UF commits, targets up for big honors


The 2010-11 football Gatorade Players of the Year have been announced and a couple of Florida commitments and targets made the cut.

Oviedo Hagerty quarterback commit Jeff Driskel was announced as the player of the year in the state of Florida, and Madison Heights, Mich., Madison defensive back commit Valdez Showers was the player of the year in Michigan.

As for targets, the only guys Florida is actively pursuing that were honored are Danville, Kent., Boyle County linebacker Lamar Dawson and Wadesboro, N.C., Anson linebacker Stephone Anthony. Both are uncommitted and both are near the top of Florida’s recruiting board.

There were a couple of other names that were linked to Florida at one point that I thought I’d point out as well. Here is how each did this season …

QB Jeff Driskel — Driskel completed 138-of-235 attempts for 1,783 yards and 16 touchdowns with just three interceptions. He also also rushed for 1,296 yards and 20 touchdowns on 151 carries caught two passes for 138 yards and two touchdowns. Driskel led Hagerty (7-3) to its first-ever Class 6A state playoff berth in 2010.  An Under Armour All-American, he ended his high school career as Hagerty’s leader in every passing and rushing statistical category.

DB Valdez Showers — Spending time at running back, Showers rushed for 2,024 yards and 29 touchdowns on 235 carries during his senior year. He helped the Eagles (9-3) to the Division 5 state quarterfinals and was a MetroPCS Mr. Football Award candidate. Showers also had 18 receptions for 257 yards and three touchdowns. On defense, he recorded 19 tackles, three interceptions and two fumble recoveries.

Top targets
Stephone Anthony — Anthony registered 123 tackles, including 16 for loss, and four sacks, during the Bearcats’ 3-8 season. He was also credited with six pass breakups, two interceptions and two forced fumbles. Playing running back, Anthony rushed for 302 yards and seven touchdowns on 50 carries. On special teams, he returned 14 kickoffs for 498 yards.

Lamar Dawson — The linebacker/tight end/fullback helped lead the Rebels to a 14-0 record and a state title this year. Before last week’s win, Dawson had recorded 158 tackles and four interceptions, two returned for touchdowns. He also rushed for 676 yards and 14 touchdowns on 78 carries, and caught 18 passes for 250 yards and one touchdown.

Former Gator targets
WR Kasen Williams (Sammamish, Wash., Skyline) — Williams had 83 receptions for 1,538 yards and 21 touchdowns. A 2011 U.S. Army All-American and the 2010 Seattle Times Athlete of the Year, Williams also totaled 74 tackles with two interceptions and two fumble recoveries on defense. Williams has maintained a 3.07 GPA in the classroom. He has volunteered locally as a peer tutor, youth basketball referee and football camp counselor.

DE Ishaq Williams (Brooklyn, N.Y., Abraham Lincoln): Williams and the Railsplitters are 11-0 entering the Public School Athletic League championship game against Forth Hamilton, today at Yankee Stadium. At the time of his selection, Williams recorded 39 tackles, seven sacks, 30 quarterback hurries, and forced five fumbles. At tight end, he caught 15 passes for 258 yards and four touchdowns. Williams is also the only New York player selected to participate in the 2011 U.S. Army All- American Bowl.

RB Savon Huggins (Jersey City, N.J., St. Peter’s Prep) — Once Florida’s top target at running back, Huggins rushed for 1,891 yards and 35 touchdowns on 173 carries this past season, leading the Marauders (9-2) to the Group IV non-public state semifinals. Huggins also caught 11 passes for 164 yards.


  1. I hope we are able to maintain an edge in recruiting since the latest announcement of Steve Addazio staying. Maybe Meyer is just simply speaking of the bowl game and afterwards look into a new OC. If not, folks we may very well be looking at another year of this humiliation and possibly the end of Meyer if he is not willing to take the step needed to get this program back where it should be with the talent we have. Either way I’m getting fed up with this uncertainty and if Iam, just imagine what other fans and RECRUITS are tired of. WAKE UP MEYER OR MOVE ON!!!!

  2. I hope Meyer means that Addazio is staying with a demotion back to lines coach. We have a multitude of players we could and should be rotating but no it seems we only ever have one guy on offense to get the ball. Look we have talent like you would see on your xbox or ps3 for Pete’s sake use these young men. This hurts recruiting who wants to go to a team where you will never get playing time but the offense isn’t able to generate anything. And if I were a running back forget it remember the Sec Championship against Bama??? How many times did the backs touch the ball and until Demps got hurt who else ran it. Then when Rainy came back they acted like him and Burton were the only guys on the team many of games. And why don’t we let Burton and Reed throw some short stuff and screens to mix it up so we’re not so predictable…come on Urban are you serious about this or not??? Otherwise step aside and take your staff with you, with the recruits you have gotten the last few years there’s no excuse for a performance and a season like this!!! The Gator Nation deserves better!!!!

