Driskel 100% Gator


LAKELAND — Don’t let all those rumors get to you Gators fans. Your prized recruit hasn’t wavered a bit.

For the past couple of weeks, Internet message boards have been buzzing about the possibility Florida quarterback commit Jeff Driskel had been backing off a little on his verbal to UF. There were rumors  that the Oviedo Hagerty prospect wasn’t happy with the way Florida’s offense looked. There was also chatter that he wasn’t pleased with the three-quarterback system because it could cut into his reps once he gets to Gainesville.

The rumors even grew to the point where some thought the nation’s No. 1 quarterback, according to Rivals.com, was thinking of decommitting from Florida.

Well, Driskel, again, squashed any rumors that he was softening on his Gator pledge Friday following his Hagerty’s 56-35 playoff loss at Lakeland.

“I don’t know where they came from,” Driskel said of all the rumors. “There’s all kinds of people out there that will write anything to make a buzz. Those (rumors) are 100-percent false. I’m 100 percent (committed) to Florida and I’ll be there in about a month and a half.”

When rumors were flying around cyberspace, Driskel said he didn’t have to worry about reassuring UF’s coaching staff of his commitment. He said UF’s coaches were aware of how solid he was to the Gators.

“They knew all along that I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “I’m as solid as solid can be to Florida.”

While Driskel reiterates how committed he is to UF, he does understand that rumors are easy to start when Florida has struggled so much on the football field. The Gators head into Florida State week at 7-4 and 4-4 in the SEC. They missed out on a bid to Atlanta for the SEC Championship after an embarrassing 36-14 loss to South Carolina at home, but Driskel said it’s just growing pains for such a young team. Driskel said he expects things to be much better next season once the young guys do some growing up.

“They’ve had a rough year,” he said. “They have a lot of young guys. I’m sure next year they’ll have another good year like they’ve had (in the past).”

Driskel ended his high school career last Friday with quite possibly his best showing by passing for 177 yards and two touchdowns, rushing for 263 rushing yards and two more scores, and grabbing a 58-yard touchdown reception. He’ll enroll at UF in January.


  1. Is there anything this kid can’t do?

    “Driskel ended his high school career last Friday with quite possibly his best showing by passing for 177 yards and two touchdowns, rushing for 263 rushing yards and two more scores, and grabbing a 58-yard touchdown reception. He’ll enroll at UF in January.”


  2. We have a run first mentality and the offense runs from every skill position on the field. This kid can run, so if Driskel comes in time to take part in spring drills, the QB position might probably come down to him and Jordan Reed. As much as I love the Brantley family, I see a near repeat of 2010 if Johnny Boy is at the helm once again. JB can throw a pretty ball, but it seems like some of his longest completions come with the embarrassingly wobbly and underthrown passes that Deonte Thompson caught like a punt. The bottom line is I just hope the coaches play the best QB for our team, no matter the pedigree.

  3. I watched Jeff Driskell playing Lakeland in the playoffs last Friday night. I think he is better than Tim Tebow was. He has a rifle arm and he has quick speed and can run around defenders while under pressure. I can’t wait see him play at Florida

  4. At least he can run the spread offense at Florida…..Brantley sure can’t. Reed can too. I am not sure why Brantley isn’t considering transferring elsewhere. I can’t see him beating out Reed or Driskell next year….or Murphy for that matter.

  5. I am sorry…..I am usually very positive about the Gators. But John Brantley has been a huge disappointment this year. Completely unsuited to run the spread offense….and totally lacking in leadership skills and the “moxy” needed to play at a high level at QB in the SEC. Just what I see every Saturday on the filed anyway.

  6. Maybe Driskel will be the starting QB next year …. Maybe not, only time will tell.
    Even so ……. we still need a top quality QB coach.
    The transition from H.S. to the SEC is a huge jump for any young man, even one as talented as Driskel. And for God’s sake please don’t place the burden of being our offensive savior and him being the total answer to our problems on this very talented young man’s shoulders. Let’s expand our approach to the offensive scheme and spread the load. A heavy dose of a quality power back in our system would do a lot in keeping this young man healthy and on the field in this tough SEC environment. If Timmy T. had not been such a beast he would have never survived the abuse. He was sent head first into the Lion’s Den way to many times for his own welfare ….. but somehow he made it work. I do believe a QB needs to have that power back behind him to take away that kind of pressure and abuse. Playing hurt is no advantage at all, especially when the hurt player is the key to making the offensive firepower work like it should

  7. Well, I for one find this interesting. My newphew is a junior and was the backup center for Hagerty this year and is very close friends with Jeff. I spoke to him last night after FSU embarrassed UF , and he quoted Jeff as saying he will not play at UF with Addazio as the O-coordinator. Jeff was rather upset about the game, and their is quite a bit more true to the rumors than anyone wants to believe. You can’t blame him. This guy can go anywhere…and he’s have serious doubts about being tossed into this grinder.

    If Urban is serious about recruiting, he better head down here and pay a visit to his new QB, otherwise he’ll be taking snaps for Auburn next year. Then again, I think every Gator agrees that an Addazio pink slip would be a step in the right direction as well.

  8. Jeff Driskel now into his 5th game of his Freshman year has proven only one thing. He cannot play at this level. Cannot read a defense and has NO leadership qualities.

    Why was a scholly wasted on him?