UF early enrollee Blakely recruiting CB Roberson hard


SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Sitting on the back of a golf cart while riding around Auburn’s campus, Mike Blakely appeared to have his mind made up. So did his good friend.

During that late September day, Blakely and Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas cornerback Marcus Roberson were cruising around and talking about their futures at Auburn. Both were ready to be Tigers and both did everything but make it official.

That moment, however, was short-lived. Blakely (Bradenton Manatee) later committed to Florida and will enroll Monday, while Roberson has gone back and forth a few times with a leader and now lists Auburn and Florida as his top schools.

As Blakely prepares for today’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl, he’s using some of his free time to recruit his friend to come to Gainesville with him.

“When I heard he was liking Florida I got his number and said, ‘Marcus, man, what’s up? You should come with me (to Florida),’ ” Blakely said.

“I like his style of play. He’s fast, he’s physical. He’s not all that big, but he plays big. When you’re with him as a friend, he’s cool, he’s chill. That’s what I like about him.”

Roberson will visit Florida on Jan. 21. Blakely will be on campus and is sure to be one of the main guys talking with him.

But the key to Roberson’s recruitment could be his mother. Roberson said during the Under Armour All-America Game practices earlier this week that his mom “loves” Auburn, though he would like her to visit Florida with him.

For Blakely, who met Roberson’s mother during their Auburn visit, winning her over shouldn’t be too hard.

“He’s going to be in good arms with Mike,” Blakely said when asked what he would say to Roberson’s mom.

While Blakely has a message for Roberson’s mom, he also has a friendly one for his bud.

“Come on baby, let’s go,” Blakely said. “You have to make Florida happen. You’re right down the road. Can’t get much better than that. Your mamma gets to come up and see you play whenever you want.”


  1. At the Under Armour game, after Driskel’s long TD run, Cyrus Kouandjio was doing the chomp with Driskel and AC Leonard. I’ve never seen us mentioned as connected to the Gators, but may there be some interest there?

  2. thats what i like to hear! i belive blakely might be a better recruting tool that driskel. The gators get big time QBs, we need someone who belives that the opprotunity is here at florida to be a champ and MABYE can be that HB that gets us going on the ground. KEEP IT UP! we could realy use robertson, he looked pretty good at the u-armour game!

  3. After listening to Muschamp’s recent radio interviews, i’m starting to believe we are heading into a pied piper situation, with the kids marching right into gainesville. FSU better get some free shoes for their commits.

  4. Look at the videos on this site. There’s an interview with Kouandjio where he’s asked about him doing the Gator chomp. He says it was just because Driskel’s a Gator. It seems like a weird thing to do for a school you don’t care about, but I guess we’ll see. There’s an interview with Roberson too.

  5. From what I am hearing, there are going to be some shockers, between now and signing day – mostly on signing day! If we don’t jump from #4 to the #1 class, I’ll be shocked! There’s 5 very big names that are swinging our way and they each know where things are headed and want to be a part of it. So, hang on and enjoy the ride! I wish I could be a fly on some walls, on signing day! The jaws that are going to hit the floor!

  6. I entirely agree that we’re going to be happily surprised come signing day, even if the class isn’t necessarily rated number one nationally. The previous staff was working against its own lost momentum and lingering questions about Meyer’s desire, longevity and drive as well as the antipathy over Adazzio’s future with the program. Coming off the most mediocre season we’ve had since 1988 made it worse. Enter Muschamp and a new staff, right on time, and these guys have given recruiting and all of us a big jolt of energy down the home stretch to February 2. We’re “hurtin’ Gators” no more, friends!

  7. ………… like Waisome, Pagan and Shazier bolting for another school. I wear orange and blue goggles too, but I’m also a realist. This will not be a 2010 recruiting class. If we land 2 out of Chickillo, Jernigan, Anthony, Maggit, Grant and Benji and not have other verball’s jump ship, I’ll be happy. Being any more confident than that would be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

  8. I feel people are going to be surprised how well the Gators, in transition, will do. Muschamp is correct–this is Florida and people want to come here.

    What other college team is going to have an offensive and defensive coach in this years NFL playoffs. With Quinn advancing by defeating the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

    And the big plus, if I was Charlie, I would have all four Super Bowl rings on my left hand. That way, when the recruits and their family shake my hand, I would place my left on top of theirs, almost hurting them with the four rings on top–in plain view. Then I’d take them each of and place each in a ring box, opened and facing them the whole time. I’d politely explain that it is difficult to write with all that bling.

    No joking–UF has the current dream team in college coaching. If you want to get to the NFL–where else would you rather be? The smart recruits would consider themselves lucky to be coached by them.

    Talk about a pipe-line to the NFL. Belichek already knows.

    Call me delusional. Call me optimistic. Call me realistic. Regardless–it’s great to be a Florida Gator.

  9. Maybe the new staff will re-evaluate some of our existing players in light of the fact that the old staff really made bad player decisions this year.
    1. Look at Kedrick Johnson as a linebacker where he was a killer in high school, he is big, fast and strong and had a fantastic sack record.
    2. Look at Omarius Hines as a power running back potential. He runs over people and breaks tackles..we need this..gets yards everytime he touches the ball
    3. Re-evaluate Dee Finley as a big hard hitting safety..he was #3 rated in country after high school.

  10. After reading this great blog and the readers comments I started to feel better about this recruiting class. Then I switch over to “ESPN.com CFB Recruiting” and what do I see Kelvin Benjamin commits the FSU.. Nothing more to say!

  11. This class may not be in the same mold as the last couple. However, this class coupled with the talent we have can make it admirable. This along with the coaches ability to coach them up will be intangible. That is what was lacking this year. Give this coaching staff a chance and the sky will be the limit. GO GATORS!

  12. I had reservations about Weis because I thought it was a temp hire. His age and health and his performance as HC at ND. But he seems to excell as a coordinator and his NFL experience has drawn alot of interest with recruits so it is starting to look like a great hire. I think we are on the right track. And I think we will be back in the hunt real soon. Go Gators!