  3. Addazios hands have been tied all year because of our lack of talent (no other way to put it) and i hope recruits can see that. yeh some of his play calls havnt been so timely but he deserves one more year to see if he can develop Jordan Reed or possibly Driskel

  4. Josh, you are kidding yourself. Between myself and the guys I sit next to in the stands, we accurately predicted the play calls for 3 ENTIRE series during the South Carolina game. If we can do that, you’d better believe opposing Defensive Coordinators can do that.

  5. Id also like to add that i think its pretty clear that Meyer is the one who is committed to the spread thats why he didnt go out and make a big time hire after we lost Mullen. He promoted Addazio because Addazio knows Urbans offense as well as anyone and Urban knew he could hand addazio a play sheet and that would be that. Has anyone else besides me noticed that we are running the same plays that we ran with Mullen?? those are Urbans plays, this is his offense. Addazio is the puppet.

  6. When Mullen was the OC and we had Chris Leak, we tailored the offense for him. With Addazio and Brantley, we ran an offense that was tailored for Tim Tebow. Even if it is more Meyer’s offense than Addazio’s, the OC should stand up to the head coach and say, “this isn’t going to work”. Otherwise, what are you exactly “coordinating” other than a train wreck?

  7. Mike, maybe you havnt noticed but our version of the spread only consists of about 15-20 or so different plays and with the lack of talent we have we cant run the option, we cant run the speed sweeps we used to run with Harvin, and we cant run the plays that Aaron Hernandez used to run so well. so what should we do then bro? you tell me what play we can run effectively with our shitty line and shitty wide outs and super shitty QB’s????

  8. when we had chris leak we had a really good line, dallas baker, andre caldwell, percy harvin, cornelius ingram, jamale cornelius, we do not have talent bro face it!!! and dont sit here and say well debose and demps and burton…thats BS NONE of those guys have ever proven to be effective whatsoever within our offense and there is a reason for that. that reason is that they are not that talented Andre Debose is a goddamn track star and thats it

  9. When a defense blitzes on every play, you may want to try running a slant route. Ever had of that? You basically run a bee-line pattern right to where the LB that’s blitzing came from! Tell me, how many slant patterns did we run against South Carolina and FSU? I’ll tell you, NONE! Don’t tell me Rainey, Thompson, Clark and Hammond Jr. haven’t run slants before. We have way more talent on offense than South Carolina, we certainly have more than Mississippi State, yet managed to score 7 lousy points against both of them. You’re telling me that we can only score 7 points against USC and FSU yet both of them combined gave up 100 on Saturday?!?!

    Here’s what I want them to do “bro”…COME UP WITH MORE THAN 15-20 PLAYS!!! They’re paid over 200k a year to do that!!! I can do it for free for them if they need me to, so could half the people on this blog. They have talent, they are not using it correctly.

  10. im done with this anyone who blames addazio and not the players who are executing the plays (or not executing in this case) is ignorant. you can coach them up all day long but you need players who can make plays. big time players make big time plays in big time games, i know youve all heard that 10000 times b/c its true. we dont have a percy harvin, damn sure dont have a tebow, dont have a maurkice pouncey (mike pouncey does not compare to his brother) dont have a hernandez. dont have a louis murphy…..i could go ON AND ON,

  11. BTW…that lousy line we have? At least two of them will be in the NFL, and I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually 3 or 4 of them play on Sundays. Perhaps we should fire the O-line coach for coaching them so poorly. Oh wait, that’s ADDAZIO!

  12. A QB to throw the slant effectively? It’s a 5-10 yard pass! If you can’t throw a slant pass, you shouldn’t have a scholarship to play QB. Believe me, Brantley, Reed and even Burton can throw a slant pass.

  13. I almost hate Urban came back. He is not trying to make any changes. And he is a sore loser. We need an offensive corridnator and Steve Addizzao is not it. When you are embrass at home three times straight and you are not willing to change something is wrong. John Brantley is horrible. The defense is lousy. No way they beating Penn State. A easy win for JoePa. Why did Meyer come back? and for what? Him and Billy D. has done nothing since they both step down but make a huge mess. I hope next year is better. But right now I don’t think so. Anothet lousy year ahead. I almost hate Urban came back. Go Gators.

