Could Florida add another QB to 2011 class?


SAN ANTONIO, Texas — As the 2011 recruiting season nears its end, Florida appears done with a position that could need depth this fall.

Let me clarify.

As of now, Florida will enter spring practice with what could be four scholarship quarterbacks — John Brantley (if he returns), Jordan Reed (if he doesn’t permanently move to tight end), Tyler Murphy (who we know the least about) and Jeff Driskel (who is just getting on campus) — on its roster. Trey Burton appears to be moving to defense and he is more of an athlete on offense than a quarterback.

Brantley will definitely be gone in a year and there’s a chance both Reed and Murphy could play different positions, especially with Charlie Weis bringing in a pro-style offense.

Florida was fortunate to land Driskel and should be relieved that he enrolled early. Driskel is the quarterback of the future at Florida, but it’s never smart to have one true quarterback on the roster (see Florida’s 2010 season).

Earlier in the year, I asked Urban Meyer if he was happy with the quarterback depth. He said yes, so I asked about possibly recruiting and signing another quarterback in the 2011 class. Obviously, he couldn’t list names, but again, he said he was happy with the situation.

Sounds like there just weren’t any other options for the Gators once Driskel committed.

Even if Brantley really does stay, Florida is left with some question marks at quarterback. Plus, there is always a chance that Driskel won’t be the quarterback everyone expects him to be. Honestly, it’s way too early to tell.

So with the future of the position a little shaky, Florida should invest some time into looking at a few quarterback prospects. The problem Florida’s staff is going to run into is that every quarterback the previous staff offered has committed somewhere, and none figure to break their commitments to come in with Driskel.

Right now, the quarterback with the most upside whom Florida might have a small shot at landing is West Palm Beach Dwyer’s Jacoby Brissett. He was originally offered to greyshirt at Florida by Meyer. A greyshirt would mean Brissett would have to pay his own ways his first year. Brissett declined, as he should have, and is now looking at LSU, Florida State, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Though Florida isn’t listed as one of Brissett’s favorites, he hasn’t completely shut the door on the Gators.

“If Florida offered me I would have to move them up on my list, I would probably visit and just check out the situation,” Brissett said.

Now that Will Muschamp is the guy at Florida, Brissett said Florida’s interest in him has slightly increased.

“I haven’t talked to Coach Muschamp yet, but he has talked to my high school coach (Jack Daniels) quite a bit,” he said.

Brissett liked the Muschamp hire, but really likes Weis coming in as the offensive coordinator.

“I’ve heard Muschamp is a great coach, and they got Charlie Weis, that’s the NFL right there,” Brissett said. “Getting a coach from the NFL like that — he’s been successful in both college and the NFL — I was very impressed with his hire.”

If Brissett were to pick Florida and quarterback didn’t work out, he’d have the size (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) and athleticism to move to another position. He looks like he could play either wide receiver or safety.

First, Florida has to give him a legitimate offer and get him on campus. As of now, I’m not sure if either will happen. Now, if Brantley does decide to transfer, don’t be surprised if Brissett gets that Florida offer. It would only make sense, really.

Another beneficiary of a Brantley transfer could be Murphy. Talk about accelerating his growth at quarterback. Murphy and Brantley showed the best mechanics during pregame warmups. Unfortunately, the only live action I’ve seen on Murphy is film, which is run-heavy. He’s a great athlete, though.

There are a few other 2011 prospects Florida could show interest in, but none are top recruits. I don’t see Florida using another scholarship to bring in a less-talented quarterback, especially in Muschamp’s first class.

In my opinion, it’s Brissett or no one.


  1. Wow Jack, you’re talking a little too big for one win against Uf in the last seven years. lol Remember, FSu beat the worst UF team in 22 – 23 years not because FSU was “so good”, but because UF was just that bad. It’ll be a pleasure watching your tune change next November in The Swamp. 😉

  2. Todd,

    We both know these streaks go both ways. If FSU cranks out five, six in a row, it should be no surprise. The rivalry has reaped great streaks for both sides.

    Muscham vs. Jimbo on the recruiting trail won’t be pretty for UF, though.

    I’ll see you in the Swamp.


  3. Todd,

    Driskel did look good out there. He won’t be starting his first year, and he better learn not to expose himself too much, but he looked like a 5-star player. His run game is incredible–very elusive and fleet of foot.


