Recruits trusting Meyer


At this time a month ago it appeared that on the surface Florida’s recruiting efforts had slowed. A team that had 10 commitments entering the month of June last year had just four this time around.

Fans prepared to leap off buildings, while analysts questioned whether head coach Urban Meyer’s time away from the road was hurting Florida’s recruiting. Recruits were no doubt concerned about Meyer. He wasn’t traveling like his usual self and it had to be tough for recruits to be really sure Meyer was close to being back to his old self.

Then came Florida’s summer camps.

Just looking at Meyer walk around (or drive his extremely fast, red golf cart) you could see more life in him. His face looked fuller and displayed more color. He even looked like he was putting on a little more weight — and not in a bad way. However, watching him run stadiums, I have to say that he could improve his speed a little. It’s all about explosion going up the steps, coach.

Anyway, it’s easy to say that recruits saw the same thing I did. Camps started June 12 and since then the Gators have gotten verbals from five players. One —Lakeland wide receiver Javares McRoy — committed June 11.

During camp, it was hard to tell that Meyer was ever sick. He was very lively and energetic around recruits and coaches. I counted at least 10 smiles in an hour during one session. He was high-fiving, yelling, jogging and laughing.

But looking good and feeling good are two different things. Recruits won’t exactly know how Meyer is feeling until the season starts, but as of now, they trust Meyer. They trust that he’ll be coaching Florida this fall and them when they get on campus.

Florida’s recent recruiting surge should make it hard for opposing coaches to sell recruits on Meyer’s health being an issue this fall.


  1. Meyer being healthy and “good to go” is a great thing, but like some of the fellas who committed last year said, “I committed to the school, not the coach.”
    Hopefully, Meyer stays on for another 20 years, but if he decides to hang it up, Florida will be just fine on the recruiting front for years to come.

  2. Coach Meyer being healthy is a major thing mainly for him and his family! I am a Gator, Season Ticket holder, Alum, Member of Gator Boosters and love my team….Once we realized this is not a heart issue for the coach that discussion is over.!!!..
    We dont croak from heartburn…..Scary yes but life threatening no!
    Get a Grip fans……
    Coach is a driven man and we can all be thankful his health allows him to coach as long as he wants to at Florida…And that will be a long time…..
    Prediction for 2010 13-1 We play for it all again….Brantly puts up ungodly numbers like the Danny W days of Spurrier….
    IF you doubt that , you dont know that 3/4 of the 4×100 relay team is on the offense and John Brantley Reads and Throws darts on the
    money every time….
    This can be an absolute scary offense with incredible speed in the backfield, wide receivers that can fly, a huge O-line and John brantly spreading the ball around i.e …See Sugar Bowl offense or the 2006 Game vs Ohio State….
    Defending a Hybrid Spread with a QB like John to get the ball out quick to open spaces is almost not fair…….But so what!
    Go Gators..!!
    Gator Bob in Jupiter!!!

  3. This is getting to be old news. Coach Meyer has already repeated that he is on medication and is managing his situation and is feeling great. The players who are around him don’t even seem to question it, they can see for themselves. Look, the guy stepped down for less than 24 hours some 7 month ago. He didn’t know what was going on. He was obviously concerned. Let’s just take him at his word that he’s doing well at this point and quit analizing every little thing. The players and recruits seem to understand that.

  4. I’m sure rival coaches will conjure up some BS stories about Urban Meyer to try and dissuade recruits from considering UF; the fact that college football recruiting is dog-eat-dog won’t go away anytime soon. Still, it’s better that recruits hear the truth right from Coach Meyer instead of from a rival camp, a rumor mill or from some so-called “source”.

    Aside from that, I’m glad Coach Meyer is feeling much better than he was last year; based on what I’ve been hearing and reading he looks better than ever, has gained some weight and is working out regularly. God helps those who help themselves, and I’m glad that he took the initiative to treat and overcome this health issue.

    As driven as Coach is, one lesson he’s learned from all this is to delegate; he has a strong staff around him in whom he can trust.

    Now that Coach will be officially signing that contract extension as well, recruits interested in coming to UF need never be in doubt.