  14. Josh, obviously we are having a disconnect here. I simply do not believe that anyone should run an option play with a QB who can’t run. Nobody believes he is going to keep it. I simply do not believe that you should be surprised that a defense stacks the line when you have Reed or Burton at QB when all you do is let them run and never pass. I simply do not believe that you should be surprised that a defense blitzes you when you have 5 wide receivers and no one to block. I simply believe do not believe that the best these players are capable of scoring is 7 points per game.

    You can argue all day that we don’t have the players and it’s not the coaches fault, I simply do not agree. The primary function of a coach is to put his players into positions where they can succeed. Now, do you honestly think that the coaches have done that this year?

  15. This year I brought my 13-year-old granddaughter to her third college football game, LSU. In the third quarter, without any prompting from me, she said, “granddad they don’t block so good and they keep running the same plays over and over.”My granddaughter and I vote for a new offensive coordinator.

  16. No, they have not done that and IMO its because we have focused too much on bringing in the most talented guy instead of bringing in the guy who fits our system best. Look i get what you are saying, i understand but im trying to convey to you that Urban Meyer is not going to change his system and start running slants and double moves and stuff like that to take advantage of coverages because that is not his style, Urban has always been successful running certain plays, certain formations, and he is not ready to just abandon all of that so for you to sit here and say we need to come up with a new scheme or whatever to me is irrelevant because i dont think Urban Meyer is even considering that,

  17. This isnt the first time Ive seen this “Josh” guy ranting on these boards. For some reason, he is a huge Addazio fan and keeps harping on a lack of “talent”. These “talentless” players that he keeps referring to are the same players every major program in the country had been drooling over when they were in high school. Anyone who makes comments like Demps has never been whatsoever effective in our offense is just too hard headed to tell anything to. This guy is just a total hard head who battles against dozens of people on these boards and you cant tell him one damn thing. Hes the typical know it all.

    As far as Meyer being so much smarter than the people on this baord, Im not sure anymore. Youve got guys like Herm Edwards and Kirk Herbstreit who have blasted Floridas playcalling and offensive schemes. Edwards was just flabbergasted by Floridas offense vs Miss St. I guess Herm Edwards and Kirk Herbstreit dont know anything about football either. When Bamas DC was predicting a jump pass, I guess he didnt know what he was talking about either. I guess when Mark Barron was saying how they basically knew everything Florida was going to do, he didnt know football either. But I guess its a lack of talent and not coaching that allows these guys to know exactly what Florida is going to do offensively. God knows Miss St has WAY more talent than Florida. LOL Thats why they beat us. It wasnt Addazio, it was the lack of “talent”. Geez!

  18. LT you are not worth arguing with you are an idiot and i would talk circles around you if i felt like it would make a difference but you are an idiot and “fans” like you are the reason coaches get run out of town before they are even given a fair shot

  19. Brantley, lorenzo edwards, deonte, james wilson, jeremy brown, will green, will hill, omar hunter, lerentee mccray, carl moore, earl okine….all of these guys were supposed to be elite recruits and none of them have panned out.

  20. so its addazios fault that carl johnson cant pass block to save his life? his fault that urban recruited brantley knowing he didnt fit in our offense? his fault deonte thompson has the hands of a 3rd grader? his fault that Debose hasnt picked up our simple as can be offense and cant run a route properly enough for the coaches to put him in the game? yeh those are all addazios fault right? wrong.

  21. Josh Just as I expected, you just resort to name calling when people disagree with you. Thats what you always do. You are just an internet loudmouth. A “internet tough guy”. You know nothing of me yet you say Im not worth arguing with. How ignorant can you be?

    As far as “proven” players go, what do you mean by proven? We had a young team that didnt develop AT ALL as the season went on. If you mean productive players, we dont have many. Thats probably because these players that all other schools were drooling over and we got havent been developed. Just because the players werent productive doesnt mean they dont have talent. Demps was plenty productive under Mullen. So was Rainey. Demps and Rainey went crazy in 08. They were one heck of a dynamic duo out of the backfield. When Addazio took over in 09, it was TT right, TT left, TT up the middle. Great game plan. Most people could see the offense was way to predictable LAST year but Florida was just so much better than the team they played, the could still execute it. Now, the players need to have a good gameplan to win. The coaches have to COACH them and they have to be put in a position to be productive. A bad coach holds players back. If it were as simple as having great players = winning games, Zook would still be here.

