Clay Burton happier after talking to Muschamp


While on his official visit to Florida this weekend, Venice athlete commit Clay Burton got to speak with new Gators coach Will Muschamp.

Burton, who will arrive at Florida in January, said his conversation with Muschamp went well and that he’s excited to work with him this spring.

“He’s got a great reputation and SEC bloodlines,” Burton said of Muschamp.

Burton could play a number of positions in college. He’s lined up at linebacker, tight end and defensive end and will probably stay on defense at Florida.

Burton’s positional future was actually a topic of conversation between he and Muschamp Saturday. Muschamp asked Burton how much he weighed and when Burton let him know he’s up to 245 pounds, Muschamp said he looked ready to play defensive end for the Gators.

Burton said he’s definitely a lot happier now that Florida has found a coach and he’s very happy with the choice. As of Sunday, Burton said he didn’t know how other recruits were taking the news of Muschamp’s hire, but there didn’t seem to be much panic going around in Florida’s recruiting class.

For Burton, a lot of recruits are still waiting to talk with and meet Muschamp before their final decisions are made.


  1. I sure hope Champ and Apple can bring in some of those top recruits that were looking at Texas, especially that running back, Brown! I believe he’s the #1 back in the nation! That will give us the Brown and Brown tandem, with the new slogan: What can Brown do for you! Mix in some speed from Demps and Rainey and our running game should be lethal next year!

    Hopefully, we will see some recruits come back to us, that had leaned toward the Nolios, as well! Boy, those Texans are in full melt-down status on their message boards and the only word they seem to know is f**k!