Driskel could become five-star QB


Jeff Driskel’s high school career hasn’t been very celebrated. Sure, Rivals.com ranks him as the nation’s top quarterback prospect and he’s committed to Florida, but his record hasn’t been pretty.

The Oviedo Hagerty Huskies have won just five games in the three years of the program’s existence.

Away from his team, the 6-foot-3, 225-pounder has shined. He’s impressed at every camp he’s attended (gaining multiple MVP honors), and when I saw him at Florida’s camp he delivered one of the nicest balls I’ve seen from a high school quarterback in a while.

But don’t just take my word for it. Rivals national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell thinks Driskel deserves to be the No. 1 quarterback prospect and should stay there the entire year.

“I think he’s great,” Farrell said. “I think he’s going to be a five-star. The only thing holding him back is he plays on not a very good team.”

Currently, Driskel is ranked as the country’s 17th-best prospect and a four-star recruit. Farrell said the only reason he hasn’t been elevated to five-star status is because he’s still got to show he can lead a team with so many struggles.

In an exhibition game last week, Driskel was 5 of 13 for 21 yards and an interception. Word from the game was that he delivered some tremendous passes, but his receivers dropped almost everything. That, he can’t be blamed for.

“You’re only as good as the guys around you sometimes, especially at quarterback,” Farrell said. “He can’t throw the ball and then run down and catch it himself.

“He doesn’t have a lot of help around him.”

Whether that will hurt his stock this season is yet to be seen, Farrell said, but he’s sold on Driskel’s pure talent. Calling him a “right-handed (Tim) Tebow,” Farrell said he likes both Driskel’s running ability and arm strength. While his running style isn’t like Tebow, Farrell believes Driskel has a stronger arm and better throwing mechanics.

Driskel’s regular season officially begins tonight against Port Orange Atlantic.

With the lack of talent around Driskel his stock could drop, but if he continues to show that he has the tools to compete at the next level, Farrell doesn’t see him falling out of the national spotlight. Driskel is a guy Farrell thinks will succeed once he gets the right talent around him.

“We expect him to really carry his team this year and improve by leaps and bounds on the field,” he said. “If he ends up doing that, he’ll end up being one of the top 15, 20 players in the country.

“As long as he’s coached well in college, he can’t miss. He has way too many tools to be ineffective.”


  1. Cary White, Sickles High, Tampa. Led Hillsborough in rushing last season, not Wilder. He had to switch high schools two years ago, so he’s under the radar. Last week: 9 carries for 208 and 3 TDs, taken out of the game in the first half. You’re defintitely looking in the worng place for a UF future RB if you don’t check out this kid. Good character, too.

    Watch what he does against Gaither High tonight. The Gryphons have some other players, too, but are also overlooked because of averaging three wins for over a decade, beginning in 1998, the year after the scholl opened. (They won 8 games last year with White, a school record for a traditionally losing team, and are condiered the 8th best team in the Bay Area this year.)

    Zoning changes have made this football significant. Don’t let USF steal the best from this team. OR the noles, like with Wilder, who is no slouch, btw.

  2. Sickles 38, Gaither 7.
    Cary White: 20 – 111 – 1 and a 65 yard kick off return.
    Another possible recruit:

    Brieann Dollard: 8 – 137 – 2 and a 14 yard TD catch

    The team ran for 342. Somebody at UF should look into this team. This was also the debut for Brian Turner as head coach, and his family has a solid football history, should you want to check him out.