Elite corner down to Florida, Auburn


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The recruiting process has been exhausting for Marcus Roberson.

The Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas cornerback has gone back and forth a few times with his leading school a few times during the recruiting season, and it seems that could happen yet again.

“It’s confusing because I keep switching which schools I’m really getting interested in,” Roberson said. “At first, I was interested in Florida and then I switched to Auburn. Right now, honestly, every school is even. I’m looking at every school that’s recruiting me, and I’m going to make a decision next month on signing day.”

Texas Tech and USC are other schools he’s also interested in. He visited Texas Tech, Georgia and Auburn during the fall and will visit Florida on Jan. 21, and USC on the 14th.

Though he says he’s interested in four schools, Auburn and Florida are his leaders and will be hard to knock off.

Auburn has stayed at the top of Roberson’s list for the longest amount of time and he’s built a very strong connection with the Tigers’ staff. The family atmosphere and the chance to get on the field early at corner swayed Roberson from the start.

“Every school is coming up, but Auburn is the school that’s standing out this year,” he said.

However, Florida is slowly creeping back up toward the top. Florida is where his head was first, but he backed off when Florida’s previous staff offered him as a safety. Roberson, whom Rivals.com ranks as the nation’s No. 2 corner, said he wants to player corner, but at 6-foot, 170 pounds he could grow into a safety. His preference is to at least begin his career at corner.

“I have the body of a safety, but I’m a corner,” he said.

New Florida coach Will Muschamp is not only recruiting him as a corner, but is making a good impression on Roberson.

“I’m still looking at Florida, being that Coach Muschamp is a defensive coach,” he said. “He’s a great guy. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about him, trying to get to know him more.”

The other thing helping Florida is the arrival of former Texas Tech defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson. Robinson and Roberson were close during the recruiting process and he likes that he’ll continue to interact with him when he joins Florida’s staff.

“He’s crunk. He’s a crunk guy, and I like that,” Roberson said. “I like coaches that are high-spirited and ready to go.”

Roberson said he first got into the Red Raiders because his uncle Otis Mounds, who “taught him every thing” about playing cornerback in high school, is a graduate assistant there. Rumors of Mounds possibly joining Florida’s staff also have Roberson thinking more about Florida.

With four Gator commits working with him here at the Under Armour, Roberson said he’s had time to hear plenty of Gator recruiting pitches. He said he’s bonded well with the Gator foursome, but he’s not really trying to get too involved with recruiting as he prepares for Wednesday’s game.

What could be the deciding factor for Roberson is what his mother thinks. Roberson admits he’s a “mama’s boy,” and right now mama is “in love with Auburn.”

Roberson said he wants her to visit Florida with him this month so the two can sit down and discuss his final decision.


  1. There was a song in the early 2000’s, late 1990’s that went along the lines, “Get crunk, get crunk, get crunk mutha@#$%@, get crunk.” I believe it was like the Cash money millionaires. They started it. I do think the original meaning was CRazy + drUNK. It has become more of a “pumped up” now, but I think that was what it meant.

  2. Allot of big recruits now have some interest in Florida because of the new staff. WIll it be enough to pull some of them? Maybe a few. We probably will not see the effect of the new staff until next year. Look at Urban’s first year. everyone knew Zook was out and Utah won the bowl. He was able to pull a few, but the next year was the year he pulled Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow and such. Some will be excited about the fact the staff is in position to teach allot of kids the “pro way”, but with these kids, it comes down to relationship as the important factor. The professional side they will worry about when the time comes.
    Now for Roberson? I can see him coming especially if Otis Mounds finds his way to the staff. Although Roberson is a Mommas boy and she like Auburn, if Otis is on the staff, Momma will quickly convert.

  3. Soft? Like Major Wright, Marcus Gilbert soft? or how about Brian Griese, Michale Irvin? That soft? or some other kind of soft? The star true freshman RB at Wisconsin, White. That soft? Yeah, Wisconsin is real soft. They probably don’t even wear pads in practice. Idiot.

  4. “Coach Crunk.” …Nifty!
    “It’s Crunk To Be A Gator.” …Groovy!
    “Crunk Time (?)” …Boss!
    >PS: Turns out Roberson defined it himself. Speaking of Texas Tech DB coach, Travaris Robinson, he said: “He ‘s crunk. He’s a crunk guy… I like coaches that are high-spirited and ready to go.”
    >PPS: @Rooferman — If Andy’s comment (above) is accurate, then there’s a line from Pink Floyd’s “Time” that would seem to apply to you too!
    BAM!!! [LOL].
    >PPPS: Ooh, two Todds! But which is the original one?!? This could get crunk(?)!! [if that usage doesn’t fit, consider it redefined, or added thereto,… again!].
    (2:02am, ET)