recieved here. I dont mind “discussing” football with a rival fan, but when one shows up out of nowhere and “touts” your first win in 7 yrs, it really shows up as immature. And then it ends up in trashing someones spelling abilitys and much more. Yes, this is an open forum and you have as much right as anyone to be here. But do not expect “respect” after all of the base less touting and wishfull thinking that you have displayed. Any one of us could have gone over to your teams forum and talked trash for the last 7 yrs, but I couldnt even tell you if that forum even exists. Its just not something I would do. I guess that is why you get the kind of response you get from me. So, either discuss football and quit your bull or grow up and act like you actually have that great education you are so proud of. And yes, I use my real name.

  64. Dan:

    I come here to talk football, but your delusional colleagues here are obsessed with ripping FSU. You guys need to grow up.

    You guys had a great run against an incompetent old man, but that is over. Jimbo Fisher is the new sheriff in this state. The rivalry is back.


  65. Gator – Machine,
    I’m not sure but it appears that we MAY be saying the same thing in a sense, nut my main point is to open up the competition and let the best player play. There are too many post that JB has been shot changed. I know he and his family knew what type offense Florida ran and they opted to come to Gainesville. This was a system Meyer brought with him not something Adazzio just implimented after Tebow left. Another thing, people need to stop blaming Adazzio for the system, it wasn’t the system it was his play calling and the poor performances by our O-line. I don’t think they could have completely revamped the system for JB and been any better performance wise. I’m not one that believe Driskel will come in and be the savior, If its opened up (the starting position) and allow all intresting parties to compete equally, my money would be on REED. You are very, very right about all of the other problems that we have mainly the O-line. I think the Defensive problems mainly stemmed from being put in bad situations all year by the Offense. We have an SEC defense and if our offense give them a little help they will prove to be very good. I really don’t see a running back problem, I think that will be solved if the O-line problem gets solved. Same for the receivers, if thew o-line problem is resolved we will be OK with the corp we have. I know, I put a lot on the O-line, but to ME that was the biggest problem besides Adazzio’s play calling. GO GATORS!!!

  66. Jack,
    You seem to be losing your spirit, if you are going to troll here don’t cry, yes some of the guys are hard on you but they are diehard Gator fans just as you are a die hard nole fan. There is just many more people here to jump on you, you have to understand we have been in a crisis moment for the last couple of months or so and people are a little edgy, so don’t expect to be kissed at the door. I know that you nole fans have tough skin, with all the a__ __ kickings you guys have been getting in the last ten years, so man up, don’t let a little needling get you down.

  67. @ Jack,
    Keep your head up and stick around. You are one classy Nole and to loose you over childish Gator rants would be a shame. I bet most of the nay sayers never attended ANY college at all!
    Rooferman, UF college of law 1994
    Go Gators!

  68. Thanks, rooferman. If you read my posts, I’m not antagonistic. I only get hostile when these delusional Gator fans trash my university.

    I’m glad you can see that I come in peace.

    Yeah, I would bet that very few on here even graduated from the school.

  69. Creek Gator:

    Now that was funny–and accurate. We did get our butts spanked the last ten years. All I ask is that you guys quit trashing our academics. FSU is a great school.

    I don’t mind talking about the thrashings that Urban Meyer put on us, but to say that FSU is a school for dumbos is too much. Probably ninety percent of my professors at FSU were Ivy league grads.


  70. Marsharll,
    could not agree with you more. JB was never utilized in his pro-style format he was reqruited for. “I have no set offensive scheme”. “I base my offense on the personell I have available”. Does that sound familiar? UB never gave JB is just opportunity. A Dink-and-Dunk offense mixed with “speed sweeps” and a play-action game plan utilizing undersized “tailbackes” and an eccentric blocking scheme (primed for shovel passes and back-side play-action) does in no way constituete a pro-style O. JB will Kick but w/ CW and Driskel will be the second coming of Grossman only better! GO GATORS!!!!!

  71. Jack,
    I will grant you that the FSU football program is on the rebound under Jimbo Fisher. And that the exile of Bobby (see “demented and self-centered”) B. is nothing but an asset. But to say that FSU is somehow Ivey League Status (even by implication) is preposterous. FSU is a decent school and academically average at best. Given that, I will give Justin Ponder and your Football Program their just desserts. Quite frankly, I’m, glad to see CP gone. He was a monster!!! Never really given his proper forum, he still prospered. I will always look forward to our match-ups (granted with quivers of fear((that’s what makes them so great)) and anticipate your schools total annihilation. LoL. (ROTFLMAO).