  22. ‘As far as Meyer being so much smarter than the people on this baord, Im not sure anymore.’ < that is all the proof i need right there that you a typical idiotic gator fan who places blame on the guy who is most vulnerable which addazio is.

  23. I believe both side have valid points. I don’t think the talent is as good as outsiders think. That being said, the coaching staff did a horrible job this year. Addazio has no clue of how to run an offense and I’m starting to think neither does Urb. Never have been a fan of the spread, but he won 2 titles so I couldn’t complain too much. But the offense has been terrible two years in a row. You can’t say we didn’t have offensive talent last year. This year we had no concept of the offensive passing game-that shouldn’t happen on this level of college football.

  24. BTW What are YOU saying Josh? Are you saying Meyer cant win unless he has just unbelievable players? If you are waiting for Florida to have a Tim Tebow to win, you will be waiting a long time to win again. And YES!!!! It IS addazios fault Carl Johnson cant block! Addazio is the OL coach! Addazio said himself that this was going to be a GREAT offensive line. What happened? Did the players just forget how to play or were they poorly coached? And Im not saying its all Addazios fault. Ive never said that so quit your whining and defending Addazio. Some of it has to fall back on meyer but id feel a lot better getting rid of Addazio before I got rid of Meyer. Furthermore, the other position coaches dont seem to be doing well either. Our WRs have looked bad ever since billy Gonzalez left (who should have gotten the OC job). But Addazio is in charge of the offense, which sucked, and his is the offensive line coach which was easily the most dissappointing part of the team. Who else do you blame but Addazio?

  25. oh so your gonna now blame our entire coaching staff for not “developing” our players? back when we were winning championships with tebow and harvin i bet you werent bitching about how we werent developing other players were you? Chris rainey has NEVER lived up to the hype and if you disagree you are ignoring the facts. Demps and rainey went “crazy” in 08 with a combined 1,257 yards rushing, thats not even 100 ypg between the two of them. the reason it tebow right tebow left last year is because we had only one legit recieiver who we trusted. ‘Most people could see the offense was way to predictable LAST year but Florida was just so much better than the team they played, the could still execute it.’ < so now your admitting that the players themselves have to execute the plays??? you are making my argument for me. keep talking ill keep pointing out your inconsistencies.

  26. Fla Reptile.

    Exactly. Good point. A lot of teams have less talent than Florida but still werent nearly as inept as Florida was on offense. But you cant tell some people that. They just ignore facts unless the facts fit their argument. Ill say it again, did Miss St have more talent than Florida? No. Does FSU have more talent than Florida? No. Heck South Carolina didnt have so much more talent than Florida that they should have just manhandled us at home.

  27. YES THAT IS WHAT I AM SAYING, OUR SYSTEM REQUIRES A FREAK ATHLETE LIKE NEWTON OR TEBOW who is a threat to run and pass. also our offense is reliant upon having a guy like harvin who can take a hand off 80 yards on any play and also play reciever. thats exactly what im saying. if you want to get technical with it, our zone blocking scheme requires really, really good interior line play, think of a zone blocking line as a wall, the wall only works if every guy is getting good blocks on every play, in a zone blocking scheme one bad block ruins the entire play, havnt you ever heard people say that penetration kills running plays? well thats why,.

  28. Josh do you even follow Florida football? Many of the coaches that “developed” those championship teams ARENT HERE!!! Our OC is GONE! Our DC is GONE! Our WR coach is GONE! And 1257 yards from tailbacks who were playing in the same backfield as somelike like TT who was getting a lot of the carries is GOOD! Duh! You act like 1257 yards out of the rb position when the QB tots the rock so much is a low number. Wake up. So what “inconsistencies” are you talking about? I never said players dont have to execute. NOBODY has said that. but they also need a decent gameplan which they DIDNT have. Just like I said, it doesnt matter what anyone says to you or how many people discuss facts and logic to you, you are a hard head who cant admit he is wrong.

  29. im tired of people blaming addazio and only addazio, yeh his play calling isnt the best ive ever seen by far, but i guarantee you if you gave him maurkice pouncey mauling ppl at center, tebow, harvin, murphy, hernandez and others on his team his perceived crappy play calls would work a hell of a lot better can you not agree with me on that?

  30. i predict another down season unless jeff driskel can come in and learn the offense quickly in the spring and show that he is better throwing the ball than brantley, because i think all of us know that driskel will be able to run the option part.

