Dee Hart update


I briefly chatted with Orlando Dr. Phillips running back Dee Hart Monday. Though our conversations wasn’t the longest or most comprehensive, I got a couple of good nuggets out of him.

Hart, who ranks as the No. 1 all-purpose running back in the country, said that while he’s still committed to Michigan he’s planning to take official visits in January.

Hart said he isn’t totally sure what schools he’ll visit, but Florida and Alabama are two schools that should get visits. Obviously, Hart likes Florida a lot, but Alabama will be in the thick of it until the end. Plus, teammate Hasean Clinton-Dix (the top safety prospect in the country) is currently committed to the Tide. Both have talked about playing together, so it would only make sense for Hart to follow Clinton-Dix to Alabama.

Both should visit Florida next month, which could change a lot for each one. I’m still not sure if new Florida coach Will Muschamp wants to start with a crowded backfield by bringing in Hart (if he can get him), but maybe, just maybe, he knows something I don’t or he likes what Hart can do more than the guys Florida currently has. That’s still all up in the air.

Hart also told me regardless of what happens to Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, he’ll take his visits. It looks like even if Rich Rod returns to Michigan next season Hart will still explore his options. This wasn’t the case earlier this month when he reportedly said he would decommit if Rodriguez was fired.

His recruitment, along with Clinton-Dix’s, will be very fun to watch before National Signing Day in February. Both would be nice additions to Florida’s class.


  1. I’ve stopped keeping up. It was clear during the year that Florida no longer offered a shot at greatness to any of these elite recruits. Florida had no offense to build on, no plan to follow, no genius behind the curtain to believe in. It was clear to me that our recruit quality would drop and we would take a backseat to other elite SEC teams, not unlike USC in the PAC10 today.

    I’ve supported Meyer and believed in him, but I was a little relieved to see him step down, because he didn’t seem like the man for the job anymore. His option offense became predictable and ineffective, what was innovative 6 years ago was now behind the times.

    I’m trying to buy in to the Muschamp era of Gator Football, but we need to stop waiting on assistant coach hires. Muschamp had all this momentum after the announcement of his hire and had he brought in some big names right away, he could have brought excitement to Gainesville and the recruits would follow. Instead we’ve lost recruits because they don’t know who will be coaching them and recruiting has come to a screeching halt.

    So, I appreciate you keeping up with what’s going on in recruiting, but I just can’t watch anymore. It just hurts too much to see these great, young talents go play for Saban or Fisher.

  2. stop whining, Brent – I’ll repeat what has been said 11,000 times over the last 10 days – Muschamp is seeking coordinators with NFL experience and assistants under contract in the NFL can not speal about other jobs until after the regular season is complete…. Its not like Muschamp is on an African Safari vacation taking it easy for a couple weeks. There’s a reason things are quiet right now, another one of them being the recruiting dead period. So just relax alot will happen between now NSD.

  3. Brent

    I agree that Urban just wasnt the same guy anymore and it was probably for the best that he stepped down but I hardly think his offense is behind the times. Addazio was just a horrible play caller. Urbans offense is extremely similar to both Oregons and Auburns who are playing for the NC.

  4. What gets me with the whole coordinator waiting games is what going on behind the scenes. Coach Muschamps should be able to whisper in these recruits ears of who will be coming in to fill those slots. Bottom-line, we should be gaining recruits not losing even though we are waiting on the NFL to finish it’s regular seasons, as mr Brent states. Last I checked, this is the University of Florida, the name alone should hold a recruit until official announcement is made.

  5. I agree, the spread is alive and kicking in college football, but not Meyer’s version of the spread. I also agree that Addazio is a horrendous coach, but I know better than to blame him for all our offensive woes. I don’t know if Mullen was the mastermind behind the offense, but I do know if Meyer knew how to fix the breakdowns on the field, he would have. Meyer came up with the plan to win, Meyer reviewed the offensive plans and packages, so I stick by the statement that Meyer’s spread offense is no longer effective enough to dominate the SEC. Actually I’m starting to wonder how effective it was from the beginning, because when you have Tebow, Harvin, both Pounceys, etc. on the same side of the field, does it matter what offense your running?

  6. One reason why it appears “quiet” right now is Muschamp doesn’t want to take over the spotlight when Meyer is still coaching. Wait till after the bowl game. Likewise, I don’t think Meyer will let people really feel his presence after the game. It is a mutual respect. They are professionals and they know how to handle this.

  7. To grasp the difference on Offensive Coordinators, simply look at SEC Championship Game in 2008 vs. 2009. The later was much, much more conservative and made Tebow go out with a loss. Thanks to Addazio and made us all want our old OC back.

  8. ED, big win and some big news, what do you think of the wies hire? hope you like it to. what dosethis mean for the class were trying to put together? do you think this might be the way we finaly get the BIG BACK weve all been waiting for? whats up with rodney coe, that guy is a beast! also what the latest on kelvin taylor?

  9. This kid would have already committed to Bama if we had room. He wants to enroll in January and we don’t have room for him until July. Also heard he has been recruited as a slot receiver at Bama. I never really understood why a program like UF would go with a gimmicky offense like the spread. It’s great if you have a once in a lifetime player like Tebow or a Newton… but not many of those walking around. I’m truely concerned about Muschamp. I think a pro-style offense with all the talent the state of Florida produces will be hell to deal with. Plus it will hamper Saban’s recruiting efforts of great running backs from Florida and Georgia. Roll Tide