  4. @Jack —
    Ol’ reliable, you did it to me again! Your first comment above made me laugh out LOUD!
    Without rivalry, where would the fun be? It energizes the spirit!
    I for one am glad FSU is rising again; it’ll add meaning to our victories.
    Glad to see you’re objective enough to have seen what I saw in Driskel. If we can tighten up our OL, he could start like Kerwin Bell did in his Frosh year (’84), but then again, that was the “Great Wall of Florida.”
    If Karlos Williams was a Gator commit, I’d be excited too! Very nice pick and an awesome return! In the camera shot of him on the bench (after the pick) he looked like a beast.
    Always remember though, while both the Gators and their lil’ sis out west have the mutual benefit of being Florida schools, WE have the advantage of the SEC!
    “Can’t touch [that]!”
    PS: What Semis site, forum or blog do you recommend that we Gators could enlighten?
    (11:00pm, ET)

  5. Jack you are forever talking crap. You guys don’t stand a chance when Florida has a fulltime coach and a proven OC we have seen those results all too many times. Get over yourselves and enjoy your win because you loose Ponder this year and he was the only reason you guys beat a dismal Florida team. FSU isn’t talented enough to win cosecutive games against a real Florida team which you will see next year so get ready for what’s comin. Go back to your own blogs or have you gotten run away from there with your idiotic comments. GO Gators!!!

  6. Calm down fellas. Jack just excited he has a team again. Williams won’t stay at S, he will be moving to LB. I believe he dominate that position with his instincts.
    Jack, those average streaks are usually four years for FSU and six for UF. Read your history. With the addition of our ex-corner Nick Waisom there is no reason for you guys not to beat us next year. If you lose however. That’s two top 5 class’s in a row for Fisher for one year of success. Sad.
    Go Gators.

  7. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Brissett here at Dwyer in Palm Beach Gardens the last 4 years, and let me tell you a lot of recruiters whiffed on this guy early. They were blinded by some great recruits (and understandably so) – Mat Elam, Gerald Christian, Robert Clark (last year), and Nick O’Leary and Curt Maggitt this year. Jacoby (Brissett) has grown to a TRUE 6’5” 225-230 lb “kid.” Great competitor –see his character defining, championship final drives in Gleneville/Herbsreit game and Armwood – these drives define a young man. Both loses, but 1 from rotten refs and the other from defense giving up big play w/ 19 sec left. As much as he rubbed me about my Gators, I’d still be thrilled to see him waer the Orange and Blue! Best either way, Coby!

  8. Yeah, Florida State does not want to join the SEC, they know that if they were an SEC team, they would be saying “someday we’ll win our first championship.” FSU and Miami are products and beneficiaries of easy conferences, like Ohio State and USC. lol.

    Well, come on, think the ACC is tough? Virginia Tech keep holding you down? lol. Come to the SEC! We always have room for another Ole Miss.

  9. Quickened:

    The ‘Noles website is Tallahassee Democrat ( It’s not as fun as this one, though, because you have to pay to access it. That’s why I love fighting with you guys. It’s free here.

    The writers at the Democrat, like the ones here, are very good, but I just don’t like to pay for the internet access.


    Your post makes sense. I think some of the Gator fans are still living in Tebow land. FSU is back. UF is still back. The rivalry continues, after its six-year hiatus.


  10. Great writing Ed, especially with the coaching changes. Thanks for keeping us up on recruiting! Any chance, with Charlie Weis’ view of offense that we finally get some stud running backs? If we have one in the pipeline, great! but what if he gets hurt? What about that 6’2′, 240 POUND tailback (not fullback) that carried the offense for Dixie County? Any chance to grayshirt him? If the Bear’s coach believes in him he’s got to be good. 210 pounds is not going to be enough to pound it upo the middle. Just ask SA and look at his dive plays. Thanks Ed and Go Gators!!

  11. And as to quarterbacks are there any more Andrew Lucks out there? Wow, would he have been a good fit for Coach Weis’ and Coach Muschamp’s view of how an offense should be run! We can use another QB. With 50 states and hundreds of high schools in each there must be some more stellar propects. Kerwin Bell was an under the radar 6 stringer from a tiny high school so ratings also don’t mean everything. Thanks for the great insights…what do you think?

  12. Too early to tell on Driskel… Ed I appreciate your objectivity, but Driskel has clearly already demonstrated those things you aren’t sure about: competitiveness, leadership, winning attitude.

    Also, one of the most amazing plays in the Under Armour game was a dropped pass… Driskel ran perpendicular to the length of the field and, at the sideline, on the run, released a perfect 60-yard (in the air) pass down the sideline.

    Sure, he may not work out, but it’s more likely he’s the next Gator great at quarterback. Driskel is, frankly, the most likely reason Brantley hasn’t made a decision yet on where he’ll be next year… because getting to play for Weiss for a seaon should be a no-brainer for him.

  13. Haven Gator – I thought that play was pretty good myself. Being there live there was collective groan in the press box when that pass was dropped. To make that through on the run … wow. I just think that his decision-making skills still need to be tweaked. That will come. I just don’t like sending a true freshman quarterback out there like a lot of Gators fans want Driskel to do. No matter how good he is now, he’s not ready for the SEC just yet. I still think he’ll be very good at UF.

  14. They need to do something..John Brantley is not the guy. He is not smart and cna not get away from his tacklers. And paying 3 quterbacks is insane. Urban what were you doing??? We need wins. We need to be in the top 10 now, not 2 years from now.