  31. Yes, I can agree that if he had Tebow, Harvin and company, the plays may work. But what you have to understand is that you rarely get a team with that type of talent. Tebow is arguably the best player in cfb history. Harvin, when healthy, could be an NFL Hall of Famer. Hernandez is ripping it up as a rookie. Pouncey starts for the Steelers as a rookie. You simply dont accumulate that type of talent very often. The coaching staff is going to have to learn how to coach when the team you are playing has similar talent to you. This is the SEC and you just cant out talent everyone every year.

  32. Driskell looks like a solid player. But we have to trust our QB to throw the ball downfield a couple times a game no matter who the QB is. We have to run more than the same 6 or 8 base plays. Driskell may be good but we cant count on him or anyone else being a TT. We have to keep the other team guessing to a certain extent. Barron wasnt the only player this year that said after a game that they knew what Florida was going to do. I believe it was one of Miss Sts players that said that also. I just dont believe that you can execute plays on a regular basis if the other team knows what you are going to do unless you have a very special group of players. And I dont see a core group of players like Florida had in 08 and 09 anywhere in cfb.

  33. I was just thinking about how Rich Rodriguez is a perfect example of why talent makes the system what it is. when he had pat white and steve slaton that offense was at times unstoppable because u simply cannot defend both of those guys at the same time when they are both a threat in the option game. Rich goes to michigan, doesnt have the talent he did at WVU and all these michigan fans are like wtf this offense sucks. so this year he gets denard robinson up and going for the first several games until teams figured out that michigan has no threat at HB so now when denard runs the option he is getting swarmed like no1’s business. we are experiencing the same exact thing right now, same plays, same system, less talent.

  34. yeh bro you are exactly right if any half decent coordinator knows what the other team is doing on offense he should be able to stop it 9 out of 10 times. i think the reason we are running the same plays over and over is because we want to stay conservative for fear that we will just turn the ball over or get penalties and stuff like that, same thing last year but last year we had rediculous talent on D

  35. so maybe now you can see that im not just a hardhead and that maybe, just maybe, i know a little bit about football. you probably do to or you wouldnt care enough to be on here discussing this with me. i love gator football to death and i just beleive addazio is getting blamed a bit too much for our struggles, you can disagree, that is fine. we are all entitled to our opinions and im just giving you mine.

  36. Josh. but wouldnt you say with Denard Robinson, Michigans offense is way better than Floridas was this year? So, in my opinion, even though Rodriguez only had one great player, the offense was very good. It was Michigans defense that stunk. I will certainly agree that we need a more athletic QB than brantley if we are to run the spread but we have Reed and the coaches refused to put him ahead of brantley. I mean, come on, what is going to happen if we play Reed? Are we going to lose 5 games and get blown out at home by Spurrier, lose 3 straight home games and get embarrassed by FSU?

    I think the coaches should have either adjusted the offense or played the players best suited for the offense they decided to run and diversified the play calling. I think had Reed been the starting QB from day one, we would have went 9-3 or so which wouldnt have been nearly as bad. Bama, LSU and maybe SC were legitimately just better than Florida. I think the spread will work fine as long as we dont have a pocket passer trying to run it.

  37. I agree that if anyone blames Addazio and just Addazio, they are incorrect. I think Our WRs are poorly coached. I think Meyer is a little too loyal to veteran players like Brantley and I think Austin may have been a bad hire at DC. I always thought Heater should have gotten that job instead of bringing in an unknown like Austin. Quite frankly, I believe Heater is the only really good assistant on the staff since McCarney left. So I dont blame just Addazio. I just think you start with the most obvious problem. I wouldnt even say Addazio needs to be fired, just not the OC. He just doesnt seem cut out for the job in my opinion and its already hurting recruiting. Which will only worsen the talent level if the talent level is part of the problem.

  38. yeh dude michigans offense is waaay better than ours but denard robinson is a special, special talent. i remember hearing about how he torched miami northwestern for like 350 total yards back when they had the whole maimi gang there still. and as far as reed goes, meyer has even admitted a bunch of times that reed probably should have played alot earlier this year than he did but urban has this big thing with “trusting guys with the ball” which i personally do not understand because guys like rainey and brandon james have always had problems fumbling but yet they still got carries. Yeh if jordan reed had been our starter all year long we would not have lost to LSU or MSU but in that FSU game last weekend he got a pretty bad concussion so i wouldnt even assume that he would have stayed healthy for the whole year, he probably would have gotten hurt pretty quickly with the way he indescriminantly lowers his head into the pile, its really amazing to me that tebow only got hurt that one time against UK last year infact its pretty much a boarderline miracle.

