Driskel sold on Weis


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The hiring of former Notre Dame coach and Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Charlie Weis as Florida’s offensive coordinator has Jeff Driskel excited.

Though he doesn’t know very much about Weis, Florida’s quarterback commit, who is ranked No. 1 in the country at his position, has seen glimpses of his success and thinks new coach Will Muschamp made the right choice.

“He’s done some big-time things — coached at a big-time program at Notre Dame and won Super Bowls in the NFL,” Driskel said. “If he can win Super Bowls, he can win national championships. That’s what we’re looking for. I’m excited to get to know him.”

Driskel got to do a little early scouting of what to expect from Weis during a friendly game of Madden 2011. Manning the Green Bay Packers, he faced Click-Clack teammate and future Florida teammate, A.C. Leonard, who was powering the Chiefs.

Things should look just a little different when he starts working with Weis this spring.

As for Leonard, he’s not very familiar with Weis, but was ecstatic to find out tight ends coach Brian White has been retained.

Leonard, Rivals.com’s fifth-best tight end, said he called White Sunday to congratulate him on staying at Florida.

“I was so happy for him,” Leonard said. “That was one of my main concerns. Now, he’s back, so I’m good.”


  1. But, seriously, Brantley would make a huge mistake transfering from Florida with Weis coming in. Weis is his only hope for turning his so far, sorry career, around. And he should take advantage of the opportunity. Sorry to say, Brantley working with Weis is Florida’s only hope for next year at QB. Jordan Reed will make a great power back or tight end, but certainly isn’t a pro style QB….and neither is Tyler Murphy. And Driskell isn’t looking so hot at the UA practices going against outstanding talent. Charlie….let’s hope KC loses early and you hit the recruiting trail to get a pro style QB other than Driskell…how about 2 or 3?

  2. Oh my god, you’re seriously already trying to talk crap about Driskell? He is the #1 QB recruit by far. Yeah, he’s thrown some INTs, but all the reporters also say it’s easy to see that he is by far the best QB recruit. From what I’ve seen of the UA practices, they’re doing drills more than scrimmages anyway, hardly the same as a game situation. Who cares if he’s throwing interceptions in practice? Half of them are the receiver’s fault anyway. Jeez, can’t you at least let him play the actual game before you start talking him down?

  3. That was in response to TampaGator by the way. I can’t believe you’re seriously trying to diss Driskell as if there are any QBs who are better (there AREN’T). And it’s not like this is indicative of how he would play against a typical opponent. This is a whole bunch of future defensive stars on one team. Of course he’s going to have some trouble adjusting. They’ve only had TWO DAYS of practice, and yet you think the reading articles about 2 days worth of practice makes you more of an expert on him than everyone who evaluates recruits for a living? I don’t think so, sorry.

  4. Agree with Beep. Driskell has looked very good in games, elite 11, and is the best I’ve seen at the UA work. What is it with some so-called Gator fans who can’t wait to run down our players or coaches? That is not the Gstor Nation so join another program if you can’t be more constructive.

  5. Driskel looked great vs Naughts. let him battle Brantley and may the best guy get the start. here is when you have to believe that Weis understands this better than any of us posters and will do what works best for his offense…and based on past results, it will be an offense that works well. Weis>us

  6. I am not sure if Brantley is going to be able to rebound. Time will tell. Sure he may be our most experienced Qb returning but that is only a fraction of it. Preparation and coaching. With Weis coming in along with Driskell let them battle it out on the practice field. And if Weis is the coach we all know he is, he will have the best QB prepared and ready. I also think that Weis is capable of having Driskell ready to play. He is a great coach and has proved it. With that being said I am also sure he would know how to manage a young, “green” QB and manage that as well by putting players and support around him. So if Brantley gets it turned around good for him. If not I am sure Weis will have Driskell ready. One thing for sure, this coaching staff will put the best one of them on the field.

  7. @The Driskel Panickers:
    Under Armour is an “All Star” game. Anytime a group like this is assembled, Senior Bowl, Blue/Gray, etc. the defense always overwhelms the offense. Offense need timing, repetition, practice, and time for player to “jell” with each other. Defense just has to react to the snap and stick with basics, man coverage, tackling, and pass rush, a much easier thing to do right away. Think back to the Orange & Blue games, defense dominates, it is just easier to do well sooner than offense. Driskell will be fine, everybody off the ledge!

