Keeping an eye on Jody Fuller


Seeing Jody Fuller go through workouts on Florida’s practice fields in June, it was hard to imagine that he still has two more years of high school left.

The 2012 Monroe, N.C., Sun Valley wide receiver showed up at Florida’s camp looking like he was straight out of a college weight program with his chiseled physique. When it came to passing drills, Fuller stood out because of his crisp route running ability and his athleticism, which helped him get to the tougher balls thrown his way. During one-on-ones, he blew past most defenders and was cutting every which way when he got any sort of space.

But the 6-foot, 180-pound speedster wasn’t without faults. While he ran well, he dropped a few passes, which frustrated him both during and after camp.

“I did pretty good, but I could have done better,” Fuller said.

For Fuller, getting to Gainesville wasn’t just about meeting Florida’s coaches. He wanted to show them his ability, he wanted to impress them. Fuller also wanted Florida’s staff to know that he’s interested in what the Gators have to offer.

“I’m very interested (in Florida),” he said. “They haven’t made an (verbal) offer or anything, but I’m still interested in the school. I just want to get my chance. That’s my goal.”

Fortunately for Fuller, he’s got plenty of time to earn more interest from Florida’s coaches. So far, he’s kept his communication with East Coast schools. South Carolina, Clemson, Duke, Maryland and East Carolina have all shown interest in Fuller, but he expects more schools to get involved the more he camps and the more he plays.

Fuller hasn’t been able to branch out too far from his home, but as of now, distance isn’t a factor in the schools that he’s interested in looking at, though that could change as recruiting gets more involved.

“At this point, I don’t see distance being a factor, but I don’t know,” he said. “Two years from now that could change.”

Fuller is soft spoken when it comes to recruiting, but he’s proud of the attention he’s gotten from schools. Getting to play Division 1 football has always been a dream of his and he feels he’s getting closer and closer to achieving that dream.

“It’s great,” he said. “I’m blessed with this ability and a chance to do all this stuff. I’m just thankful.”


  1. I was at the NFL 7on7 in Tampa won by a S. Fla. team. They had two very good looking WRs, the four star 6’6″ Kelvin Benjamin, and a JR WR, Jamie Wilson, a speedy kid aprox 6’3 that will be a four or five star next year. They were from the Muck City area. They also seemed to play the best “D” of any team out there…

    The Tampa team, Jefferson HS, also made it into the Championship game undefeated, where they lost late to the S. Fla. team. Jefferson’s QB is, Quentin Williams. He was the best QB out there in my opinion. His only problem is height, aprox 6′. They also have some solid WRs, and will be one of the local favorites to win the state title this year in a loaded 4A. Word is that Quentin Williams is very close to his predicessor, Stephen Garcia, who QBs South Carolina, but one would have to think USF will be going after him hard, along with a couple of his recievers…

    Another team that played very well, before getting killed by a much faster team in the semi’s (the S. Fla. Team), was the Cleveland team, lead by a surprisingly good QB Conner Cook, a 6’3″ kid with a good, accurate arm. I thought he may have been the 2nd best QB out there. He is a MIST commit…

    The Redskins team was lead by a good looking 6’2 Soph QB named Lamel Matthews from the D.C. area. This kid looks like he could be a future star. He was making all the passes, and good decisions too…