Young QB on Florida’s 2013 horizon?

Jordan Darling will be a sophomore this fall. (Photo from Bill Darling)

The stars of summer camps usually come from the junior and senior ranks, but there are always talented youngsters lurking.

Jordan Darling was one of the underclassmen to impress Florida coaches in Gainesville this past week. The 6-foot-3, 235-pound quarterback from West Chester, Ohio, Lakota West didn’t look like a rising sophomore during workouts.

Darling, a 2013 prospect, displayed a very strong arm for someone so young. With his frame, one would have to wonder if he might have to switch positions if he gets too big. But he carried himself extremely well during passing drills and one-on-ones.

“Camp went very well for me and I definitely figured out how hard I have to work physically and especially mentally, and how I’m willing to put in that work to achieve D-I football and, God willing, the NFL,” Darling said. “But I’m focusing on (high school) football now.”

While the NFL is far from Darling’s concern at the moment, if he continues to put in the effort it could be realistic when he becomes an upperclassman. But that’s for another day.

Right now, Darling is doing his best to improve his game. He got a lot of work with Florida quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler last week and tried his best to soak in everything.

Being so young, it can be difficult not to get a little overwhelmed when working out with older, more experienced prospects. For Darling, he’s cherishing his early jump on college coaching.

“I learned how blessed I am because thousands of kids would love to get the personal coaching I got, and I just can’t thank God enough,” he said. “Also, there is a ridiculous amount of things (you have to possess) in order to have a perfect (throwing) form.”

It’s still very early, but Darling has gotten some interest from a couple of major schools. Oklahoma and Florida are the two schools that have shown the most interest, he said. Darling has camped at both schools and is camping at Ohio State this week.

Now is certainly not the time to pick any favorites, but Darling was pleased to get down to Gainesville for a chance to see Florida’s program up close.

“Florida is obviously a great college and I appreciate Coach Loeffler spending his time with me, even with his top recruit, Jeff Driskel, being there,” he said. “Overall, the camp and experience (at UF) was incredible.”


  1. Howdy Ed. Good job on churning out the articles lately. I was curious if all the recruits are now on campus. I seem to recall an article you did last month that said most, if not all, would be on campus by June 22nd.
    Thanks for the job you’re doing, and keep churning them out for us.

  2. What a young talent good job with the article. This young man is blessed and seems to have a bright future. It never to early to start setting your goals. I prefect fit for the Crimson Tide (Alabama) in 2013. God Bless and keep on working.


  3. I have a completely separate questions…do you know any news on Seantrell Henderson? I know USC sent the entire staff to visit him, but I don’t think he has reported yet. If he’s looking to transfer, what are Florida’s chances, or is UF not interested?

  4. What about Chandler Register from Lambert Hish School in Cumming GA? He is just a rising sophomore but good footwork and a nice arm. He is also someone to watch as well as he had a good camp this summer

  5. This article is about a young man who recognizes there is something bigger than himself, believing in God doesn’t make him idiot! Just ask Kurt Warner, Tim Tebow and quarterbacks who play in the NFL! Keep believing young man, you’re in good

  6. Seems like a great article about an up and coming humble qb. By his responses and what is written about him he should do just fine.I just got one question???? Why is there so many blogs about this Chandler kid? Sorry but didn’t see his name in the article.

  7. He is good enough you’re looking him up and Florida is looking at him! Your school must be pretty good, tell me of some of the D1 prospects your school have. Maybe your school isn’t that good because this I’m impressed with what I read!

  8. Good or not he in his one and only varsity start at Platte County he threw 2 TDs and the team won 41-6. He is the only freshman in Platte County history to start at QB in a varsity game. He one of a hand full of freshman to earn letter at your school. There are a lot of people who think this kid is going to be very special and some who don’t. Obviously they like him enough in Florida you read this article and you are still tracking him in Oct, get a life. I am fan of this kid, so I continue to track him through high school and college one day.

  9. well piperman im a platte county junior this year and started last year and the game he started in he didnt do as well as it looks because he had fumbles, ran the wrong plays and through bad passes thoughoutt the game. and he moved to a school that is suppost to be good but last time i checked he has about a 30 percent passing compleation rate, you can still support him if you want. plus he is an i-guy

  10. John, last time I checked Jordan Darling now plays in Cincinnati, Ohio named by Max Preps as the Nation’s number one city for High School football in 2010. He played in one of the toughest conferences in America and finished as the leading passer. He is already a good and successful sophomore high school quarterback and doesn’t need the approval of John or your team. His school has over 2900 students and the football team produce three all Americans last season and one this year and for all you know as a senior you would have problems starting for his JV team. He is the only sophomore in the history of this high school to start as a sophomore at QB and that is enough to have my respect.

  11. Piperman, well i looked at soome stats and darling only had 1000 total yards for the season and his team only went 3-7, our qg had 3000 total yards and broke school recaords agaisnt players that had a over 50 total wins. and darlings only start at pc was against a pud team and he blew the first half

  12. I know Jordan personally becasue I am now one of his offensive lineman at his new school Midway High School in Texas and he is a great athlete, has a great attitude, and is a great qb the last school he was at he said the lineman were big but they weren’t as strong us and couldn’t move their feet like we do so they couldn’t block and it’s never too early to start looking at future players football never has an offseason because we never take a break