  39. Is Josh related to addazio damn!!!! The man can’t run an offense period and to say Florida doesn’t have talent is crazy, they have had class after class of blue chipps since Meyer’s arrival so they have player talent, now they need coaching talent in the worst way!!!

  40. well teryl austin was really our 3rd choice you know? i cant remember either guy’s name but didnt we hire a DC who then took another job right after, and then we hired another guy who then took another job right after accepting urbans offer, and THEN urban went to teryl austin. Teryl austin is not urbans guy trust me but i kinda like teryl austin he knew we have crappy DE’s and so he went to more of a man to man scheme, and he did what he had to do to create pressure, which was blitz the hell out of the A gap. its just that when you blitz obviously you leave holes, and when you blitz and STILL dont get pressure, boy you are in trouble and we experienced alot of that this year.

  41. Robinson is definately a great player and florida doesnt have a guy with that much speed at QB but I think our surrounding cast could have helped out. You are right, rainey has never become the player most of us had hoped but if you get him the ball some, DeBose the ball some, Demps the ball some and just spread the ball around like we did against Cincinnati last year, we would have been a much better team. I think all the fans really want is a change, any change, from what they saw this year. Nothing was right on offense. The passing game was as bad as Ive ever seen. The running game never really panned out. Turnovers were a problem, which isnt the coaches fault, and penalties were crippling. Nothing was good. When that happens, a change is needed but so far, Meyer is just talking about “tweaking” things when its obvious more than tweaking is needed. I think most fans want to see a more drastic change. But so far, I dont see any real plans for change unless Meyer is just keeping things under wraps until after the bowl game where he can really start shopping for some new assistants. I think the last few hires he has made have been terrible.

  42. #1- Florida is not void of talent. you have to develope theseguys and that is not happening by the positioning coaches to say that Debose and Jordan Reed don’t know the plays or aren’t functional at their respective positions is basically not taking responsibilty for not developing your players.
    #2- There are some players playing out of position ie. Trey Burton, Ronald Powell Dominique Easley “should be at DE not DT”, Deboe should be in the slot, Jenkins should be playing outside, not big enough for SEC in the middle Cris Rainey needs tostay in the backfield where he has played his whole life.
    #3- Our offense is too predictable and need the proper type QB for the spread thi is not a pro style offense. Play calling is horrible andeveryone but Josh, Meyer and Addazio know it.
    #4- Urby either you evaluate the stateof the program and make the properchanges or you can go to THIS IS FLORIDA FOOTBALL!!!!

  43. And Ill pin the FSU debacle mainly on the players. You cant turn the ball over 4 times, Fail on a faked punt, have more than 10 penalties and win on the road against a decent team. Whether better play would have won the game we will never know but you cant really fault the game plan in that game because the offense moved the ball in between turnovers and drive killing penalties.

  44. Gatorbread i see your points but let me tell you, dominique easley could be a DOMINANT three technique, the dude has rediculous quickness and hes up to 280 already and hes only 6,1 that kind of frame screams 3 technique, im telling you guys dominique easley could be our nick fairley, but even faster and quicker and more athletic. i seriously hope he gets back on track because he could be soooooooooooo good you guys should look at his HS tape and the take from the UA game last year, im telling you theres a reason this guy went from being almost an unknown to the #7 player in the class (per rivals) man just thinking about how could our defensive line could be potentially with Easley, Shariff who we all know is effing good, Powell, Chris Martin, and our new Jarvis Moss clone Lynden Trail, it really puts a smile on my face.

  45. Keep in mind turnovers and penalties are disciplinary issues, even that’s coaching.Proper ball handling skills have not been emphasized like in the past.We would here Meyer talk about holding that ball up high all the time. Wasn’t mentioned in any intervues, if your talking about it then you’re coaching it. Dumb penalties need to have consiquences like late practices and playing time etc. The fake punt was Urbans call. That whole game was on the coaches due to a lack of preperation against a rival that hasn’t taste victory in six years. Players should have been more than prepared and they weren’t.

  46. We have a wad of young CBs too. Between Cody Riggs, Jaylen Watkins, Josh Shaw and incoming guys like Waisome and Purifoy we should have the cornerback position locked down for the next 2-3 seasons. But linebacker has no depth and is missing a big time MLB. Which mystifies me why we arent after Tony Steward more than we are.

  47. infact if i was a betting man, i would put it all on UF in the case of Curtis Grant, aschoff has repeatedly stated how Urban and Grant have a very close relationship and Urban is recruiting him personally, alot of ppl expect him to commit during his visit this weekend.