  8. I havent seen Driskel play in the UA. But I have seen Brantley play. I pray Brantley doesnt start. I would rather take my chances with Reed or Burton than go thru another year of over throws, under throws, throws to the defenders, and cowering down instead of trying to get out of the pocket, and need I go on? Brantley is a fine kid who couldnt handle the pressure and shouldnt start at Florida. I know all the arguements about how bad the line was and how he didnt have the time to throw, but neither did Reed and he could move the ball. Give Reed the opportunity and I say he starts. And that is with a pro style offense. He has it in him. We would be better off even with the learning curve.

  9. Brantley will excell under Weis next year. He has to arm and talent, he was not given the opportunity to excel under last year’s offensive scheme. Trey Burton could be the best tailback in the SEC , he has size and speed. Red is a 4th down power back/ tightend. we need to bring end two QB’s this year so we can creaqte some depth.

  10. How’s this for an idea…how about we let these new coaches and kids start off fresh, let them evaluate the talent and determine which ones fit the new system best, let them go through the spring practice and then the August practice and then let these new coaches put the best of the bunch on the field. Weis is supposed to excel at bringing at getting the most out of a quarterback…let’s see what he can do.

  11. Settle down there, TampaGator. The defense almost always makes QBs look bad in allstar game practices. The offensive players have no timing or familiarity with each other, so lots of Ints aren’t unusual. Ditto for O-line play.

    As for Brantley, he does have a pro arm and mechanics. What remains to be seen is how many of his bad throws were attributable to the lack of rhythm and how many may, unfortunately, be attributable to his general accuracy. If he has any pro future, he just hit the lottery: It would be crazy for him not to take advantage of a year under Weiss’ tutelage.

    We also need serious improvement in the number of dropped balls next season. With Deonte Thompson in particular, the drops seemed to outnumber the catches.

  12. Granted Brantley made plenty of mistakes, but the guy seriously had no chance. The O-line struggled all season with pass protection, but a lot of that came because of the predictable play calling. Not to mention him being relegated to a 3rd down QB (which I think we invented this year). Brantley deserves another shot in a system that is more suited to his skill set.

  13. We all know, as Gator fans, that some of our recruits just don’t pan out. Hate to break it to you guys, but Brantley is one of them. I know the Hype Machine says he’s got a pro arm and sprays the ball all over the field in practice…but those throws don’t count in your W-L column.

    Once the games counted for JBIV, that pro arm wildly overthrew shorter routes, fluttered longer routes, and found the other team almost as much as he found our receivers. I definitely do not trust his ability to succeed in a pro-style offense, which requires JB to throw more, with a greater degree of precision.

    I’m not saying that Jordan Reed is the second coming of John Elway here, but once he got in, our team rallied behind him. They, as well as anyone else watching the game, could tell he gave them a chance to go beyond the 3 and out game and actually put one in. This is the most Chas Henry has punted in the Urban Meyer-era.

    Personally, I’m more intrigued with what Charlie Weis can do with Reed, than with Brantley. Simply put, although it pains me to say it, JBIV is a major recruiting bust.

  14. Get this through your head – REED WILL NOT START AT QB NEXT SEASON. Muschamp is going to run a pro-style offense, which Reed is not a pro style QB, neither is Burton. Like it or not, Brantley is. Reed has stated multiple times he would rather play another position than QB. Maybe Brantley is a head case now, but unless Driskell is ready to go under center in September, Brantley will be our starting QB. Getting yanked in and out of games every time there is third and long situation or inserting him into an offensive game plan that asks him to execute things that are polar opposites of what he is capable of doing does not mean he is a bad QB. The former coaching staff screwed this kid up and putting Reed in there now, with the kind of offense Muschamp/Weis are wanting to run, will be doing the same thing Meyer/Daz did to Brantley.

  15. Think you’re being a bit tough on young Brantley, @Some Recruits. he was dealt an impossible hand… It’s probably amazing that he didn’t have more interceptions. @NWGator’s points are accurate.

    Jordan Reed is a talented athlete but doesn’t really appear capable of playing QB in a pro style offense. The fact that you can make the throws doesn’t mean you can make the reads and the check downs.

    I actually think Brantley’s biggest issue is that he lacks the intangibles that, for example, Trey Burton clearly has in spades (too bad he can’t throw). But the kid deserves another shot, and Charley Weiss would be the best thing for his future. And if he can’t beat out a freshman (Driskel), he probably has no pro future anyway.

