Shazier will have ‘decision’ Friday


After being the first Florida commit to score a visit on Muschamp’s wild recruiting road trip, Plantation linebacker Ryan Shazier came away feeling a little better about his commitment to the Gators.

Shazier spent most of the night grilling Muschamp about what the future of Florida holds for him. The two discussed the type of staff he’d like to bring in and how Shazier fits in. Without going into much detail, Shazier just said he feels very comfortable with Muschamp and thinks he connected well with him.

“(The visit) was really good,” Shazier said. “I like him and what his plans are.”

The news of Urban Meyer’s resignation triggered Shazier to rethink his commitment and explore his options last week. He even visited LSU last Friday and took and in-home visit with Ohio State coach Jim Tressel this weekend. Shazier will now officially visit OSU Wednesday.

Shazier said he’s still committed to Florida, but will make a final decision during his graduation party Friday night after he returns from his trip to OSU.

Florida still seems to be the favorite, especially after Muschamp’s in-home visit. But a good trip to Columbus, Ohio, could complicate his decision. Expect Muschamp to be in Shazier’s ear up until the very end.


  1. Yeah and what will be the temperature of the cities he plays in if he wants to play in the NFL?

    You think Green Bay, New England or Chicago are going to move the game indoors to a warm environment?

    If you want to be a man and learn to play in the NFL, you need to learn to play in all kinds of weather. Better learn it now so you’re max-prepared for the National Football League.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to face my peers in the NFL and tell them my heart isn’t into the game because it’s too cold. That’s not a man…