  48. last year Bostic looked soo promising in the middle but he isn’t been coached like he was when Strong had him. He’s not playing instinctional.He could really be a rock in the Middle very similar to Brandeon Siler. I also thought that Joshua Evans covered the back end of the secondary better than Will Hill did. There was a noticeable decline in coverage at the free safety position. Hill blew alot of assignments when corners thought they could trust him, again that’s coaching but Evans looked really good everytime he was in.

    Josh you’re right about Easley now that I think about it. It’s sad those freshman wasn’t given more of an oppurtunity to contribute andthe upper classmen should have been a little more receptive and welcome these guys to the program like they were because the freshman and underclassmen are going to carry the torch.

  49. Well heres what ive been telling everybody who says they are dissapointed with the lack of freshman contributions on the DL. do you ever remember any freshman defensive lineman who came in for us and contributed his first year? i cant. lineman take the longest to develop because the physicality of the game is so much higher than in high school. guys like shariff floyd are really anomalies, i would even go as far as to say that Ronald Powell has contributed more than i thought he would. like most freshman he overpersues on alot of plays but at the same time hes out there, hes contributing, hes not hurting the team either when he is out there and for that we should be thankful.

  50. As far as bostic goes, the reason he was so highly recruited is because he is a great athlete, i think he had like 3 INT’s this year and all year long he has excelled in coverage with the exception of a few times when he was asked to cover really good players, Bostic is out of position alot of times and he has a hard time slipping and shedding blocks but he will get alot better. Same with Jelani Jenkins, Jenkins is soo fast sideline to sideline and hes awesome in coverage but he needs to get in the weight room which he has been doing, i remember last year on the roster Jelani was listed at 200 lbs. and now i think hes up to around 220 or so. When he puts on a bit more muscle mass and gets stronger overall he will be a Jon Beason/Pat Willis type MLB, or OLB wherever the coaches decide to keep him at. Jenkins is already our best tackler outside of Ahmad Black but Bostic really needs to work on his tackling form, which he will, he will get better, hes only a freshman.

  51. LOL i knew you were gonna say Jevon Kearse, well Jevon Kearse is Jevon Kearse you know what i mean? and Marcus Thomas was a very, very advanced Freshman. so were talking about 2 or 3 guys in the last 15 years.

  52. Even Brandon Spikes had trouble shedding three hundred pound linemen. The DL needs to definately get better to correct tha tproblem but no one on the team hits harder than Bostic and he’s a sophmore he played last year. Jelani is good but with his speed he needs to be covering backs out of the backfield playing outside. It’s really hard to maintain weight when you don’t naturally carry it. He’ll end up getting slowerif he putson too muchweight. Josh I thought you new these things? C’MON MAN!!!

  53. well theres a difference between putting on weight and putting on muscle, if he continues to get bigger the right way by hitting the weight room and eating right he will only get faster and more explosive, but yes you are abesolutely right Jelani needs to stay at ROLB he is the ideal guy for covering tailbacks out of the backfield.

  54. In a 4-3 defense or any defense for that matter it all starts up front so like you said, we need to get better up the gut, no question there. We have the guys to do it, but every time i hear people say that i keep thinking that Omar Hunter needs to step up and take control of that plug technique that plays over center and eats up 2 blockers. Joe Cohen did that so well back in 06′ and he really was the reason we didnt miss a beat when Marcus Thomas got kicked off the team, also Ray McDonald played great on the inside for us that year at the 3 technique he was an excellent disruptor and he lived in the opponents backfield at times. it also didnt hurt that Jarvis Moss and Derrick Harvey were coming off the edge.

  55. Man josh, you have got to be kidding me! Steve addazio has got to go, period end of storey!Even with tebow this offense struggled under addazio, but tim bailed us out time after time! This guy came from indiana hoosiers staff, what more do you need to know?

  56. Being an OC is not about knowing the plays, it’s about knowing when to call those plays. Calling plays is like playing chess. Sometimes you need to know when to sacrifice a pawn so you don’t loose your queen or worse your king. Not everybody can do this, that is why it is so hard to get a great OC. You over come bad play calling two ways. Superior talent or a dynamic OC. We had neither.

  57. Josh I’m sorry but SA dosen’t deserve another chance. We have a ishh load of talent on our team! Like someone up there said they’re not in the right positions…and I can see that. Back in 09 (with Tebow) SA ran the same plays over and over. That’s not gonna work in the SEC you have to be a little more unpredictable. && am I the only one who noticed how frequent our players are hurt…Strength and Conditioning maybe?? Anyways my points are

    1. New OC for the 11 season
    2. New QB also…hopefully it’s Jordan Reed or Jeff D. I’ve heard alot of hype around this guy. But if we ran 2 dual threat QB’s (Reed and Jeff D) Oh boy!
    3. Linebacker and D line positions need to turn it up! Too many of our defensive players got caught out of position this year.

