Waisome ready to commit


Nick Waisome is ready to make his college decision. He’s ready to end a recruiting process that would no doubt distract him from his final regular season at Groveland South Lake High.

The four-star cornerback will get his wish when he announces on ESPN Wednesday night. Waisome will announce his college choice at Universal Studios in Orlando with his close family and a couple of coaches at around 6 p.m., but ESPN won’t broadcast it until 8 p.m. With today’s technology, Waisome’s decision will be known almost immediately.

Don’t expect an over-the-top, heavily orchestrated show by Waisome. He said he knows which school he’ll choose and won’t draw it out on Wednesday. Don’t expect the overdone hat game to come into play or some kind of LeBron James “decision.”

“I think (the hat charade) is kind of disrespectful, but I don’t know, I might,” Waisome said.

After speaking with and meeting Waisome, I doubt he’d pull that stunt, but if he wants to have some fun, let him. It’s his time.

South Lake High defensive backs coach Terrance Larmond said he’s not sure if Waisome has totally made up his mind, but he thinks the two schools looking the best right now are Florida and Florida State. Larmond said FSU coaches have been making the biggest push recently. Florida is considered the favorite because of Waisome’s relationship with the coaches and his numerous visits.

But Waisome, who took the last few days to step away from the recruiting process, said his decision Wednesday could surprise some.

“People think they know (where he’s committing to), but we will see,” he said.

Larmond said he isn’t sure which school Waisome will pick and hasn’t been as involved with the decision of late. The two spoke about it two weeks ago but haven’t since. Larmond said he wants Waisome to be as comfortable as possible with his decision.

“He’s like a son to me, but I definitely give him his space and let him make his choice,” he said. “I’m not going to be playing at that school for the next four years. He is.”

I’m going with my gut on this one and picking Florida. Waisome has developed a great relationship with safeties coach Chuck Heater, has spent countless time on Florida’s campus and steps into a situation where he could get on the field early.

Grabbing Waisome, whom Rivals.com ranks as the country’s seventh-best corner prospect, would be a huge pick-up for the Gators.


  1. I have that same gut feeling as well Phil. I just have a crazy notion that FSU will get the two, they both are going to the same school. Wilder would definitely be a great pick up for us on either side of the ball.

  2. If either Nick or James Jr., or both, decide to come and join Gator Nation, we will welcome them with open arms and shower them with “love” as Gators for their entire life. If not, no worries. There are other kids with skills on roughly the same level who will come, and pour their heart into being a Gator. If someone doesn’t bleed Orange and Blue, I’d rather they went elsewhere.
    Regardless of how many stars they carry.

  3. I would like to get these two BUT if we don’t then the Gators will have to find others. FSU would give both a better chance at playing early. Fla a better chance of being a part of something big early.

  4. You would think Waisome might lean even more toward UF since Little Haden tranferred. Wilder will also be looking to see how Mack Brown fares this fall. Demps will be a senior next year and Moody will be gone. Gillislee will factor in to his decision, too.

    It all depends on whether each expects to play as freshmen (FSU) or be developed into winners on a championship caliber team (UF).

  5. “Wilder will be a GATOR. His father was a great GATOR and I expect that he wants to carry the GATOR blood to his next level as many of the past great Gators have done.”

    Only problem with this statement is that James Wilder Sr. played his college ball at Missouri