  72. Jack said: “I’m not antagonistic” and “I come in peace.”
    rooferman said (@Jack): “keep taking the high road” and “you are one classy Nole.” [PUHLEEEEZ!].
    However, Jack also said (elsewhere herein GS):
    “Oh, look, another inbred Gator fan who thinks his degree is something special. I guarantee you that ninety percent of the inbred Gator fans on here (not all of you) work a crappy job and make very little money. Perhaps a few of you roll in the cash, but I even doubt that.
    Guys, please quit bragging about your little Gator degrees. It makes you look pathetically stupid. UF is not Harvard. Uf is a college surrounded by a bunch of white trash hillbillies. I’m not saying Gainesville isn’t a pretty city or that it doesn’t have some smart people, but Gainesville is no Boston. In fact, Tallahassee has eight times the culture.”
    And he once signed-off as (giving us a glimpse of his desperate, prideful, wannabe elitist spirit):
    “Jack the ‘Nole (who studied under a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist).”
    Back in mid-November his caustic childishness was running amok (see his comments in Robbie Andreu’s Appalachian State Prediction article and in a couple others just prior to that), which prompted the following response from me:
    “@Jack — Do yourself a favor, and stop bringing shame to your name. It’s already the most ‘versatile’ name in the English language!
    Utilize your edumacation and look up some less incriminating synonyms, because when you use terms & phrases, especially in close proximity, like spanking, spanked, tushy, personal prison mistress, clowns, babies, great ride, brutal, comfort, and excited ‘Nole (Ref.: 3 posts), it betrays a deep-seated, sick, perverse soul!”
    Remember those fun terms, Jack? Good times, they were,… huh?!
    Though you sounded VERY immature back then, you have since been “coming along” relatively nicely. Or so some of us thought. Guess you fooled us.
    Now you are returning to your degenerate ways, but waxing worse!
    You are living proof that a leopard cannot change its spots.
    Actually, more akin to a hyena; a filthy, treacherous, opportunistic, carnivorous DOG!
    A better man would apologize, then demonstrate their contrition with a consistent, respectful spirit.
    You, however, are a hypocrite who is needful of the reminder that “pride goeth before a fall.”
    IGTBA”G”(not “S”)! — [get your own!].
    >>>PS: “White trash?!?” What the H – E – L – L are you,… a racist, or just suffering from the Liberal affliction of “self hatred?!”
    Wait,… Liberals ARE race merchants.
    So you’re BOTH.
    I see.
    That’s unfortunate for all of us; for me because it… “fills me with the urge to DEFACATE!!!”

  73. @Jack, et al —
    A little insight into Jack the Nole’s (our rude little elitist racist) beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning (BFD!) novelist, Robert Olen Butler.
    On August 10, 1968, Butler married Carol Supplee. They divorced in January 1972.
    On July 1, 1972, Butler married poet Marylin Geller (now known professionally as Marylin Krepf). They had one child, Joshua Robert Butler (born 1974), and divorced in July 1987.
    On July 21, 1987, Butler married Maureen Donlan. They divorced in March 1995.
    On April 23, 1995, at [a] Tavern restaurant in New York City, Butler married the novelist and playwright Elizabeth Dewberry (born 1963). The couple divorced July [19] 2007 according to an email Butler sent to his graduate students and fellow professors at Florida State University. Regarding Dewberry’s decision to leave him for communications mogul Ted Turner, a controversy arose over the highly personal revelations contained within Butler’s email, which was leaked by one of its recipients and subsequently reported on by major international media outlets, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and National Public Radio.
    Nice mentor. Talk about leading [sheep to THEIR slaughter] by example!

  74. Jack, why would you want to hang here? Why dont you go and talk it up with like minded fans? And, one more time I will ask this question, where have you been for the last 7 yrs? You trash gator fans for making excuses about a down year, yet I hear you make the same excuses about “the old man” over in tally. That old man is the reason your school ever got put on the map so to speak. That is nothing more than an excuse. And you talk of jimbo like he has all of these huge accomplishments. Jack, wake up dude. He may end up being a great coach, but he has done NOTHING to warrant all of these new titles you have pinned on him. You call him your saviour after an 8 win year? At least wait until he does something to EARN that title. Whats going to happen if he doesnt pan out? New sheriff in the state of florida? Give me a break.

  75. Quick – that was incredible! brought everything about the troll and his rants to the fore, as well as gave us a little insight into the development of his background that likely contributed to the his character issues. Much like the poor slob having gone to our “sister” school which has been our B–ch in football for the last seven years and will be again starting this year… Jacks story is built upon a foundation of woe…

  76. @ Jack and all my fellow Gator fans: I applied to both schools during my junior year at John I. Leonard High School in Palm Beach County back in 1995 and was accepted to both. I grew up a die-hard Gator and only applied to FSU as a backup (Miami is private and way too expensive, USF and UCF were not relevant at all while I was growing up). I was set to go to UF on a scholarship they had back then called the “Florida Academic Scholarship” and I was going to go into a Computer Science program they had. However, we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year and I went into the Marine Corps and did 8 years in the Corps; now I’m working full-time at the state capitol in Charleston, WV and working on my degree from Marshall University in Huntington, WV (where Chad Pennington and Randy Moss went) but still LOVE my Gators!!! I miss the Tebow years because the Gators were on CBS every Saturday, now I’m lucky to get to see them every week. Hopefully we’ll be back on top again soon. One thing I want to see my beloved Gators do is go UNDEFEATED and win a national championship. So far our 3 championships are all 1 loss seasons. GO GATORS!!!!!!

  77. Also, here is some info on UF’s academics..

    It has been included among the so-called “Public Ivy” universities—one of the top public universities in the United States.[7] The University of Florida is currently ranked fifty-third overall among all national universities, public and private, in the current 2011 U.S. News & World Report rankings[8] and consistently ranks within the top 100 universities worldwide.

  78. TONY,