  58. Losh is on staff at the Sun and is paid to foment discussion because it’s what keeps the rest of us coming back. Wonder which year in UF J-School Josh is and whether he’ll actually be able to put this experience on his resume…bet not!

  59. All you guys make some good points. It’s clear that Addazio is over his head as an OC. If I were placing a bet it would be that Urban is struggling to limit Addazio to being O Line coach (which he can do and do well) and bring a competent OC in over him. That is truly a management challenge which Jeremy needs to get involved in.

  60. Wow, Josh, dude… we lack the talent? An experienced and deep offensive line, three-year backup at quarterback, four experienced backs and at least four five-star studs at reciever that have a season or two under their belt… are you kidding me?

    Our offense was sub-par last year when SA became OC, and was only kept afloat by Tebow and a defense that kept other teams from taking advantage of us. We should have been absolute beasts last year, and this year we should be pretty damn good.

    The long and short of it is this: We are Florida. We recruit only the very very best players. We should hire only the very very best coaches. Steve Addazio would be on nobody’s top twenty list of offensive cooridnators, and therefore doesn’t belong here. It really is that simple. We can get the best. He is not the best (or even in the top 100 IMO). Buh-bye Steve. Enjoy Illinois.

  61. In regards to Josh, my dad used to say–“Don’t argue with and idiot, he’ll just drag you down to his level, then beat you with experience”.

    I hope the changes are to be made in regards to the whole offensive scheme whether it be Addazio or whatever the problem is, or else my game attendance will be lacking next year. Go Gators

  62. I don’t get it. Why are people paying attention to this Josh guy?

    Or maybe I should speak the Josh language and put it like this:

    nobody here gets nothin why do people pay attention to dudes that don’t get nothin just stop payin attention to him already and he’ll stop don’t you guys know that now stop talking to him and he’ll stop, and that’s why you guys don’t know nothin,


  63. “oh so your gonna now blame our entire coaching staff for not “developing” our players? – Josh”
    I’m sorry, i thought that is what coaches do..DEVELOP PLAYERS!! You’re an idiot…maybe you should loosen the grip and remove your lips from Dumbazzio’s genitals.

  64. Josh I agree that Addazio doesn’t deserve to be the only scapegoat. However, u said “if you gave him maurkice pouncey mauling ppl at center, tebow, harvin, murphy, hernandez…” which is a great gauge for comparing Addazio to other coaches. The reason Addazio is a mediocre OC is he was able to take that core group of players you listed and, with him being the only variable in the equation, they went from achieving unprecedented accomplishments (as a team and the players individually) to mediocrity all of a sudden. This group without Addazio as OC was one of the best offenses you’re ever going to see and then he arrives and they were forced into being a conservative, grind-it-out type offense that rode the defense’s coattails to victory. Tebow had 2 of the greatest years in history at QB and then as a senior under Addazio, when a player is almost always likely to have their best year, he wasn’t even one of the best QB’s in college football. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine to oversimplify the reasons for poor/mediocre performance of my team by blaming a lone culprit, but in this case it was just too obvious that there was only one basic aspect of the offense that had changed. And it is way harder to find reasons why Addazio isn’t the only real problem.

  65. Josh shut up please r oc is the worst in last 8 years enough said. Everyone knows it and you r a idiot so f off you piece of shit. If steve stays on at oc we will lose a lot and only score 10 to 14 points a game.

  66. Well, everybody can quit calling each other names, now. Meyer is gone and (one hopes) Addazzio is too.
    Here’s my prediction for next year: Brantley transfers, we loose 1/3 of the guys committed in the 2011 class, at least 3 Ju-Co players arrive.
    All your thinking on offense just evaporated, maybe on D, too as Austin may not survive the coming chaos. The only silver lining in all this is Miami is in worse shape. Jimbo will out recruit us this year, at least. Beware Skip Holtz: He will get better players this year, too. Ever heard of UCF? We might hear that a little, too. We are lucky the SEC East is as terrible as it is, this is a good time (if there ever is one) to get dope slapped by a quitting head coach.
    All you recruits reading this: This is an indication of how much we care at UF and will stop at nothing to see you will be the best coached, best conditioned college football player in Florida, the best college football state in the land. Grab your chance to play for the mighty Gators now, it will be a heck of a ride!