  16. Ed, Why are we forgetting about Murphy? He’s been here a while, wont he get a shot with the new coaches? I’m not sure Brantley can get it done, I do not think Driskel will be ready. But we do have a quarterback in Murphy. If he can’t play big boy football, why did we recruit him at QB? What am I missing?

  17. scooterp you find more excuses for Brantley’s FAILURE than anyone. Get this through YOUR head. Brantley was HORRIBLE. I was at the Outback Bowl and watched Meyer toss his headset like Spurrier used to his visor because of Brantley’s USELESSNESS. Did anyone else see this? I’ve been trying to find it on YouTube but can’t, I haven’t read about it in any of the articles about the game, but you read Meyer’s comments after the game…Brantley isn’t mentioned….Reed is. Whether he’ll start or not is irrelevant. But I think Meyer knows something about talent. The fact that he had to “work around” his QB should let you know what the thinks of the “talent” Brantley brought to the position. I PROMISE you that if Meyer thought Brantley was worth a crap, he would have stuck up for him throughout the season and at the end of that Outback Bowl….very much like he did for Chris Leak. Meyer was silent on Brantley. Enough of the all caps crap. Get your head out of your bottom and realize that Brantley did not have the full support of his coaches (guys that really know talent) for a reason.

  18. TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Coach Urban Meyer yanked the headset from the top of his head and flung it to the ground in disgust. A moment later, he ripped the power pack to the headset off his belt and bounced that off the turf, too. He raised his arms straight over his head in despair for a touchdown that did not come in the third quarter of the Outback Bowl.

    Steve Addazio, the offensive coordinator, screamed, “Wide-open touchdown” toward the field, but quarterback John Brantley missed a receiver in the end zone and threw short instead. Meyer put his hands on his knees and bent over in exasperation.

    an excerpt from an article By RAY GLIER of the New York Times
    Published: January 1, 2011

  19. Can we please let the coaches evaluate the players and decide who should play and who should switch positions. I am so sick of hearing how Jordan Reed will not be successful at QB….yeah, yeah, yeah…I saw Burton making the reads for him too, but this kid was never really trained at QB.

    Give the NEW staff a chance to work with him, and if a proven QB coach/OC like Weis says he isn’t QB material, then we go from there. Meyer and his staff looked lost this season, so I really don’t put a lot of trust in the decisions that were made….

    I know I’m gonna get ragged on for saying this, but I am so tired of hearing how African-American QBs should just switch positions without being given a chance. We all see what happened the last time that was the assumption (see Cam)….and I remember fully how many Gator fans agreed with it…hell the kid was even sitting behind Brantley on the depth chart……

    We don’t know what we have in Tyler Murphy either…most people are so ready to just turn the reins over to Driskel or even recruit another QB when we may have 2 capable Qbs on campus….

    Come on son!

  20. Lets try to discuss without name calling. Im no coach and I dont claim to know what to do. Only thing I saw was Brantley couldnt produce even when he had time and open recievers. Pro style QB? Not even close. He probably will not play at the next level. Weis may have the ability to “mold” a quarterback, but he is out of time with JB. I just dont see a starter there. No leadership ability and no scramble ability and need I really go on? Is reed or murphy a pro style starter? I dont know that either but I would take my chances on either one of those first. That could be why I am not paid the big bucks. Its just my opinion.

  21. @Tim – read my full post and stop cherry picking bits and pieces. Reed, will not start at QB. He is built for the spread not the offense the new coaching staff want to develop, and again, he has said he would rather not play QB…… And yes, I saw the same miserable offense this year that you did. All it proved was that we lost a lot of talent last year and that Brantley is not Tebow, though someone forgot to tell Addazio. His confidence, may very well be so screwed up that he can’t come back from it. But, I don’t think there are many QB’s out there that could have been successful running that cluster f* of an offense.

  22. Let us not forget that the “spread” is now considered a “pro-style'”offense. The Patriots have run it all over my beloved Dolphins year in and year out to great success.

    I see that my opinion on Jordan Reed as a viable 2011 QB option has come under fire. I’m not saying he’s Dan Marino out there. What I, and a few others out here, are saying is that Reed has just as many “pro tools” if not more than JBIV. He has size, grit, poise, just as strong an arm, and can move extremely well in the pocket.

    Some people are in Brantley’s corner, some aren’t, but you have to admit Reed deserves an equal shot and has just as much potential. No matter what “system” you’re in or QB type, being a quarterback still requires you to make throws and move chains. As of the end of the 2010 season, Reed is leaps and bounds ahead of JBIV. You saw the games, and so did I.